Friday 4/27/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/27/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall comes rushing into Zach’s office.  She confronts Josh as to whether or not he had seen Zach since that morning when she was there.  Kendall tells Josh that Alexander Cambias, Sr. was being transferred to the state hospital today.  She goes around Zach’s desk, and sees the picture of her with the needle tied to her neck.  The writing read, “See you again, soon, son.”  Kendall is devastated because she thinks that Zach has gone after his father.  Derek and other police officers kneel over the body of Alexander Cambias.  Zach shows up and sees that his father has been shot.  Ryan calls Tad and asks him about the story on television and asks if is true about Jenny.  Tad confirms that it is.  Ryan offers his help.  The couple arrives to take the baby (Jenny) from Janet while she is on the phone with Amanda.  Krystal comes to visit Adam with a gun and she orders him to give up the game.  He orders her off his property.  He slams the door in her face.  She shoots the lock off the door and demands to know from Adam where her daughter is.  Adam still denies knowing where her baby is.  Amanda fills Tad, Jaime, and J.R. in on the phone call that she had with her Mother.  Janet orders the couple to leave her house and tries to call Adam with no luck.  Hannah comes into the office and lets Josh and Kendall know that Alexander has been shot.  Derek orders the officers to find out whatever info they can about who could have shot Alexander.  Derek wonders why Zach is here.  Annie relives the pain that she had felt when Emma was missing.  Zach bends down to speak a few words to Alexander as he lies, bleeding on the ground.  Derek comes back and Zach tells him to call an ambulance for his father.  Kendall is extremely worried that Zach has gone after Alexander and shot him.  Ryan comes in with a paper in his hand, and he tells Annie that Alexander has been shot.  Annie asks Ryan if he thinks that Jonathan could have shot him. 

Babe, J.R., and Colby arrive at the mansion and begin to look for Krystal.  Babe notices some broken glass on the bar, and fears the worst.  Krystal has taken Adam into the tunnels of the house.  Tad, Jaime, and Amanda arrive at the cabin where Janet has been staying to find the couple still there, but Janet and Jenny gone.  Colby finds Adam and Krystal in the tunnels.  She is shocked to see Krystal pointing a gun at her father.  Colby tries to reason with both Adam and Krystal.  When Colby sees that she cannot reason with Krystal, she steps in front of Adam as J.R. and Babe come up behind Krystal.  The camera shows the killer with an empty bullet casing in his/her gloved hand.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily is optimistic after her talk with Allison, but Dusty brings her back to reality. Allison assumes Paul’s ‘job’ for her is sex for money; Paul is shocked and sets her straight, but does ask her to keep it quiet. Paul gives Allison $100 for motivation. Emily takes Allison’s tips, but isn’t aware of the extra money she has. Emily and Allison have a girl’s night out, but a former John interrupts them. Dusty ushers the man out; Emily and Dusty claim he was a former employee obsessed with Emily. Emily and Dusty grow closer. Allison purchases more drugs. Lucinda and Paul join up to bring Craig down; Paul tells her that he is going to need Allison’s help. Lucinda is leery so goes to see Allison, but not before calling the clinic where Rosanna is. Craig flirts with Meg, who acts as if she isn’t interested in order to reel him in further. At the farm, Meg lets Craig kiss her, as Holden walks in on them and is disgusted. Paul is upset when he overhears this and tells Meg she is out of the scheme.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick gives Taylor a new nameplate for her door – Taylor Marone. Less than twenty four hours from now, that is who she will be. She fills him in that even Brooke stopped by and gave her stamp of approval. She laments that Brooke came in waving the white flag and it was the most sane conversation they ever had. Bridget calls and informs her that their first choice donor is available and she’d like Taylor to come in to start her hormone shots. Nick quips he thinks he can rise to the occasion. Ridge manages to sidestep any more questions from Lt. Baker as to Shane or the sudden finding of the cell phone on his floor. Stephanie comes in and goes along with the ruse that it is hers. She even urges Ridge to let the police take over from here and handle anything they might find on Shane harassing Phoebe. Nick surprises Rick by asking him to be his best man. Initially he declines but later accepts when Brooke urges him to reconsider with her blessings. Ashley admits to Stephanie that she will steer clear of any mention of Shane, Rick or Brooke, sore spots to Ridge. Stephanie suggests nothing inappropriate, but that she and Ridge ought to get away for the weekend.

