Friday 5/4/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 5/4/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica comes into work and finds out from one of her employees that Lily had been there.  Erica insists that Lily had not been there and is completely confused as to what is going on.  The woman employee puts in a video tape and turns it on.  Upon seeing Ava on stage, Erica points to the screen and tells the woman that that is not Lily.  Ava steps out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around her when Sean barges in on her.  Adam demands that Tad get the cuffs off him.  J.R. walks in and begins to laugh at the goings on.  Adam begins to feel funny and tells them that he needs his pills.  Janet knocks Amanda unconscious outside Krystal and Babe’s condo.  Lily visits Erica in her office at “New Beginnings.”  Erica inquires about Ava.  Erica shows Lily the tape of Ava on stage of “New Beginnings.”  Ava sneaks into the shower with Sean.  Adam continues to have chest pains.  Krystal finds Adam’s TIA prescription in her purse and realizes that it should have been filled weeks ago.  Jamie visits and inquires about Amanda.  Amanda still lies unconscious.  Colby meets Ava when she visits with Sean.  Amanda comes to and she finds herself in a doll warehouse with Baby Jenny.  Adam falls to the floor unconscious.  Amanda finds a note from Janet.  As Amanda starts to leave the doll warehouse with Jenny, she finds that the door is locked. 

Amanda feeds Baby Jenny.  Janet comes to visit Krystal who demands to be taken her to Jenny.  Amanda discovers that Jenny has a fever.  Adam urges Tad to get him a doctor.  Colby and Jamie arrive and see Adam lying on the floor.  Jamie examines Adam and finds out that he is going into cardiac arrest.  Babe hands Jamie a bottle of pills to give to Adam.  J.R. calls 911.  Jack visits Erica in her office.  Erica tells Jack that she would be devastated if she lost him as a friend and he tells her that she won’t. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Craig keeps his Board members waiting, to the thrill of Lucinda. Allison tries to hide her reaction to still being on Meth. Allison lies and says she is meeting Will and Gwen, but goes to meet Paul again. Dusty doubts that Allison is clean after seeing her. Allison calls Craig (as Rosanna) while he is in the middle of a meeting, which rattles him so much, he cancels the meeting. Later, Craig finds the picture of Rosanna that he has in his home smashed. Parker throws away a book his mom gave to him. Jack can’t get through to him, but Faith does in a very subtle way. Cheri wants Emily to come back to work, and even makes her offer quite enticing, but Emily turns it down. Emily confides in Dusty why she started hooking to begin with. Jack arrives in Georgia to tell Brad some woman wants to kill him, as Brad jokes it off. Brad dangles his new supposed relationship with Katie in front of Jack. Katie is excited to see Jack and wants to talk, but Jack tries to avoid this for fear of being hurt. Emily is shocked to see Allison and Paul in the Lakeview together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie recounts the joys of how it looks to the police that Nick might be guilty. Ridge doesn’t care, he thinks he should still confess his blame. Stephanie won’t hear of brotherly love; Nick will get what he deserves. Rick shows Phoebe a brochure of a place he found up the coast. The kind people go to on their honeymoon. She jumps to the conclusion he wants sex and reminds him they agreed to wait until they are fully committed. He asks if she wants to get engaged, would that be proof? What are they waiting for? Eric is greeted back home by Bridget and they discuss Brooke’s situation feeling so alone now. She also assures him she is okay with Nick’s marrying Taylor and them trying to have a baby. Taylor interrupts Nick’s work day and cautions him about not agitating Lt. Baker any further as he must have his theories about Nick’s guilt. Nick feels it is ridiculous and refuses to let these scare tactics get to him. Jackie is disturbed when she finds out that Baker is hounding Nick. Even more so when Nick gets a phone call from Baker that he wants to meet him and Taylor pronto at the Forrester house. Storm and Jackie announce they will tag along.

