Monday 5/21/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/21/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Alone in the mansion, Adam begins to have chest pains again.  As he holds his chest, he heads for the bar.  He starts to pour a drink when Colby comes in and asks him if he is trying to kill himself.  Erica and Jack walk into the living room to find Sean (half-naked) and Ava on the sofa and the camera is rolling.  Erica places her hand over the camera lens.  Jack demands to know what is going on.  Erica orders her assistants out.  Jack wonders about Lily and where she is and what would have happened if she had walked in.  Lily walks in and the cameraman turns the camera on her.  Annie is on the phone and tells Di that their hotel is right on the beach.  Ryan and Greenlee continue to talk, to try to get things worked out between them.  Greenlee begs him to fight for her now.  Ryan makes the decision to stay with Annie and let things end with Greenlee. 

Ryan tells Greenlee good-bye and starts back to the hotel.  He looks back at Greenlee, standing on the beach.  Lily wonders why the man is here with a camera.  Erica urges Pam and the cameraman to leave.  Lilly, Sean, and Ava leave Erica and Jack alone.  Pam and the cameraman continue to film Erica and Jack’s conversation through the window.  Later, after Erica leaves Jack, Pam shows Erica the tape that she had filmed of her and Jack together.  Colby and Adam have a heart-to-heart talk.  Before Colby leaves Adam in the study, she tells him that she loves him.  Adam tells her that he loves her.  Adam pours his drink of whiskey back into the bottle.  There is a knock on the door and it is Sean to see Colby.  Adam refuses to let him see Colby and slams the door in Sean’s face.  Colby is upstairs in her bedroom, when Sean calls her and tells her to look out the window.  When she looks out the window, she sees Sean, who climbs in the window and asks to spend the night with her.  The next morning when Colby wakens, she looks over the side of the bed at Sean who is sleeping on the floor.  There is a knock on the door and it is Adam, who has Colby’s breakfast in his hands.  Greenlee and Ryan sign the final divorce papers. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Emily and Dusty grow closer as they take care of Allison, who is detoxing. Brad watches Jack and Katie together kissing, as he is holding a gift for her. Jack has plans for he and Katie to have dinner and stay in Chicago for the night. Carly has a brush with the law at the bus station. A shocked Vienna shows Henry what was around her neck when she awoke. Allison shares how she got hooked. Henry takes Vienna to the police. Carly turns on the water works to get out of trouble. Brad apologizes and offers Katie a gift. Katie can’t accept his apology. Brad admits he has feelings for her. Katie turns him down. Jack is told about the necklace and prepares to have it taken to the lab. Jack doubts Carly and Simon are lurking but still puts out an APB on them. Jack thinks if the diamonds are real, Vienna is out of hot water with the Prince. Susan is happy to see Emily and Dusty together. Vienna tells Henry to go talk to Katie to warn her. Carly receives a special message and heads home. Jack puts his house on the market. Brad thinks Vienna has nothing left for her in Oakdale if she can get her money back. Katie learns about the necklace and the possible reemergence of Simon and Carly; she assures Henry nothing will change between her and Jack. Jack struggles to make the call to have the house cleaned, forcing him to move on. Jack recalls times with Carly. Jack makes the call, and then turns around and comes face to face with Carly in the flesh.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Working in the lab, Ashley has a hot fantasy about Rick coming in, locking the door and ravishing her. Brooke demands to know from Stephanie if Ridge is guilty? Brooke gives her scenario, and Stephanie admits it was not murder. She brings up the excuse of the long-ago Grant Chamber’s shooting and Ridge taking the blame for it to save Brooke’s son. She fills her in on the details of the boat and dumping the body in the bay. She makes a commanding plea that this was suicide, but the police wouldn’t believe that. Brooke accuses her of not caring about Nick and letting him take the blame. Phoebe accuses Ashley of spouting her mouth off about her dad’s guilt. Ashley lashes back that if anyone has a guilty conscience, it should be Phoebe for Shane continually coming around, not her. Nick lays into Rick, he needs him to be his ears and ears around the office. Storm calls Ashley to come talk to him and Nick and she reiterates her suspicions.

