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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack is on the phone, arguing with someone about Ryan Lavery being arrested on his wedding day.  Lily comes into the living room where Jack is, and he asks her about the wedding.  Lily informs him that she hadn’t seen Ryan get arrested and leaves the room.  Ava enters the house and Jack realizes that Ava attended the wedding instead of Lily.  Ryan confronts Greenlee about her showing up in Pine Valley unannounced.  Jonathan comes into the police station all upset over Ryan being arrested on his wedding day.  Amanda goes to the police station and wants Adam arrested for kidnapping Jenny.  Annie, as well as Emma, is all upset over how the day turned out.  Annie insists on staying in her wedding gown until Ryan gets home.  Annie cancels the plane reservations and the hotel reservations.  Jack tells Ava not to pose as Lily ever again.  After the bigamy charges against Ryan are dismissed, he goes home to Annie, and they make love.  Jack consoles Greenlee about Ryan not wanting her back.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lily surprises everyone when she comes home early. Faith doesn’t say much upon Lily’s return. Emily covers for Allison when she doesn’t come home the night before at Susan’s. Dusty sees Allison upstairs in a hotel room with her drug dealer. Will and Gwen learn Cleo was impersonating her again, and Gwen wants to confront her before they go to the police. JJ has a bad reaction to Katie joining his family for breakfast. Katie is met with resistance from Parker and JJ. Cleo and Carly talk about a plan for her to see Jack. Carly opens up to her about how Simon promised to make things right for her to go home to her kids. Lily and Faith finally reconnect. Dusty tells Emily where Allison is. Gwen shows up at Cleo’s, as Carly hides in the bathroom when she tells her it is the manager. Cleo doesn’t share with Gwen why she was impersonating her. Gwen has had it. Holden and Lily reconnect. Dusty and Emily let themselves into Allison’s room, as she is watching her porn movies in bed with her drug dealer. They know she is back on drugs and Dusty wants her back in rehab, but Allison angrily tells them there is no way she will go; she will make sure that Susan blames Emily for this. Emily can’t do it, so Dusty tells them that Allison will detox with him in the hotel room. Lily and Holden make love. Gwen and Will decide to call the police on Cleo. Jack wants Katie to be a part of his and his kid’s lives. Dusty pulls Emily into a passionate kiss. Carly secretly sees Jack.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick was up all night and Taylor is worried about him. He relays his concerns about the night of Shane’s killing and the dressmaker. And he is sure that Mommy Dearest is up to her designer labels in some cover-up. Ridge tells Stephanie now Nick has involved Ashley, and Stephanie thinks it would be a good idea for him to leave town today. Felicia admonishes Phoebe and Rick for going public and creating such a stir on the Internet without consulting her. Music producer, Constantine, spies the bit on the net and is enchanted by the kissing cousins, especially that face, Phoebe Forrester. He wants to check this out in person. Phoebe wants to play hokey today, but Rick begs off as he has a meeting. They pledge their love to each other before parting.

Storm advises Nick to lay it all out on the line for Lt. Baker, tell him all they know. Stephanie tells Taylor she hopes she is not believing all this hocus-pocus spouted by Nick. Taylor isn’t that gullible and she grills Stephanie further while a visibly nervous Stephanie has a ready answer for everything. Constantine shows up at the Insomnia looking for Phoebe and when he meets her he says he has been looking for a girl like her. Stephanie lies and tells Taylor that Ridge is in Paris on business, and then makes a bee-line to Ridge to tell him to stick to that plan, go there and stay there. Taylor confides to Nick that she thinks she knows Stephanie better than anyone and she is lying. Lt. Baker shows up at Nick’s request and Nick tells him he has arrested the wrong man. Taylor speaks up and says it should be her ex-husband, Ridge.

Ashley is stunned that Nick thinks that Ridge killed Shane McGrath and that Ridge would go along that Nick did it. Taylor discusses the same with Stephanie. Does she believe Nick would do that? Ridge relives that horrible night, but is interrupted by Phoebe. She warns her dad that Nick thinks that her dad killed Shane and set him up. Nick tells a non-interested Ashley that the rest of his life may depend on her answers, he needs a little more of her time. She paints a pretty bleak picture of Ridge and his habits that night. As she explains, more of the puzzle is falling into place for Nick and he suspects Mommy Dearest cleaned up all the pieces. He calls Taylor who is still with Stephanie and tells her he is on to something. Taylor conveys to Stephanie that she might be crushed when Nick makes his views known.

