Thursday 5/17/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/17/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee, Ryan, and Annie board an airplane to an exotic island for Ryan and Greenlee to get a divorce.  Greenlee daydreams on the flight that Ryan chooses her over Annie.  Kendall goes through all her closets and gathers up all the things that reminds her of Greenlee.  Zach comes home, and Kendall fills him in on what she is doing.  Kendall reminisces of the days that she had spent with Greenlee, but she decides that she wants Greenlee gone once and for all.  On the flight, Annie begins to have an asthma attack and cannot find her inhaler.  Ryan urges the pilot to land the plane as soon as possible, but the pilot tells him that they are over water and the soonest that they could land would be in an hour.  Greenlee insists that they let her look for the inhaler.  Ryan and Annie protest, but Greenlee wins out.  Greenlee finds the inhaler and gives it to Annie.  Greenlee saves Annie’s life.  Annie thanks Greenlee for helping her.

Jonathan visits Lily, unbeknownst to him that it is Ava.  After talking to Lily for a few minutes, Lily reaches out and touches Jonathan’s arm.  Jonathan realizes that this is not Lily at all, but Ava pretending to be Lily.  Di and Aidan make love.  Colby models some dresses to wear to the prom for Shawn.  Shawn doesn’t like any of the dresses.  He suggests that she go to the prom in her blue jeans.  Greenlee tells Zach that she wants Greenlee gone.  Adam makes plans with Zach for him to take over Chandler Industries.  Zach agrees to do as he asks. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack has an honest talk with J.J about Carly and persuades him to give Katie a chance to be his friend.  Carly tells Gwen that Cleo pretended to be her in order to allow her (Carly) to see the kids.  Carly asks Gwen to get Cleo out of jail.  Gwen later tells Jack she wants to pay Cleo's bail but Jack won't allow her to do so unless Gwen tells him the real reason she changed her mind about Cleo.  Katie files for a divorce from Mike and hopes for a fresh start with Jack.  Carly is hurt when she hears Parker tell Sage he doesn't miss her and he doesn't care if she ever comes home.  Paul wants Meg to drop the whole vendetta against Craig before it hurts their relationship and he is shocked when she refuses to drop the plan.  Lily makes a heartfelt plea to Craig to return the company to Lucinda.  Craig refuses Lily's request to allow her or Lucinda to buy the company but later he thinks about Lily's words to him and calls Meg to say that he must speak to her right away.  Carly decides to see her kids one more time before she leaves town but Katie and J.J may discover her hiding at the farm.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick bemoans to Taylor that she is having a child and he’d like to be around for that so he is not going to wait for Baker to re-open the case. He’s going to chase down all the facts. Stephanie can’t get away with this covering up for Forrester. Despite his protests, Stephanie still wants Ridge to get out of town, go to Paris. Ashley begins to have doubts and concerns and tells Rick she thinks she knows who killed Shane. Rick tells Phoebe to go ahead without him to Constantine’s; he’ll meet up with her later. Stephanie calls Nick to say she needs to talk to him face to face. She then tells Ridge that Nick will be blown out of the water. Phoebe is starstruck over hearing Constantine sing in the studio. He’s pleased that she came alone and tells her to make herself at home. Ashley shocks Rick by telling her she thinks the killer is Ridge. She’s getting vibes that something is wrong, but she doesn’t want to tell anyone until she is sure. She fills him in on all the suspicious facts that she knows. He believes it could have happened that Ridge did do it.

Taylor signs for papers delivered to Nick. He confronts Stephanie who wants him to say to her face the things he has been saying to others. He assures her that she and sonny-boy aren’t going to get away with this. He’s going to be a daddy and declares that he isn’t spending the rest of his days behind bars. When the truth comes out it will be her and her golden-boy who will be fitted for jumpsuits, not him. He spies Ridge before he leaves and then is promptly hauled off for coming over to Stephanie’s, violating his restraining order.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas and Sami are now working on the New Orleans bayou rebuilding houses. Lucas and Sami find a locked box containing an old letter signed by a DiMera. They confirm with their project coordinator that the house they are currently working on is indeed the old DiMera owned Maison Blanche. Hope enlists Billie as a temporary babysitter while she plans to go to Tinda Lau. Billie insists on going with Hope until Hope agrees not to leave home.

Belle admits to hiding the GPS device and Philip tosses it into the ocean. Philip pours his heart out to Belle about how it felt to walk away from his family and Belle is touched by his emotion. Bo confronts Steve about being sent by EJ but Steve denies it. Steve hands over his second gun after Bo reveals he knows about the gun in Steve’s luggage. Bo gets Shawn to give him an hour to pinpoint Philip’s location before Shawn leaves with Steve. Philip receives a warning about an impending typhoon via the radio and Belle seizes the opportunity to use the radio to contact Shawn.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lorenzo is not willing to give Carly any information, but his clarity of mind is apparent to her, making her realize he's been faking brain damage. Cooper tells Maxie that Craig is back and threatening him and when she wants to go to Sonny and Jason with this, he confides why he joined the police force. Jerry/Craig tells Jax that he got involved in his current life for the money, but does not want Lady Jane to know anything about this. Sonny promises that Alcazar is safe, for now, but Craig will not live through the night. Jason swears that Craig will pay for killing Alan when Sonny warns him not to let it get too personal. Sonny tries to get Carly and the boys to move in with him until the Craig crisis passes, but she refuses to go, unless Jax comes, too, which Sonny will allow. However, Jax insists he can protect his family. Sam visits Jacob and Lucky asks her to get Amelia to back off. Sam is completely irate with Amelia to know she wanted Elizabeth and Jason's son on her show. Amelia plans to let Sam relive the night she killed Amelia's father, on air. Maxie warns Jason about Craig, but Cooper plans to leave town to keep her safe. Logan tells Sonny that Alcazar paid one of the coffee house employees to poison him. Jason goes after Craig. Skye slips slightly, giving Lorenzo a clue that she betrayed him again.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Cassie researches and plots to learn the paternity of Beth’s baby. Cassie is determined to keep Alan away from the baby. Josh worries when he sees her communicating with a person that is not in the room. Josh tries to convince Cassie to let revenge on Alan go so they can move on. Cassie refuses and asks for Josh’s help, he will not help her. Cassie feels abandoned and alone. She pulls away from him when Josh tries to show his love and support. Cassie’s state of mind is not helped along when she sees Reva and Josh laughing and joking at CO2. Cassie is desperate to enlist help. She goes to Jeffery.

