Wednesday 5/2/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/2/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach tells Hannah that she should have held on to that gun in case she wanted to shoot him next.  Kendall busily prepares for the bridal shower for Annie.  Annie comes in and tells Ryan that they need to talk.  The police put a tap on Amanda’s phone so they will know when Janet calls her daughter again.  Jamie is afraid that Janet is gone and he will never see Jenny again.  Babe encourages Krystal to stay positive that Jenny will be found.  Janet has Jenny hidden in a doll factory.  Tad encourages Krystal that Jenny will be found.  Stuart tells Adam that everyone he has cared about has turned against him.  Adam asks him if he's turned against him.  Julia lets Annie know how glad she is that she is moving back in.  Annie offers her apologies to Jonathan for accusing him of having the gun and he forgives her.  Hannah goes all to pieces and assumes that she has nothing to go on living for.  Kendall talks to Jack and lets him know that she realizes now that there is no way she could have given Greenlee her child.  Lily meets up with Jonathan at the party.  Janet makes plans to leave Pine Valley for good. 

Kendall introduces Ryan and Annie to the crowd.  Jack extends his best wishes to Ryan and Annie before he takes Lily home.  Jonathan proposes a toast to Ryan and Annie.  Zach and Hannah arrive at the party.  Zach gives Kendall a kiss.  Hannah goes to the bar to get something to drink.  Hannah watches Zach and Kendall.  Stuart tells Adam that he will never abandon him, but he just cannot look at him right now.  Amanda appears to Janet and tells her that she needs her.  Greenlee continues to write the invitation to Ryan for an evening of fun and laughter and “renewed love.”

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Margo, Tom and Casey prepare for Casey to begin his prison sentence today. Gwen and Will stop by to say one last good-bye for a while. Casey is preoccupied worried about Maddie and the fight they had last night. Will and Gwen tell Casey Maddie loves him and not to worry everything will work out okay. Casey decides to go off in search of Maddie to make things right but Will stops him pointing out how that could cause Casey more trouble, considering he is needed at the jail to turn himself in. After a private conversation with Gwen Casey calms down and for good reason. Maddie comes to make things right with Casey.

Back at their house Gwen tells Will about how much guilt she is carrying around over everything even dating back to when she was pregnant. Will tries to assure his emotionally unstable wife. Will leaves and Cleo knocks at the door with a bouquet of flowers for her new favorite idol. Gwen becomes nervous the more Cleo talks.

Maddie sits alone sipping herbal tea when Vienna finds her and they have a heart to heart about the fight with Casey and the future for the couple. Vienna is very loving comforting and offers sound advice. Henry sits in the background listening. He cares a great deal for Vienna and tries to make nice with her thanking her for how good she has been with Maddie.

Allison finishes off the last of her meth and becomes uneased. Emily arrive to take Allison for a little pampering after her shift. Lucinda stops in to see the center of her scheme she has on the horizon with Paul. Pretending like she didn’t realize Allison is back Lucinda insists that Allison sit with her catch up. The conversation goes quickly from idle catch up to getting to her point that she needs Allison to work with her and Paul. Not revealing any details Lucinda leaves a $100 tip and address she is to meet Lucinda if Allison is interested. Allison refuses Emily’s invitation using the need to attend one of her meetings to get out of an afternoon of sisterly bonding. Allison heads straight for the address and hears Paul and Lucinda out. Earlier Paul confesses what he and Lucinda are working on when he cannot convince meg to stay away from Craig. Meg thinks it is a good idea but she feels she should continue to get close because when Craig begins to fall apart it will be her that he comes to.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Lt. Baker tells Ridge and Ashley that he knows Shane wasn’t one of Ridge's favorite people, but this death has to come as a shock……or not. And he was shot, it was murder. At least he won’t be harassing Phoebe anymore. When did Ridge see him last, more specific? Ridge tells his mother, who feigns the horror. She tells Ridge all of this is not going to lead to him. He needs to stick to his story, but of course he has none. She assures him it won’t be traced back to him. She absolutely refuses to let him go forward and confess. Bridget assists Taylor and Nick with the start of the in vitro. The doctor checks out Taylor for her hormone levels and Bridget hands Nick the little cup that he knows what to do with. However the photo of Ms. May doesn’t do it for him. Taylor comes in just in the nick of time. (pun intended). She gets inventive and wants to lend a ‘hand’ and be a part of this in every way. Bridget handles the two separate specimens from both Taylor and Nick. Baker checks with the Harbormaster to see if The Shady Marlin II took any trips lately, and then has it thoroughly inspected for any fiber, blood, fingerprints, anything to link it to Shane McGrath. Despite his mother’s protests, Ridge says he will confess and tell them it was an accident but take the consequences from there.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abby lectures Chelsea on using people and then pushing them away. Chelsea admits that she told Nick she didn’t care what he did with the brush because she didn’t want him to feel obligated to help her. Abby tries to get Chelsea to tell Nick her true feelings. Stephanie joins them for dinner and convinces Abby and Chelsea to stay out all night with her. Nick decides to post bail for Willow. Nick wasn’t able to get Willow subsidized housing but leaves cash for her at the door.