Dr. Caron has a family emergency so Taylor is handed over to Dr. Kimbrough who will be doing the procedure. Ridge whines to Stephanie that he can’t pretend to be normal when there is a time bomb right in the middle of Santa Monica Bay. She suggests to him too that he needs to get away a few days on vacation, some new scenery. She reiterates that he is not a murderer. It was an accident. Shane was determined to kill himself. It’s unfortunate but he’s dead and he’s going to stay dead at the bottom of Santa Monica Bay.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo and Hope call Shawn and Belle. Hope tells Shawn about Willow’s pregnancy and helps him realize that the baby could be his. Hope and Bo discuss requesting Willow give up her baby to them. Bo confronts Billie about the security system installation and finds the listening device still on the porch when Billie suspects Philip. Bo warns Shawn that Philip is on his way. Belle wants to stay on the island and face Philip.


Kate asks Lucas to help her find EJ in order to save Mythic and insists that Sami knows where EJ is hiding. Lucas doesn’t care about Mythic and defends Sami. Billie confronts Kate about the listening devices but Kate denies knowing where Philip is. Sami shows Celeste the suitcase and asks her to try and talk to EJ on Sami’s behalf. Sami joins Lucas at Chez Rouge but becomes physically ill when Kate accuses her of having drugged Lucas. Sami finds EJ’s body in the ladies room.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly and Jax marry with Sonny looking on. Lulu and her three suitors barely get inside to see them pronounced man and wife; Lulu had to take a break to chew them out for fighting over her, again. Ned wins money from Big Alice and Edward thanks to the wedding's success. Lulu catches the bouquet. Jason gets the garter and lets Spinelli have it. Both Robin and Patrick and Emily and Nikolas manage to sneak in a kiss covertly. Sonny orders a bottle of Scotch and asks Amelia to his room. When "Jerry" (Craig) calls Jax, Jax can hear the wedding reception music in the background, making him believe his brother is there to surprise him.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Harley and Gus plan their day and errands while walking around the hospital after dropping off Jude. Every time Gus mentions doing something for Daisy Harley takes on the chore herself not wanting Gus to have anything to do with Daisy. When they run into Daisy she swipes Harley’s keys when Harley isn’t looking. The couple go to Company and are moving boxes out of a storage room and discover the keys are missing. Harley believes she left them at Cedars. Before Harley can go back to Cedars she and Gus get into a huge argument over his role in parenting the children specifically Daisy. They also argue over Dylan’s role in their family life. Daisy takes the car and drives to Chicago where she visits with Natalia. Lying Daisy tells her she is planning a party for Gus and would love for her to come. Natalia declines. Daisy returns to the hospital out of breathe to find Gus waiting on her. He knows she stole the car again and tells her he is not going to lie for her anymore. Gus makes him a cup of coffee at CO2 practicing what he is going to say to Harley when a car runs off the road and hit’s a light pole. Gus rushes over to help the driver who collapses in Gus’s arms. Gus instantly recognizes his high school love. Natalia he whispers. Alan Michael starts his day by terrorizing Olivia leading her to believe he has turned her into the police for holding him captive. While Olivia rushes to Jeffery’s room Alan Michael tells Buzz at Company about what Olivia and Jeffery did. Buzz kicks him out not taking him seriously. Buzz decides to take charge of his life with Olivia and plans an impromptu wedding set for next week, he even designs a wedding invitation online and emails it to their guests. Olivia is shocked but happy to learn of the wedding. She agrees, yes they will get married next week.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Christian barges into Evangeline’s apartment. He insists that she is not taking this pregnancy test alone. She insists that until she finds out for sure that she is pregnant that this is none of his business. The kids from school enjoy a luau party at one of the student’s homes. Blair comforts Todd as best as she can. Todd gets a call from Starr. Todd wants to know if she is having a party. Starr tells Todd that Cole, also, is attending the party. Natalie visits Jaime at the hospital when John comes to visit. In John’s arm is a stuffed lamb. Nash comes up to them. Natalie wants to know what he is doing here. Jessica sits by Jaime’s bedside and talks to her. Jessica encourages Jaime not to worry about anything, but getting better. Antonio promises to give her a big party when she gets home from the hospital. Natalie blasts Nash for being there, stalking Jessica. Natalie tells John that she had quit at the police station. Layla arrives home and finds a man in her apartment. Christian insists to Evangeline that they are in this together. Christian gets the idea that Evangeline doesn’t know who the father of her baby is. Blair orders Starr to stay away from Cole Starr tells them to be careful. Jessica gets a call on her cell phone. Jaime still wants Jessica to be her Mother. Jessica tells Antonio that she has to go to work. Jessica thanks Antonio for understanding about everything. As Jessica starts to leave, she runs into Natalie. Natalie tells Jessica that Nash was just there. John wants to know why she had quit. Natalie tells John that she is going to work at Buchanan Enterprises. John tells her that he feels that she is making a mistake. Christian and Evangeline begin to argue as to who the father of her baby could be. Evangeline orders Christian out. Christian apologizes to her. Vincent checks up on Layla as to how she is doing .Evangeline begs Christian to stop pushing her. Todd leaves the hotel room as Blair sleeps. Antonio, watching Jaime sleep, remembers the last conversation that he had had with Jaime. Jessica is on the phone at work when there is a knock on the door and it is Nash.

