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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach tries to talk to Hannah and find out what it is that is troubling her.  She holds up a shirt of Spikeís that she stole from Zach and Kendallís.  Hannah tells Zach that she is in trouble and he is the only one that can help her.  Tad takes Krystal out to the Roadside Bar for the evening.  Her memories, for an instant, go back to Adam sitting on the sofa in his study.  Opal, Jaime and Dr. Joe join them.  Erica is mobbed by the press who is discussing her anniversary.  Jack comes up and kisses her to wish her a Happy Anniversary.  Greenlee continues to make a fool of herself in front of everyone in the bar.  She throws slurs at everyone who has anything to say to her. 

Hannah asks Zach to give her the one thing that she doesnít have and that is his child.  Greenlee has flashbacks of when she and Kendall were friends and loved each other.  Babe comes to the Roadside Bar where Krystal, Tad, Jaime, Dr. Martin, and Opal are.  Kendall grabs Greenlee by the arm and drags her out of ConFusion.  Di confides to Ava that she once pretended to be her sister, also.  Ava doesnít quite believer her.  Greenlee and Kendall argue over Spike.  Kendall tries to get her to stop.  Greenlee asks Kendall how much she loves her now and what she will do to prove her love. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gwen and Will allow Cleo to stay in their house to recover from a bump on the head after she was mugged.  Craig tries to make amends with Margo but she says she will never forgive him for Daniel's kidnapping which caused Tom's heart attack.  Lucinda steals pills from Bob's office and later uses them to poison Craig.  Henry asks Vienna for a second chance with her and they both agree to take their relationship more slowly this time.  Meg finds Craig lying unconscious on the floor in his office.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Stephanie to put the gun down, but Stephanie only toughens up and tells her to get out of the car. Brooke is threatening to send her son to prison and she won’t allow that. Brooke gets out and they go back inside the cabin, with Brooke still demanding that Stephanie let her go. She will not be bought! Stephanie can not buy her silence or her loyalty. She has flashbacks of other humiliating, angry times. She declares there is only one way to stop her. Otherwise she is going to get out of here and go straight to the police. Stephanie plays nice-nice and illustrates Brooke’s good points, her beautiful children, all part of Eric and Ridge’s legacy. She doesn’t want any of them to be hurt by any revelation Brooke might make. The Assistant D.A. starts her case – which she thinks is open and shut despite what the opposition will say. And indeed the opposition, Storm, presents his opening argument that Nick can have many enemies and was most certainly framed. Ridge has pangs of conscience about that fateful night when he shot Shane and dumped the body off Nick’s boat.

Jackie is called as one of the first witnesses after Lt. Baker and the Harbor Master. She has to admit that Nick lost his temper in his office and punched Shane before throwing him out. Brooke’s suggestion is to now confess and tell the whole truth about the Chamber’s case so it will free both of their son’s. She begs Stephanie to call Ridge now. Instead a somber, relieved Stephanie lets Brooke do the calling. Ridge always wanted to tell the truth and is eager to do as Brooke says and come home and explain to the police. Stephanie and Brooke hug, complacent they are doing the right thing. “The truth will set us free."

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Tony returns to Salem but he isnít happy to see EJís lack of progress in getting Samiís baby. EJ leaves a fake note for Sami leading her to think the editor of ĎThe Knotí wants a last minute meeting. Once Sami leaves for the meeting, EJ sneaks up on Sami and uses ether to knock her out. Celeste comes to warn Sami about what her spirit ritual with EJ revealed but instead relays the claim to Lucas.

Belle, Shawn, and Philip return to Salem and Belle has to be admitted to the hospital for shock. Belle dreams that John visits her with the assurance that Claire is still alive. Belle shares her dream with everyone but no one but Marlena will believe her. Philip doesnít want Victorís attempts to hire an elite rescue team. Victor cautions Philip against pursuing a good relationship with Shawn and Belle.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly and Jax resolve to work on restoring their now damaged marriage. Alan's ghost is concerned that Luke will lead Tracy into a life of crime. When Scott shows up wanting Luke to sign a statement endorsing his guardianship, however, Alan conjures up a thunderstorm indicating what he thinks of that and of Scott. Though spooked, Scott says that if Luke signs, he will allow Lucky and Lulu to see Laura any time and Lulu will never know the truth about the rape. Luke slugs him. Skye claims she does not know where Lorenzo is when Ric comes to see him. Nikolas tells Craig it's time to move out of Wyndemere. When Alexis comes over to discuss Laura's case with Nikolas, Craig informs her that he will soon be leaving, then tells her who he really is, Jerry Jax. He also outlines everything he has done to Nikolas and Emily. Jason puts Spinelli onto finding a way to extricate Emily from Craig's trap. Then, he goes to Jax and asks if he knew Jerry held a gun on Sam, that he had poisoned Nikolas, and will implicate Emily as an enemy of the state if he is caught. Jax promises to fix things. Edward visits Skye and she begs for reinstatement in the family, for her baby's sake. He can't do it. The court orders Laura moved so that no one can see her or kidnap her. Ric questions Spinelli about Lorenzo's disappearance and Craig overhears Skye talking to Jason about the same thing.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Olivia swings by company to return her engagement ring to Buzz. Buzz wants her to keep it after they have nice chat about their time together and the demise of their relationship. Buzz is kind and comforting although Olivia does appear to be hurting. Olivia and Cassie talk about girl stuff at CO2. Olivia is side tracked when she sees Jeffery, whom she believes to be gone. They talk flip flopping about his stay in Springfield. Cassie waits in worry telling herself everything is going to be okay after she and josh have set a wedding date. After being warned by Josh that he was going to tell Cassie about their night together Reva believes Cassie already knows. Reva apologizes and tries to explain how she and Josh ended up “making love”. Cassie stares at her stunned.