Taylor convinces herself that she has a little baby growing inside her. After Nick leaves, Ashley remembers the ‘gunshot’ she heard that Stephanie tried to pawn off as the freight elevator. Stephanie stops by doing her own snooping and advises Ashley to say no more to Nick. Nick pays a little visit to Ridge. He intimates he wants to see where it all happened! Ridge taunts him to just show him all the bloody prints. Nick’s in too deep and Ridge isn’t going to help him out. Nick fires back that someone is going to go down for this, but it isn’t going to be him!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kayla has Adrienne bring her a gun. Adrienne tries to talk Kayla out of using the gun when Kayla admits that she plans to use it on Steve should he try to hurt Bo. Shawn stands up to Philip but Philip knocks him down forcing Belle to leave with Philip and Claire. Belle leaves Shawn with a coded message about using the GPS to track them but Shawn and Bo discover that the GPS shows Philip to be headed for Australia. Gabby waves in a newly arrived plane in hopes of hiring the pilot to take Bo and Shawn to Australia but instead the pilot asks specifically for Bo. EJ confronts Sami in front of Lucas about trying to kill him forcing Sami to tell Lucas the entire truth. Kate is shocked when EJ’s attempt to break up Sami and Lucas doesn’t work. EJ secretly follows Sami and Lucas to New Orleans.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jerry/Craig and Jax get into a fight. Craig tells Jax that "Jerry Jax" is dead. Cooper comes along and nearly arrests Jerry, but decides not to. Liz regrets that there is no way for Jason to be part of their son's life. Sam hears every word. Kate looks for her flash drive at Sonny's, and warns Amelia that they both need to be discreet about associating with known mobsters. Kate and Sonny rehash old times and he is willing to let her have the flash back, in exchange for a favor. Carly is freaked by the fact that her brother-in-law is Mr. Craig. She breaks the news to Jax when he comes home. While getting drunk, Sam dumps the whole how Jason sired Liz's baby saga to Amelia. Tracy tries to get Scott to tell her why he wants custody of Laura and to get him to back off. Later, she keeps Luke from beating up Scott. Craig goes to Alcazar's to settle the score.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Frank and Marina finally meet up after the dramatic wedding episode. Marina can’t shake the thought and feelings for Cyrus, so much so, she is preoccupied. As she and Frank visit and talk together she is on constant look out for Cyrus. Franks believes she wants to find Cyrus for more than just to apprehend him. Cyrus leaves marina a voicemail that she listens to over and over just to hear his voice. Cyrus is making preparing a cup of coffee at CO2 when Alex pitches a fit on her driver claiming anyone could do a better job. Alex yells out to Cyrus who is just a bystander and asks if he would like a job. Cyrus is somewhat tickled, and interviews on the spot. Great! Cyrus is now employed. He dons the drivers uniform impresses himself.

Mallet learns from frank that there will not be any criminal charges brought in the case of Blake as the Springfield Burns tell-all. Mallet is relieved and is quick to call Dinah and share the good news. Dinah is busy being annoyed by Blake who as an underlying tone with everything that she says. Dinah trying to be ever so cautious tolerates Blake’s bizarre behavior.

