Wednesday 5/16/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/16/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal gives Colby some money to run an errand and Colby tells her that she will be right back.  As Colby leaves, Tad comes in.  He has a present for Krystal.  Sean and Ava admire the yachts in the harbor.  Aidan comes in and sees Ava with Sean.  Lily gives Zach a handful of messages.  Hannah and Josh have lunch together at the Valley Inn.  Josh questions Hannah about why she came to Pine Valley.  Erica and Jack conclude their interview with Larry.  Erica blasts Jack for telling Larry and the viewers that they might not be divorcing.  Erica tells Jack that he didn’t have to encourage Larry.  Ryan and Greenlee want some privacy to settle their differences.  He kisses Annie and then asks Kendall if she had been trying to warn him right before his wedding about Greenlee being in town.  Kendall confirms that she was.  Ryan apologizes to Kendall for not listening to her.  Kendall lets Ryan know that she had locked Greenlee in the playhouse.  Ryan and Greenlee go up on the roof to thrash things out.  Greenlee apologizes to Ryan for hurting him.  Hannah gets angry that Josh is trying to spy on her and leaves.  Josh follows closely behind.  Colby starts to speak to Josh, but he pushes her aside.  Colby approaches Sean and Ava’s table.  Ava gets up and leaves so that Colby can join Sean.  They discuss Adam, Baby Jenny, etc.  Krystal opens her gift and it is a beautiful "Circles of Love" necklace.  Tad helps Krystal put it on.  Tad leaves as Stewart comes to visit the baby.  Krystal lets Stewart hold the baby and seeing him with Jenny, she wishes that it was Adam holding her.  Zach questions Hannah as to why she is really in Pine Valley.  Jamie informs Tad that he is going back to medical school. 

Greenlee agrees to give Ryan a quickie divorce in the “islands” and tells Kendall that she has.  Kendall doesn’t believe her.  Greenlee waits on the airplane for Ryan, but he is accompanied by Annie. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dusty has to get rid of Jesse again. Henry and Katie talk about her budding relationship with Jack. Gwen wants to go to the police station to make sure Jack has arrested Cleo. Jack arrests Cleo, as Carly listens. Maddie starts her job as intern again with Luke as well. Maddie opens up to Kim about how she misses Casey and how the prison isn’t allowing any kind of contact yet. Dusty and Emily come back into the room to find Allison perched out the window on a ledge; Allison falls. Henry and Katie talk about her divorcing Mike finally. Cleo (dressed up as Gwen) and Gwen come face to face. She claims there is a good reason she is still dressing up as her, but she can’t explain it right now. Gwen tells her to stay out of her life forever then. Luke and Maddie talk about getting past Jade. After a conversation with another student who is going to the prom with Kevin, Luke and Maddie decide to go to the prom together considering their circumstances. Dusty saves Allison from falling. Dallas responds to a call of a jumper on a ledge. Dusty promises him that it is handled after Allison admits to doing it as a joke since she was mad at her sister. Allison continues to struggle from coming off the drugs. Dusty promises Emily that he isn’t going anywhere. Jack is going to charge Cleo with multiple felonies. Cleo asks to make a phone call; she calls Jade, who then hangs up on her. Gwen comes face to face with Carly.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric fields questions from the press and he and Rick discuss the conflicts with Ridge. Eric wants him to be happy with Phoebe. She is shocked that Constantine is looking specifically for her. If she’s that good just fooling around, how would it be if she were serious? Jackie and Brooke commiserate over their mutual concern for Nick; she wants Brooke to come back to Forrester’s. Nick and Taylor fill Lt. Baker’s head with all the evidence Nick has gathered. Nick bellows for him to ask Forrester, he knows all the answers. There’s the overprotective mother and the spoiled son, and Ridge left for Paris today. How does that work for Baker? Simply, they set him up so it’s up to Baker to re-open the case and prove it. Nick gets the call from Bridget that the blood test is in; they must go. She asks if they are ready to be parents? Constantine gives Phoebe his card. He can’t promise anything until he gets her on tape, but he thinks she does have potential. Do bring Rick in anytime and make a record. Rick too is shocked at her bubbly news.

The name Marone is clearly marked on Taylor’s blood specimen, but the technician thinks back and has a question to Bridget about the harvested eggs. Only she gets a phone call and he doesn’t get to ask it. But she does get to tell Taylor the good news – she is pregnant. Nick and Taylor are ecstatic, and he calls his mother with the news. Brooke is still there and overhears. She wishes it were her having his child. If it was meant to be, she would be having this child, but it’s Taylor. She is Nick’s future.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick tracks Chelsea down at home and tries to explain why he turned her down but Chelsea slams the door in his face. Chelsea agrees to let Nick inside when he refuses to go away. Nick blames his turndown on Maggie invading his privacy so Chelsea suggests Nick get his own place. It takes some convincing but Nick finally agrees. Willow, still getting dressed in Nick’s room, hides in the bathroom when Maggie returns. Maggie finds Willow’s underwear and makeup and assumes Nick has a secret lover. Maggie leaves a note on the underwear for Nick to find.

