Tuesday 5/22/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby and Sean, who have just awakened, don’t know quite what to do when Adam comes to the bedroom door with a tray of breakfast.  She orders him not to come in since that she isn’t dressed.  Adam tells her to throw on a robe because he is coming in.  Hannah once again watches Zach and Kendall with little Spike.  Greenlee wants to know how Ryan feels now that he is completely, totally free.  Annie comes out and doesn’t want to intrude, but Greenlee tells her that this is where she belongs.  Through tears, Greenlee leaves.  Annie asks Ryan if he is all right, and he tells her no, not yet.  Ryan asks Annie to marry him again.  They kiss.  Sean quickly hides under the bed when Adam comes in with their breakfast.  Adam immediately begins to put Sean down for his actions.  Colby defends Sean.  Annie and Ryan arrive home to a “Welcome Home” celebration. 

Kendall, Di, and Babe go over a new layout for Fusion.  Greenlee comes in and listens to them for just a minute.  She comes in and lets them know that she is the majority stockholder of Fusion and anyone that doesn’t like that can leave now.  Kendall immediately calls Zach for help.  After much conversation, Zach comes in and lets Greenlee know that he wants to talk to her.  Zach tells Greenlee that he has transferred all of Cambias’ Fusion to Kendall which makes them equal partners now.  Greenlee calls Kendall out of the room and begins to blast her for her actions in the past.  Zach intervenes to take the blame, because he was responsible for the blackout that destroyed Greenlee's fertilized eggs.  Hannah, who has used the keys she stole to enter Zach and Kendall’s condo, re-enters the living room to find Josh sitting on the sofa. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Maddie tries to persuade Henry to tell Vienna what is in his heart before she decides to leave Oakdale.  Henry tries to tell Vienna how he really feels about her but he can't find the words because he is too afraid of her reaction to his words.  Henry and Margo both try to persuade Katie to take it slowly with Jack because Carly might be back in town but Katie insists that her relationship with Jack won't change even if Carly returns home.  Maddie is excited about going to prom with Luke but she is sad that Casey won't get to see her dress.  Jack places Carly under arrest after they have a long talk about the pain her leaving caused their family.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Phoebe is incensed that Rick would think her dad murdered Shane and her ears are closed to anything he tries to say. Storm informs a furious Nick that his case is on the docket for tomorrow. Stephanie tightens her grip with the phone cord around Brooke’s neck, but finally lets it go. She pleads with Brooke not to disclose the facts to the police, otherwise her son’s father will go to jail. She won’t let Brooke even call Ridge to get him back here and explain himself. She plays the guilt card in the Chamber’s case; Brooke owes her silence to Ridge. Just wait and see what happens. When Brooke doesn’t want to do that, Stephanie confesses to her that she lied. Ridge is not in Paris, he’s at Big Bear and they both need to go talk to him together right now. Phoebe is embarrassed that she is pouring her heart out to a virtual stranger. She laments to Constantine how Rick hates her father and is trying to prove him guilty.

Constantine proves to be a good listener and leaps on the fact that Ridge doesn’t even like Rick. Phoebe is welcomed into his arms for comfort. Doesn’t take long for Brooke to realize she has been duped. Ridge is not at the cabin, and Stephanie has no intention of letting her go so she can call the police. Stephanie declares they can do this the easy way or the hard way. Nick sweats in jail until his pregnant wife shows up. She vows they will get through this, everything will be okay. The baby is what he has to look forward to….and the truth will come out, it always does. She claims she will never abandon him. She is his forever!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas and Sami return home and Lucas reveals that he turned EJ and Mythic in to the FCC. Kate is furious with Lucas but is convinced that Sami made him turn Mythic in. Kate’s guilt trip doesn’t faze Lucas and he decides to once again cut her out of his family’s lives. Celeste contacts the spirit world to determine Sami’s baby’s paternity and proclaims that the ceremony revealed EJ to be the father.

Steve only pulls the plane out of its nosedive when Bo swears the statement is locked away in the hotel safe. They return to Tinda Lao but Steve pulls a knife when Bo refuses to hand over the statement. Kayla arrives on the island in time to find Steve holding the knife to Bo’s neck. Kayla is able to talk Steve down by reciting their wedding vows.

Faced with the danger of the storm, Belle, Philip, and Shawn admit their individual wrongs and make a deal to raise Claire together once they return home. Shawn activates the GPS signal on Claire’s life jacket as the boat starts to take on water and the power goes out. Gabby receives word that Philip’s boat went down.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin does not believe she and Patrick are any good together when they are not in the middle of a crisis. Craig's mere presence terrifies Amelia and Sam as they "chat," but when Sam goes for a gun, Amelia blurts that she does not want to see Sam "kill another man." The explanation is that she was referring to when the thugs attacked Sam and Jason at the studio. Spinelli tries to come to the rescue, but Craig sees him and promises to shoot if he follows through with swinging the pool cue. Sonny tells Jason that Lorenzo should be the first to die, not Craig, and furthermore, he is not sure Jason can be neutral enough to keep his cool while killing Craig. Alexis advises Jax that if Jerry is busted, Jax could be charged as an accomplice and gets him to hire her. Carly distrusts her motives, suspecting she wants the same intimacy with Jax that she shared with Sonny and might also neglect Luke's case with Laura in favor of helping Jax, or vice versa. Skye is able to sneak out, so she runs to Sonny to tell him that she should be getting Lila back the next day and to go on and kill Alcazar after that happens. After Alexis leaves, Jax and Carly argue, but he swears she is the most important person in his life. When Jason comes home, Craig takes delight in telling him that Emily will be destroyed if he is harmed or fails to have a good life. Then, he goes home and introduces himself by his proper name to Nikolas and Emily, ruining their blissful time alone.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Cyrus must finally face a trial for his misdeeds while in Springfield. The outcome doesn’t look to good for the Aussie until Alex steps in with a stellar defense lawyer. The DA does not have any concrete evidence against Cyrus and his defense attorney shoots holes in mallet and Marina’s testimony. Cyrus is found not guilty. Dinah braces herself for the backlash from Cyrus but is surprised when he tells her that her debt is paid in full. Dinah is surprised and doesn’t believe him when he tells her he going to be legit. Marina watches Cyrus feeling guilty for turning him in and what she said about him on the stand.