Jessica confronts Nash that she thought that Natalie had tossed him out. Jessica suggests that he stay away for awhile. Jessica tells Nash that she just cannot leave Antonio right now. Natalie tells John that they should all three go in there to see Jaime together. John and Natalie both smile right now. Evangeline goes to take the pregnancy test. Todd searches through an old dilapidated building. He sees a door and begins to bang on it. Nash tells Jessica that he wants her now. Jessica turns around, walks over to the door and locks it. She goes back to Nash and they begin to kiss. Todd knocks the door down which leads to the room as he hears a baby cry. Henry leaves Britney a message telling her that he had finished her paper. Cole and Starr argue and she begs him to please don’t. Natalie and John go in to visit Jaime. Jessica and Nash make love on her desk in her office. Todd continues to hear a baby cry. He is attacked from behind by a masked man.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Sam goes to the prison to tell Luis about Fancy quitting the force. When he gets there he sees the guard helping the other inmate beat up Luis. Sam stops it. Fancy's friend Esme is back and tells what has happened. Esme tells Fancy that she saw Pretty. Paloma tries to make Noah dinner and its horrible. Noah was polite enough to eat it. He also comforts her about her brothers. Ivy goes and sees Sheridan. She discovers how evil Sheridan is being. After the talk she goes and sees Fancy. Theresa tries to escape from the blackmailer. She says she will do anything to save Ethan. The blackmailer tells her that she has to have Jared's baby. Ethan manages to escape at the last second. Ethan then goes and saves Theresa. He chased her and the blackmailer. When he finally gets to Theresa she says they can never be together.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nikki and Victoria don’t go to Phyllis and Nick’s rehearsal dinner. They are all uncomfortable because of the tension between Nick and Phyllis. Nikki leaks Jack and Sharon’s marriage to the public. David retaliates by releasing a video of Nikki from when she was a stripper. When Jack finds out it was David who released it, he fires him. Victor is proud of Jack for doing that. Later, Nikki sees David and wants to hire him to consult on her campaign. Nikki and Victoria confront Sharon about the video. Sharon says that Phyllis marrying into their family is the perfect revenge. Gloria, William and Kevin have dinner together. Gloria brings up the Jabot case a few times, fishing for information. Michael comes home and is surprised to see William there since he told Gloria to stay away from him. He warns her that her behavior may make William suspicious. Phyllis is having a hard time with how Nick is acting towards her. Lauren tries to make her feel better. Sharon agrees to move in with Jack. He talks to the spirit of his father who tells him how proud he is of him.

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