Wednesday 5/30/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/30/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Palmer Cortlandt visits Adam and Colby and lets Adam know that Krystal had out-foxed him once again.  Krystal and Babe buy a bar and rename it “The Comeback.”  Josh and Greenlee get stuck in an elevator.  Josh tries to use his cell phone and gets no signal so he can get no help for them.  Greenlee lets Josh know how Zach had ruined her life.  Palmer tells Adam that Krystal sold all the jewelry that he bought for her.  J.R. tries to con Amanda into a business deal with him, but Amanda flatly refuses.  Colby and Sean enjoy a swim in the pool and are dry off on the patio when first Adam and then J.R. interrupt with questions for her.  Sean hurries and hides to keep from being seen.  Jonathan apologizes to Ava for kissing her.  Another man comes up and upon hearing Jonathan and Ava’s conversation, wants to be Ava’s boyfriend.  Ava and the man start to leave, and the man begins to attack her.  Jonathan rushes to Ava’s rescue.  He helps Ava up off the floor. 

Stuart visits Krystal and Babe at her new bar.  Krystal asks Stuart to do a mural of the regular patrons of the bar as well as visitors.  After Jonathan picks Ava up off the floor, they exchange looks, but suddenly he pulls away from Ava and leaves.  Josh and Greenlee begin to have a good time thanks to a play keyboard that Josh purchased for Spike.  Amanda is up on the roof when Jonathan joins her and wants to try again with her, but Amanda tells him that she had moved on.  Ava and Lily have some girl talk about Jonathan and the things that happened between him and Lily.  Ava begins to wonder where Sean is.  Sean and Colby kiss.  Ava takes a picture of them on her cell phone.  J.R. looks out the window in the den and Amanda walks up behind him.  They begin to kiss. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Maddie records her evening at the prom with Luke for Casey. Will and Gwen continue to deal with Cleo in their house. Paul appeals to Holden to give his blessing of his relationship with Meg, but Holden isn’t too thrilled. Lucinda probes Susan for answers to Craig’s condition. Craig continues to press Meg to marry him, and when she balks, he holds over her the fact that he could send Lucinda to jail with one call. He sweetens the deal then; if she marries him, he will give back Worldwide. Gwen starts her job at the Lakeview, and then finds herself hitting Lisa up for a job for Cleo, much to Will’s chagrin. Luke laments over being lonely without someone to share his life; Maddie laments over Casey being in jail. Susan tells Craig and Meg that he had a life-threatening amount of high blood pressure medication in his blood. Craig takes the blame, and so Meg tells Craig she will consider his proposal. Holden tells Paul that he is worried about Meg’s safety once Craig finds out when they marry. When Lucinda beckons Meg to find out if she is going to do anything about the coffee, Meg shares with her Craig’s proposal. Thanks to Gwen, Cleo is given a job at the Lakeview. She asks another favor – to stay one more night at their house, which finally Will and Gwen allow. Cleo daydreams of Will kissing her. Lucinda strongly encourages Meg to marry Craig since she now is in the driver’s seat. Paul has a disturbing vision involving two people getting married.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Kind of quiet on the ride home, Nick walks into his house expecting to find his mother with a brass band. He thinks maybe he is getting soft in his old age, but Taylor quips they will keep that between the three of them, including baby Marone. Phoebe offers her apologizes to Nick and tells them that Rick was right and she never should have treated him that way or have broken up with him. Taylor offers that all relationships are tested. If it’s meant to be, then they will get back together. On a business trip, Ashley quizzes Rick why didn’t he postpone this trip, he should be there for Phoebe. He confesses they broke up, so he’d be the last person she’d want to see now. He bares his soul about his relationship with this young girl, but maintains that he misses the intimacy and emotional connection like he had with Ashley. She reminds him they both had to leave that relationship and this isn’t fair to dredge it up now.

