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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall confronts Greenlee about her being back in town and not letting anyone know that she was coming back.  Greenlee lets her know that she wanted it to be a surprise.  Kendall sees through her little plan and knows that Greenlee is back to wreak havoc on Ryan’s and Annie’s wedding.  Kendall makes Greenlee promise that she will not do anything to ruin Ryan and Annie’s wedding.  Krystal is finally re-united with her baby daughter.  Janet is arrested for kidnapping the baby.  Amanda tries to make Derek see reason on Janet’s behalf, but Janet is still handcuffed and taken away.  Jaime takes Amanda into the hospital for evaluation in case she has a concussion from the knock on the head.  J.R. visits Adam and tries to act like a caring son, but Adam forces him out of his room.  Krystal and her baby are brought into the hospital to be checked out to determine what is causing her fever.  Annie and Emma move out of the mansion just for the night because Annie and Ryan’s wedding is in the morning.  Amanda goes into Adam’s room and threatens to use the defibrillator on him to make him confess to what he did to Janet.  Derek comes in just in the nick of time before Amanda does something that she might live to regret.  Colby tells Krystal that Adam had a heart attack and asked for her.  Krystal doesn’t seem to show any emotion at all except for concern about her newborn baby.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Allison continues to use the money Paul is giving her to feed her drug habit without Emily's knowledge. Emily asks for Dusty's help to figure out what Paul is up to involving Allison. Dusty gets Paul to admit he is using Allison to make Craig pay for his crimes. Dusty tells Paul that Allison is on drugs and he is using the money he is paying her to buy them. Dusty agrees to let Paul continue to use Allison for his plan and Paul agrees to keep a close eye on Allison. Lucinda wants to stop the plan and wait and see how Craig reacts because she is worried that if Emily finds out she will run the plan but Paul and Meg persuade her to go ahead with the plan. Jack arrives just in time to save Brad and Katie from one of Brad's one night stands who points a gun at them. Katie is surprised to learn that Jack thinks she has feelings for Brad.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick insists that Storm will post bail and Taylor should go on to the hospital and take care of this procedure. Ridge paces the floor and rants that he should not be letting Nick take the rap for something he did. Stephanie argues the opposite, she doesn’t want him to ruin the rest of his life by confessing. Nick will have Storm to represent him and one way or the other, he will get what he deserves. Ridge then confesses it wasn’t him that shot Grant years ago, he was protecting Rick. Nick is booked and fingerprinted while Bridget takes over and does Taylor’s implantation. Stephanie has no sympathy for Nick. He’s no altar boy and what goes around, comes around. He deserves this. Nick calls Taylor to tell her there is no judge tonight, so it will be tomorrow before he makes bail and can see her. Then he’s put in a cell, ‘Home Sweet Home’ for tonight anyway.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve meets with a deprogrammer while locked up in the hotel suite. Steve tries to use Kayla’s phone to call EJ with his whereabouts but Kayla is able to wrestle the phone away. EJ pays off two armed henchmen to go after Steve. The henchmen pretend to be delivering room service in order to get Kayla to open the door but Kayla is able to slam it shut again. Steve cowers in fear as Kayla calls for help. Shawn calls home with an update on his situation so Bo skips the wedding to head to Tinda Lau sooner.

Chelsea asks Billie to run interference between her and Nick but Billie gets Chelsea to admit that she still likes Nick. Willow taunts Chelsea in front of Billie with claims about proving Chelsea stole the hairbrush. Billie questions Chelsea about the accusations but Chelsea claims Willow is lying. Stephanie flirts with Max and Nick but convinces Nick to pursue Chelsea so she can be alone with Max. Nick offers to carpool with Chelsea in an effort to spend more time together. Sami admits to Marlena that she’s keeping a secret from Lucas and gets Marlena to send Lucas to see her before the ceremony. Sami tries again to tell Lucas the truth but he won’t listen. Sami becomes nervous when both Kate and EJ lurk in the back of the church during the ceremony.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly and Jax return home. Carly has barely gotten in the door when Bobbi calls to summon her to the hospital to take care of Lulu while Elizabeth is in surgery. Lulu beats herself up for all the unkind things she has thought about her sister-in-law. Luke tries to comfort Lucky as they wait. Alan continues to harass Tracy invisibly. Kate finally admits that she was Connie until she changed her name at 18, calling herself after Henry VIII's fifth wife, but she's changed completely and Bensonhurst is only a dim memory for her. Sonny's memory is better and he reminds her that "Connie" was supposed to run away with him, but never showed up when it was time to leave. She says that going with him would have cost her all her dreams. Spinelli supports Jason's inclination to come forward as the baby's father. Craig tells Nikolas and Emily that she will be going on a business trip with him.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Ava spent her afternoon in the room that Olivia and Buzz are going to get married in. Jeffery and Ava speak extensively about what will become of Ava, Jeffery, and Olivia as a family if Jeffery doesn’t speak to Olivia before she marries Buzz. Ava only wants them “to get past that night”. Jeffery too, wants there to be peace in their makeshift family but is resistant to speaking with Olivia about his feelings. Ava figures out that Jeffery cares more for Olivia than he letting on. Jeffery admits she has drawn the correct conclusion. Ava asks again for to please , go to Olivia, but Jeffery declines. After Jeffery leaves an angry unstable Alan Michael arrives lunging at Ava pushing her against the wall. Alan Michael tries to keep calm when he asks Ava to come work for him to take down Alan and his empire. Ava refuses calling him a liar and manipulative. Alan Michael floats between calm and fury. Jeffery returns when Ava calls him. Both worried for Ava’s safety.

