Tuesday 5/29/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/29/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie lets Greenlee know that Ryan told her everything that happened between them up on the roof and about the kiss.  Greenlee wonders if Ryan might feel guilty about the kiss.  Annie assures Greenlee that she will never let her have Ryan in this lifetime.  Zach questions Ryan if he is really over Greenlee.  Annie offers to help Greenlee salvage her company.  Kendall and Di go over new Fusion advertising designs, but Di is pessimistic.  J.R. finds out from Babe about the trouble that Fusion is having.  J.R. offers to buy back the stock that Babe has in Chandler Enterprises.  After much conversation, Babe finally decides to sell the stock back to J.R.  Krystal calls Tad over for a business discussion.  Krystal has decided to sell all the jewelry that Adam gave her.  Erica and Jack are still being interviewed on television.  Jack surprises her with a pair of pink diamond stud earrings.  Krystal and Tad go through all the jewelry that Adam gave her.  Susan Pritchard arrives and the introductions are made.  Susan gives Krystal a very good price for the jewelry.  Zach and Ryan realize that they both bought the same thing for Spike’s birthday.  Greenlee, Annie, Di, and Kendall go over new plans to save Fusion from complete devastation.  Kendall agrees to their plan and she and Greenlee share a laugh remembering the chemist that helped them get Fusion off the ground. 

Kendall and Greenlee argue over the arrangement that Babe worked out with Zoe.  Kendall is afraid that they might lose their marketing campaign if Babe isn‘t with the company anymore.  J.R. butts into their conversation and Greenlee orders him to butt out.  Annie and Di decide to work together to figure out everything that Babe had been doing.  J.R. tells Kendall to have a nice day and leaves.  Babe arrives home and lets Krystal know what happened at Fusion and that she quit.  Krystal decides to fill Babe in on what she did that day.  Greenlee visits Jack and Erica and they begin to argue over Kendall.  Greenlee fills Jack in on her plans.  She hands him some money so she will be his client and he is bound by client/attorney confidentiality.  Upon leaving, she notices a birthday invitation to Spike’s birthday party. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly arrives home and is crying, while at the same time, we see Katie and Jack making love again.  Henry and Vienna said I love you to each other and had a commitment ceremony in which they vowed to be loyal and love each other for as long as they chose to live together.  Jack and Katie made love after a long discussion about how he really feels for Carly.  Parker told his mom he didn't love or need her anymore.  Parker and Sage hoped their parents would get back together now that all the charges have been dropped against Carly.  Brad tells Carly that Jack and Kate are dating and later Carly goes to Katie's house and is stunned and heartbroken when she sees Jack coming downstairs with his shirt unbuttoned after he and Katie have made love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stoically, Ridge confesses to Nick that he dumped Shane’s body in the bay. He claims it was nothing personal, and he didn’t know they would blame Nick and he didn’t try to frame Nick for this. And as much as Nick deserves to be behind bars, he’s going to tell Baker his story and set him free. Taylor shrieks at Lt. Baker to let her husband go, didn’t Ridge come and confess all? It’s confession day all around. Stephanie admits to clueless Eric that Ridge accidentally shot Shane and she helped him cover it up, so they are both responsible and could be charged. Eric is outraged that they stood by and let Nick be accused knowing him to be innocent. Nothing they did was justified. He’s even more appalled when she drags up old history of the Grant Chambers case. He didn’t know his son, Rick, was involved in that when he was a mere child.