Rick tells Ashley that this isn’t on the rebound and he doesn’t want to lose her and especially not to Ridge. She is insulted that this is some sort of sick competition. She feels he is still in love with Phoebe and wants no part of this triangle. She pulls away from him and states she is going to the little girl’s room to freshen up and when she returns, they will speak of something entirely different. Before they make love, Nick reveals to Taylor that it is the simple things he missed, like home. All the bad stuff is behind them. Phoebe has flashes of her and Rick singing and vows they will get through this, they will get back together. She feels she needs him now, more than ever, but he’s not answering his phone. She leaves a message, she misses him, she loves him, please don’t give up on her. Rick begs Ashley to do something really crazy. They can turn the plane around and go to Mexico. Her words say no, but her body gives in and they join the Mile High Club.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Tony opts not to even tell Stefano about Sami’s offer insisting that he is in charge and warns EJ that the DiMera family no longer protects him. Bo and John devise a plan to surprise EJ with the sight of John being awake and claim John can ID him as the shooter in hopes that EJ will confess. Sami reluctantly agrees to Bo and John’s decision of having EJ come meet her at the Pub when EJ calls Sami with a request to meet. John hides out of sight when EJ arrives and Bo gets EJ to come in for questioning. EJ warns Sami that Tony is out for blood from both of them.

Belle promises to stick by Shawn even though she slaps him. Belle encourages Shawn to go make peace with Willow. Philip asks Willow to go easy on Shawn and though he later admits this to Belle, he asks that Shawn not know. Willow accepts Shawn’s peace offering but warns him not to trust Philip. Philip offers Belle the chance for her and Shawn to move into the Kiriakis mansion while they jointly search for Claire.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Maxie and Coop are not overly impressed when Logan lets them know he's on Sonny's payroll. When Lulu is shocked and devastated by the apocalyptic statements made in court, she runs to Jason's to see Spinelli. He's not there, so Jason tries to help, but can't. She goes to the lake where she and Luke used to ice fish, and he finds her there. Jason suspects Sam deliberately had their picnic where Elizabeth and the kids would be. Jax fears he will have to kill his brother, for that is what he will do, if Jerry ever hurts Carly. Craig warns Coop that if he does not use his position on the force to funnel information to him, Maxie will pay for it, whether or not he breaks up with her. The tape recording confirms that Jason killed Lorenzo, so Ric and Mac plan to arrest Jason. Alexis tells Jax she saw a glimmer of good in Jerry. Craig runs into Carly in the park and tells her about a woman he loved and when he was tortured, right before he turned into Craig.

GL Recap Written by Dani

After a sleepless night of sleep Mallet finally gives in to Dinah’s suggestion to just get out of town for a while. Before he can leave with his wife Frank calls asking that he meet for an urgent assignment. Frank asks Mallet to dog Cyrus until he finally leaves town. Mallet defends Foley, not wanting to upset the ex-con, claiming maybe he really has changed for the better. Frank gets agitated and doesn’t believe Cyrus can change. It’s not that Frank fears Cyrus is a menace to society he fears Cyrus is a menace to Marina’s heart. Dinah calls Mallet to meet her at the docks for a picnic. When he arrives they run into Cassie who is crying over Josh. Cassie claims she is going out on one of the boats and toss the ring to the bottom of the lake. Cassie’s boat tips over and she goes under. Mallet saves her. Everyone is calling him a hero but a hero he feels he isn’t. Throughout the episode Mallet remembers and we see the “past” that Mallet has been covering up. Mallet has had misdealings with some questionable people, the result being a hit on a man that turns out to be the father of a neighborhood kid that Mallet was close to. Dinah and Mallet return home and tell each other how much they love and admire each other. They make love. A bell boy at the Beacon escorts a mysterious gentleman to a room, telling him Blake Marlor reserved the room for him. The man was the man that appeared in Mallet’s memories as the man Mallet worked for.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Adriana ends it with Rex over his investigation of Tate Harmon behind her back after promising her that he would end this. Rex goes to visit Bo concerning advice about Adriana. Bo advises him to just give Adriana a little time to herself. Marty visits David in prison and tries to get him to tell her why he was taking the rap for Spencer Truman’s death. David will not reveal any info. After quite awhile, David decides to go back to his cell and advises the guard not to allow Marty back there to see him again. Bo and John have a run in with the Mayor over their investigation of the arsonist incidents. While John is on the phone with a guard at the prison, requesting info on who had visited David in the last 24 hrs. he finds out that Dorian had visited. John continues to listen as to who else had visited David when the Mayor disconnects him. John becomes furious with the Mayor for cutting him off. Michael comes up to Vikki and Clint in the hospital and wonders if there is any word on Antonio. They inform him that they have not had any word from Antonio. Nash finds Antonio. Nash fills him in that Antonio is a complete match for Jessica. Antonio has his reservations for being a donor to Jessica as it would put his life in danger. Nash informs Antonio that if he will save Jessica’s life, then Nash will give Jessica up for ever. Miles meets with the same Psychiatrist that Marty had been talking to concerning her murdering Spencer Truman. Looking up in the cabinet, Miles spies the tape with Marty Saybrooke’s name on it. Miles continues to talk to the psychiatrist when she receives a phone call and has to leave the room. Miles gets the cabinet open and steals the tape of Marty’s session replacing the tape with another. Miles stands behind the psychiatrist’s desk when she comes back into the room and asks him what is he doing .

