Tuesday 5/1/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/1/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee writes a letter to Kendall and tells a messenger to get it to Fusion immediately.  Zach brings Kendall to work and assures her that he will protect her, Spike and their unborn baby.  Annie shows Kendall some possible layouts for Fusion that will not work at all.  Annie hopes that they find Krystal’s baby soon.  Annie tells Kendall she may have to take her name off the list for the party that she is giving for Annie and Ryan.  Ryan and Julia both arrive at the door of Wildwind at the same time.  Julia questions Ryan about the gun that was found hidden inside the house.  Josh barges into Hannah’s office and catches her dressing.  Josh lays the files on the desk and leaves.  Annie lets Kendall know that Ryan moved her, Kathy, and Emma out of Wildwind.  Annie tells Kendall about the gun and her suspicions that Jonathan might have shot Cambias.  Kendall feels that Annie is overreacting to this.  Julia threatens to call the cops.  Ryan insists that she let him handle this.  Del wants to know what the problem is.  Ryan shows Del the gun.  Ava has a chat with Sean about Colby and the hard time that she is going through now.  Ava suggests that they go to the mall but he declines her offer.  Ava then asks Sean for money.  Hannah goes into Zach’s office to talk to him while Josh watches closely at the door.  Derek comes up to Lily’s desk and asks to see Zach.  Derek tells Zach that Cambias has been stabilized and moved to the psychiatric hospital in lockdown.  Josh goes in to see Hannah and asks her how she is doing.  He offers her help in anything she needs help with.  Greenlee addresses an envelope to Ryan Lavery.  Di asks Del if that was his gun and what did.  Jonathan denies shooting Alexander Cambias.  Derek tells Zach that Alexander is paralyzed from his neck down.  Josh enters Hannah’s office and slams the door shut as Zach and Derek watch from across the hall. 

Hannah and Josh begin to kiss and get undressed.  Ava visits Lily at work and asks her if she wants to go shopping.  Zach listens to Ava and Lily talking.  Lily offers to let Ava use her credit card.  Julia is extremely upset about the gun being in the house.  She demands an apology from Del.  Di watches in horror and disbelief as Julia orders Del out of her house for the safety of her daughter, Kathy.  Josh and Hannah stop kissing and get dressed and Hannah orders him out of her office.  She tells him that they must never speak of this again nor will it happen again.  He leaves Hannah’s office.  Di tells Annie and Kendall that the gun belonged to Del.  A messenger brings an envelope in to Kendall.  Kendall opens the envelope and realizes that they may have a silent partner.  Kendall reads the layout and realizes that it is exactly what they were looking for.  Kendall wonders who it came from.  Greenlee begins writing an invitation.  Aidan tells Julia and Ryan that Del’s gun was not the gun that shot Cambias.  Hannah throws a shotgun away, piece by piece, in the river at the docks.  She turns around and sees Zach watching her. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie is furious when she finds Jack and Brad discussing her; she threatens Brad with destroying his little black book. While out on their last evening on the town in the next six months, Maddie receives some news about her future. Once Jade realizes Cleo is at Will and Gwen’s home, she tries to keep Gwen from going home. Will realizes right away that Cleo is not Gwen, and she has a lot of explaining to do. He thinks she is working with Jade, but Cleo covers for her, by saying she is just a music fan, who wants to have the kind of life Gwen has. Casey and Maddie disagree about her giving up on college and her dream -- for him. Will takes down Cleo’s information and orders her to stay away from Gwen or he will cal the police. Maddie and Casey’s disagreement about how she handles school while he is in jail turns into a fight and an emotional Maddie leaves. Jack and Katie have a talk about their kiss, and Jack claims he is not ready. Katie is hurt, but then she gets angry. Brad comforts her. Jack isn’t sure he can take the leap of faith with Katie, as Emma tries to gently reminds Jack that he should knock Brad down a few pegs because he got in between he and Katie. Cleo promises that she isn’t working with Jade. Jade tries to clean the Motel of her existence. Will tells Gwen about his visit with her look-alike. Brad and Katie learn where they are going for the contest and Brad realizes he knows this place. Cleo decides she isn’t leaving town but rather she decides to stay in Oakdale indefinitely.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Everyone is anxiously waiting, the ceremony should have started. Nick has to tell Brooke his future is with Taylor and he finally dashes out leaving Brooke in tears. She follows and watches part of the ceremony from the shadows. Saying their own words, Taylor vows her word for him is unexpected. Nick has been the biggest surprise of her life. He too recites that he was broken, with a lot of dark corners and sharp edges. She challenged him to be a better man. Ashley tries to befriend Ridge, but he makes the first move by kissing her. Stephanie is waiting on the couch at Brooke’s house when she returns. Brooke wants her to leave, but Stephanie turn the knife by rubbing it in that Nick could have had her the day she returned from Australia. He didn’t want her then and he doesn’t want her now. And neither does Ridge and she wants Brooke to stay away from him. Brooke assures her because of what he did to Rick she does not want Ridge, but because of R.J. she will always be connected and close to him.