Phoebe catches Rick snooping around Ridge’s office. She blasts him, but he says he is not trying to railroad her father, just looking for any clues that could help Nick. Brooke insists that Stephanie go with her and tell the truth and prove that Nick is innocent. Stephanie is so relieved that Brooke believes her, but loses it completely when Brooke picks up the phone to call Lt. Baker. When Brooke will not listen to her to hang up, Stephanie grabs the phone cord and starts to strangle Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami gets Lucas to agree to her wishes of not having the amniocentesis. Together, they break the news to EJ and Sami’s words of compassion get EJ to promise to wait out the remainder of the pregnancy before learning the paternity. Celeste realizes that EJ desperately wants to know the paternity because he plans to use the baby’s stem cells to save Stefano. EJ asks Celeste to use her psychic skills to help him find out the truth.

When Bo doesn’t oblige Steve’s demand, Steve pulls out a gun. Bo tries to use their friendship and history to convince Steve not to shoot him and is finally able to wrestle away the gun. Steve decides he must carry out his mission and sends the plane into a nose dive in hopes of forcing Bo to hand over the statement to save their lives. Shawn tries to fight Philip but instead passes out. Philip allows Belle to care for Shawn. Philip and Shawn argue over how best to beat the storm and Philip ends up breaking the engine.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Noah worries that Patrick is being cruel to Emily when he's obviously reunited with Robin, but they explain that both break-ups were fakes and over. Sonny maintains that Jerry, Craig, or whoever he is needs to die, but Jax believes punishment would suffice. Alexis learns Jerry is Craig, and refuses to defend him. Alexis urges Luke to tell Lulu the truth about Luke raping Laura, rather than letting it come out in court. Tracy gives Luke her support and admits she likes Lulu. Luke agrees that he owes Lulu the truth from himself. Carly keeps Jason from killing Craig. Sam rails at Amelia for having her duplicate the exact scene when Bill Munroe nearly beat Sam to death. Amelia apologizes and agrees to change things so it does not so closely replicate her past. Skye does not want to move to South America and argues about moving there, but their dispute is interrupted by an agent showing up to question Lorenzo about his failure to deliver the briefcase. Skye helps cover and then agrees to go with him to Caracas, but wants to run errands first. He won't let her leave the house. Carly swears she will never forgive Jax is Jerry hurts her loved ones. Sonny tells Jason not to kill Craig yet. Craig runs into Sam.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Alan, Beth and Rick wait nervously for the DNA results to determine who the father is. Cassie slips into the lab and is actually surprised to see Alan is the father, but changes the results to show Rick as being the father of Beth’s baby. Rick and Alan hover over Beth, each trying to ensure her comfort as they wait. Finally the results are in, Rick Bauer you are the father. Alan can’t believe it and promises to get a second and third of necessary opinion. Rick is happy and confidant and welcomes any further DNA tests. Alan takes Beth to the beacon where he has arranged for them to stay through the duration of her pregnancy . Beth can’t imagine why. Alan explains if Rick harasses her than there will be more witnesses that at the mansion. Beth wonders how Alan plans to deal with Rick after the baby is born. Alan doesn’t feel Rick will be a problem and Alan will be the father and love his daughter just as he did with Phillip.

Josh meets with the Rev. Rutledge to discuss becoming a minister. Rev. Rutledge believes Josh will be a wonderful minister and can bring a lot of good to people’s lives. Josh has one thing standing in his way, sleeping with Reva. Josh returns to the farm to tell Cassie about his decision and tries to confess his sin to get it out in the open but Cassie cuts him off hearing a noise. Outside she believes it to be RJ but the ghost of Tammy appears and asks if changing the paternity tests was really enough.