After warning Josh that he was going to reveal everything to Cassie, Josh goes to the Beacon to check in after they had planned a romantic evening to celebrate setting a wedding date. Billy drops in and the brothers have a good laugh about Reva being Reva. Josh feels with the wedding being set and after he is married to Cassie Reva will back off. Billy laughs out loud, he disagrees.

Mallet has a nightmare and chokes Dinah in his sleep when she tries to wake him. Dinah is worried and tries to get Mallet to open up but he thinks she is over reacting. Dinah isn’t so convinced. Mallet realizing that there is more going on with him than he let on returns home removing a briefcase from under the bed. Dinah talks to Buzz about people he knew when he was in the Army that suffered from Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder. Buzz agrees to meet with her tomorrow to discuss it more and commends Dinah for doing a story about a very ugly disorder.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Marcie hires a singing coach for the students in the play. Vikki asks Dorian if she had gotten her blood to the lab. Dorian pulls Rex aside and orders him to stop this investigation of Tate. Tate’s father reads the morning newspaper and doesn’t see anything in there about Tate being called gay. Mr. Harmon finds an interesting article in the newspaper for Tate. Bo questions Talia and John if they had found anything in Christian’s apartment. Christian and Lindsay walks through his studio and he remembers that he had brought Evangeline there to show her the new picture that he had painted. Christian tells Lindsay that Antonio had told him that he didn’t want anything else to do with him. Talia questions John about when he was a federal agent. Mr. Harmon wants Tate to be tested to be a possible liver donor for Jessica. Tate finally agrees to be tested. Lindsay tries to encourage Christian that it wasn’t his fault that this had happened to Evangeline. Marty dreams of a surgical table with all the surgical instruments. Miles arrives to see how she is. Miles remembers when he had Marty attacked. Miles remembers how he had siphoned Marty’s gas so she would run out of gas. Miles accuses Marty of lying to him about what she had had a bad dream about. Tate and his father arrive at the hospital to offer his help. Rex is burnt up with jealousy.

Rex attempts to make amends with Tate’s father. Dorian introduces herself to Mr. Harmon and offers her thanks. Talia also arrives to sign up to be a donor. John has Marty look over her sworn statement and then sign it. Miles walks by and sees Marty in John’s office.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

An envelope from the blackmailer about Little Ethan's paternity at the Crane mansion. Theresa opens the envelope and sees the note. She and Whitney discuss what to do and Vincent. Paloma doesn't believe in true love and Noah says he believes and wants to try it with her. Chad and Vincent are in the bar. Whitney and Theresa arrive to see what Vincent wants. Miguel and Kay talk and Kay says that their relationship is over. Miguel is devastated and says he doesn't understand why. Kay of course is upset. Julian receives a text message from the blackmailer. The message is get a DNA test done on his son.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Amber schemes her way onto Extreme Catwalk. Jill and Ji Min realize that Gloria drugged them. Gloria accepts William’s proposal and moments later is served with a subpoena for her DNA. She tells William she wants to move up the wedding to put off the test but he wants her to get the test before they leave. Jack lets Phyllis keep working on his campaign because he feels bad for her. Phyllis and Sharon commiserate over a common enemy- Nikki. Sharon admits to Brad that she feels sorry for Phyllis too. Brad tells Phyllis she only has herself to blame for what’s going on. Brad confronts Victoria and later JT about investigating him. Colleen tells Victoria she knows what she did and she thinks it is wrong. Later JT confronts Colleen about telling Brad about him. He tells her to stay out of his life. She says she would be happy to. JT tells Victoria that he has feelings for her and they should be together.

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