Wednesday 5/23/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/23/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby is trying to get her father out of her bedroom when Krystal comes looking for Adam and spots Sean under the bed, making a motion for her not to tell that he is under there.  Krystal is speechless as to what to say next.  In order to get Adam out of the bedroom, Krystal tells him that she wants to say a few things to him that aren’t appropriate for a young teenage girl to hear.  Krystal drags Adam out of the bedroom.  Downstairs, they begin to argue over the divorce agreement.  Krystal tells him that she doesn’t want any of his stock in Chandler Enterprises, but she does want half of everything else.  She starts to leave when she hears Adam making a gasping noise.  She stands there at the door for just a moment, listening to him.  Josh confronts Hannah for being in Zach’s house while Zach is not there.  Zach owns up to Greenlee that he caused the blackout that destroyed her eggs.  Greenlee smacks Zack’s face.  Greenlee barges out and starts to leave, but runs into the baby-sitter and Little Spike on the elevator.  Greenlee continues to look at little Spike and knows that he should have been hers.  Greenlee suddenly changes her attitude and decides to go out for a drink to celebrate, but no one else wants to go with her.  Josh talks Hannah into letting him take her home.  Krystal rushes back into the study, finds Adam’s heart pills and makes him take one.  She hands him the phone to call the doctor.  Krystal goes upstairs, and finds Colby and Sean in a very compromising position on her bed.  She orders Colby to get dressed, get Sean out of there, and to get downstairs so she will be there when the doctor arrives. 

At ConFusion Greenlee speaks with the bartender, Del.  They introduce themselves.  He fixes her a drink.  Colby picks up the cell phone and sees the text message that Ava sent saying that she wanted Sean's naked body.  Greenlee thinks about a conversation that she had with Kendall.  She turns around and sees Kendall, Di, Babe, and Josh.  Greenlee makes a remark that her friends are around when she needs them.  Greenlee gets up on a table to propose a toast to an invisible Ryan when Ryan and Annie walk in.  Zach goes to visit Hannah at her Yacht Club room.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Paul wants Meg to let go of her vendetta against Craig. Lily has a proposal for Lucinda. Jack’s kids find out he is going on an overnight date with Katie. Jack brings Carly into the station while Katie is there looking for him. Margo and Jack learn the Prince is dropping the charges against Carly and Simon. Paul is able to convince Meg to let this payback go. Lucinda turns down Lily and vows to get her Company back from Craig. Lucinda enlists Meg’s help. Meg gives in and goes to see Craig. Carly asks to see her kids, but Jack doesn’t think it is a good idea because she still has other charges to face. Craig opens up to Meg finally, but she decides to end her game with Craig and tells him off. Jack gives in and cryptically asks Emma to bring the kids to the station. Margo and Katie talk about what Carly being home means to her relationship with Jack. Katie thinks Jack was trying to keep Carly from seeing they are together. Margo wonders if the circumstances were reversed if she would run into Mike’s arms? Meg tells Paul and Lucinda that she done with trying to get Craig back. She has lost too much of her life with Paul. Paul and Meg are closer then ever. Craig feels very alone, especially after he reaches out to Margo, and she rebuffs him. Lucinda vows revenge and she will do it herself. Katie has a change of heart and thinks Carly being back is simply a bump in the road; Jack and she will be fine. Sage sees Carly before Jack can soften the blow. Sage and JJ are over the moon that she is back, but Parker is far from that. Carly dodges the question as to if she is back for good. Parker blows up pointing out they are in a police station and that she should have stayed away because everyone was finally happy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the courthouse, Taylor buoys Nick’s confidence that he looks like an innocent man. Everyone but Brooke rallies around, and they are all worried about her. Donna tells them she did not come home last night and she isn’t answering her phone. Rick calls Bridget, now they are all concerned since Stephanie is the last person she apparently saw. Brooke wakes up in the Big Bear cabin and Stephanie snarks that the only way she is going to get out of there is to hit her over the head, so don’t try. Just call this a mini-vacation and enjoy it. She gives an ‘oh yeah?’ look when Brooke tells her that she can’t keep her there forever. The only way to shut her up is to kill her. Don’t think Stephanie isn’t considering that! Jackie checks in with Eric to see if he has seen either Brooke or Stephanie. He thinks Stephanie is on the way to Paris. Still no one knows where Brooke is. Court is convened, and Storm asks for an extension for more time.

Stephanie keeps throwing up the Chamber’s case in Brooke’s face. Ridge took the blame for her son, so Brooke owes it to Ridge to keep quiet about this. If Nick gets acquitted, then no one is hurt. Brooke states that she will keep her mouth shut until after the trial. She has to get home before others start wondering about her. She makes a break for it when Stephanie tells her she is going to change clothes and they will go back to Beverly Hills. As she starts the vehicle, Brooke is startled by Stephanie firing a shotgun into the air and smirking that "she doesn’t think so."

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kayla decorates a wall of their hotel room with family pictures to help Steve remember. Kayla forcibly injects Steve with a drug to relax him. Steve becomes hostile when Kayla pulls out a picture of EJ but she doesn’t back down. Philip, Shawn, and Belle have been found alive but Claire is presumed dead.