Reva cheerfully has a beer and talks to Billy about Josh’s recent decision and his need to do the right thing and tell Cassie about their night together at the prison. Billy is concerned for Cassie’s mental state that Josh and Reva seem to be unaware of. Reva is convinced that Cassie will not accept that Josh slept with her, though she already knows after Reva told her, and Josh will be free to return to Reva. Billy a friend to both sisters tries to persuade Reva to back off of her pursuit of Josh for a while.

Marina and Cyrus run into each other on Main Street. Cyrus thinks they got close during the ringing of the bells but Marina is not so welcoming to his flirting. When he reaches for him she punches him and threatens to call the police. Cyrus jokes that she wasn’t going to that because if she were the police would have already have him surrounded. Alex arrives ready to leave. Marina questions her about background checks on her employees. Alex isn’t concerned, she knows all that she needs to know, plus he is a good driver. Just before leaving to take Alex home a uniformed officer arrives and places Cyrus under arrest for robbery and kidnapping. Marina is smug but is saddened after Cyrus is taken away.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Bo fills John in as to what had happened at Christian Vega’s apartment and all of them had been gassed by carbon monoxide poisoning. Everyone was alright, but Evangeline, who hadn’t come to yet. At the hospital, Christian paces the floor as Lindsay sits in a chair nearby. Talia talks to Nora, and Nora still can’t believe that this had happened yet again. Christian tells Lindsay that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Layla comes hurrying in and wants to know about Evangeline. Tate comes out to get in his car and he is confronted by his father about his being gay. Starr and Langston see a new group of students. Marcie tells everyone that Marcus can’t be in the show. Britney has doubts about meeting with Henry’s parents. Cole promises to go with her. Clint and Nash both agree that Jessica will get her liver transplant. Jessica tells Antonio that she is in love with Nash. Jessica tells Antonio that she wants to be with Nash. Bo tells John to take over the arsonist investigation. Bo promises himself that if Evangeline dies these people responsible will pay. Starr catches the eye of one of the new students. Layla insists on seeing Evangeline. Christian tries to comfort Layla over Evangeline. Clint confronts Nash about what he had just told him that Jessica was ending her marriage to Antonio. Nash insists that no one is keeping him away from Jessica now. Antonio and Jessica argue over the fact that she is in love with Nash. Jessica tells Antonio that she can’t fight her feelings for Nash anymore. Paige tells Layla and the others that Evangeline has lapsed into a coma. Clint asks Nash to back off.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Sheridan, disguised as a nun, shamelessly throws herself at Luis.  He confesses his love for Fancy and tells her he is not in love with her anymore.  Fancy sees this on her laptop through the nanny cam she placed at the prison and vows to stop Sheridan.  Unfortunately, she attacks the wrong nun.  Fancy is thrilled to learn that Luis told Sheridan he loves her.  Sheridan claims defeat at this battle, but not the war.  Whitney gets a text message from Vincent asking her to meet him so he can tell her a big surprise.  Paloma asks Noah what this is all about and he says he doesn't want to betray Chad's confidence.  Noah only tells her that it was Chad's gun that went off in the hotel room.  Chad starts to tell Whitney the truth about his affair.  Ethan and Theresa chase the blackmailer into the mausoleum.  Somehow he escapes but they are trapped.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Victor tells Nikki that he has reacquired NVP and he is giving it to her. Phyllis is stunned to learn that Nikki is now in charge of NVP. She assumes that this means that she will get her job back abut Nikki tells her that isn’t so. She also lets everyone know that she plans to go ahead with Clear Springs, but she will be using Victoria’s proposal. After speaking to her campaign team, they decided that Victor should run the company for her until after the election to avoid any conflict of interest questions. Victoria tells Nikki that she lost the baby but asks her not to tell Victor. Victor is trying to find Victor Jr. but isn’t having any luck. He decides to go to Sri Lanka to look for him himself. Kevin reads JT’s emails and sees that Victoria and he are close and that she had him investigate Brad. Brad tells Sharon that he and Victoria have an understanding about their friendships with JT and Sharon, but isn’t happy when he sees her out to dinner with JT. Ji Min tells Jill about Jack owning NVP and Katherine telling him that he couldn’t see her anymore.

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