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The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/28/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan lets Annie know that he kissed Greenlee the night before but assures her she is his past, but she is his future.  Annie puts the ultimatum before him to let her know right now if he wants out of this marriage.  Adam plays with Little Adam on the terrace until J.R. comes out and forbids Adam from being around his son again.  When Zach brings Kendall to work, they discuss Greenlee’s actions of the night before while she eavesdrops from the back room.  Josh comes into Zach’s office and lets him know that he is aware that Hannah wanted a son to replace the one she lost, and wonders if Zach gave in to her.  Greenlee sets up a new business format which includes Babe to get Fusion back on top.  Kendall gets an-mail from Hannah thanking her for what she did for her while she was in Pine Valley. 

Ryan assures Annie that she is stuck with him forever and a day.  Before she leaves for work, he gives her a kiss good-bye.  Kendall prints out the letter that she received from Hannah and leaves to see Zach.  Ryan offers Jonathan a position with his new company, but Jonathan has reservations. Stuart notices that Krystal hadn’t taken off her wedding band.  When Kendall asks Josh what he knows about Hannah leaving Pine Valley, he urges her to just drop it.  Zach meets with Adam about taking over Chandler Enterprises.  After Jamie notices that something is up with Babe, she divulges that Greenlee has taken back her shares in Fusion.  As Jamie gives her a comforting hug, J.R. walks up, sees them, and wonders if this is déjà vu all over again.  Arriving at work, Annie confronts Greenlee in Fusion's restroom. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Meg sits vigil by Craig’s side in the hospital. Will is surprised when Cleo sneaks up behind him. Gwen visits Carly in jail; she tells Gwen that Jack offered to help, but she isn’t sure he will follow through. Katie begs Jack not to get involved with Carly’s problems, but he feels he has to, much to Katie’s chagrin. Katie can’t sit by and watch this. Craig is suspicious of what Meg was doing at his office when she saved him and why they are running a toxicology screen? Meg tries to dodge this. Cleo has to put on Gwen’s clothes again. Jack makes a call to Tom. Gwen is not happy to come home to find Cleo in her robe. Katie cries on Margo’s shoulder about how she and Jack are probably over before they even began. Craig figures out that Lucinda poisoned him. Meg tries to explain, but Craig wants revenge. Jack and Tom talk about how to get Carly off. Carly learns Jack is going to help her and keep her put of jail, as she thanks him deeply. He doesn’t want her thanks; he is doing it for the kids. Jack tells Carly that he is seeing someone, but he won’t tell her who it is. Meg proposes a truce and her words finally get to Craig. Gwen and Will talk about Carly, Jack and Cleo. Tom is sure that the deal with the DA to get Carly off will work. Jack goes to see Katie and appeals to her to give them a second chance because he isn’t going back to Carly; he wants her. Carly asks Margo whom Jack is seeing? Craig proposes marriage to Meg. Katie tells Jack that she still wants him, as they begin to make love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor goes berserk that her husband will be kept in jail due to court proceedings when Ridge is the guilty party. Jackie too blames Stephanie for keeping this quiet. Brooke berates Stephanie and Ridge for not telling the complete truth. It is inexcusable what she is asking of Brooke to wait a few days until the sentencing. Ridge says Nick won’t spend another night in jail. Stephanie resigns herself to the fact she needs to get a good lawyer for Ridge. Nick tries to calm Taylor in that she has a much more important job taking care of herself. She wants to blow off speaking with Ridge, but he insists. As shameful as it is, he admits it was he that was involved when the gun went off and Shane was shot and he dumped his body from Nick’s boat, hoping he would be sent to prison for it. If Phoebe can forgive either of them, at least forgive Shane. He saw a glimmer of goodness in him and what Phoebe was attempting to do for him.

Ridge only wants ten minutes with Nick. He ends up taunting him that he alone knows the truth. And he can tell him or he can walk out. Nick declares that he already knows Ridge’s version. Ah, but nay…….Ridge looks him in the eye behind bars and tells him it was he, he confesses.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Tony orders his henchmen to kill EJ should he try to leave with Sami. EJ calls Tony’s bluff and drives Sami safely back to the apartment. Sami encourages EJ to break the feud between their families in exchange for giving up the life saving stem cells Stefano desires. Marlena and Belle get Dr. Tucker to believe that John is reaching out when Dr. Tucker can observe a physiological reaction when John hears Belle’s voice. Marlena, Belle, and Dr. Tucker work together to entice John to open his eyes and communicate with nods and gestures. Belle and Marlena confirm with John that he really did come visit them in their dreams.

