Tuesday 5/15/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/15/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda is at the gym angrily attacking a punching bag, and pretending that the punching bag is Adam Chandler.  J.R. walks in, watches her for a few seconds, and then begins to give her pointers on how to bring Adam down quickly.  Erica comes in to work and is bombarded with all kinds of fan mail from her and Jack’s viewing audience.  Adam visits Zach at his office and wants to talk business.  Greenlee comes into work and lets Kendall, Di, and Babe that she has Simone’s shares of stock in Fusion.  Kendall disagrees with working with Greenlee again.  Annie comes into work.  She introduces herself to Greenlee.  Greenlee introduces herself as Mrs. Ryan Lavery.  Ryan visits Jack and wants this divorce over fast. 

Di encourages Annie to leave.  Annie refuses to leave.  Kendall calls Annie’s work, “genius.”  Jack encourages Ryan to talk to Greenlee, and tells Ryan that he wasn’t exactly an innocent bystander in what happened.  Jack tells Ryan to deal with these issues head on if he expects to have a future with Annie.  Kendall sees the anguish that Greenlee is facing having to see Annie there all the time.  Kendall offers to buy Greenlee out.  Ryan walks in and kisses Annie.  He walks over to Greenlee and tells her that they have to settle this right now.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty and Emily share a kiss to keep Susan from discovering Allison is in the middle of detoxing from drugs. Allison has a rough time getting rid of her drug habit but Dusty and Emily refuse to give up on her no matter what she says or does to them. Jack and Katie are disappointed they can't find time to go out on a date. Margo advises Katie to take it slowly with Jack until she is sure she really wants to get serious with him. Carly wants Cleo to pretend to be Gwen and talk to Jack to discover what he is thinking but the plan backfires when Jack shows up to arrest Cleo for pretending to be Gwen. Jack is unaware that Carly is hiding in Cleo's bathroom.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick was up all night and Taylor is worried about him. He relays his concerns about the night of Shane’s killing and the dressmaker. And he is sure that Mommy Dearest is up to her designer labels in some cover-up. Ridge tells Stephanie now Nick has involved Ashley, and Stephanie thinks it would be a good idea for him to leave town today. Felicia admonishes Phoebe and Rick for going public and creating such a stir on the Internet without consulting her. Music producer, Constantine, spies the bit on the net and is enchanted by the kissing cousins, especially that face, Phoebe Forrester. He wants to check this out in person. Phoebe wants to play hokey today, but Rick begs off as he has a meeting. They pledge their love to each other before parting.

Storm advises Nick to lay it all out on the line for Lt. Baker, tell him all they know. Stephanie tells Taylor she hopes she is not believing all this hocus-pocus spouted by Nick. Taylor isn’t that gullible and she grills Stephanie further while a visibly nervous Stephanie has a ready answer for everything. Constantine shows up at the Insomnia looking for Phoebe and when he meets her he says he has been looking for a girl like him. Stephanie lies and tells Taylor that Ridge is in Paris on business, and then makes a bee-line to Ridge to tell him to stick to that plan, go there and stay there. Taylor confides to Nick that she thinks she knows Stephanie better than anyone and she is lying. Lt. Baker shows up at Nick’s request and Nick tells him he has arrested the wrong man. Taylor speaks up and says it should be her ex-husband, Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea asks Hope for advice about losing her virginity to Nick. Hope gets Chelsea to realize she is in love with Nick but Chelsea rushes off with the idea that she should show her love by seducing Nick. Willow sneaks into Nick’s room to spend the night but refuses to leave at first. Nick is able to hide Willow in the bathroom when Maggie and Chelsea each come to visit. Chelsea is offended when Nick turns down her seductions; storming off without ever knowing the real reason he turned her down.

 Hope calls Adrienne over and learns about Kayla’s frantic travel plans. Bo is skeptical that Steve is really his old self and calls Hope to get the real story. Bo has Gabby distract Steve so he can talk alone with Shawn. Steve eavesdrops on Bo and Shawn when Hope calls back to warn that Steve has been sent by EJ to kill them.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Completely soused, Sam asks Jason if he wants to be with the TV star (her), or the mother of his child (Elizabeth). Lucky presses Liz to name their child, and she comes out with Jacob Martin, to the delight of Spinelli who sees that noted on his monitor. Craig tells Lorenzo that he is to eliminate Michael Corinthos Jr. and Jason, or he will die. Jax confirms that the picture Carly has of Craig is Jerry. Jax grasps at straws to find some way to justify Jerry's actions, to Carly's ire. They agree to keep who he is a secret, for now. As Mr. Brosnan, Craig runs into Alexis and learns about her brief, unconsummated marriage to his brother. Tracy talks to Alan in public, prompting Luke to warn her about looking nutty, so she counters with how he is acting about Laura and what secrets might come out in a trial, such as Laura's rape. Elizabeth refuses to let Amelia use her and Jacob in a follow up to the hostage crisis piece. Sonny and Kate rehash old times. He finally allows her to have her flash drive. Sam wakes up and says she cannot remember what happened while drunk.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Mallet and Dinah continue to worry and stress about Blake and what she knows about mallet’s confession moments before she woke up. Mallet is patient and determined, Dinah however is growing more and more agitated with Blake. When Dinah and Mallet are gone, Blake calls matt to the apartment to hire him for some construction work. Matt seems the request to be odd but agrees. Blake lets it slip that Dinah and Mallet have horrible fights constantly. Matt isn’t so easily convinced that this is true but asks Dinah about it just to be sure. Dinah becomes even more irritated by Blake and her lies. Mallet returns home just in time to catch Blake when she fell. Mallet tries to extract what Blake knows but is interrupted when Dinah returns home. She tells her husband she wants Blake out! Mallet asks for just a little more time.