Phoebe sings and the ceremony continues and Nick and Taylor are pronounced husband and wife. They announce to all they are skipping the reception and going to the hospital to start the in vitro fertilization – they are going to have a baby! Taylor throws the bouquet straight to Phoebe who glances coyly at Rick. Ridge makes a date with Ashley….she doesn’t even need to go pack, there are plenty of Forrester originals he’d like to see her in…..and then perhaps without. She calls him naughty. He’s plying her with details of going on the jet to San Francisco when Lt. Baker interrupts and informs him Shane is dead and that's why he is here to talk to him about it.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kayla convinces Stephanie to give Steve another chance. Roman turns down Kayla’s idea to get herself admitted. Stephanie suggests they use her instead but Kayla refuses to let her. Steve’s sister Adrienne comes over to help at Kayla’s request. Willow claims to Nick that Hope and Bo are blackmailing her in order to get the baby. Nick tells Willow that he and Chelsea broke up. Willow asks Nick to post her bail but he will only agree to check his funds amount.

EJ disguises himself as a doctor to sneak into Sami’s room. Sami tries to convince EJ that she couldn’t kill him because she truly loves him. EJ injects what he claims to be a lethal drug into Sami’s IV before slipping away. Since Sami doesn’t really die, Lucas assumes she was dreaming about seeing EJ. Lucas demands to know what Sami did that would make EJ want to kill her. EJ returns pretending to be a concerned friend but insists that Sami, not just Lucas, say whether he can stay or not.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Tracy is still being haunted. Luke doesn't really care about ghosts, he just wants her to help him gain guardianship of Laura. Dillon overhears and rushes to tell Lulu, but seeing Sonny's thugs accost Logan distracts her from listening to him. When Scotty shows up to make his demands, Alan thunders at him. Spending the night with Sonny makes Amelia blow off a meeting with a network exec. Georgie covers for Maxie to keep Mac from knowing that she spent the night with Cooper. Diane comes up with a court order to stop production of Everyday Heroes and also a libel and slander suit against Amelia on Sonny's behalf. Amelia rushes back to Sonny's and threatens to destroy him if he doesn't cancel the legal action. Meanwhile the executive considers canceling the show. With Alan's help, Tracy realizes that Dillon must know Scott killed Rick. Sonny warns Logan to never let Lulu be hurt and adds that he will never hire Logan. Logan wants Lulu to intercede to change the latter fact. Carly undergoes a dignity injuring accident in Fiji.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Today’s the day! Josh is getting out of prison. Cassie rushes to make everything just right for him and Billy is happy little brother is being released but worries about Cassie. Billy worries so much he goes to the prison to see Josh before his release and warns Josh. Cassie has experienced more heartache than anyone should and she doesn’t deserve nor can she handle much more. Josh denies he will hurt Cassie but with one look Billy tells Josh that he knows what happened between the once married couple. Cassie has everything set up just right and waits with excitement for Josh to arrive. Finally dressed in his own clothes a guard comes to the holding cell and announces “Lewis your ride is here.” Happy to be leaving and never to return Josh turns to see Reva “Hello Joshua” she says with a sexy smile. Josh surprised to see her returns the smile.

Dinah tries to get control of Matt but his problems are set aside when Mallet calls to tell Dinah Blake is awake. Mallet waits nervously with Blake not leaving her side just waiting for a moment alone so he can find out if she remembers his confession about his past. She says no that she doesn’t but there seems to be more there than she is revealing. Vanessa and Dinah rush in. Mallet pulls Dinah aside and tells her about talking to Blake and then she just wakes up. Both are worried.

