Friday 5/18/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie questions Ryan as to why he and Greenlee got divorced.  Kendall is afraid that Greenlee will take away everything that she loves.  Zach asks Kendall if she wants him to get rid of her.  Ryan assures Annie that this will all be over in a couple of hours.  Ryan assures Annie that he wants her, not Greenlee.  Annie encourages Ryan to find Greenlee and talk to her.  As Greenlee sits alone on the beach, Ryan joins her.  Jonathan and Ava argue over what type of person Lily is.  Jonathan orders Ava away from him.  Jack, Erica, and Barbara all plan to eat dinner at the Yacht Club.  When Del comes up to tell Erica about his new book, she asks him to join her so she won't be seen eating alone.  Hannah visits Zach to give him her resignation and steals his keys.  Jonathan tells Ava that no one wants her here.  Ava and Jonathan kiss.  Jonathan pulls away from her and tells her not to ever touch him again.  Tad gets rid of Del and joins Erica who invites Jack and Barbara to join them at the same table.  The dinner is being taped for reality television.  Barbara throws a roll at Erica from across the table.  Greenlee tells Ryan everything that has been going on since she last saw him.  Ryan asks Greenlee if she is through punishing him.   

Annie relives the advice that Kendall gave her about not trusting Greenlee.  Still reminiscing about the past, Greenlee reveals to Ryan that she sent him the divorce papers because she wanted him to fight for her.  Ryan tells Greenlee that it almost killed him to sign the divorce papers because he still loved her.  Through the window, Hannah watches Zach and Kendall's cozy family scene with Spike.  Greenlee asks Ryan if he will fight for her now.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Claiming his innocence the entire way, Nick is taken to the police station. Taylor barks at Baker that Stephanie deliberately lured Nick to her house knowing about the new restraining order. Phoebe thinks it is wrong of Nick to be spreading lies about her father that both she and Brooke know is innocent. Brooke calls Storm to come over. He doesn’t totally believe that Ridge couldn’t have snapped and finally killed Shane accidentally. Nick confides they need to get Stephanie to tip her hand, so she can hang. Stephanie welcomes the assistant D.A. into her home as she has urgent news to share with her, about Nick Marone. He’s a violent man and needs to be dealt with. Nick suddenly remembers Rick and wants Taylor to get him over there as he needs him to snoop around the building for more details. Phoebe has strong objections to Rick sharing his theories about her dad that he’s picked up from Ashley and others. She doesn’t want Rick to ever accuse him again!

Storm convinces Brooke that she needs to go see Stephanie and try to get a confession out of her. That might be the only thing to help Nick. The Assistant D.A. tells Stephanie that she can’t discuss this case with her. Stephanie still pushes her will that she hopes this case will come to trial as soon as possible and get Nick off the streets. Nick puts Rick in a tough spot, but reveals all he knows and suspects. He needs his help down at Forrester Originals. Rick also confesses to him about the possible gunshot that Ashley heard on that night. Nick is livid; the evidence is there in that office and Stephanie is trying to frame him. Brooke slips in on Stephanie unannounced at her home and overhears her talking on the phone to Ridge. Brooke claims she is surprised that he would go to Paris so suddenly and not say goodbye to R.J. She also tells Stephanie that she invited Nick over to her house knowing about the restraining order, she is setting him up. She is not accusing Ridge, but it wasn’t Nick either. Did Stephanie kill Shane? When Stephanie insists she didn’t, Brooke slams the door in leaving and Stephanie thinks she is alone. Straight to the phone she goes and leaves a voicemail for Ridge. She tells him to stay right where he is. In fact, don’t even call her. She looks up to see Brooke’s face in the mirror. Turning, they are face to face and Brooke demands to know if Ridge killed Shane McGrath?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas doesn’t agree with Sami’s desire to translate the DiMera letter. E.J. greets Sami and Lucas claiming that their meeting is only a coincidence. Lucas eavesdrops as Sami gets E.J. to admit that he raped her. E.J. asks Sami again to get the amniocentesis promising to leave her alone if the tests prove he is not the father and Lucas convinces Sami to get the test. Celeste comes to Maison Blanche to warn E.J. that Stefano’s health is failing.