They jaw back and forth about sharing their old man and who was the favorite son. And how Ridge would love to see Nick rot in jail for the rest of his life. Nick extols how different they are, Ridge's privileged life and he throws it away. The judge and Baker speak with Taylor and Storm who try to explain again how Nick is innocent and Ridge accidentally shot Shane. They call for surveillance tapes in the Forrester office to back up their story. Livid, Eric wonders when Stephanie will ever learn. She’s only made circumstances worse. Nick and Ridge are interrupted by Taylor and then Storm, the Assistant D.A., Baker and the judge. Upon evaluation standing right there, the judge tells Nick the charges are dropped. Baker tells Nick he is free to go, but turns to Ridge and says he is not. New trial. Nick confronts Stephanie and says her son showed him something today, but he didn’t learn it from her. Ridge is in prison blues as he thinks of that night, and looks up to see his dad, Eric, looking at him. Eric wishes he could help get him out of here, but he doesn’t know how. Ridge says he is sorry. That look of his is the worse punishment of all. Nick gathers his belongings, and Taylor puts his wedding ring back on “with this ring, I take thee home.”

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick declares to Willow that he won’t pay her way anymore so Willow threatens to call her lawyer and have Nick investigated. Nick gives in and hands over the rent check and money for furniture. Stephanie offers Chelsea the chance to spend the summer serving drinks on charter flights to Las Vegas while Stephanie’s boyfriend Jeremy flies the plane. Chelsea is hesitant to agree until she learns of Nick’s failed attempts at cutting off Willow.

Roman visits John in the hospital to get a statement but John can’t remember the shooting itself. John surprises everyone when he yells at the doctor to go easy with the reflex hammer. The doctor allows John to be discharged. Bo brings Belle, Philip, and Shawn Claire’s life jacket that forensics found in the ocean. They notice that the life jacket was cut off of Claire and take it as proof that Claire is still alive. Bo is wary that Philip can be trusted but Shawn and Belle choose to honor their truce. Philip tries to make amends with Bo but Bo warns that the truce can never be upheld unless Victor abides by it as well. Shawn tells Belle about being Willow’s baby’s father.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny is not pleased to discover Jason is using Spinelli for "business" research. He also mentions knowing that Spinelli "understands Jason's secret pain," prompting Jason to warn Spinelli not to go shooting off his mouth about such things. On the day of trial, Tracy urges Luke to tell Lulu the truth on his own rather than let her find out he raped her mother in court. Failing to convince him, she joins Luke, Monica, and Edward in urging Lulu to not go to court. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Emily, Lucky, and Nikolas try to think how to keep her out of the courtroom. They settle on Liz getting Lulu to meet her in the park and help with the kids, not knowing that Sam plans on getting Jason to go on a picnic at the same time so he can see his son. Jax tries to make his employees feel comfortable around his brother, but warns Jerry he will not pretend to be happy he's back. Mac and Ric continue to investigate Alcazar's disappearance. After Skye files a missing persons report, Ric is able to get a search warrant and have Alcazar's home searched. The officer in charge finds the recorder, which he had just replaced. Sonny decides to bring Logan into the business. Scott forces Nikolas to state on the stand that Luke raped Laura, just as Lulu enters the courtroom.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Dinah asks Cyrus for his help but he turns her down. Blake is at home lying beside mallet whispering to him while he has a nightmare. Dinah comes home to find lying next to her husband. Dinah pulls Blake out of the bed and to the hospital. She is so angry she is out of control, pulling a syringe from her purse. Dinah threatens to put Blake back in a coma if she doesn’t fess up now to what game Blake is trying to play with her and mallet. Mallet rushes in and pulls Dinah off Blake. Mallet makes Dinah wait outside. Mallet tries to talk to Blake and just get to the bottom of everything. Blake claims to have feelings for her and tells mallet what a good woman and wife she is. Blake admits she heard everything before she woke up and it doesn’t bother her because Dinah has been ten times worse in her past, that’s why Mallet should leave Dinah. Mallet loves Dinah and has finally found sunshine knowing her. Blake is angry but Mallet calms her and helps her back on her cane to leave. Mallet lies and tells Dinah that they cleared the air and Blake just wants them all to be friends. Dinah isn’t so convinced.

