Thursday 5/3/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/3/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

The party continues for Ryan and Annie’s wedding.  Tad visits Adam and orders him that this has to stop, now!!  Janet is still hidden in the doll warehouse with Jenny.  She imagines seeing Amanda in the room with her and begs her not to leave.  Jonathan runs into Ava in the mall and knocks her packages out of her hands.  In picking up the boxes, Jonathan sees that Ava has been using Lily’s credit card and accuses her of stealing it.  Zach tells Kendall that his father has been transferred to the state hospital.  J.R. begins to get frustrated with Amanda, because she isn’t trying to help them find Janet but is instead looking up at the moon and praying.  At ConFusion, Josh watches Hannah as she gets herself a drink.  Hannah, in turn, watches Josh as well as Zach and Kendall.  Greenlee finishes the invitation to Ryan, puts it in an envelope, and seals it with a green wax butterfly.

Tad and Adam continue to argue about Jenny's whereabouts.  Tad handcuffs himself to Adam until Janet contacts him again.  Jonathan warns Ava that she shouldn’t mess with him.  Ryan and Annie leave the party in a chauffeur-driven limousine.  Amanda thanks Babe for her understanding in all of this.  Greenlee holds the invitation in her hand as she looks out the window and smiles thinking of Ryan. 

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Meg arrives at Worldwide just in time to get a front row seat for the soon-to-be fallout. Meg apologizes for the way Holden reacted the last time she and Craig were together at the farm to buy her some time. Meanwhile Allison sits in a hotel room with an almost giddy Paul and Lucinda who are still being very vague yet demanding about the “job” they want her to perform for them. Paul gives Allison a CD to listen to and quickly recognizes the voice. “This is Rosanna Cabot?” After knowing whose voice is on the CD, Allison demands to know who she is pulling a con on and why? Finally Paul gives up the truth to Craig, no explanation is needed as far as Allison is concerned, anything to get to or hurt Craig she is on board for. So she makes the call. The plan works. Craig freaks out, calling off all plans for the evening and making numerous phone calls about the matter. Paul, Lucinda, and Allison celebrate. Allison also treats herself to a generous amount of meth.

Cleo shows up at Gwen’s house. At first it scares her, causing Gwen to call the police department. Will is at Al’s, picking up dinner. When Gwen calls the police, Cleo gets scared and tries to leave but passes out before she can get out of the door. Gwen helps her back to her feet and feeds her to shake the nerves. Gwen takes the time to question Cleo. Will returns home furious to see Cleo back in his house. Gwen blows it off and cozies up to her husband.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie checks by phone with Ridge to see how the night went. He’s glad she talked him into waiting to confess. He wanted to see all his kids first. She won’t let him confess to murder, but she has hired the best attorney for him and wants him to see him before he sees the police. Taylor shows the headlines of paper to Nick. Police are investigating Shane McGrath’s murder. Everyone else, including Phoebe, are reading the news as well. She blames herself and cries that everyone she loves end up hurt. Rick tries to console her. Police conclude that the fibers on The Marlin match McGrath’s and they go to speak to Nick. Taylor fills Stephanie’s ears about Nick’s threats against Shane, seemingly innocent at the time. Now she doesn’t want to put that idea in Baker’s head. Stephanie interrupts Ridge telling Brooke about Shane.

Served with a search warrant, it finally sinks in to Nick that he is a suspect. But he tells Taylor the police were here and gone. They are newlyweds working on a miracle, everything is good. And they are not focusing on her at all. Ridge is relieved when his mother tells him all the evidence will lead the police straight to Nick.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle gets the passkey to Philip’s room so she can search for a sign of Philip’s plans. Belle finds Philip’s PDA and discovers that Philip is working with EJ. Shawn has Gabby drug Philip’s drink. Gabby pretends to apologize to Philip for lying about Belle and Shawn in order to keep him drinking. Shawn insists on questioning Philip about EJ and Philip assumes that Shawn was the one searching his room. Philip offers to help them all escape EJ’s path in exchange for Claire but Shawn turns him down. Shawn confirms that Philip has passed out before he, Belle, and Claire make a run for it.

Sami is deemed healthy enough to return home. Lucas asks Sami why she’s so anxious about Kate but Sami sweet talks her way out of the situation. EJ stops Kate from confronting Sami with her proof claiming she must hand over the photo and let him handle Sami. Lucas douses Kate and EJ with the fire extinguisher when they show up claiming to be checking on Sami.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emily, Robin, and Patrick go to work on making the counter-agent to the poison as Nikolas' health fails. Nikolas tells Emily all his regrets. Then, Robin and Patrick think they have a cure, but it's uncertain. Sam tells Amelia she needs half a million dollars after her ex blackmails her. Sam confesses that she was with Sullivan for six months, fleeced him, and left him. She does not want to tell Jason any of this. So, Amelia calls the blackmailer, who is her employee, and lays out terms of payment and threatens to arrest him for extortion. Sam is impressed. Lady Jane hides Jerry when Sonny stops by to visit the boys, then takes the opportunity to lecture him on respecting Jax's place in the boys' lives. Lulu tells Luke all about her investigation into Rick Webber's death. Lorenzo continues to use his fake condition to plan to take down Sonny and Jason. He uncovers a recording the reveals that Skye would betray him to Sonny. Liz begins to have labor pains while she is alone. The boys hear Jane talking to Jerry and come out to meet him.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Alan wastes no time locating the now free Joshua to spread his hate and evil. Alan is surprised when Josh doesn’t harbor any resentment . Josh says he has been given a second chance and he doesn’t plan to spend it hating people. Ahh, Alan remembers he once had the “freedom euphoria” but warns it will ware off.