Jeffery is packing his room to go back to NY, for the sake of Ava and Olivia he claims. Mel tries to talk him out of it but he still decides to go. Ava is angry and begs him to stay but Jeffery simply believes she is better off without him in her life.

Alan hovers over Beth who is doing much better physically but is dreading the amnio test and the possibility that Rick will fight her and Alan for the baby. Alan isn’t concerned, he has a plan. Rick drops by to check on Beth when Alan leaves to fetch her some of Buzz’s chili. Alan takes the opportunity to speak with Leah about the fate of her parents marriage, while at company. Mel becomes angry when she walks in and catches Alan speaking to her daughter. Alan drops the bomb that Rick believes himself to be the father of Beth’s baby. Mel is shaken but doesn’t show it. She calls Rick to meet her. After learning the truth from Rick Mel volunteers to represent him if Alan gives him any legal trouble.

After speaking with frank about Buzz’s condition she goes to his room with a mock-hostile attitude. Reva tells Buzz to fight for the person he loves. Buzz takes the advice to heart but also sees Reva is thinking of herself and Josh . Buzz tries to enjoy a huge T-bone but is interrupted, this time not by a human visitor but Moxie. Moxie sits in the hall with a note around her neck asking if Buzz will keep her while Ashley is away. Buzz puts up an act in the hall asking for frank and Coop to come get Moxie but the dog lets herself in and helps herself to Buzz’s steak.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Bo sits in his office and he overhears a commotion outside his office. Bo opens the door and sees that it is Blair, who is arguing with one of his police officers. Bo ushers Blair into his office. Blair immediately wants to know what is being done to find Todd. Marcie and Tommy come in to Rodi’s looking for Rex. Marcie finally sees Rex and tries to talk to him, but he overhears Tate and Adriana laughing and talking at a nearby table. Rex approaches the table and immediately begins to make his accusations. Jessica finds out from Michael that she has liver cancer. Evangeline visits Christian in his damaged loft. All of his paintings are destroyed. Nash cannot believe it when he finds out that Jessica has liver cancer. Michael tells Jessica that the only hope for Jessica is for a liver transplant. Everyone begins to want to be tested to be a donor for her.

Some new evidence is brought into Bo’s office concerning Todd’s disappearance. Blair immediately wants to hear the tape, but Bo is hesitant to let her listen to it, but he finally agrees. He puts the CD in the player and turns it on. All they can hear is a baby crying. Talia and Nora both arrive at Christian’s apartment and are shocked at what they find. Rex confronts Adriana if she and Tate are sleeping together yet. One of Tate’s fans come up to him and tells him that he is still his favorite pitcher. The little boy’s father confronts Tate about lying about being gay. Blair tells Bo that she will take matters into her own hands. Paige comes to visit Bo and tells him the news about Jessica. Talia reads a note that was left in Christian’s apartment. The arsonist sets the gas valve so the gas fumes will come through the air ducts in the air conditioning system. Evangeline goes to stand in front of the air ducts. Nash brings Bree to see Jessica. Jessica exchanges looks with Nash through the door. Talia tries to open the door, but finds out that the door is locked. Everyone passes out from the gas fumes.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Chad's birthday party is still going on at the Crane estate. Pilar showed up and offered to watch Miles for free. Everyone is excited about Whitney being pregnant. Ethan and Theresa are still in the closet and get a message from Ethan's look-a-like. The blackmailer kissed the look-a-like and he messaged Ethan telling him that he was with the blackmailer. Theresa and Ethan get dresses and go after the blackmailer. When they arrived the blackmailer just got away. Noah wants to talk to Chad about the hotel but Chad doesn't want to talk about it. Julian and Kay talk about Miguel getting out and her staying with Fox. She says Fox will be okay without her. Julian says he wont help if she wont stay with Fox. At the end of the show Pilar gets a phone call about someone trying to kill Miguel.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Today’s show featured the citizens of Genoa City remembering Nick. Everyone’s thoughts are on Nick as they prepare for his memorial service. Noah remembers talks he has with his dad. Sharon remembers when Nick proposed to her and their wedding day. Phyllis thinks of the beginnings of her relationship with Nick. Michael and Lauren offer to let her move in with them for a while but she wants to be at home in Nick’s house. Phyllis is upset when she realizes the fireflies Noah caught have died. She goes out and catches more. Victoria talks to Brad about how much her brother meant to her. Nikki remembers all the rimes that Nick was there to support her. She is upset that the last time they talked, they fought. At the memorial service, Victoria remembers her brother fondly and reads a silly email that was typical Nick. Noah speaks on how much he loved his dad, and what a good father he was. He says that his dad is in heaven with Cassie now, to take care of her. Victor tells a story of Nick as a boy. They all gather at the Newman house after the service. Noah shows Sharon the fireflies then sets them free. Phyllis tells Summer that they are going to be okay.

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