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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack arrives to do Erica’s show on “Harmonious Divorce.”  Julia inquires of Amanda as to how her mother is doing.  Emma and Kathy jump up on Annie’s bed to wake her up by telling her that she is getting married today.  Kendall tries to call Ryan, but Jonathan refuses to let her talk to him.  Zach comes out and wonders what is going on.  Kendall lets him know unless Ryan is warned that this whole day could blow up in his face.  Kendall tells Zach that Greenlee is back in town to ruin Ryan’s wedding.  Greenlee tears up the invitation that she had written and throws it to the floor.  Hannah finds it on the floor and tries to give it back to Greenlee, but Greenlee tells her that it is no longer hers.  Greenlee and Hannah strike up a conversation.  Greenlee fills Hannah in on the complete situation.  Ryan questions Jonathan about the phone call.  Jonathan finally tells him that the phone call was from Kendall.  Julia and Di rescue Annie from the two wild children jumping up on her bed.  The show, “New Beginnings” starts and Erica announces to her viewing audience that she and Jack are getting divorced and introduces Jackson Montgomery.  Kendall realizes that Greenlee being here changes everything.  Kendall finally gets to see Ryan despite the protests of Jonathan.  Kendall tells Ryan that she has some information that he needs to know. 

Kendall begins to explain to Ryan, but there is an emergency upstairs and Ryan goes upstairs to help.  Jonathan orders Kendall to stay away from Ryan.  Kendall calls Zach to send over some men to help.  Hannah walks in, and tells him to give Ryan and Annie her best wishes.  Greenlee asks a messenger to deliver Ryan’s ring to him.  Jonathan, believing that it came from Kendall, intercepts it and tells the messenger to tell the woman who sent it that they don’t want her or the ring.  The messenger relays Jonathan’s message to Greenlee.  Everyone readies themselves for the wedding. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will tells Lisa not to hire Cleo for a job at the Lakeview so Lisa fires Cleo on the spot. Will and Gwen decide not to call the police about Cleo unless she bothers them again . Gwen and Will also decide that they want to try and prove that Jade brought Cleo to Oakdale. Jade tell Cleo to leave town for good this time and Cleo agrees to leave Oakdale. Jack and Katie figure out that Brad was keeping them apart on purpose. Brad admits to Katie that he wants a serious relationship with her but Katie thinks he just wants a fling so she tells him to stay away from her except for work. Brad tells Katie that Jack will always want Carly because he has always been afraid to be happy. Jack and Katie share a kiss on the plane ride home. Cleo sees Carly arrive at the Wagon Wheel motel.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick is adamant to Storm – get him out on bail – he is being set up. Despite his protestations, Taylor also visits him in jail and joyously shows him an ultrasound of the embryos just implanted. She gets the idea that Nick suspects the Forrester’s are setting him up. Ridge tells his mother that she has more faith in the criminal system than he. He just can’t let Nick go to prison for something he did not do. C.J. suggests Rick and Phoebe to be a regular act at Insomnia. Ashley brings the morning headlines to Stephanie and Ridge and he ends up nervously dropping a cup of coffee as she gives her take on the case.

Storm sets bail and Nick calls Stephanie and tells her to stay home. She quips she hopes he didn’t waste his one phone call on her. She urges Ridge to focus on Ashley right now, not this terrible mess. She’s curious why Nick shows up at her door. He wonders if she is willing to let a dangerous ‘murderer’ in her house? He lays out his set-up theory. He demands to know what she knows; who set him up? Ridge hides upstairs only listening to the accusations.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ’s two henchmen break through Kayla’s locked door and are able to kidnap him and leave Kayla tied up in the room. Security finally arrives to untie Kayla so she can call Roman. EJ preps Steve for his trip to Tinda Lau and the plan to kill Bo. Kayla convinces Roman to leave her alone even though she’s determined to go after EJ. Kayla swipes the repairman’s drill. EJ momentarily stops the ceremony simply by walking to the center of the chapel and attracting everyone’s attention before taking his seat. Sami and Lucas get through the complete wedding ceremony without incident. Billie hints to Nick about knowing his part in hairbrush going missing.

Roman returns to the reception in time to dance with Sami. Marlena and Hope present Sami and Lucas with a photomontage of their romantic past that leads to flashbacks. The montage is interrupted when the speeding ticket photo appears on the screen. Roman confronts Sami for the truth. Stephanie gets Chelsea and Nick to head to Old Abbot Farm instead of the reception. Stephanie ignores Nick’s warnings hangs out the sunroof of the car while Chelsea is driving. Chelsea slams on the brakes when the cops appear and Stephanie slams into the roof of the car.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric visits a comatose Elizabeth and confesses all the did to hurt Lucky and how much he still loves her, but promises to never try to hurt Lucky again. Spinelli and Lulu continue to pull Jason in opposite directions as to what he should do about revealing the truth about the baby. Nikolas updates his will. Emily goes with Craig on his business trip where she goes with him to a bank to establish an account for a large amount of funds he's expecting and plans to put in his "fiancee's" name, Emily Quartermaine. Thus, she will bear full legal responsibility for all transactions. Jax worries that Carly's mild discipline for the boys is too harsh. Michael confesses that he and Morgan have met Jerry. Robin and Patrick develop a counter-agent, but it may not work; it may kill Nikolas. Ric warns Jason to stay away from Elizabeth, but just as he's leaving, Jason's computer starts an audio/visual feed of "The Jackal" reporting on his progeny. Ric hears.