Rick reveals to Ashley that he planned a romantic getaway with Phoebe, but apparently she is not ready. He snaps that he has been holding off, but it’s getting a little old. Ashley asks if he’s not going to use the brochure, can she keep it? She implies she might be interested. He inquires if she is seeing anyone special? Then chastises her when he finds out it is Ridge. He thinks it is stupid, she could do so much better. All converge on the Forrester home and fill Eric in on Shane’s death and how he had been harassing Phoebe beforehand. Nick is dismissive and tells Baker he has his audience, get on with the show. Stephanie inquires if he has new information. Baker announces he has better than that. He thinks he knows who killed Shane McGrath, and they are right there in this room.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Billie confronts EJ about using her security system at Bo’s house and though EJ denies it, Billie lets it slip that Philip left the country to look for Belle and Shawn. EJ questions Kate for Philip’s location. Kate denies knowing where Philip is at first but EJ convinces her to give up the island’s name by promising to help break up Sami and Lucas. EJ plans to send Steve to Tinda Lau. Roman pretends to be dropping Adrienne off as a new patient. Adrienne communicates with Kayla and Bo via a hidden wire. Steve fights against Adrienne’s attempts to remind him of home and family until she finally breaks through. Kayla refuses to let Bo leave when he learns about EJ and Philip heading for Shawn.

Duck catches Belle and Shawn trying to sneak away. Shawn ignores Duck’s warning to stop until Duck pulls out a gun. Gabby comes running when Duck fires a warning shot and stands between them and Duck. Philip wakes up before Belle and Shawn can get away. Philip offers to allow them all to work out an amicable custody arrangement so everyone can return home but Shawn doesn’t trust him. Shawn has Gabby take Belle and Claire to the dock but Duck shoots Shawn when he tries to follow them.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Amelia presses Sonny to sign the papers so Sam's show can go forward. He agrees, then asks Diane to begin preparing a defense for Jason if Lorenzo hypothetically dies that night. Nikolas makes Patrick, Robin, and Emily promise not to use drastic means to prolong his life. Emily brings Spencer to see his father. In the storm, Jason goes to Liz's and takes her to the hospital where an emergency C section is begun. Craig/Jerry is charming, kind, and entertaining as he talks to the boys. Lorenzo turns his cold anger on Skye over her betrayal. However, he is willing to forgive her, but she discovers that the baby is missing. Lorenzo says she will remain missing until he is sure Skye trusts him. Ric goes to Sonny with news of Lorenzo's recovery and the fact that it was Alcazar who put a hit on Sonny and Jason. Kate Howard barges in one Sonny's meeting with Diane. Sam is nervous about leaving for New York while Jason is out "working," and is not sure she wants fame. Nikolas flatlines. Lucky stops Craig for a traffic violation. As he reaches for his license and registration, he also fingers a gun.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Springfield prepares for Josh’s welcome home party at Company. Reva and Dylan go over what to say and do at Dylan’s first Lewis board meeting. Dylan. Dylan encourages Reva to go after Josh they were always meant to be and she can’t let that go. Reva assures Dylan she has it all under control and things will work out. Cassie appears and asks Reva to come to the party. Cassie has not felt right about what happened between them yesterday. Reva doesn’t feel any regret and thinks it’s best that everything is out in the open. Either way Cassie asks Reva to attend the party. Remy is hanging around Company while Coop gets ready for the party. Coop has hired Natalia as the new waitress, there are defiantly sparks between Natalia and Remy though they go back and fourth in dialogue both acting tough. Once everyone has arrived Josh toasts and thanks everyone for coming and announces he has a new take on life and has made some decisions. Josh will not be returning to Lewis construction so he can have time with his family and loved ones. Plus Billy did such a good job Josh is confidant that he is not needed and Billy can handle it with success. Everyone is laughing and dancing and having a good time. Cassie begins to feel guilty for feeling happy and smiling so soon. Cassie walks outside where she is greeted by Tammy’s ghost.

