Monday 4/30/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/30/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Hannah continues to comfort Kendall in Zachís office as Zach watches.  Zach remembers his conversation with Hannah in which she had been discussing his fatherís past indiscretions.  Kendall gets up and hugs Zach.  Zach tells them that he needs to talk to Kendall.  Ryan searches for Jonathan at ConFusion and Del tells him that Jonathan didnít come in to work as he was supposed to.  Jonathan arrives home and is startled by Annie.  Jonathan tells Annie that he had gone for a run.  Annie doesnít quite believe him.  Jonathan tells Annie that old man Cambias is dead and he cannot hurt anyone ever again.  Tad questions the couple in the house as to where Janet has gone.  They believe that Janet is gone with the baby and has stolen the coupleís car.  Tad notifies the police.  Colby tells Krystal to pull the trigger.  Massive chaos erupts between Adam, Krystal, J.R., and Babe.  The couple fills Tad in on the adoption procedure that they went through.  Tad asks the couple about the baby.  Aidan arrives and tells the couple that they should wait outside for the police.  Tad becomes angry and throws something through the window.  They manage to get the gun away from Krystal.  Colby insists that Jenny is part of this family and Adam is not only hurting Jenny, but he is killing all of them.  Colby urges Adam to stop this and bring Jenny home.  Derek arrives at the house and fills Tad in as to what is going on with the roadblocks, etc.  Dale offers Ryan a drink, but Ryan remains concerned about Jonathanís whereabouts.  Jonathan continues to play with the children.  Annie asks Jonathan about going to work, but Jonathan tells her that he played hookie tonight.  Annie asks Jonathan how he knew that Cambias had been shot and he tells her that he had heard it on the radio.  Josh tells Hannah that her secret was safe with him.  Zach assures Kendall that she is safe now.  Zach tells Josh to take Kendall home and stay with her until he gets home.  Hannah realizes that she had made a big mistake in asking Zach how he would have reacted if he had known she was expecting a child.  Ryan arrives home.  He begins to kiss Annie and Emma yells for Annie.  Annie and Ryan go to her side.  Emma points at a gun lying on the floor.  Amanda wants to continue to look for Janet, but Jamie orders her not to go anywhere until Janet contacts her.  J.R. tells Adam that he can turn this whole thing around, but he cannot even get out of here.  Adam orders J.R. out of his way. 

Jamie tells Amanda that the minute that Adam ran them off the road, she could have come to him.  Amanda lets him know that Adam had scared her with his threats.  Derek shows the couple a picture of Janet.  Tad asks Adam if his important meeting was with Janet.  Krystal assures Adam that it is not too late to help.  Adam still denies knowing where Janet is.  Tad promises that Adam will pay for this.  Krystal starts to leave the room, but Adam mumbles, ďKrystal.Ē  They both look at each other.  Krystal then slaps Adamís face.  Adam tries not to smile as she leaves the room.  Ryan holds the gun in his hands.  Annie asks him if the gun has been fired.  Annie thinks that Jonathan shot Alexander.  Annie tells Ryan that she is not staying at Wildwind tonight.  Ryan agrees with her.  Jonathan comes in and sees Ryan with the gun.  Jonathan asks Ryan where he got the gun.  Jonathan acts as though he doesnít know anything as to where the gun came from.  Jonathan suggests that they get rid of the gun.  Jonathan asks Ryan if he believed that he shot Cambias.  Zach tells Hannah that he did not shoot his father.  Adam looks at a picture of himself and his family.  He is deep in thought.  Janet is on the run with Jenny. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack tells Margo that Katie stayed overnight with Brad at an Inn outside of town. Margo thinks Jack should just talk to Katie to clear the air instead of being the strong silent type. Katie dreams of Jack, but she wakes up hungover in bed with Brad. Gwen worries that Adam and/or Jade will always be after them to hurt them. Cleo tells Jade that she is not leaving town and will continue on with their plan for her to become Gwen alone. Brad drops his towel in front of Katie. Brad tries to convince Katie that Jack will remain unavailable in the love department for the foreseeable future. Cleo pretends to give in to Jade and will leave town, meanwhile she is completely hung up on Will. Will lies about not having class and goes to find Jade. He threatens Jade to stay away from them. Katie has a plan, which involves syrup. Cleo lets herself back into Will and Gwen’s and dresses up as Gwen. Katie goes to the Farm to see Jack, but when he is not there, she pretends it is no big deal. Jack goes to see Katie at WOAK, but finds Brad and lets him know he doesn’t appreciate the game he is playing. Brad explains that his and Katie’s relationship changed when he ended up naked in front of her; he thinks she liked it; Katie walks up wondering what she liked? Barbara walks in on Cleo, as Gwen, and has a conversation with her. They have an interesting exchange, but Barbara leaves happy and positive about ‘Gwen’s’ new outlook on life. Jade and Gwen have another run-in. Jade then sees Barbara, who is borderline nice, thanks to the conversation she just had with ‘Gwen’ at their home. A shocked Jade realizes that Barbara talked with Cleo. Cleo (still dressed as Gwen) is rushing out of Will and Gwen’s house when she runs into Will.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick cajoles Taylor that he seems to think he has something to do today, but what was it? She reminds him it is his wedding day. He can’t believe he has to spend his wedding night at the hospital in a little room with magazines and a specimen cup. Lt. Baker informs Taylor of the good news that with the restraining order Shane should be no problem to her or Phoebe. Rick has second thoughts abut being the best man, but Brooke and Bridget urge him to do it. Nick tells Storm that his sister is his past. Ridge acts edgy and indecisive with his designs in front of Felicia. Stephanie whispers for him to get himself together, and has to intercede on the phone when the police call to notify them they know nothing about Shane McGrath’s whereabouts. Taylor blabs to Donna, Jackie and Phoebe about the night’s hospital visit to start in vitro. Brooke can think of nothing else – all she can see is Taylor and Nick at the altar. So why didn’t she appreciate Nick when she had him? Bridget tries to convince her that it is too late, but Brooke darts out supposedly headed to the wedding anyway. Jackie admits to Nick that she was wrong. Brooke isn’t the only woman for him; she sees that he really loves Taylor.