Maggie comes to Hope with her belief that the panties found under Nick’s bed belonged to Chelsea. Hope confronts Chelsea but Chelsea realizes that Nick’s turndown was because he had another woman. Willow returns for her panties and makes Nick feel guilty enough to use his good name to get his perspective apartment for her instead. Chelsea confronts Nick about the panties but he tries to pass them off as belonging to Abby.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin is a bit disconcerted when a trio of vapid floozies turns up for Patrick to treat. Emily overhears Liz telling Jake how grateful she is to Jason on the day the two of them are scheduled to be released. Jason tells Sonny what Craig has done to trap Emily. Then, Jason goes to the hospital and gets confirmation of the hold he has on her and the rest of the story. Then, he gets to hold his son. Amelia decides to quit Sam's show, meaning the show will be cancelled unless Sam gets her back onboard. After much begging and a promise to keep violence away from the show, Amelia agrees to come back. The truth is, she was testing Sam. Sonny gets into a dispute with Kate over her latest actions, namely flying over his house in a helicopter as part of her daily, and nightly, commute. They manage to reach a compromise. Skye gets her baby back and calls for Sonny to kill Lorenzo. She lets Jason in, then takes the baby to another room. A thump is heard, and the show ends.

GL Recap Written by Dani

“It takes a man…”

Gus speaks into what appears to be the camera but come to find out it is Alan he is explaining his life to. Gus tells Alan about his problems with Harley, Daisy, Dylan, and Natalia. Gus is very open and honest. The episode moves from what is happening in real life with Gus and his conversation from Alan’s point of view. Gus follows Natalia to Chicago and sits with her in an old hang out she and “Nick” once were regulars at. They remember the old times but Gus continues to try and pry Natalia’s troubles out of her. Natalia stays quiet. Harley shows up to both Natalia and Gus’ surprise. Harley and Natalia step away from Gus and make an attempt to come clean with each other, the conversation is friendly. Gus worries knowing that both women are strong, will fight for what they have to, and both women love him. Harley gets back around to Natalie’s troubles and offers to lend her money. Natalia refuses but Harley insists.

Gus waits for the women to return from an ATM and gets a call from Daisy, she needs help. Gus rushes back to Springfield to aid his step-daughter. Daisy’s ankle is badly hurt in a fight with another inmate. Gus is frustrated when he cannot contact Harley or Dylan and he is told by the warden that he is not legally able to permit medical care for Daisy. This brings Gus to why he needed to speak with Alan, he asks for Alan to do something devious so that he can help the woman in his life that needs him the most. Alan calls Doris with a demand. As Daisy lies in pain she hopes for something to ease her pain. A knock at the door reveals a put out warden with pain meds, Gus is trailing behind. Once again Gus has come to her rescue.

Harley learns of Daisy’s condition from Alan. She is grateful he helped but fears what the re-payment will be. After Daisy is safe and sound and out of pain, gus and Harley retreat away in a hotel room where they make love and confirm their love for each other. Natalia with money in hand arrives at the juvenile detention center, she tells the mysterious new inmate from yesterday’s episode that she has the money to get him a lawyer and out of that place. Guards drag Natalia and the boy apart, the boy yells out for the guards to get their hands off his mom.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair comes into John’s office and she lets him know that she had just gotten off the phone with the Chicago Police Department and they didn’t care whether Todd was missing or not. An officer shows Miles into John’s office. Miles wants to know what John wants. John tells him that he has something that he wants him to hear. Marty tries to start her car, but the engine refuses to turn over. A man comes up and asks her if she needs help. Niles has just finished Vikki a drink that she drinks down very quickly. Dorian comes into the bedroom in a sexy negligee, but Clint looks out the window and doesn’t seem to even notice what she is wearing. Dorian tries to turn him on by hugging him, but Clint tells her that he just can’t do this. Nash lies in bed beside of Jessica. Antonio tells Christian that his marriage to Jessica is over. Christian owns up that he knew about Jessica and Nash. The man, who had approached Marty’s car, tries his best to attack her .Nash remembers Antonio attacking him. Antonio demands to know from Christian how long he had known about Jessica and Nash and when he had found out about them. Antonio and Christian begin to argue that Christian hadn’t told him. Miles tells John that he had told them everything that he knew about Todd. Miles tells them that he had an appointment that he had to get to. Miles wants to know why he was summoned here. Blair threatens Miles that if he knows about Todd’s disappearance and aren’t telling them. Niles lets Vikki know that, he, too is being tested to be an organ donor for Jessica. Three bullies attempt to rape Marty. Miles hurries up to protect Marty and John comes up. Marty hurries into John’s arms which makes Miles furious.

Miles pays off the man, who had attacked Marty. Marty files a complaint with John about the attempted rape. Clint and Dorian have made love and Clint tells her that he needed that. Antonio watches Nash and Jessica together through the window in her room.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Tabitha tries to figure out how cover up the magic that Endora has done from the mothers that brought their children over for a sleepover.  Endora has created a beach in her living room and turned all the children into teenagers.  When the mothers see this, they can't believe it.  Tabitha tells them that some of the other mothers told her that these women have these episodes of seeing things and then having blackouts.  The mothers decide they need some pills and liquor after this incident.  Endora turns everything back to normal, but her mother is not happy with her.  Kay tries repeatedly to tell Miguel that she can no longer see him, but he keeps interrupting her with plans for their future now that he is out of jail.  Theresa tells Ethan that Little Ethan is his son.  Unfortunately, Ethan passes out before he can hear it because of the smoke.  Theresa and Ethan are rescued from the burning mausoleum they were trapped in by the blackmailer.  Vincent calls Chad and Whitney separately and asks them to meet him at the bar where he and Chad first met.  Chad intends to put an end to the affair, but Vincent has plans to make sure Whitney knows all about it. 

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Gloria tries to make William jealous by making him think that Evan proposed to her. She doesn’t think that it worked until he comes to see her and he proposes to her. Amber tries to get herself on Extreme Catwalk, and almost does, until Cane’s new assistant tells the producer she is Cane’s wife. Katherine decides that Ji Min can stay with Jabot, but only if Jill agrees to let him be her boss. Sharon and Jack try to console Noah who is having a tough time with his father’s death. Jack gets a visit from the spirit of his father. He gives Jack a message to pass on to Sharon from Cassie.

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