 Belle accuses Philip of treating her and Claire like hostages. Philip admits that the boat is headed toward Australia with no intentions of returning to Salem. Belle begs Philip to let them go free but Philip refuses. Philip finds the GPS device in his bag. Bo tries to get Shawn to sign his statement but Steve interrupts them. Gabby finds a gun in Steve’s room and Bo unloads it before giving it back to Gabby to put back in Steve’s room. Shawn and Bo try to convince Steve that it’s better for them to use a rowboat rather than his plane but Steve can tell they don’t trust him. When called out by Steve, Bo demands that Steve leave the island willingly or be forced off by him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Craig meets with Three (Cooper) and informs him that if he is caught, Coop will also go down. Maxie almost catches them together. However, she is suspicious and asks Logan about Coop's ability to lie. Logan claims he only does it to cover for him, Logan. Amelia continues to push Elizabeth to allow her to do a feature on Liz and Baby Jacob. Deciding to forgo revenge, Carly suggests strongly that Jerry (Craig) should disappear. Jax does not like that idea. Max informs Logan that Sonny and Jason do not need him, but Logan insists he has bigger plans than the thank-you job Sonny got for him at the Metro Court. Sam has a nightmare about Jason taking a baby away from her. When she wakes, Jason asks what the crack about did he want to be with a TV star or the mother of his child meant, she says it was just about how much she hates not being able to have children. Later, Amelia asks why Sam is protecting Jason's lie. Sam explains the whole situation, prompting Amelia to say Jason should have fought for custody so they could raise the baby. After Sam goes leaves work, Amelia vows she will pay for what she did to Amelia's father on Friday. Craig asks Lorenzo why there's no story in the paper about Sonny and Jason's deaths; Alcazar asserts that it will happen as soon as he gets things in place. Nikolas and Emily agree to be Jacob's godparents. Emily immediately realizes that the baby has Jason's initials. Liz says it is a coincidence. When Jason visits Carly, he senses that Jax is in trouble. Skye asks Jason to swear he won't kill Alcazar until after she has her daughter back, then tells him that she heard Lorenzo and Craig arrange to have him and Sonny killed. Carly goes to Lorenzo to find out what he knows about Craig. Jax confronts Jerry with the fact that he knows about his brother's other identity.

GL Recap Written by Dani

“Faith”: Josh decides to fix the bells that once chimed for special occasions in the lighthouse. He and Billy work through the night. When the bells toll the sound waifs through Springfield where everyone finds simple joy in their sound. The joy doesn’t last long and turns to anger. The bells ring constantly for 37 minutes every 37 minutes. Days go by and no one can sleep. Everyone becomes irritable and groggy. Josh and Billy work non-stop to try and correct the problem. Gus drops by and tells Josh about he and Natalia’s past. Josh thinks Harley will understand and Gus should tell her. Gus goes home and tells Harley he once loved Natalia. Harley takes it well because she knows he loves her now and will always. Josh feels like a hypocrite. Josh takes a break from his work to tell Cassie about he and Reva, when he gets there and sees tears in her eyes he can’t do it. Cassie has had multiple visits by Tammy while Josh has been working on the lighthouse.

Marina admits to Harley she has feelings for Cyrus. Marina senses Cyrus is watching her and she is right. Cyrus shows up in Marina’s room. Marina gives in and they kiss. When the bells stop Cyrus tenderly kisses her and covers her as she sleeps.

Josh uses a sledge hammer to bust the gears and cogs to stop the ringing of the bells. The silence rings through the streets louder than the bells had rung. Josh begs for a sign to show him what is the right thing to do. Josh discovers inspirational words etched onto a gear and takes these words as his sign.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John is on the phone about a missing person case that had gone cold. Marty waits in John’s office. Marty looks at a file. Cole sits alone in a booth when Britney comes up to join him. Starr reads the directions on the back of a box of brownies. Dorian gives up and takes out a store bought cake to the benefit. Dorian takes a batch of burnt brownies out of the oven. Clint join Nash at the hospital as he looks in on Jessica. Clint refuses to throw Nash out. Jessica begins to wake up and asks for Nash. Antonio talks to his Mother on the phone to check on the girls. Talia visits. Antonio finds out that Nash is with Jessica. Vikki and Natalie talk but Miles walks up with a bunch of flowers in his hand. Natalie and Miles exchange looks. Marty has another vision of an operating table with all the operating utensils. Jessica wakes up and insists on talking to Nash. Natalie lets Miles know that Jessica has Hepatitis C. Miles considers himself and Natalie as “allies.” Natalie doesn’t know what to say. John goes to get Marty some water. While he is gone, she once again, looks through the file on Spencer Truman. She sees the bloody pair of scissors and runs out of John’s office. John notices what Marty had been looking at. Vikki visits Jessica and she lets Vikki know that she had dreamed about Nash all night .Antonio and Nash argue over Jessica.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Endora puts her friend Amy's mom into a gorilla cage at the zoo.  Mrs. Bradley then gets a parenting lesson from a gorilla.  She is then  turned into a gorilla and almost has to mate and get tranquilized, but Endora turns her back into a human just in time.  Fox changes his mind on killing Miguel.  Julian tells Kay that he can get Miguel out of prison, but she must stay with Fox and never be with Miguel again.  Noah catches Chad running from the motel where he has just shot at Vincent.  When he later asks him about it, Chad denies being there.  Paloma asks Vincent who shot at him, but he denies knowing, saying he was in the bathroom and it must have been a drive by shooting.  Chad is shocked at the surprise birthday party.  He's even more shocked when he finds that Vincent has crashed the party.  He calls Valerie to warn her that he's there.  Ethan takes Theresa off to be alone with her.  He hired an impersonator so that the blackmailer wouldn't be suspicious.  Whitney announces at the party that she's pregnant.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Phyllis and the Newmans plan Nick’s memorial service. Nikki and Victoria are very cold to Phyllis and challenge every suggestion she makes. Victoria continues to confide in JT instead of Brad. Brad goes to JT and tells him to stay away from his wife. When Brad tries to help out at the office, Victor accuses him of trying to take Nick’s place. He tells him that Neil will be running the company alongside Victoria. Things are still tense between Lily and Daniel. They joke around while baking cookies and end up making love. Lily still isn’t ready to completely trust him. Katherine tells Michael of Jack’s intention to sell Jabot to her. Michael is torn, he can’t tell Victor about this without violating attorney/client privilege.

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