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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie and Ryan are enjoying a weekend getaway alone together.  Adam is brought into the hospital by the ambulance crew.  Tad and Krystal are still being questioned by Janet about the baby.  Amanda is still locked in the doll warehouse with a critically ill baby.  Adam wakes up and asks for Krystal.  Greenlee goes to a well-known spa for the full beauty treatment.  Kendall and Di also come into the spa to discuss their new campaign of Fusion Green.  The manager of the spa offers Kendall and Di a full beauty treatment courtesy of the spa.  Josh walks into the sauna and sits down on one of the benches.  The door opens and Hannah walks in.  She tells him that he is just the one that she is looking for.  They had been sitting there a few minutes when Zach comes in. 

Janet continues to grill Krystal and Tad over Jenny until she deems them unacceptable parents.  Jenny gets worse and worse and cannot breathe.  Amanda gets frantic about the safety of Jenny.  Krystal finally gets Janet to agree to let them know where Jenny is.  Jamie and Babe hurry to the warehouse.  Amanda calls out to Jamie that they had better bring an ambulance because Jenny is sick .The baby and Amanda are found and Jamie eases Jenny’s breathing but is worried about her fever.  Tad and Krystal arrive and are reunited with their daughter. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily catches Allison and Paul together and demands an explanation. Katie wants to talk with Jack, but thanks to his pride, he blows her off. Brad manipulates the situation to make it look like Jack only upsets Katie while he makes her happy. Allison tries to come up with a cover story, but Emily doesn’t buy it. Lucinda sends Meg to the Lakeview to see a vulnerable Craig, equipped with a listening device. Craig is meeting with his investigator. He confirms that Rosanna has disappeared from the clinic and possibly was spotted boarding a private jet. Craig is noticeably rattled. Katie and Brad meet the contest winner and clean her basement. A crazy woman armed with a gun lets herself into Brad and Katie’s room, rips up a picture of Brad while holding a gun. Emily meets with Paul to get the real story. He hedges at an answer, but then after being pressed, he admits that Allison is working on a confidential project for him. Emily pleads with him to leave her alone, but Paul promises that she won’t get hurt and it will benefit a lot of people in the end. Meg pretends to bump into Craig at the bar. She pumps him to open up. He admits to what is going on with Rosanna. He admits that he is leery that Rosanna miraculously has awakened. He isn’t sure if someone is setting him up? Meg pretends to be his ally while he figures this out. She asks him if he is worried about what Rosanna could say about him if she really did wake up? Brad subtly pushes Jack’s button about his supposed relationship with Katie; Jack angrily heads out. Brad opens up to Katie about his feelings for her. Brad and Katie are interrupted just as they are about to kiss by the woman brandishing a gun threatening to kill Brad if he lays one hand on Katie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric announces there is no killer in this room. Nick quips maybe it’s the one who looks the guiltiest….or Lt. Baker says the one with no conscience. He vows he will make an arrest before he leaves. All clues lead to the Marlin so he grills them as to who knew how to drive the boat and was big enough to lug the body in chains overboard. Stephanie, Eric, Storm, Phoebe, Taylor, all have as many questions as Baker does. Stephanie tells him to make an accusation or leave. She and Ridge both watch as Baker closes in further and further on Nick. Rick chastises Ashley for getting involved with Ridge. She feels he is giving her mixed signals. He doesn’t want her, but he doesn’t want Ridge to either. She admits it’s hard for her to close the door on their relationship, she thinks it is for him too. The ship is sailing now, so don’t wait a month and tell her that he wants a little rendezvous.

Rick asks Ashley not to leave. But she understands the situation, he wants her but he wants Phoebe more. They part with a kiss. At a very inopportune moment, Bridget calls Taylor to ask if she and Nick can come to the hospital. The eggs have been fertilized and are ready for implant. During the middle of Baker’s noose around Nick’s neck, he produces Nick’s shirt with Shane’s blood on it. Baker announces he is arresting him for the murder. Stephanie gives Ridge the silent head shake to remain quiet.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Duck convinces Philip to take off with Claire while Belle tends to Shawn. Shawn sends Belle to chase after Philip. Shawn is deemed fine after being stitched up by the doctor. Gabby insists on accompanying Shawn when he insists on going after Philip. Celeste warns Sami that Kate has the speeding ticket photo. Sami tries to tell Lucas the truth but he won’t let her.

When Foley starts harassing Adrienne, Steve stands up for her by blurting out that Adrienne is his sister. Adrienne covers by claiming to be a nun. Adrienne has Steve listen to Kayla via the wire so Kayla can entice Steve to escape with Adrienne. EJ arrives and figures out that the new patient is Adrienne using a wire when Steve refuses to leave with him. The other patients try to block EJ from leaving with Steve and Adrienne is able to smuggle Steve into Bo’s car.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny refuses to let Kate Howard, one of the most powerful magazine editors in the country, use his phone, to Diane's amazement. Kate offers Sonny a number of bribes to use his phone, but he is focused on where they might have met before. Sam balks at flying out of Port Charles to New York, so Amelia threatens her with legal action or blackmail. Patrick and Emily get Nikolas' heart beating again, but he can't breathe on his own. Elizabeth's son is born, but Robin has to fight to keep her alive. Afterwards, Jason goes to Liz's room and holds the baby until Elizabeth wakes up. Mr. Craig does not shoot Lucky, merely accept his warning about the downed tree ahead in the road. Craig calls Patrick to a meeting where he gives him the counteragent that saves Nikolas' life. Robin and Patrick save a bit of the counteragent to try and replicate. Craig/Jerry returns to Jane's. Sonny realizes that Kate is Connie Falconetti from Bensonhurst. As Liz and Lucky look at the baby, Liz has a medical emergency.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Marina’s temperature continues to spike and Cyrus tries to care for her but forces her to return to the warehouse. Before leaving for the warehouse Marina calls Frank and leaves him a message that she is okay but wants to be alone. At the warehouse Marina waits in the car too sick to join him. Officers on patrol recognize and confirm the tags belong to Cyrus Foley on the car Marina is waiting in. The officers draw down on the vehicle calling for Cyrus to give himself up. Cyrus watches.