Ava tries to talk to the very busy Olivia about getting Coop back. Ava now has Olivia’s attention who gives her the best advice she has. Olivia asks Ava to be her Maid of Honor. Ava accepts. Olivia asks Buzz to reconsider who his best man is going to be and ask Coop to do. Why? Buzz wonders. Olivia confesses she does have an agenda Ava wants Coop back and she doesn’t think that it is a bad job. Ava tries to talk to Coop making small talk but coop isn’t interested, he is more concerned for Ashley and what will happen to her at her sentencing hearing.

Cassie and Reva argue over who is entitled to and who loves josh more. Cassie is breaking but tries to be as strong as big sis Reva. Reva recognizes Cassie’s fear that Reva could get Josh back if she tried. Reva warns she has been honest and open with both Cassie and Josh about her feelings and things will never the same again, she is through sacrificing. She is angry and on a mission.

Josh and Ashley come face to face when she is on her way to her sentencing hearing. Ashley whole heartedly apologizes. Josh sees the sincerity and offers his forgiveness and he will testify on her behalf at her hearing. Jeffery is leery of the idea at first but knows Josh is an honest man and would not intentionally hurt the young Ashley. Josh asks one thing of her in return, if she is given a second chance don’t waste it. Tearing up she hugs him and promises not to. At the hearing thanks to Josh Ashley must serve only three years in juvenile detention rather than prison. Coop waits anxiously to hear the news. When Jeffery and Ashley arrive at Company Olivia greets them outside and advises Ashley not to bother Coop. Intimidated by Olivia Ashley concedes and leaves. Jeffery is appalled Olivia would do that to Ashley who is going away for three years. Olivia and Jeffery peer into the window so Olivia can show Jeffery why she didn’t want Ashley to interrupt. Ava and Coop sat together talking. Coop sees Jeffery and rushes out to find out the verdict. Jeffery sends him in Ashley’s direction saying he should hear from her. Coop runs off to catch Ashley.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair continues to search the abandoned room for any info that will lead her to Todd. Dorian insists that Spencer Truman has not hurt Todd. Layla advises Evangeline that if Evangeline and Christian don’t trust each other then they don’t need to be parents. Evangeline receives a call from Blair concerning Todd. Miles tells Nash that Jessica collapsed in the hospital and they were running tests on her. Natalie visits Jessica in her hospital room. John and Marty discuss Cole and his use of steroids. Starr and Langston lets Cole know what Britney had said to Henry. Cole blasts Britney. Henry comes up and tells Britney that he has something for her and it might hurt.

Henry has a pair of clip-on earrings for Britney. Britney refuses them in no uncertain terms. Starr, Langston and Cole advise Henry to forget Britney. In the distance, Henry overhears Britney and her friends laughing at him. Blair fills Evangeline in on what has been happening with Todd. Evangeline tells Layla that Todd is missing. Miles overhears. Nash arrives at the hospital and looks through the window of Jessica’s room. Antonio sees Nash and they begin to argue. Antonio orders him out of the hospital. A security guard comes up and wants to know what is the disturbance. Antonio tells the guard that he wants Nash out of there.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Paloma and Simone look for Jessica. Jess is with Spike who wants her to come back home with him. Sheridan is still with Luis and today they have to line up to take a shower. She knows she can't do this because they will find out who she is. Jared gets the okay from Eve to return to all activities. Theresa gets a phone call from the blackmailer reminding her about what she has to do. Ethan wants her to stay with him. She says she can't. Tabitha and Kay talk about Endora going to preschool. Today is mainly about Theresa worried about getting pregnant and Paloma and Simone worrying about Jessica.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Sharon takes Victoria to the hospital. Brad joins her later. She and the baby are fine, and she and Brad hear the baby’s heartbeat. Amber and Cane are embarrassed when they can’t pay for lunch. Amber and Katherine find a way to get Cane to accept the job offer. When he is alone he calls someone and tells them that he fooled Katherine into thinking he didn’t want the job but he took it. He tells the person to be patient, he can’t seem too eager. William has noticed that the Jabot file is missing so Gloria and Kevin devise a plan to get the file back into his office. Victor tells Michael he is sick of pretending to be Jack’s friend and wants him to find a way to bring Jack down. Michael confides in Lauren about everything that he knows about Jack and Victor. They watch the Jabot security cameras and see Jack shooting down one of Ji Min’s ideas and reminding him that he is the boss. Later, Victor and Michael go to Ji Min and tell him they want his help in bringing Jack down. Lauren sees Gloria and Michael on the security camera and overhears Gloria confess to being the one who tainted the face cream.

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