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AMC Recap Written by Mary

“The Wedding” -- Everyone gathers for the wedding of Ryan and Annie.  Kendall keeps a close eye out for Greenlee, who threatens to ruin this happy day for Ryan.  Greenlee gets there just as the wedding begins.  She starts to run toward the wedding party, but Kendall spies her and takes off after her.  Kendall traps her inside a playhouse and tries to make Greenlee see how much Annie and Ryan love each other.  Greenlee believes that she is the only woman for Ryan.  Annie and Ryan recite beautiful wedding vows to each other.  Jack and Erica, on the set of “New Beginnings,” reminisce about the good times they had when they were married.  Lily has bought a new dress to attend Ryan and Annie’s wedding, but she doesn’t really want to go because Jonathan will be there.  Lily and Ava decide to change places and Ava will attend the wedding in Lily’s place.  Ava asks Lily to give her some pointers on how to sound and act like Lily. 

Lily (Ava) gets ready to attend the wedding reception for Ryan and Annie.  Kendall lets Greenlee know that Ryan has a child with Annie.  Kendall picks up a chair to keep Greenlee from leaving the building.  Greenlee orders Kendall out of the way.  Kendall locks Greenlee in the building so she can’t ruin Ryan and Annie’s wedding.  Ryan and Annie are pronounced husband and wife.  Kendall and Zach go to the playhouse and find that Greenlee is gone. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Cleo helps Carly hide from the police and Carly thanks her for her help but is a little freaked out by how well Cleo impersonates Gwen. Cleo decides to stay in Oakdale and not go home like Jade advised her to do. Jack and Katie agree to take their relationship slowly until Katie is divorced from Mike. Paul's plan is working perfectly and Craig is very nervous about the phone calls from Rosanna. Allison messes up her scripted lines on her latest phone call to Craig because she is high on drugs and that puts Paul's entire plan at risk.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge reveals himself and tells Nick that his mother had nothing to do with Shane’s murder. Nick swears he was set up and he’s looking at the two most obvious suspects right here. Stephanie laughs that she is sure he is guilty of something, somewhere so this may be his punishment. Stephanie confides to Ridge that Nick brought this on himself. Please be careful what he says to the press otherwise he will go to prison. Eric calls a quick press conference and the wolf pack is camped out front wanting to know how the Forrester’s feel about this, what side they are on? Despite Rick advising her not to, Brooke goes to Nick to vow her loyalty and that she believes in him. He shares that it all points to Forrester. She’s visibly upset when Taylor tells her she underwent the in vitro last night and she might already be pregnant.

C.J. snookers Phoebe and Rick into singing a song at Insomnia. They delight in a lively rendition of “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease. Later C.J. manages to get it all on the Internet so the entire planet will know. Thorne admits to his mother that Taylor marrying Nick has put things back in prospective for him. With Lt. Baker looking on, Eric gives a heart-felt press conference that he takes no pleasure in Nick’s plight and now it’s in the hands of the justice system. It’s a subdued, very stoic Ridge that the reporters want to question. Does he believe his half-brother could have committed this murder? Stephanie steps forward and gives her take until Ridge finally does say a few words but sidesteps the obvious – could anyone else have done it? He too cites the criminal justice system will have to be trusted. Nick vows he will not be the one to rot in jail. Forrester did it so he will; he just needs to try and prove it.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie, though bruised up, doesn’t regret what she did. Stephanie lectures Nick on not taking enough risks with Chelsea. The cop who pulled Chelsea over gives her a ticket and plans to revoke her license for 90 days. While Nick is on an errand for Stephanie, Chelsea admits that she had to look rebellious in front of Nick. Billie rushes to the hospital but instead of a lecture, she comforts Chelsea. Chelsea takes Stephanie’s advice and talks things out with Nick. Stephanie gives Kayla a hard time in defense for Kayla’s lecture so Kayla suggests Stephanie return to Dayton.

Kayla uses the drill to break into EJ’s apartment. Hope goes to check on Kayla but finds her gone and pays the repairman for the stolen drill. EJ shows up at the reception but has explanations for all of Roman’s questions. Hope calls Roman about Kayla’s disappearance and they find Kayla searching EJ’s apartment. Kayla finds the map of Tinda Lau in EJ’s apartment. EJ walks in on them but Kayla pushes past EJ to get to Stephanie. Lucas shoves the first piece of cake in Kate’s face and carries Sami away to start their honeymoon. As they are leaving, Sami punches EJ. Sami realizes that Lucas isn’t mad because he knew all along that EJ really lifted the beam. Sami admits to Lucas that EJ could be the baby’s father. EJ hints around until Kate guesses that EJ slept with Sami with the intent of getting her pregnant.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Skye begs Lorenzo to bring Lila Rae home. Lucky refuses to allow the baby to go home until Liz wakes up. Spinelli overhears Dr. Kelly telling Lucky that the baby needs to go home and get used to that environment, not keep staying in a sterile, cold hospital. He panics that "Little Stonecold" will be harmed by the prolonged hospital stay, and calls Jason. Ric asks Sonny to keep Jason away from Elizabeth. Carly is not happy when she finds out Jerry visited and swore her boys to secrecy. Patrick and Robin, on Nikolas' orders, administer a massive dose of the counter-agent they created in hopes of curing him for once and all. However, when Emily gets there, Nikolas is unconscious and his pulse is racing. Nonetheless, the cure works. His system is clear of poison, but Craig is not disturbed by this. He can still threaten them by the fact that if he is arrested, Emily will go down for treason and espionage. Skye asks Sonny not to kill Alcazar until she finds her baby.