Rick gives Blake a clean bill of health but she will need to undergo physical therapy due to the weakening of her muscles. Blake asks Rick to get only Dinah and Mallet. With the newly wed couple waiting by her bedside to hear what she has to say Blake insinuates she wants to stay with them during her recuperation period.

Cyrus dressed in the police uniform still holds Marina hostage in her room. Finally it is time for them to go retrieve the money from the warehouse. An officer recognizes Cyrus and goes for back up forcing him to physically take Marina hostage to get away. Making it away from the cops back in Marina’s room Cyrus complains until Marina collapses in his arms. Cyrus believes it is an act but when she doesn’t come to he becomes concerned trying to wake her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian comes to visit Adriana and brings her a present. They discuss Tate being on the “View.” Rex is on a computer checking up on information on Tate Harmon., Michael join him. Michael asks Rex does Todd know that Tommy is his son. Blair calls out for Todd, but doesn’t get an answer. Vincent join Nash. Vincent knows that the smile on his face means that it is a woman. Jessica tells Antonio that she had met Nash at the quarry. Jessica begins to feel nauseous. Jessica tries to explain to Antonio about Nash being at the quarry. Vincent is surprised that Nash’s woman is leaving her husband and children. Natalie comes into the kitchen at Llanfair, and sees Vikki admiring a red rose. Vikki tells Natalie that they are for her. Natalie reads the card and the roses are from Vincent. Natalie tells Vikki that she had quit her job at the police station and is going to work for Buchanan Enterprises. Blair calls Vikki and asks her had she heard from Todd. Vikki questions her if they had found anything out about Todd’s son. Blair calls Mrs. Bromley, but cannot seem to reach her. Blair begins to put all the pieces together. Blair notices the notepad on the table and after marking across it, she sees the address as to where Todd could have gone. Blair goes in search of Todd. Rex fills Michael in as to what had happened in Chicago. Jessica explains everything that had happened the night that she and Nash were at the quarry. Antonio questions Jessica as to what had happened at the quarry. Vikki asks Natalie if Vincent is going to be a big part of her new life. Jessica passes out. Antonio calls for a doctor. Blair goes in search of Todd at the abandoned building. They show Todd’s cell phone stashed in a corner. Blair bends down and sees blood on the floor. A man comes up behind her with a gun pointed at her and he tells her to get up slowly.

Michael comes up and wants to know what had happened. They get Jessica into an exam room. Jessica comes to and wants to know what had happened. Michael tells Jessica that he is going to run some tests. The police continues to hold a gun on Blair. The officer demands to know where Todd is. Blair fills the officer in. Blair orders the officer to help her find Todd or that blood is going to be on his hands. Vikki gets a call that Jessica had collapsed at the hospital. The officer gathers information from the crime scene. Blair fills the officer in as to what has been happening. Blair refuses to leave Chicago without Todd. Nash watches the door, but Jessica is a no-show. As she starts to leave the room, she looks down and sees a pic of herself, Starr and Jack.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

The show opens up with a prostitute and someone that we don't know who it is. By the middle of the show the girl is killed. Ethan goes to see Sam after Theresa leaves him. He tells Sam what Theresa has to do. Sam says not to give up. Ivy over hears them talking. She goes to see Julian. Eve talks with Julian about their son. She admits that she should have never gone back to T.C. Afterwards Eve goes to see Sam. Sam tells her about the killing of the prostitute. Theresa goes to see Jared and tells him that she wants to have his baby now. Jared is released right before Ethan gets there to see Theresa. Fancy gets the job as a prison guard. Luis discovers that Sheridan is his new cellmate after the kiss. He tells her to leave and doesn't want to see her.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Everyone finds out what happened to Phyllis and are angry when they find out that it was Brad who had her charged. Jack is angry with Sharon for not telling him about the blackmail. Phyllis is released on bail and Nick, Lauren and Michael try to comfort her. She is really worried about going to jail. Victoria tries to lessen the fallout by asking Neil to resign his seat on the board, but he refuses. Nikki meets with her campaign team to discuss how this can help them with their campaign. It turns out that Nikki put Brad up to laying the charges against Phyllis. When she is alone with David she gives him permission to do what he can to make Jack look bad.

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