Willow shows Shawn DNA results proving he is her baby’s father. Hope joins the argument when Willow claims Shawn wasn’t a good father to Claire. Willow demands that the charges against her be dropped should Shawn want to be involved in this baby’s life but Shawn turns down the offer. Shawn worries about telling Belle that he is Willow’s baby’s father.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Amelia and Sam discuss who's to blame, Jason or Liz, and the idea of Sam helping Jason try to gain custody of Jake, something that Liz is telling Jason she fears at that same moment. After Emily and Nikolas deny that Jerry is Craig, Mac has to let him go. Then, Ric suggests a DNA test, and so Jerry is held on suspicion. Lady Jane realizes that her son is Craig. Emily and Nikolas warns Liz and Lucky that Jerry looks just like Craig. Kate insists she is no longer Connie and not attracted to Sonny. Jason assures Spinelli he is welcome to keep making his home with him and Sam after Sam is mean to Spinelli. Ric finds a recorder in Alcazar's office with Jason's name being spoken by Lorenzo on it.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Gus saves Rafe from an abusive detention center guard and also leaves his card with Rafe in case he ever needs help. Natalia admits to Remy that Gus is Rafe's father but Gus never knew about his son. Natalia also tells Remy that she doesn't want to tell Gus about Rafe because she doesn't want to ruin his happy family. Remy is angry at Gus for leaving Natalia alone all those years ago and almost tells Gus Natalia's secret. Coop is there to support Ashlee and cheer her up when she is saddened that her mother hasn't come to visit her. Reva is determined to have Josh back in her life and she doesn't care who gets hurt. Josh reconsiders becoming a minister when Reva tells him he isn't good enough to become a minister. Josh tries to reconcile with Cassie but is stunned to find that she has left the Beacon leaving a note for him to explain the reason why she left him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair and Starr go to the movies where they sit down about middle ways the theater. Starr goes to get the popcorn when she meets Christian coming in the door. He stops to speak a few words to Blair about the movie. They discuss what had happened at his studio. Starr notices that Cole and Britney are at the same movie. Dorian goes to visit David in jail. David acts as though he doesn’t know her. David asks her what does she need. Dorian simply replies, “blood.”

Nash takes Jessica for a ride in her wheelchair. Nash tells her that they are going to watch the sunset together and for the rest of their lives. Jessica gives a half-hearted smile. Antonio questions Vikki as to how long she had known that Jessica was cheating on him.. Antonio lets her know that Jessica did what she had to do now he had to do what he had to do. Vikki wants to know what that is. Miles has a meeting with the prostitute and he asks for her help in knocking the other white knight off his horse. Marty pulls away from John. He asks her if she is alright. John asks Marty what is going on with her. Marty sees her psychiatrist friend and arranges to meet her in twenty minutes. Dorian fills David in as to what had happened to Jessica Buchanan. Dorian lets David know that she and Clint are officially together. Jessica wants to make a tape for Bree to look at to remember her by. Jessica makes a videotape for Bree. Vikki walks in and listens to what Jessica is saying to Bree. Antonio makes a reservation for two on an airplane. Marty recounts her dream about the scissors to her psychiatrist friend. Marty feels that she is depressing something.

Marty remembers that someone else is in her dream with her that is scaring her. Marty remembers that she is the one, who had killed Spencer Truman. They found a liver transplant donor for Jessica and it is Dorian (or so they think). The donor is really Vikki.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

The witch committee comes to test Tabitha to see if she is still a bad witch or if she's converted to a good witch.  They ask her to destroy the amusement park in town to break little children's hearts.  Tabitha makes excuses and the good witches are happy to see she's changed, but Tabitha is determined to be known as a bad witch so she destroys the park.  She immediately regrets it.  Miguel sees her doing all this through the window and realizes that Tabitha is a witch.   Kay tells Miguel they can't be together but won't tell him why.  He cries to his mother who tries to tell him all the good things he has in his life, like being out of prison and his daughter.  Julian can't believe it when Eve tells him he is not Little Ethan's father. He figures out that Ethan must be the father and is determined to make Theresa pay for keeping this secret from him.  Whitney is furious with Chad for cheating on her with a man.  She slaps him and tells him she hates him.  Theresa can't believe Vincent is so evil as to set it up so that Whitney would find him and Chad.  He laughs and says that Theresa is the evil one and will get what's coming to her.  When she asks what he means, he tells her she'll find out.   Ivy tries once again to get Sam to take her back.  Ethan tells her that keeping his paternity from Sam is one of the worst secrets a woman can keep from a man. 

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis contemplates leaving the country with Summer to avoid going to prison. Daniel and Michael try to talk her out of it. She sees Brad and Sharon and they all wish this had never happened. Jill tries her best to have William catch Gloria and Evan in a compromising position but it doesn’t work. Lily and Colleen look over her phone bills and realize Amber is the person that Daniel has been calling all the time, not Cane. Amber wars Daniel that Lily isn’t over the porn thing. He isn’t worried. At the tapings, Lily realizes Amber sent a naked photo of herself to Daniel and confronts her backstage. Amber denies it. A cameraman sees them and secretly tapes the confrontation. Kevin manages to get a sample from someone else for Gloria and she manages to switch the samples when she submits to her DNA test. Brad is given an ultimatum by the DA and later is arrested on perjury charges.

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