Daisy is meets the warden in charge of juvenile hall and is given her standard clothes and list of rules. Two girls begin to pick on Daisy who still cannot believe Harley has really done this to her. Ashley steps in and protects Daisy. When it is time for their daily school lessens both are surprised when Coop arrives as the new teacher. Coop and Ashley talk and he gives her more of his writings for her to read over. Ashley is touched. Daisy’s bad attitude and smart mouth continues to get her demerits. Coop reports back at Company where Josh’s welcome home party is taking place and Reva leans about Daisy. Reva is furious and verbally attacks Harley for turning Daisy away and not telling her or Dylan. Harley who is already racked with guilt feels worse about herself and her and Daisy’s relationship. Gus tries to comfort his wife.

Harley is pleased to meet Natalia and anxious to pick her brain about what Gus/Nick was like when he was younger. Gus doesn’t think it is a good idea that Harley get close to Natalia and acts nervous whenever the two speak together. Cassie talks to Tammy’s ghost outside of Company and is discovered doing so by Reva. Reva tells Cassie she needs to tell Josh. Cassie becomes angry and yells at Reva “that she would like that, wouldn’t you?” Reva defends her statement but the conversation turns to a yelling argument. Remy who is angry at the world argues by phone with his mother. Josh overhears and sees how he is acting and offers Remy a job at Lewis Construction. Josh passes on his new way of thinking to Remy hoping Remy will take his words to heart.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash is in the chapel at the nurse and he asks God to make Jessica well. Marty comes into the police station and meets up with Miles. Marty asks Miles what is wrong. Miles tells her that he knows what had happened to Todd Manning. Blair tells Dorian and John matter-of-factly that they can go back to Llanview, but she is staying here in Chicago until Todd is found. The police brings in a garbage bag full of things. One of the girl students tells Marcie that Henry is in the car with Starr, Cole and Britney and he is driving 90 miles an hour. Marcie goes to notify the principal. Britney, Starr, and Cole are still in the car with Henry and he is driving extremely fast. Starr notices something up ahead that Henry has to slam on his brakes. All in the car start to scream. Michael tells Vikki, Antonio, and Natalie that Jessica has Hepatitis C. Natalie wonders how you catch this. Michael asks Vikki if Jessica had ever had any blood transfusions. Michael explains how you get Hepatitis C from sharing a needle with a heroin addict. Nash tries to make a deal with God that if he will make Jessica well, then Nash will give Jessica up for good. Bo and Paige make plans for the next weekend, but Paige reminds him that next weekend is Mother’s Day. Miles wonders why Marty would care if Todd turned up dead. John, Blair and Dorian go through the bag of garbage that the police had brought in. Everyone in the car tries to talk Henry into turning the car around and going back to the school, but he will not agree. Marcie calls Blair and lets her know what is going on with Starr. Starr calls Blair, but there is a bad connection. Henry orders all of them to throw their cell phones out the window. Michael lets Jessica know that she has Hepatitis C. Jessica worries if she could have passed this on to her daughter.

Michael decides to prep Jessica for a biopsy. Jessica asks Michael if she is going to die. Vikki decides to get Bree tested immediately. Vikki also suggests that Nash has to be told. Blair, Dorian and John are on their way back to Llanview. John and Blair arrive back in town and they begin to work on finding Starr. Blair threatens to kill Marty if Starr is hurt.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Tabitha finds Tina the cat and has Endora reverse the spell and returns the girl to her mother.  Endora is scolded and told not to do magic in school again.  Valerie tells Julian and Eve that she has found their son and has proven it with DNA.  Simone and Paloma help Jessica with another dead john.  They help her cover up the crime, while Spike takes photos.  Fancy goes back to the prison because she can't believe that Luis would cheat on her with a man.  Fancy sees Luis and a disguised Sheridan naked in the shower together and calls her friend Esme for advice.  Esme encourages her to confront Luis, which she does.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Amber stages a fake break-in at Katherine’s house so she and Cane will have to move in with her. Victor and Michael continue to work on Ji Min. They tell him he has until tomorrow to take the deal and are confident that he will. Jill asks him to go for dinner or drinks with her but he tells her he is busy. Jack and Ben, his campaign manager, are sure that he can win the election. Jack asks Daniel if he has been looking at porn on the office computers. He believes him when he says it must have been someone else logged in under his name. Later, Lily finds the porn DVD and doesn’t believe his lies about where it came from. Victoria calls JT who comes to see her at the hospital. She gets some bad news, she has suffered a miscarriage.

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