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AMC Recap Written by Mary

The camera shows the big, bright moon.  Colby has her window open, and she has her elbows up on the window ledge, looking at the moon.  Sean lies on her bed on his stomach listening to music.  He asks her how she likes this song.  Sean looks at the text message on his cell phone.  Jonathan sits at the boathouse, deep in thought, unbeknownst to him that Ava had come up behind him.  He turns around and sees Ava.  Zach looks up at the full moon.  Josh comes in the door and yells at Hannah that he has come to check on her.  He sees Zach out on the balcony.  Zach tells Josh that Hannah is gone that she left Pine Valley.  Kendall brings Annie a drink.  They discuss Greenlee and how Ryan is the only one that can deal with her.  Greenlee tells Ryan that she was so bad downstairs that he had to love her for it.  Ava starts to leave, but Jonathan stops her by telling her that he has something to say to her.  Jonathan tells Ava that he cares about her sister.  Colby and Sean begin to wrestle on the bed and decide to play a game about truth or lie.  Josh questions Zach as to where Hannah has gone.  Kendall apologizes to Annie that they wouldnít be in this situation if it hadnít been for her.  Annie tells Kendall that she was the newlywed here, but she was beginning to feel like the other woman.  Ryan assures Greenlee that he has moved on with Annie and that he and Annie got re-married last night.  Ryan holds Greenlee and they exchange a kiss. 

Ryan says good-bye to Greenlee.  He and Annie go home to his penthouse.  Sean lies to Colby about whether or not Ava has seen his naked body.  Sean and Colby sit on the roof and look up at the stars.  Zach goes back to join Kendall.  Kendall and Zach kiss.  Jonathan and Ava share a kiss.  Ava pulls away and gets up off the bench.  Colby and Sean share a kiss. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lucinda is celebrating – what no one quite knows, but her. Meg finds an unconscious Craig and tries to revive him. Emily and Dusty prepare to break up for Susan’s benefit. Vienna announces to Katie that she and Henry are back together. She also wants Katie to fight Carly for Jack. Carly learns she could be facing a long time behind bars. Parker remains bitter about Carly’s return, while JJ pleads with Jack to do something for her. Brad learns Jack is running off to see Carly and chides him. Meg revives Craig, and he is taken to the hospital; Meg is suspicious of his coffee. Dusty and Emily ‘break up,’ much to Susan’s dismay. Allison runs into an eager Lance. Meg tells Lucinda she knows what she did, and she is keeping the evidence as insurance that Lucinda do nothing to him in the future. Brad tells Katie that Jack is going running back to Carly. Allison is tempted by Meth. Emily is hurt when Dusty assures her nothing would ever happen between them. Emily thinks he would never date an ex hooker after Jen. Jack comes to Carly’s rescue. Jack only asks that Carly say Simon coerced her to leave town. When Carly hedges, Jack gets angry and tells her that she will rot in jail. Carly decides to choose her kids. They share a close moment. Allison turns down drugs and orders Lance to stay away when he threatens to show her mom the movie she made. Meg goes to see Craig at the hospital and Susan tells him that Meg saved her life. Craig reaches for her. Katie witnesses a close moment between Jack and Carly and later pleads with him not to do whatever Carly is asking him to do!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Brooke begins to lay out the plans today for Ridge to confess to the court, Stephanie begins to backtrack. She wants to wait to see if Nick is acquitted, then no one has to go to jail. Frantically Storm calls Brooke and hopes she has something that will help Nick. Brooke won’t tip her hand, but tells him she is on her way. She won’t let Nick go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Stephanie is aghast that she will turn Ridge in. Brooke says he has been living in hell, they all have and it’s time for the truth. Stephanie concedes that she knows Brooke is right. But she’s his mother and even though Ridge is a grown man, she still wants to protect him. Brooke assures her that he is going to be okay. He’s strong and so is Stephanie. Court convenes and Storm calls Phoebe as his first witness. Then Ashley who is promptly discredited by the prosecution when it’s revealed Ashley lied to try to save her own father from prison where he died last year.

With Brooke giving Nick a knowing look in court, Stephanie makes one last ditch effort to convince Ridge by phone not to come to court, just wait and see as she thinks Nick will be acquitted. Nick takes the stand and confirms he did not like Shane, and he was only trying to protect his step-daughter from him. He denies shooting Shane and dumping his body off Santa Monica Bay. While the jury deliberates, Rick approaches Phoebe in the hallway where she berates him for trying to get Nick off by blaming her father; how much that hurt her. If he loved her, he wouldn’t have done that. She vows she was ready to sacrifice everything to be with him, but she can’t anymore. He’s stunned, she won’t let him touch her as she says it is over. Ashley watches the conflict. Ridge shows up and he and Brooke embrace. She tells him he is doing the right thing and she will be with him all the way. The bailiff tells them a verdict is in. A gasp goes up in the crowd as Nick is pronounced guilty for second degree murder. He’s removed from the courtroom pointing his finger and shaking his fist at Ridge claiming him to be the real culprit. He shouts for the son of a bitch to be a man and admit it.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea finds the circled apartment listing and assumes it is an apartment Nick chose for them. Willow stops by and claims that the newspaper listing was hers and gloats about owning the found panties when she sees Chelsea is there. Chelsea forces Nick to admit that Willow has been blackmailing him and demands that he choose between supporting Willow and being with her. Shawn and Belle disagree on whether Claire is alive. Shawn runs into Willow at the hospital and Willow declares that Shawn is an unfit father to get back at him for denying her baby. Marlena begs John to wake up and confirm Belleís claim but she is busy talking to the doctor when John moves his hand enough to knock the call button off the bed. Belle insists on visiting John. Marlena finally convinces Belle to head back to her own room but John wonít let go of Belleís hand.