The body of a young, blonde male is found in Santa Monica Bay. Lt. Baker identifies the photo as Shane; smells like murder to him. Nick is shocked to see Brooke at the church while he is dressing for the wedding. She knows what she is doing is the right thing for both of them. She kisses him and begs him to tell her that he loves her and won’t do this, won’t go through with the wedding.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn’s attempt to get a loan from Duck to get off the island faster is interrupted when Philip surprises Belle at their room. The sheriff refuses to honor Philip’s court order insisting that they work things out among themselves. Philip convinces Duck to let him rent a room by offering triple the rent. Hope visits Willow in jail in an effort to convince her to sign over her parental rights. Willow refuses the request and calls Nick to come visit.

Sami tells Lucas and Kate that she didn’t recognize the man in the bathroom. Kate checks the bathroom once Lucas and Maggie determine no one is there and finds EJ’s business card on the floor. Sami faints in Lucas’ arms and he rushes her to the hospital. Kate gets Sami’s blood pressure dangerously high when she confronts her but Lucas throws her out. Celeste demands that EJ hold up his part of their deal by telling her where Lexie is but EJ decides to keep that information secret still. Kate eavesdrops on Celeste calling Sami and claiming that she couldn’t find EJ.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Logan is not grateful for Lulu's "help" when he is involved in a shooting. She goes back to the reception and forces her guys to be nice to each other. Lady Jane distracts Jax from his phone experiment, so Craig gets away without being caught by his brother, but he does run into his mom. After she gets over her shock at his changed face, he swears her to secrecy. Sonny and Amelia have sex, but agree that it's a one shot deal, never to be mentioned again. Emily and Nikolas wish that they could make their time together last. A very drunk Sam rambles about weddings back at home with Jason. Carly and Jax leave for Fiji.

GL Recap Written by Dani

While spending time with both mom and dad Daisy receives an email from Buzz. Not believing it is for real Daisy reveals that Buzz has emailed his wedding invitation to her. All have a laugh at Buzz’s quirky ways . Daisy is saddened realizing she doesn’t have anything to wear. Dylan and Harley offer to take her shopping. As a family they go to Main Street and buy a dress that both parents and Daisy are happy with. Back in Dylan’s suite he gives mother and daughter matching necklaces that has Daisy’s birthstone on it. Both are touched that he is trying so hard to get Daisy and Harley to bond. Dylan and Harley remember the days when they were younger. Each compliment the other regardless of mistakes that were made. Daisy is reveling in her parents getting along. Harley becomes concerned when she doesn’t hear from Gus. Daisy tries to get Harley’s mind off Gus saying “forget Gus, aren’t we having a good time?” Harley calls anyway.

Gus and Natalia catch up Gus disclosing much more information than Natalia simply due to the drama that incased his entire adult life. When Harley calls and interrupts Gus lies and says he is on the scene of an accident. Harley asks him to come to the Beacon. At the Beacon and alone Harley steps out of the bathroom in a sexy dress and apologizes for the argument they had earlier.

Mallet goes to the hospital to sit with Blake for a while. Mallet talks to her comatose body about his past and his regret and how badly his past has hurt Dinah. Just before leaving Mallet leans over Blake to say good bye and she opens her eyes. Cyrus holds Marina at gunpoint. Marina doubts he is going to get the money from the warehouse because only cops can get in. “I know” he says proudly producing a police uniform . They continue to talk after he dresses in the uniform. Cyrus is ready to go to the warehouse but he and Marina run into a stranger in the hall and he goes back to the room deciding it would be better to go alone.