Josh is busy doing some maintenance on the lighthouse when Reva confronts him about his relationship with her and Cassie. Josh tries to keep peace in the family but Reva insists there is more. Cassie, meanwhile, is at the warehouse with Beth where they argue about the paternity of Beth’s baby. Beth falls blaming Cassie. A police officer stumbles upon them and checks to see if everything is okay. Seeing her opportunity Beth grabs her belly and pretends to fear for the fate of her unborn fetus. Cassie is concerned and goes with Beth to the ER. Alan is accusatory towards Cassie and the Lewis family at the hospital but very supportive for Beth. Everything looks to be okay with the baby. Josh and Reva rush to Cassie’s side. Josh goes to check with the doctors about Beth’s condition. Reva tries to get the truth out of Cassie who becomes combative and accusing Reva of using this incident to turn Josh against her. Reva is truly only concerned about Cassie and protecting her if she did something to Beth. Cassie has herself convinced everything Reva does is only to turn Josh against Cassie and to win him back for herself. Josh overhears Cassie’s very upset rantings and jumps to her side defending her. Josh recognizes and has for a while that Cassie is not okay but he asks again and again just to try and convince himself. Cassie assures him she is fine.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie and Bree meet up with John in the park. They both realize that they still have feelings for each other that just won’t go away. Viki and Clint share a very unfriendly dinner together. Nash sneaks in to see Jessica, but she doesn’t want to see him. Britney eats dinner with her parents. She gets up to leave and steals a bottle from a nearby table. Dorian calls Starr to ask her what she wants on her hamburger. Dorian questions Miles as to what he wants. Miles asks her had she heard from Blair and had she found out anything on Todd. They discuss the letter that Miles had received from Spencer. Natalie tells John that she will always love him. They both smile at each other. John notices how good that Natalie is with children. John tells Natalie that the people down at the station misses her. Britney sits down in a swing and pulls out the bottle that she had swiped. Cole comes up and tells her that that would be a big mistake. Marcie puts up the cast list of who had gotten the leading parts in the musical. Dorian orders a drink and is confronted by Miles. Marty is in John’s office and looks at a file on Spencer Truman. Viki and Clint begin to argue over Jessica. Dorian approaches Viki and Clint’s table. Viki doesn’t like the company of Dorian and gets up and leaves. John finds Marty in his office and wonders what she is doing here. Langston plays a song on the piano and then she accompanies Starr as she sings a song. Cole and Britney listen. Cole gives Britney advice to be better to the people around her. Natalie meets up with Miles in the park and they discuss that if Todd is dead then he can’t but feel responsible.

Dorian and Clint eat dinner together. Peter Corrington comes up to the table and Dorian introduces him to Clint. Nash tells Jessica that nothing in her past will change the fact that he loves her. Miles tells Natalie that he is interested in a woman, but he lied to her tonight by telling her that he had a date. Natalie remedies the situation by accepting a date with him for a burger. Miles and Natalie share dinner together at Rodi’s. John and Marty walk in and sees Miles with Natalie. John gets a call. Peter Corrington join Viki at her table. Nash tells Jessica that he will never leave her.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Tabitha and Endora go on a play date to the zoo with her new friend, Amy.  Amy tells Endora that she feels like her mother wishes she didn't have her.  Noah can see that Paloma is upset and understands that she can't confide in him.  He takes her to a motel to help her unwind and they make love.  This is the same hotel where Chad meets Vincent to try and end their relationship once again.  Instead of ending it, they end up having sex again.  Noah and Paloma can hear them next door.  Theresa and Whitney try to figure out how to stop the blackmailer's hold on Theresa's life.  They realize that if Theresa is pregnant, it could be either Jared or Ethan's.  Whitney brings over a pregnancy test because she thinks she might be pregnant.  Spike gets into the prison infirmary in order to kill Miguel.  Fox has second thoughts about the plan to kill Miguel until he realizes that Kay is about to tell him about her and Miguel.  Fancy is with Luis in the prison infirmary.  While she is filling out a report about Luis "attack" on her, a guard raises his suspicions about the relationship between Fancy and Luis.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

The Newmans wait for news on Nick. Brad tries to help Victoria but she is cold to him. Later she goes to see JT. Phyllis is about to tell Noah what happened when she gets a call telling her that Sharon is alive. She decides to let Sharon tell him. Lily and Daniel check on Phyllis. Michael stays with her to make sure she is okay. When they get home, they try to be intimate but Lily can’t help but think of the email Daniel sent. Katherine goes to see the Newmans and tells Nikki if she needs her, she is there for her. Noah is distraught when Sharon tells him what happened. When she is putting him to bed, Katherine stops by and she and Jack finalize the details of the sale of Jabot. After she leaves, Brad stops by to see how Sharon and Noah are. Jack says he is taking care of them and he doesn’t have to worry. After a visit from the Coast Guard, Victor decides to go to the crash site himself. When he gets back he tells Nikki that there are no signs of survivors at the site. It finally hits Nikki that her son is dead.

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