Friday 5/11/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal, Babe, and Colby dress Little Jenny in the outfit that Babe bought her to wear home from the hospital.  Adam’s lawyer visits him in his hospital room and Adam asks him if he has taken care of everything.  Barry tells him that no charges will be made against him.  Kendall can’t believe that Greenlee escaped from the playhouse.  Ryan tells his guests that they should go on to the reception and that he has a little surprise for his wife.  Ryan surprises Annie with a surprise horseback ride on their wedding day.  Greenlee watches Ryan and Annie.  Aidan watches Lily (Ava) as she checks her text messages.  Tad tells Adam that he is going to take his new baby girl home with Krystal.  Joe gives Jenny a clean bill of health.  Colby arrives at the hospital and overhears Adam and Joe’s conversation.  Krystal tells Babe that it is time to go home.  Krystal looks in on Adam sitting alone in his hospital bed.  Just as Ryan and Annie start to cut the wedding cake, the police arrive and arrest Ryan for bigamy.  Everyone is in shock.  Kendall and Zach arrive and they find out that Ryan had been arrested.  Kendall blames Greenlee. 

Ryan is brought into the police station and the police mention Ryan’s wife.  Ryan tells the police that his wife is back at the party.  Ryan is taken into a room and Greenlee walks in.  Ryan is surprised to see her.  Krystal tells Colby to go back to her father and try to work things out with him.  Colby goes back to the hospital to take Adam home.  Adam and Colby hug. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack nervously prepares to go on his first date with Katie. Katie is in bed with Brad…. but it is only for their show. She is actually excited to get ready to go on her date with Jack. Allison makes a costly mistake, which could spell trouble for Meg. Paul severs his working relationship with Allison. A weight is lifted off of Craig. Cleo helps Carly see her kids. Brad doesn’t want to find a replacement for Katie. Carly watches her kids and sees how they are getting along without her. Sage has a meltdown when Cleo (as Gwen) doesn’t remember their plans. Meg is able to get rid of her bug before Craig accuses her. This makes Craig assume he misjudged her. Katie and Jack enjoy their date until it is interrupted. Brad and Henry chat. Allison thinks she can use something else in order to procure drugs for herself now that she doesn’t have any extra money. Lucinda lays down the law with Paul how this take down of Craig is now going to go. Meg puts on a show with Paul and Lucinda for Craig’s benefit. Craig tells Meg he trusts her more then anyone. Katie and Jack kiss, as Parker watches. Carly realizes what a mess she has made of her children’s lives. Carly asks Cleo for help so she can see Jack.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge questions his mother’s statement that he did the right thing by standing in front of the reporters and letting another man take the blame for a crime he did not commit. She whispers that Nick’s comeuppance has been a long time overdue. She wants him not to talk about this and get on with his life. Ashley walks in before she can say more, and Stephanie immediately shifts into the not-so-subtle matchmaker. Ridge asks and when Ashley can’t go out because of a sitter, Ridge offers to bring dinner to her. Nick asks Phoebe over to fill in some blanks about Shane’s timeline; how he might have been on the boat. She tells him the last time she saw him how he freaked her out. He wanted a future with her, and she had to ask him to leave. But she was sure that her father was also still at the office that day. She panics when she fears that Nick thinks her dad killed Shane.

Ridge brings Café Russe to Ashley’s. He seems quite taken with her daughter, Abby, and Ashley is happy to see Ridge relax. They share a kiss. Both Taylor and Brooke have stunned and serious doubts about Nick’s version that everything points to Ridge in Shane’s death. Desperate, Stephanie visits Taylor and tells her she needs to end it with Nick before she gets sucked in deeper. Vehemently, Taylor defends him and vows they will get on with their lives. She also shares that Nick thinks that Ridge is involved. Nick wants a few minutes of Ashley’s time, but she tells him to make an appointment in the morning. After Ridge leaves, Nick shows up anyway and wants her to help him also with the timeline. Did she see anything suspicious that night? Did she see Forrester leave the building? He thinks Ridge killed Shane McGrath.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea and Nick realize that Stephanie set them up by sending them both to the church. Willow eavesdrops as Nick promises to be a better man to Chelsea. Willow leaves before hearing Chelsea let down her guard to Nick. Willow begs Nick to stay at his place but Nick will only offer money for a motel room. Lucas understands that Sami sleeping with EJ was not her fault and is determined to kill EJ. Sami begs Lucas not to go after EJ. Sami gives Lucas the chance to walk away but Lucas blames himself for not allowing Sami to trust him enough to tell the truth.