It’s parents day at Juvenile Hall. Harley and Dylan visit daisy together. Gus is mad at Harley when she tells him he cannot go. Dylan defends Harley to Daisy and tells his daughter about Harley’s selflessness concerning her. When Daisy still doesn’t warm up to her mother Dylan takes the blame for sending her to juvie. Daisy warms a bit but still harbors a lot of feelings about her mom. Ashley is envious Daisy has a mom who cares enough to visit, Doris refuses to come see Ashley.

Remy becomes worried about Natalia when he sees her stressing over money. Remy offers to help by loaning her what she needs. Natalia turns him down. Gus overhears Remy trying to convince Natalia to open up to him. Gus asks her if everything is okay and if she will confide in him if not Remy. Natalia is secretive about her problems. Natalia takes a call from someone she asks for help and agrees to meet this person at a place called Otto’s. Remy is listening from behind a bush. He tells Gus what he overheard. Natalia meets a loan shark that hints that he wants sex as collateral, Gus walks in to save her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

At school, Britney tries to speak to the other students, but they do not want to listen to her. Cole quietens them down, and lets them know that Britney wants to say something to them and they should let her talk. At the hospital, Christian tries to get some information on Evangline’s condition, but the nurse will not give him any information. Christian tries to leave, but Paige forces him to stay. Miles meets up with Marty at the hospital. Marty immediately wants to know what he is doing here. Miles lets her know that unless Jessica gets a liver, she will die. Jessica lies in her hospital room and looks at a pic of Jaime on the wall. Natalie comes in and tells Jessica that she thinks what she needs is a good laugh. Jessica asks Natalie to take down the pics of Jaime off the wall. Antonio and Nash have a confrontation over Jessica’s telling him that she was in love with Nash. Vincent and his goon visit the hospital and meets up with Layla. Vincent wants to know about Evangeline. Jessica lets Natalie know that she is in love with Nash and had cheated with him also. Christian signs for a form releasing the hospital of any responsibility if he leaves the hospital without the hospital wanting him to leave. Paige explains the donor process to Miles and Marty. Marty lets Miles know that she is forming a “lupus support group.” Layla with tears in her eyes, tells Vincent that she has to be the strong one for the family. Miles is surprised to learn that Marty has lupus, but she is in remission now. John asks Marty what is Miles doing there. Antonio grabs Nash and pushes him up against the wall.

Britney continues to try to explain to the other students about her visiting Henry’s parents. Langston blasts Cole for defending Britney. Langston not only wants words, but she also wants actions. Starr hit’s the piano keys really hard. Starr just wants all of this to be over. John discusses Todd with Marty. Miles listens to John and Marty’s conversation with John. Christian questions Layla about how Evangeline is. Natalie begins to make Jessica smile. Antonio and Nash still argue. Nash tells Antonio that he will fight for Jessica. Antonio tells Nash that he doesn’t want Jessica anymore. Miles is in the parking garage and he gets a text message which shows it is from John. Marty walks up and hears a noise. She yells out if anyone is there. Miles refuses to answer. Cole believes in Britney and then hugs her. John checks up on Miles Laurence. Antonio tells Christian that he and Jessica are through. Nash brings Jessica some flowers. Nash sits down on the bed beside Jessica. Nash encourages Jessica that she will get better.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Endora decided that she wanted to have a sleepover. She invited some girls over. Their mothers weren't very sure about the party so Tabitha invited them to stay and have tea. When the mothers were in the kitchen Endora cast a spell that turned the girls into teenagers and they had a beach party. When the mothers came into the room they were shocked to see the party. Paloma found out Chad's secret. She got a phone call about Theresa. Chad, Paloma, Whitney and Noah went to save them. At first they couldn't find them but than Paloma noticed the smoke. The whole room is on fire and Ethan and Theresa do not have much time left. Spike came forward as Julian's eyewitness in Miguel's case. After Spike told Judge Riley about what he saw Miguel was sent free. Kay promised to live up to her end of the deal.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Adrian is writing a book on the treasure involving Brad’s family. Victoria offers to help him. Colleen finds out from Kevin that Victoria had JT investigate Brad and that he had an affair with Sharon. Michael tries his best to get Katherine to reconsider buying Jabot but she does so anyway. Lauren learns about Gloria and Evan’s schemes. William tells Gloria that the Grand Jury has subpoenaed her DNA.

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