Philip yanks the radio away from Belle before she can tell Shawn about their new destination. Philip destroys the radio to keep Belle from calling for help. Steve reveals he has another gun hidden in his boot as he watches Shawn sign the statement for Bo. Bo, once Gabby figures out the island’s name from Belle’s clues, insists on going with Shawn and Steve as they fly toward Philip’s new destination. Shawn spots Philip’s boat and jumps into the water. Shawn climbs onto Philip’s boat while Philip is down below with Belle. Steve confirms that Shawn signed the statement before declaring his true plans to keep Bo from prosecuting E.J.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Skye and Lorenzo argue over who has betrayed whom the worst. Sonny's barista admits that Lorenzo paid him to poison Sonny. Logan then tells Sonny about witnessing Carly's visit to Alcazar, prompting Sonny to wonder why she was there and what she knows about James Craig. Both Jason and Craig escape from the firefight with their lives. Jax asks Carly to please give him time to try and help Jerry and to keep loving him through this. He admits it's not fair of him to ask, but Jerry is his brother. Sam starts to get nervous as she realizes she will be acting out a domestic violence scene on camera and admits she was abused. Amelia uses that to convince her to go ahead with it to help other women by example. However, as filming starts, Sam begins having flashbacks. Alan and Tracy worry about Luke's drinking excesses. When Alexis visits to discuss the guardianship case, Tracy panics as she almost sits on Alan, then admits why she freaked. Alexis is dubious. Carly refuses to tell Sonny why she was asking about Craig. Spinelli is able to track Craig via his cell phone and sees him heading to Jax's. Jason goes after him and lies in wait. As Craig enters, Carly stops him from killing Jerry. Jax tells Sonny who Craig is. Maxie talks Cooper into staying in town. Lorenzo decides to return to Caracas with the baby, and Skye, if she wants to come.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Cassie and Jeffrey team up to find out the truth about Beth's baby. Cassie decides that Alan isn't fit to be a father again and takes some drastic measures.  Lizzie tries to remain loyal to her family, but ends up doing the right thing instead. Josh is attacked, but makes a startling move when he comes face to face with his attacker. A new, young face appears in Springfield. Beth and Alan find out that she is having a little girl, and the two are ecstatic. Josh lies to Cassie and she lies to him as well. Buzz wonders if perhaps Lizzie is too attached to her new sister already.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex asks Adriana again about her breaking up with him. Adriana asks him what part of it doesn’t he understand. Adriana tells Rex that they are over. Michael tells all the Buchanans and Dorian that anyone can be tested to be a liver donor for Jessica. Antonio sits with Jessica. Jessica tells Antonio how thankful that she is that Bree isn’t sick. Jessica reminds Antonio that she has cancer. Matthew comes into Bo’s office and lets him know that Nora hadn’t picked him up at school. Everyone is unconscious in Christian’s apartment. Lindsay comes up to the door and starts to investigate, but she is knocked out from behind. Rex apologizes to Adriana and asks him what can he do to make things right. Miles arrives and wants to be tested to be a liver donor for Jessica. Bo cannot get in touch with Nora. Matthew wonders if anything could have happened to Nora. Christian begins to come to and pushes a number on his cell phone. A police officer tells Bo that he got a 911 call from Christian’s cell phone. Dorian begins to blast Miles for being a Lawrence, but Clint orders her to stop it. Miles volunteers to be tested. Rex tells Adriana that he will do anything to get back with her. Bo and other officers come into the building and finds Lindsay knocked. The officers gets the doors open and finds Nora, Evangeline, Christian and Talia. Bo orders for back up. Christian is awake, but the police work frantically to save Evangeline .Nash confides to Dorian that he loves Jessica. Nash goes to get tested next to be a possible match for Jessica. Nash comes to visit Jessica.

Vikki asks Dorian to help her to be tested for a donor for Jessica. Dorian refuses to help. The paramedics arrive and put an oxygen mask on Evangeline. Adriana tells Rex to prove to her that she can trust him by leaving Tate alone. Miles meets his prostitute friend in a bar and asks her for advice .Antonio comes back into Jessica’s room. Jessica tells him that she needs to talk to him that they have put this off too long now. Jessica, finally, tells Antonio that she is in love with Nash.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Chad comes clean with Noah. He tells him everything with Vincent. Noah is shocked and tells him to come clean with Whitney. The blackmailer is trapped on the Crane estate. Theresa doesn't want the blackmailer to be found. Ethan tells her that they will be together after he catches the blackmailer. Whitney tells Paloma about Vincent cheating on Valerie. Paloma tells her about what happened at the motel. Whitney's phone goes off by a text message from Vincent. Kay and Pillar went to the prison to be with Miguel. Kay decides to take up Julian's offer to save Miguel. Fox has no idea what his father has planned. Fancy leaves Luis and goes back home to find Esme in her bedroom. Fancy installed a camera in Luis' cubicle and decides to watch it online. Sheridan talks with Spike again and than goes to see Luis. She dresses up as a nun. She brings Luis dinner and gives him a kiss. Fancy sees this online and is not very happy.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Brad sees Victoria with JT again. He warns JT to stay away from his wife. Victoria finds out and tells Brad that they are just friends. Brad talks to Sharon about his marital problems. Later, Victoria admits that she hasn’t been treating Brad fairly due to all the stress she has been under and they reconcile. Adrian tells Colleen that he has resigned from GCU and is writing a book. She is upset that he had to resign because of her, and she enlists Amber and Kevin’s help in hacking into JT’s email account to finally prove he was the one who turned them into the school. Kevin thinks it could take a month or more to so that so they come up with a scheme to steal his PDA. They manage to download some information from it and get it back to him. Michael draws up an agreement for the sale of Jabot to Victor. He also draws up an agreement for Katherine. Jack isn’t happy with the contract presented to him by Victor, but he signs it anyway. Victor speaks to Paul about Victor Jr. His mother hasn’t heard from him in weeks so Victor asks him to track him down. While trying to get some information, Paul is sure that a call was being traced. Jill tells Katherine that she is going to Asia with Ji Min. Katherine isn’t happy and goes to Ji Min and tells him that she doesn’t trust him. She tells him to tell Jill that she can’t go with him, and to make his ticket one-way because once she takes over Jabot, he is fired.

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