GL Recap Written by Dani

“All Dressed In White”: Today’s episode was filmed in an odd manner and concept. If this is confusing at all please read the update that will be more detailed. The entire episode was filmed from the viewpoint or as the eyes of Belinda the wedding planner for Buzz and Olivia. Belinda wonders from suite to suite assisting the various members of the wedding party with last minute details. Belinda spends a lot of time lurking in the back listening to private conversations and watching the Cooper clan. Olivia is stressing out about silly things such as make-up, shoes, hair, etc. Nothing really serious. Ava stays by her side to help in any way she can. Buzz is freaking out on his own running around talking to Harley and Frank. Coop is so disorganized. He doesn’t have a toast and his clothes don’t match. Everything comes together just in time for the rehearsal dinner to begin.

The dinner is great! Everyone is laughing and having a great time. After dinner each family member returns to their rooms to rest before the wedding the next day. Ava tries to come on to Coop but he turns her down, not willing to get his heart broke again. Harley cries over Daisy. Belinda stops in on Olivia for one last evening check. Olivia asks her to take her veil because she doesn’t want to wear it. Belinda notices a stack of gifts on the balcony a steps out to get them. While on the balcony Belinda is not alone. Alan Michael is there waiting. Jeffery knocks at the door and speaks with Olivia. Before he leaves Jeffery kisses Olivia. Alan Michael snaps of a series of photos.

Olivia runs from the room and is followed by Jeffery. She slaps him in the face. Belinda tries to tell Olivia and Buzz about “the man” on the balcony but neither slow down to listen.  As everyone is getting ready for the wedding the following day Alan Michael gives an envelope to a waiter and asks for it to be delivered to Buzz. Buzz gets the envelope just before heading to the ceremony and opens it. Buzz orders Belinda out of his room slamming the door in her face.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex makes it known on national television that Tate Harmon is, “gay.” Adriana becomes furious with Rex for doing this. Marty confides to Cole that Todd is missing. Blair tells Starr that Todd is missing. Blair tries to calm her down, but Starr will not listen. Nash sits by Jessica’s bedside and talks to her. Jessica tells Nash that she loves him. Christian arrives at the hospital and Antonio fills him in that Nash is in with her. Christian thinks that this is a bad idea. Adriana and Layla both go to Ultraviolet to confront Rex about the remarks that he had said about Tate. Adriana blames Rex for lying on Tate. Roxie blasts Rex for what he did to Tate on national television. Marty hugs Cole as John and Miles watch. Blair begins to explain to Starr about what had been going on in Chicago. Miles interrupts Blair and Starr. Blair blames Miles for Todd going to Chicago and if something had happened to Todd. Roxie completely reads Rex the riot act for what he had done to Tate on television. Tate comes in, grabs Rex and pushes him up against the window. Adriana arrives and also blames Rex. Rex asks Adriana whose side is she on. Blair blames Miles for what had happened to Todd. John tries to get Blair to stop. Blair still blasts Miles for sending Todd to Chicago. Complete chaos erupts between Marty, Miles and Blair. Christian wants security called to get Nash out of the hospital, but Antonio refuses. Antonio demands to know what Christian isn’t telling him. Jessica admits that she has to tell her family how she had contacted this disease. Adriana tells Tate that she will back him up on television. Adriana demands to know who had told him about Tate. Rex tells Adriana that the ex Mrs. Tate Harmon had told him that her grounds for divorce was fraud. Adriana confronts Tate about his being married before.

Starr and Langston talk about the car crash. Langston begins to cry and they hug. Blair and Starr go home and get ready for bed. Starr asks if she can sleep with Blair tonight. They get into bed. Blair tells Starr that she is going back to Chicago to try to find Todd. Starr tells her to be careful.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Kay and Pilar stay by Miguel's side at the prison infirmary after he has been beaten up.  Kay promises to stay with him and that things will be better.  Julian and Fox decide that their plan has backfired and Kay is more in love with Miguel than ever, and, now, Miguel must die.  Sheridan works with Spike to try and come up with a way to get Luis out of prison.  Sheridan is livid when she learns that Fancy is now a guard at the prison.  Luis' plan to get Fancy to realize he's not gay backfires and he ends up in solitary confinement.  Fancy goes there to see him to get the truth and they kiss.  Ethan tells Theresa she's making a horrible mistake by giving in to the blackmailer.  He gets her alone and begs her to have faith in him to get her brothers out of prison and to be with him.  She doesn't want tot risk her brothers' lives.  The blackmailer determines that he must kill Theresa so that he can be with Ethan.  If Ethan won't be with him, then he'll kill him, too.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Daniel gets the email from Lily and responds to her, saying he isn’t married. When he gets home, Lily confronts him on the email. He tries to say it is no big deal then tries to turn it around on her by saying she was snooping on him. He packs a bag and leaves to go stay with Kevin. Brad meets with William and Michael and says he may have misunderstood Phyllis. When she gets back, she and Noah are supposed to move into Jack’s house. Victoria tells Nick, Phyllis and later Sharon about losing the baby. She still isn’t ready to tell her parents. She also admits to him that she slept with JT. Brad and Victor ask Sharon to lie to William about Phyllis. When it is her turn to talk to him, she says she has nothing to say. He serves her with a subpoena compelling her to testify. She sees Brad and breaks down in front of him, saying she loved Nick and he broke her heart, and she loved him and he hurt her too. Victor sends Nick to Clear Springs on business. Sharon is also going to shoot photos. Jack is supposed to go with her but he cancels at the last minute. Sharon tells Nick she thinks she is in trouble. Victor plays the tape he got from Ji Min for Jack.

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