Dinah goes to Matt’s room tidying up and pouring out booze. Matt has become a slob and is falling apart. Dinah tries to be kind and comforting to her step-father. Matt becomes suspicious asking why Dinah is being so nice to him because she has never liked him and certainly never been his friend. Matt retrieves a hidden bottle of Jack Daniel’s and drinks against Dinah’s advice.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Evangeline sits alone in the living room. She yells at Chris as to what he is looking for. He comes out of the bedroom with a timer. Nash and Jessica have made love in her office. They lie closely together. She starts to get up, but Nash stops her and starts to kiss her again. Cole holds his hand out for Starr to dance with him. Todd lies beside Blair in the bed and they begin to kiss. She reaches up and his back is covered with blood. She wakes up with a start and realizes that it was only a dream. Todd is attacked from behind and stabbed.

The masked man searches Todd’s pockets and leaves him for dead. Blair tries to call Todd and leaves him for dead. Talia visits Jaime in the hospital. Talia brings Jaime a gift and tells her that it is from the “Sugar Plum Fairy.” Jessica looks at her wedding ring as she dresses to leave Nash. Jessica tells Nash that they should have waited. Evangeline and Christian pull away from each other. Evangeline looks at the pregnancy test to see if she is pregnant or not. Chris questions her if they are having a baby or not. Evangeline finds out that she is not pregnant.

Talia argues with Antonio that this situation with Nash has domestic disturbance written all over it. Talia wonders what Jaime will do when they lead Antonio away in handcuffs. Jessica and Nash kiss and he tells her that he loves her. Jessica tells him that if he continues to kiss her then she won’t leave him. They make plans for that night at Rodi’s. Evangeline’s phone rings and it is Blair. Blair wants to know if she had heard from Todd. Blair fills Evangeline in on the situation there. Blair tells him that she had fallen asleep and when she woke up, Todd was gone. Evangeline tells Blair that she had not heard from Todd. Todd continues to hear the baby cry. He becomes conscious just long enough to go through a basket which reveals a doll and a tape recorder which is the sound of the baby crying. Todd falls to the floor once again. Cole and Starr once again argue over their break-up. Cole starts to kiss Starr, but Starr stops him. Cole demands to know what Starr wants from him. Britney takes a call from Henry and she finds that he had received a picture of her dancing with a boy at a party. Henry questions her if she had been using him. Henry deletes the paper that he had just typed on the computer. Henry tells her that if she expects to pass then she will have to work with him. Evangeline and Chris argue over Todd. Evangeline comes to the conclusion that Chris was only getting close to her again because he thought she was carrying his child. Talia tells Antonio not to underestimate Nash. Talia leaves . She bumps into Jessica in the hall outside Jaime’s room. Jessica drops a bracelet that she carries in her hand. Talia picks it up and hands it back to Jessica. Jessica goes into Jaime’s room. Antonio gives her a kiss. He sees the necklace in her hand. Jessica tells him that she can’t wear that, that she has to give it back to him. Antonio is puzzled. Blair calls Todd once again. He is awake and tries to reach the phone, but he can’t. He begins to mumble something to let Blair know that he is there. Evangeline realizes that Chris is all torn up over her not being pregnant. Evangeline tells Chris that she still wants him in her life. Chris walks out on her. Evangeline once again, looks at the pregnancy test. Britney lets Henry know how much she really despises him and that she was only using him to write her paper. Jessica tells Antonio that she cannot keep the bracelet. Jessica tells Antonio that when she had left the courthouse and went to the quarry, she wasn’t alone. Blair urges Todd to tell her where he is. The masked man stands over Todd.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Simone talks Jessica out of leaving Harmony to run away from Spike, who wants to sell their baby when it's born.  Simone thinks she shouold stay with the people who love her.  Noah gives Paloma hope as she is devastated over her brothers, Luis and Miguel, being in prison.  Fancy goes in disguise to interview to be a guard at the prison where Luis is being held.  She is worried that she's been found out when another guard seems to recognize her from Luis' trial.  Sheridan sinks to a new low when she hires Spike to help her get closer to Luis.  After being harassed by a guard at the prison, Luis is visited by his brother, Antonio, who visits him as an angel to try and give him hope and strength.  Ethan and Theresa try to track down the blackmailer in the mansion.  Theresa tells Ethan that the blackmailer wants her to have Jared's baby.  Ethan won't let that happen, but Theresa tells him she must do it for her brothers and tells him goodbye.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

It is Nick and Phyllis’ wedding day. Phyllis is worried when she can’t get in contact with Nick. Michael and Lauren try to assure her that he loves her and will be there for the wedding. Finally he shows up with a gift for Phyllis. Even though he was feeling uncertain about the wedding earlier, he is sure now and tells her how much he wants to marry her. They make love. Sharon and Jack tell Noah that they are moving into Jack’s house. Noah doesn’t want to move and he doesn’t want to go to the wedding unless Sharon goes too. She asks Phyllis if it’s okay and she says it is. Victor is angry when Nikki tells him that she hired David for her campaign. Lily doesn’t really want to go to the wedding but ends up going for Daniel’s sake. Jack thinks back to his wedding day with Phyllis and is upset. Nick and Phyllis are finally married. On her way out of the chapel, Phyllis is placed under arrest!

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