GL Recap Written by Dani

The wedding is off! Buzz confronts Olivia about the photos. She begs for his forgiveness but he can’t just yet. Olivia is quick to point the finger of blame at Alan Michael. Olivia runs to the dining room. Jeffery walks in. Olivia yells at him spreading the blame around. Olivia shoves Jeffery telling him to leave. Buzz finds Alan Michael and attacks him. They exchange harsh words. Alan Michael tells Buzz that his family owns Springfield. Alan walks into the room in full support of Buzz. Alan tells Alan Michael his behavior has gone too far and Alan has no other choice but to insist Alan Michael leaves town for good. Alan Michael tries to stand up to Alan but he is no match for his father. Buzz locates Olivia to patch their marriage but walks in on Jeffery and Olivia kissing, again.

Jeffery leaves. Buzz is angry again but calms down to extract the truth from Olivia. She is very sorry sobbing. Olivia’s story changes the more she speaks and Buzz seems to forgive her. Buzz tells her his love for her is too big and he will accept her no matter what. Olivia refuses to marry him and runs out. Alan has been listening in and offers to buy Buzz a drink. They drink together at the bar like good buddies. Alan Michael lurks in a silent rage in the background. Olivia goes to Company of all places, Jeffery is waiting for her outside.

Marina arrives early for the wedding but is still quite weak. She lays down in Harley’s room. Cyrus emerges from hiding. He claims to be there to check on her. They talk and he tells her about the money being marked and he burned it.

Dinah gets a call from Blake’s doctor asking her to come to the hospital. Blake is acting flighty and irritating Dinah. Finally Blake gets to her point, she wants to live with Dinah and Mallet.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Adriana comes into the apartment and finds Rex asleep on the sofa. She wakes him up and orders him out of her apartment. They argue once again over what he had done to Tate and how he had almost ruined her company. John comes into the gym and meets up with Bo. They discuss how things are going on the outside. John sees Marty and they discuss Cole. Starr and Langston discuss Henry and how his bicycle is still on the outside of the school where he had left it the day before. Tate, with a cap and dark glasses, reads a newspaper headline about his being gay. Nash comes downstairs with Bree and thanks Roxie for letting him crash her last night. Vikki visits Jessica and asks her how is she feeling. Vikki goes to the door and calls Clint to come in. Jessica is pleased to see him.

Jessica reveals to Vikki, Clint, Natalie, and Nash how she had contacted Hepatitis C. Rex, Adriana, Tate and his ex-wife meet to talk at the Angel Square Diner. Tate’s ex-wife reveals that she hadn’t divorced Tate because he was gay. Adriana orders Rex to issue a formal apology to Tate on the air. Rex questions Tate and his ex-wife as to why they had gotten divorced. Tate-s ex-wife looks at Tate and asks him should she tell him or would he tell them the reason why. Michael gets the test results back on whether or not Bree has Hepatitis C.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Ethan and Theresa are together again and sleep with each other. The blackmailer calls them. The blackmailer sees Little Ethan and tells him that he is a friend of his father. Rebecca knocks on Jared's door to see if he saw someone. He says no than Little Ethan walks in telling them about the person that he saw. Jared tells Rebecca that he and Theresa are going to try and have a baby. She immediately calls Gwen who is tied up. Sheridan tells Spike that she needs to get to Luis and have him stay away from Fancy. Spike says he has to go to meet someone. She than calls the warden of the prison. She goes to see him and tells him about Fancy. Fancy is with Luis and they talk about what she saw. Then after their talk they decide to sleep together. Kay is with Miguel and Fox is outside with Julian. They decide that its time to get rid of Miguel. Spike goes to his meeting which is with Julian and Fox. They hire him to kill Miguel. He doesn't know if he can. They persuade him to do the job.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Daniel and Lily continue to argue. Amber tries to help but it doesn’t work. Nick and Sharon have a nice talk while they are on the company jet waiting for a storm to pass so they can take off. She admits that she is in love with Brad and tells him she forgives him for everything that has happened between them. Victor tells Jack that he wants him to sell NVP back to him or he will release the tape. Jack says that Victor didn’t have to go through all of this, he would have sold NVP back to him if he had just asked. After Jack leaves Victor tells Nikki, who is elated, about Jack selling NVP back to them. Jack tells Phyllis about what Victor did to him. She is angry and confronts Nikki and Victor about it. Jack asks Ji Min if he made a deal with Victor. He denies it. Ji Min plans a trip to Korea with Jill. Jack goes to see Katherine. He tells her he still owns NVP and offers to sell it back to her. Victor gets a call telling him that the company jet has gone down.

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