EJ brings Sami to the warehouse and admits to her his plan for the stem cells when she wakes up. Sami tries to appeal to EJís love for her and the baby to stop the procedure but EJ bows to Tonyís authority. EJ only decides to intervene when Tony declares that he plans to take the fetus as well as the cells.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Craig instantly discerns that Skye and Jason have killed Lorenzo Alcazar. He turns down Jax's request to give him the evidence against Emily. Sonny rescues Spinelli from Ric's interrogation. When Alexis wants to comfort Jax over the fact that his brother is a sociopath, Carly does not believe her motives to be wholly altruistic. Emily urges Nikolas not to give in to rage and let Jerry/Craig keep control of their lives in that way. Alexis agrees. Sonny assigns Spinelli to research Kate. Kate and Carly clash when the kids wander into Kate's place. Sam invites Liz over with Jake to once more urge Liz to appear on her show; this disturbs Jason and Sonny notices. In a private moment, Jason tells Liz he wants to tell Sam the truth. Ric continues to look for Lorenzo and the best clue he has is that Skye is not upset that he's missing. Jerry assembles several of his victims at the hotel and pretends to be Jerry Jax, just arriving in Port Charles. The police show up and proceed to arrest him, in front of Lady Jane.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Daisy softens a bit toward Harley when she finds out that she was the one who gave her a favorite teddy bear when she was a little girl. Remy figures out that Gus s Rafe's father when he follows Natalia to the detention center and hears Rafe call Natalia's mom and then later he sees Natalia try to hide from Gus when he brings Daisy back from the hospital. Cassie is heartbroken when she finds out from Reva that she (Reva) and Josh slept together while he was in prison. Cassie confronts Josh who begs for her forgiveness and explains why he slept with Reva. Cassie walks out on Josh and goes to stay at the Beacon to drown her sorrows and cry. Josh finds Reva at the light house and gets ready to confront her about why she told Cassie the truth about what happened between them in jail.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr comes into the kitchen at Dorian’s and angrily, throws her earphones down on the counter. She remembers the conversation at school that she had overheard between Cole and Britney where he had told her that he would pick her up at seven. Blair comes in and immediately questions Blair if something had happened to Todd. Blair tells her that she thought that she might need a friend. Cole remembers the kiss that he and Starr had shared. Marty is on her cell phone and she tells the person that she can’t go through another night like she had last night. She is afraid that she had done something terrible. Miles listens to her conversation. Christian shows John the picture that the arsonist had destroyed. Antonio tells Talia that he and Jessica are through. Vikki begins to cry as she is on the phone with Kevin. Nash brings Jessica out of her room. Vikki blasts Nash for destroying her marriage not alone her health. Miles continues to listen to Marty’s conversation. Marty objects to Cole’s going out with Britney. Antonio and Talia argue over his situation.

Blair tells Starr that she loves Todd because he is her father. Starr admits that she has no chance with Cole, and she can’t understand how Cole can go out with Britney. Britney join Cole at the Angel Square Diner to celebrate her birthday. Miles comes into the diner and sits down in a booth. Britney buys Cole a baseball card.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Julian goes to Eve to see if Fox is his son. Fox is so they check Little Ethan. Julian finds out that he is not the father. Theresa and Whitney still looks for Vincent. Chad and Vincent are in the store room and have a fist fight that turns into passion. Whitney receives a note from the bartender and it says go to the store room. Theresa and Whitney go and open the door and are shocked to see what is happening.  Ivy goes to see Ethan after hearing about the fire. Rebecca comes in and they discuss how Theresa almost killed him again. Ethan leaves to call Theresa and Ivy and Rebecca discuss where JT's memory stick could be.  Sheridan fixes the laptop so she can spy on Luis. She sees Fancy and him about to make love and she calls the Warden. A guard goes to Luis and stops what is happening. The guard tells Luis that he will be back with the general prisoners. The question is will he survive the other prisoners since he is an ex-cop. Fancy goes back home and Sheridan is ready to tell her off.  Until next week. Have a good holiday weekend.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Victoria tells JT that there isn’t anything between them but friendship. He thinks differently. They kiss. Gloria prepares for her first day on Extreme Catwalk and for her wedding. She skips the DNA test and gets Kevin to steal a blank test. When Jill sees Evan and Gloria she decides to get revenge on her by dosing their coffee. Meanwhile, Evan tells Gloria that he knows William is rich and he wants money for what he did for her. Nikki finds out that Katherine bought Jabot. She tells her that she knows that Jack was really the owner. Paul leaves for Europe to continue his search for Jana. Jack lies to Sharon about Jabot. He and Phyllis vow to get back at Nikki. Sharon and Brad testify in front of the grand jury. Brad lies and Sharon tells the truth. Jill stands her ground with Katherine in regards to Ji Min. Katherine puts Ji Min in charge of Jabot with Jill as second in command.

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