Before visiting Ava ,Alan Michael is paid a visit by Alan. Alan stands strong as ever with legal papers in hand to dissolve any dealings Alan Michael has with the business and family. Alan Michael will not sign anything and after throwing a few insults Alan’s way asks him to leave. Before Alan leaves he finds a copy of Buzz and Olivia’s wedding itinerary. Alan grows concerned seeing that it’s not greed driving Alan Michael but he is coming undone mentally. With great concern for his ex wife and on again and off again friend Buzz, Alan goes to warn Frank. Frank doesn’t buy into Alan’s accusations and believes his cruel comments to be a way to manipulate a board meeting or some other business ploy.

After the officers surround Cyrus’ car he turns himself in to save Marina, who is inside cuffed to the steering wheel and very sick. When Marina is clear of the scene and safely on her way to the hospital Cyrus blows up his car and makes a run for it. Cyrus retrieves the stolen money and just before making his getaway discovers that it is all marked bills. Cyrus burns the money. Marina is broken hearted missing Cyrus and unable to tell anyone. Frank is concerned that Marina is more attached to the thief than Marina is letting on. Dinah and mallet visit with Marina and assist in trying to locate the money before Cyrus can get to it. They come up empty handed.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie sits by Jessica’s bedside and strokes her hair. Jessica blames herself for having Hepatitis C and she feels as though she could have prevented it. Nash is in the chapel and he asks the Lord to not punish Jessica for loving him. Antonio listens to him. Nash lets him know that he was praying for Jessica. Antonio tells him that they all are. Antonio lets Nash know that Jessica has Hepatitis C. Rex is on the phone planning a special evening and he thanks the person for doing this on such short notice. He turns around and sees Adriana. Adriana wonders who that was on the phone. John receives a phone call. Marty and Blair are at each other’s throats. John tells them that the teenagers have shown back up at the high school, but there was an accident outside the school. The car the teenagers were in had hit a tree. John, Marty, and Blair rush out. At the school, one of the officers bring Britney in. Starr, crying hysterically, hugs Bo, and through her tears tries to explain to him what had happened with Henry. Cole rushes to Starr’s side. Langston hurries in and hugs. The police tells the children that Henry had died in the crash. Everyone is stunned by his sudden death. Blair rushes in and is so relieved to see Starr. Everyone blames Britney for her treatment of Henry is what made him crash the car. Starr tells everything as to how Britney had manipulated Henry all year into doing her homework. Antonio tells Nash that Bree could have Hepatitis C also. Nash begs Antonio to let him see Jessica. Antonio, reluctantly, agrees.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Ethan is downstairs in the kitchen of the Crane mansion. A maid comes in and offers to make him breakfast. He declines saying this is his breakfast. He was sitting there drinking vodka. Theresa and Jared were upstairs. Jared walks into Theresa's bedroom and notices the wall that Ethan put an ax into. He asked what happened and she replied that she was going to redecorate. Theresa said that she was hungry and that she was going downstairs. When she got into the kitchen she talked with Ethan. Sheridan got out of the prison and was back home. She decided that she needed to see Luis again so she called Spike once again. Luis and Fancy discussed how Fancy saw him kissing a man without knowing that the man was Sheridan. Luis of course denied kissing a man. Kay was with Fox at home. Fox said that he was tired and she told him to go to bed to rest. He said no he wants to live his life. Kay got a phone call and left. The phone call was from a doctor. Miguel was beaten up in the shower room by two inmates and the doctor told Kay that Miguel had a concussion.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Lily talks to Colleen about her problems with Daniel. They decide to make a fake profile and email Daniel from it to test him. Brad tells Colleen about Victoria losing the baby but doesn’t tell anyone else because Victoria asked him not to. Ji Min agrees to help Victor and tricks Jack into admitting he owns NVP while he has a recorder hidden in his pocket. Gloria sees Evan, a man she met on a cruise ship and uses him to make William jealous. Jack, Victor, Phyllis and Nick try their best to get Brad to withdraw his complaint against Phyllis but he refuses. Jack and Nikki decide to hold a joint press conference saying that Phyllis is on leave from NVP, effective immediately.

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