Harley and Gus arrive at the detention center to visit Daisy. Daisy has left instruction that she will only see Gus. Harley is hurt but insists Gus go in for a visit. Harley waits at CO2 and talks with Natalia. Harley is really liking Natalia, who listens to Harley’s problems and about her life. Gus is stand-offish with Daisy calling her out on all the lies especially how Natalia ended up in Springfield. Gus has the same attitude with Natalia when he gets a moment alone to speak with her while Harley makes a phone call. Natalia defends her motives and explains the sad story Daisy had relayed. Gus accepts the explanation, for now. Harley calls the detention center pretending to be Daisy’s room mate from school. Daisy hangs up when it isn’t her old friend. Ava is given the cold shoulder by Coop who is busy preparing for class. Coop says some hurtful things and does not appreciate her carelessness when it came to Buzz’s feelings. Ava invites Coop to go away with her on a trip. Coop is disgusted and calls her shameless. After class Ava confronts him to set the record straight but he cuts her off apologizing for what he said. Ava admits she wants to ask for a second chance , she just does not know how to do it. Coop is kind, offering half his sandwich but doesn’t give her an answer one way or another. Ava takes the sandwich and a glimmer of hope and heads off to work.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Chris has a paint can in his hand with a brush. He becomes angry and throws the paint can against the canvas. He remembers when he and Evangeline had had a paint fight. Michael comes into Capricorn and meets up with Evangeline. They exchange some pleasantries. Michael questions Evangeline had she heard from Todd. Dorian and Adriana discuss Rex and how he had appeared on television and told the whole world that Tate Harmon was gay. Tate walks up about this time and tells her that if she feels that she can’t trust her life with Rex then she should go with her gut. Rex is on the phone, trying to obtain some information on Tate. He opens the door for Roxie. Roxie pulls the telephone cord out from the wall. John and Marty exchange looks as they see Natalie and Miles dancing. John asks to talk to Natalie alone. Cole and Starr exchange a kiss. Marcie heads for the door where Cole and Starr are in the room. Adriana introduces Tate to Dorian. Tate lets Adriana and Dorian know that Rex is still checking up on him. Layla asks Lindsay to use her art gallery for a photo shoot. Vincent brings in some work from a new artist to show to Lindsay. John lets Natalie know that if that little kiss was for his benefit that it didn’t work. Natalie doesn’t believe him. John resents Miles kissing Natalie. Marty also resents Miles kissing Natalie. Marty pretends as though she doesn’t care. Adriana confronts Rex about his checking up on Tate, yet again. Evangeline questions Marcie as to why Michael would be interested in finding out about Todd. Michael talks to Rex on the phone. Marcie walks up and wants to know who Michael is talking to. Michael, once again, lies to Marcie. Christian shows Lindsay his new style of art. Christian picks Lindsay up and hugs her. John tells Natalie that seeing her kiss Miles bothered him. Marty remembers what she had seen in Spencer’s file in John’s office.

John warns Natalie about Miles. John re-join Marty. He asks Marty if she was jealous of the kiss between Miles and Natalie .Dorian walks in and finds Cole and Starr together. Christian takes Evangeline to see his new painting. His apartment has been trashed.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Whitney and Theresa was talking about the time that Whitney thought Chad was cheating but it was really Vincent. Chad tried to break it off with Vincent but Vincent says no. He wont give up on them. Paloma and Noah are in the next hotel room from Chad. Paloma hears a noise and goes to investigate. She breaks down the door and gasps. Spike is suffocating Miguel but Luis notices him and he runs. Luis calls for Fancy. She checks on Miguel and tells Luis that Miguel is fine and no one is around. Another guard hassles Fancy about writing the report. She says the reason is that she wants to write a movie based on Luis. Fox and Julian are at Tabitha's waiting on Spike. Tabitha and Endora are at the zoo and sees a mother and a little girl. The girl is neglected by her mother so Endora puts the mother in a gorilla cage with a talking gorilla. The mother faints.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Gloria and Evan continue to scheme to make William jealous. When Evan hears that William is the DA, he is almost scared off but when he hears how rich he is, he decides to stay and keep helping Gloria. Brad finds Victoria at JT’s house after she has spent the night there. He asks her if she is sleeping with him but she denies it. Later JT tells Paul that he thinks that Victoria will leave Brad for him. Phyllis doesn’t know if she can deal with the trial without Nick at her side. Michael talks to William but he insists that they will go on with the case. Phyllis tells Michael and Lauren that if she goes to jail, she wants them to raise Summer. Kevin meets with Paul. They pool the info they have on Jana. Paul is confident that they will find her. They see Maggie who gives Paul a hard time about not calling her while he was away. Maggie and Paul tell Kevin they have pooled their resources and information so they can find Jana sooner.

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