Marina follows Cyrus to the docks to meet Dinah. They get close after Dinah leaves but to their surprise Frank followed Marina, knowing she has feelings for the ex-thief. Marina promises she would never get involved with someone like Cyrus. Frank has the number of a co-worker’s son and he wants marina to call him for a date. On one condition Marina agrees, Frank must go out in public in a Sanity Mohawk. Reluctantly Frank does. After saving Cyrus from a near arrest Marina calls the boy Frank gave her the number for.

Harley has arranged for Natalia to have lunch with her, Dylan, and Gus. Harley thinks Dylan and Natalia would make a cute couple. Everyone is on to Harley’s plan right away but the four do dine together until Natalia gets a call from the detention center. Harley and Gus are curious but Natalia makes an excuse as to why they would be calling her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Tate Harmon visits Rex at his apartment. Paige lets Viki, Clint, Jessica and Nash know that Dorian is an exact match to give her a new liver. Viki lets them know that Dorian is not really a match, but it is really her, Viki, who is the match. Christian tries to console Carlotta about Antonio leaving with Jaime. Talia tries to call Antonio once again, but with no luck. She leaves him a message. John meets up with Talia and they discuss Antonio. Marty is till in her therapy session with her psychiatrist. Miles approaches the door. A maid comes up and asks Miles can she help him. He tells her that he has to get in that room. Marty remembers that she is the one, who had killed Spencer Truman. Rex invites Tate in, and then yells for Adriana. Tate tells them about all the e-mails that he had received. Adriana shows Tate all the orders for lingerie that she had received. Rex remembers a phone call that he had made. Nora comes into Bo’s office. Bo wonders why Nora is here and not home with Matthew. Viki insists that she wants to do this for Jessica in order to save Jessica’s life. Viki blames herself for Jessica being in this shape.

Paige comes back to Jessica, Nash, Viki and Clint and tells them that they have found another perfect match for Jessica and that person is Antonio. Viki and Clint visit Carlotta and Christian and they find out that Antonio had left town with Jaime. Rex meets one of Tate’s old buddies at the diner. Tate’s old buddy fills Rex in that he and Tate had been close once, but then something had happened that had changed everything. John comes into Bo’s office with some vital information that might help in them finding the people responsible for the arsonist fires. John and Talia shows Bo and Nora a map and links one of the men to a rehab house in Wyoming (the same rehab house where Tate Harmon had gone for rehab). After the meeting with Rex, Rob calls Rex’s cell phone and Adriana answers. Rob tells Adriana to give Rex a message that if he uses his name associated with Tate’s in any way, he will sue him all the way to the poorhouse. Viki and Clint come back and let Jessica and Nash know that Antonio had left town with Jaime. Nash goes in search of Antonio.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Julian goes to see Theresa who is with Ethan. He brings up Little Ethan's paternity. Ethan asks why and Theresa tries to intervene. Ethan gets a phone call and has to leave. Theresa asks Julian what is going on. Julian replies that he isn't Little Ethan's father. The blackmailer talks with Judge Riley and has him speed up the execution of Luis. Pilar is with Luis when the jailer comes to get Luis. Pilar calls Ethan. Whitney tells Chad that she wants a divorce. Chad asks her for forgiveness and she can't. Miguel sees Tabitha casting a spell and gets caught. She has to get rid of Miguel so he doesn't tell her secret. Tabitha tells him about Kay and the women in her family. He is shocked. 

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Amber does well on Extreme Catwalk until the footage of her and Lily fighting is shown. Amber claims she is innocent. Later in the show, they tell her that she is going to have to leave the show while they investigate this. She convinces Daniel to lie to Lily about the photo and she lies to Cane about it. Later, Lily tells Daniel she wants him to move out. Jack tells Sharon he wants her to move in with him. Brad posts bail and goes back to the office. Victoria makes plans with JT. He buys some expensive concert tickets for them. She forgets about meeting him and when he tracks her down, she says she doesn’t feel like going out. Adrian tells Colleen that Brad was arrested. She goes to see him to let him know he has her support. Brad tells Victoria that he will give her a divorce if that’s what she wants.

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