Miles tells the psychiatrist that she had helped him already, feeling of his pants leg where he has the tape. Rex tells Bo that Tate Harmon had spent time in Wyoming. John argues with the Mayor. Nash asks Antonio what does he have to do to get him to agree to help Jessica. Antonio tells him that if he and Jessica pulls through this then he doesn’t want to have anything to do with either of them again. Jessica goes into cardiac arrest.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

The blackmailer asks Spike to show him where the dead johns are buried so he can use them to bring down Jessica, Paloma and Simone.  They start digging them up.  Pilar tells Sheridan and Fancy that Luis is going to be executed very soon.  The three of them go to see Judge Reilly to threaten him to stop it.  What the blackmailer holds over him is more of a threat than anything they can bring.  He refuses to postpone the execution.  Julian tells Theresa that he knows that he is not Little Ethan's father and that Ethan is.  He is determined to make her pay for keeping this a secret and for everything she's done to him.  She begs him to let her tell Ethan before Julian takes over Crane Industries.  Paloma has doubts about there being true love in the world, but Noah is convinced they can live happily ever after.  Paloma thinks Noah needs to know what Spike is holding over Jessica.  Whitney tells her mother that Chad cheated on her with a man.  Chad tells Ethan he's afraid he's lost Whitney and his family for good.  Simone pleads with Jessica not to go home to Spike, but Jessica is afraid if she doesn't, that Spike will make sure she goes to jail for killing the johns.  Simone brings up that maybe Jessica didn't kill them, that Spike did. 

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Brad tells Victoria he knows it isn’t good between them and says divorce may be the only answer. She asks for some time to think about it. She sleeps with JT while she thinks it over and ends up telling him that she does want a divorce. He immediately texts Sharon with the news. Katherine, Jill and Ji Min wonder how much what Amber did will affect Jabot and try their best to keep it from going public. They enlist Michael’s help but the footage ends up on the internet anyway. Jill tells Cane that Amber could be guilty. Amber isn’t happy when he asks her about it. He says he believes her but later goes through her phone looking for evidence. Noah doesn’t want to move into Jack’s house. He insists that Nick could be alive and they decide to go along with him. He agrees to move. They also buy him a puppy. Lily worries about everyone knowing about what Daniel did. She looks through some of their stuff and gets upset thinking about it. She refuses to talk to Daniel. Kevin advises her to give her the space she needs. He moves in with Kevin. After he leaves she breaks down thinking of the breakup of her marriage and wishes that her mom was there to talk to. Colleen comes to stay with her for the night. Phyllis dreams that Nick is still alive. He tells her that he had to die because she caused Dru’s death and she had to pay for it.

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