Abe catches Kate searching through personal papers. Kate pretends to faint to buy more searching time and finds the speeding ticket photo. Celeste can tell that Kate took something and demands she return it. Abe reluctantly lets Kate leave since it would be illegal to search her. Celeste waits until Abe goes to bed and then finds the photo when she tries to grab Kate’s purse out of her hands. EJ denies Lucas’ accusation about attempting to kill Sami. EJ agrees to leave only when Sami starts to get upset. Sami begins to experience distress but EJ’s return helps her calm down somewhat. Sami admits her true hatred of EJ to his face. Lucas gives Sami repeated chances to tell the truth but Sami claims there’s nothing to tell.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Spinelli shows Jason some of his baby, aka, the Innocent One's, sonograms. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Lucky and Liz enjoy the fact that the birth is only a week away. Amelia vows that nothing and no one will stop production of Sam's show. Luke plots to have Tracy impersonate Laura and take her place while he sneaks the real one out so Scott can't take control of her. Lulu tells Scott she will expose his murder secret if he doesn't back off. He says go ahead. Luke will just kill him and wind up in jail and out of Laura's life, which is what he wants. Nikolas picks up Craig's cellphone to try and hear who it is that the man cares about so much. That incites Craig to vow that Nikolas will be dead by tonight. Liz visits Jason and tells him that if there comes a time, like if the baby needs a transplant, transfusion, etc, she is willing for him to come forward as the dad. Scott obliquely threatens to tell Lulu about the rape if Lucky doesn't get Nikolas to let him be guardian. Craig stops at Lady Jane's to say good-bye. One of Sam's exes calls her, threatening to make her pay. Nikolas goes to the hospital and tells Emily they have five hours to find a counteragent, or he's dead.

GL Recap Written by Dani


Reva arrives at the prison to take Josh home. As Josh signs some final forms she fantasizes about confessing her love for him and he returns the sentiment and takes her in his arms with a passionate kiss. Shaking her thoughts and coming back to reality Reva is shocked when Cassie runs past her and into Josh’s arms. Reva is crushed. Cassie and Josh first stop at Company for some dinner and to pick up RJ. RJ asks if he can call Josh Dad, Josh is touched. It is apparent even with Josh’s release from prison Cassie is still unstable.

Reva returns to her suite weeping and swigging champagne from the bottle as she looks at old family photos of the kids and the times when she and Josh were together and happy. Josh slips out for a bit using Billy as an excuse and sends Reva a message to meet him at the lighthouse. At the lighthouse she confesses her love for him and that she never really stopped loving Josh, he is there to ask that Cassie never learn about them sleeping together that one time while he was locked up. Back at her suite Reva trips when walking into a dark room and Josh runs to her side to assist but Reva pushes him away. They argue about their love for each other and what went wrong. Josh returns to Cassie’s suite and makes love to her. Buzz comes to see Reva and comforts her like the good friend he is. Cassie discovers a picture that Shayne had drawn when he was a little boy and knows Josh saw Reva. The next morning Cassie confronts Reva who confesses everything with out shame.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex finally shows up at Adriana’s apartment. Layla questions him as to why he hadn’t been answering her messages. Layla and Rex discuss Tate’s and Adriana’s appearance on the “View”. Rex watches the tape of Tate and Adriana again on, “The View.” Starr tells Langston that she can never see Cole again. Cole lets John know that he made the baseball team. Miles calls his prostitute date he had before. Blair fills the police officer in as to what had been happening. Blair and the police officer argue. Adriana tells Rex that she had missed him. She makes up the excuse that she had lost her phone. Adriana tries to explain, but Rex doesn’t want to hear any explanation. Cole thanks John for being of help the night they had been celebrating his father’s birthday. Miles visits Marty and asks her out, but she turns him down. Dorian arrives to take Blair home to Llanview. Blair refuses to leave. Starr calls Blair to find out if there is any news on the baby. She asks to talk to Todd, but Blair lies as to Todd’s whereabouts. Blair tells Dorian that her children may need her, but Todd needs her more. Adriana tries to make an excuse as to how she had acted while she was on the television show. Tate appears up at her door. Rex is more than a little peeved.

Rex meets with Tate’s ex-wife and finds out that Tate is gay. Henry gives Whitney of her term paper on CD. Langston and Starr offer Henry encouragement after Whitney completely blasts him. John and Cole go to the firing range. John gets a phone call from Blair filling him in as to what had been going on in Chicago. Miles leaves Marty’s office. He sees John arrive and he goes right on in. Blair orders Dorian to go home. Dorian insists on staying. Tate (having been the one to have stolen Adriana’s cell phone) sits down on the sofa and pretends as though he had found the cell phone lying on the sofa. Blair finds out that the blood on the floor was indeed Todd’s.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Ivy and Julian realize they might have another chance at happiness with their first loves, Sam and Eve.  Sam and Eve decide to give Ivy and Julian a second chance, until they arrive at the mansion and find them together in bed!  Sheridan, who is in disguise so she can be Luis' cellmate, begs him to make love to her, but he says he won't betray Fancy.  But he does give her one last kiss.  Unfortunately, Fancy, who's been assigned to work Luis' cellblock, sees Luis kissing his cellmate.  Pilar tells Ethan to leave Theresa alone so that the blackmailer will let her sons out of prison.  That is, until she learns that  the blackmailer's next demand is that Theresa have Jared's baby.  Jared is excited to tell Pilar that they are going to start their family tonight as soon as everyone leaves.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Gloria goes to see William and steals the Jabot file from his office. They find out that she is at the top of the list of people that are to give DNA samples. Phyllis' arrest is a big news story in the morning. Brad tells Victoria that Nikki put him up to getting Phyllis arrested. Eventually everyone finds out that she was behind it. Her family is especially angry with her and can't believe her campaign is more important to her than her family. Victor thinks that Phyllis should take the plea bargain of six months jail time that William has offered. He also tries to get Brad to drop the charges and step down from the board, which he refuses to do. Phyllis begs Nikki to get Brad to drop the charges. Nikki says she won't and Phyllis should have thought about the consequences of her actions before she crossed her. Brad buys Victoria a special blend of coffee as a peace offering. later, while she is talking to Sharon she starts to experience abdominal pain.

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