Belle has caught up with Philip and she holds Claire away from Philip while they wait for his boat to be ready. Belle mentions going with Philip and Claire but Philip vetoes that idea. Belle vows to keep Claire from Philip till death. Philip pleads with Belle to try their relationship again but Belle counters by offering to return with Shawn to Salem and work out a joint custody agreement. Philip turns Belle down because he doesn’t trust Shawn. Bo arrives at the hotel on Tinda Lau. Gabby gets a tip from a shop owner that saw Philip buying supplies for Claire. Bo has Gabby hire a fisherman’s watchdog so they can track the rough terrain. Philip leaves Belle alone momentarily and Shawn finds Belle and Claire. Philip returns and confronts Shawn.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric pushes Lorenzo for information about Mr. Craig, but Alcazar maintains his facade of amnesia and brain damage. Sonny says that as soon as Skye gets Lilah Rae back, Lorenzo will die. He and Jason make plans for that event. Elizabeth wakes up. Craig reveals that part of the reason he chose Emily as his front for his illegal money and treason operation was because he knew that Sonny and Jason would not allow her to be hurt, ergo, would make sure no charges were brought against him that would implicate Emily. Lulu is thrilled that Jason does not reveal he's the baby's father. Amelia pushes Sam to break up with Jason. Kate walks in on Amelia and Sonny about to have sex. Robin and Patrick vow to stand by Emily in the latest twist in Craig's plan. Jax pushes his mother to summon Jerry to a meeting and sees his new face for the first time. Ric leaves a photo of Craig with Carly in hopes it will jog her memory for some clue on how to find him; Morgan ID's the picture as one of Jerry. Elizabeth thanks Jason for giving up his son, not realizing that Sam is at the door and hears.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Josh and Remy begin work to remodel the light house to celebrate its anniversary. Josh worries Cassie is losing her grip on reality and still isn't able to move past Tammy's death. Beth worries that Lizzie is obsessed with her soon to be born baby and is using it to replace Sarah. Olivia and Jeffrey are afraid to face their new feelings for each other because they feel wrong given their past history together. Buzz advises Jeffrey to leave to walk away from Olivia before he hurts her even more. Jeffrey decides to leave Springfield so Olivia can be happy. Cassie pleads with Beth to take her child away from Alan when Beth tries to leave the room Cassie locked them both into, Cassie tries to stop her so Beth pushes Cassie to the floor and Cassie hits her head.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Miles visits Marty and brings her flowers and chicken soup because he thinks she is sick. Marty lets him know that she had just taken the day off because of the things that had happened at the school. John goes over evidence in the Todd Manning disappearance. Bo comes in with a file and a letter that the white supremacist group had sent him. Tate and Paula both deny that Tate is gay but neither one will tell Rex the real reason why Paula had divorced Tate on grounds of fraud. Bree’s test results come back negative that she doesn’t have Hepatitis C,. Michael has scheduled a biopsy on Jessica for later that day. Vikki and Natalie out in the hall talk about the dangers that could possibly happen from the biopsy. Vikki tells Natalie that Jessica could have liver cancer.

Jessica blames herself for everything that has happened. Miles lets Marty know that he has a date for later that night .Talia arrives at the hospital. She questions Antonio about Jessica’s health. Talia lets Antonio know about the letter that they had received from the white supremacist group. Clint calls Kevin and Kelly and Natalie goes to call Joey., Rex decides to issue Tate a formal apology on the air. Tate refuses the offer. Natalie offers to take Bree to the park to get her out of the hospital for awhile. Antonio thanks Nash for protecting Jessica.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Whitney is planning a surprise party for Chad. Chad is meeting with Vincent for the last time. He brought a gun with him. Sheridan is at the prison trying to find Fancy. She finds her in the medical ward of the prison due to Luis being beat up. He was attacked because he faked an attack on Fancy. Theresa goes to see Jared and Jared tells her about Little Ethan seeing the blackmailer. She calls security and tells them to watch Little Ethan very closely. The blackmailer is in the library when Theresa makes the call. Theresa turns around and the blackmailer asks her where she has been. Ethan calls Gwen because Rebecca is worried about her. He gets no info to help Rebecca.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Victor and Nikki are trying to find out any information on the plane crash. Brad comes in and they tell him what happened. That cannot get in contact with Victoria or Phyllis to let them know what is going on. Jack is with Katherine when he gets the news. He goes home and gets drunk. He gets upset because all of the coverage on TV is focusing on Nick. They hardly mention Sharon. Phyllis is playing with Summer and ignores the calls from the Newmans. She is excited when Summer says her first word, dada, while she is leaving a message for Nick. Victoria is with JT and ignoring calls from her parents and Brad. Brad calls JT and he says he hasn’t seen Victoria. Brad tells him what is going on and he breaks the news to Victoria. She goes home to be with her family. Brad calls Michael to tell him what happened and asks him to find Phyllis and tell her. He goes to see her and she completely breaks down when he tells her. She wonders if she can go on without Nick. Noah will be there soon and she doesn’t know how she can tell him his parents are dead. Victor, Nikki, Victoria and Brad are at the Newman house when Sharon walks in. For a moment they think that they are both okay until Sharon tells him she didn’t get on the plane, her photo shoot was cancelled. She is shocked when they tell her what happened. Sharon leaves and goes to see Jack. He is passed out and when she wakes him up, he thinks for a minute that she is a ghost and throws a glass at her. She convinces him that she is really there. He grabs her and hugs her and tells her he will never hurt her again. Victoria lashes out at Brad. She says that she saw the look on his face when he saw Sharon walk in and knows he loves Sharon more than he loves her. Nikki blames Victor for the accident. Noah gets home and Phyllis decides to put off telling him what has happened.

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