Before Harley and Gus can go to Josh’s party they have to attend a hearing because Daisy skipped so much school. The judge takes into account all of Daisy’s recent actions including a photo from red light enforcement showing daisy running a stop light in Chicago. Harley is angry because Daisy had lied and said she took a bus to Chicago. The judge respects Harley’s opinion as a professional and asks her to speak. Harley tells of a troubled youth that she and Gus have done everything they could to help but Daisy just doesn’t get the message and continues to disrupt and endanger their family. The judge sentences Daisy to two months in juvenile hall. Daisy blows up in hatred for Harley. Harley didn’t see that coming and feels horrible.

Harley and Gus arrive late at Josh’s party and are greeted at the door by waitress Natalia. “Nick?” Harley still reeling from what happened to Daisy is surprised asking “Do you two know each other?”

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica lies asleep in her hospital bed. Natalie sits beside her. Jessica calls out for Nash,. Nash visits Bo in his office at the police station. Nash wants to press charges against Antonio. Blair still badgers the police officer about Todd’s whereabouts. Blair insists on finding Todd herself. John shows up to help Blair find Todd. Adriana watches, yet again, Tate’s appearance on “The View.” Rex opens the door and Tate is standing there. Michael surprises Marcie with a special breakfast in bed to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Someone puts some very unsavory stuff on Henry’s locker. Nash barges into Jessica’s room. Viki sees him and tells him not to do this, to just turn around and walk away. Mrs. Bromley tells John and Blair that she hopes they find what they are looking for.

Talia and Bo go over the new evidence that has surfaced in the arsonist investigation. Henry tells Langston to stop pretending that she cares. Langston encourages Henry to take a stand against Britney. Starr blasts Britney for her treatment of Henry. John questions Mrs. Bromley. Mrs. Bromley denies offering to help Todd and Blair. Henry gets into a car and can barely read the control panel. He takes another handful of pills. Britney gets into the car with him and begins to talk about an English final the next day. Henry refuses to help her. Starr orders her out of the car. Starr and another boy get into the car with Henry and Britney.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Kay is devastated that she can't be with Miguel. She talks with Tabitha and Fox overhears. Tabby is spying on Endora on her first day of preschool. Endora turns a girl into a cat. Tabby goes to pick up Endora to see what is going on. Sheridan, Miguel, and Luis are in the shower room of the jail. Luis knows that Sheridan can't take a shower and doesn't know what to do. She hides between Miguel and Luis. Ethan tells Theresa that she can't have Jared's baby. She says she'll do anything to help her brothers. He goes to the kitchen and overhears the maid call someone to run to the drug store for Theresa. Paloma and Simone look for Jessica. She is with Spike. He wants her to be with him. She says no. He says they cant be parents and Jess replies that she wants to be a mother. He threatens to expose her as the john killer. Spike forces her to sleep with another guy. When she wakes up the guy is dead.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Adrian figures out that Brad sabotaged his job offer in Paris. He confronts him about it and says that maybe he and Colleen should get married so he will accept their relationship. Later, Brad goes to Colleen and tells her he wants her to work with Adrian on the Clear Springs project. Victoria thinks she is going into premature labor. Victor and Michael pressure Ji Min into working with them to expose Jack. He won’t admit that Jack is secretly running Jabot. He goes to Jack and warns him not to mess with Nikki. Michael uncovers information that they can use to convince Ji Min to cooperate with them. Victor wouldn’t like it and may seek revenge. Jack hires a new campaign manager who convinces him to employ the same dirty tactics that Nikki has been using. Jack tells Phyllis that they shouldn’t be seen together until after the campaign. Lauren confronts Kevin and Gloria, and later Michael, about Gloria and the tainted cream. Daniel receives a bad review at work and doesn’t tell Lily. She finds out later from Phyllis. He is still looking at porn and watches a DVD at work. Gloria has dinner with William. She drugs him with her libido enhancing drugs and proposes to him.

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