Thursday 4/26/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/26/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

The camera shows a black-gloved hand, loading the clip of a revolver.  Hannah is extremely upset as she runs into Josh at work.  She tells him that the next time that he is late for work he will be fired.  Kendall comes into Zach’s office, and is nervous wreck because today is the day that Alexander Cambias, Sr. will be transported to the insane asylum.  Tad is frantic that there is no clue as to where his daughter, Jenny could be.  Krystal prepares to go home from the hospital without her daughter.  Erica visits Adam and insists that he let her in and that she will not leave until he does.  Tad says a special prayer to Dixie that she help him get through this.  The head of the Coast Guard notifies Tad that the yacht has been found.  Krystal finds out from Amanda that Janet has her little daughter. 

The police arrive at Adam’s to question him as well as to search the premises.  Erica confronts Adam as to how he thought he could get away with this.  Bianca and Zoe go back to the stage of “New Beginnings,” because this is the place that Zoe introduced herself to the world.  Kendall is frantic that Alexander Cambias, Sr. will escape from police custody on his way to the insane asylum.  Zach receives a brown manila envelope and inside is a picture of Kendall when Alexander Cambias, Sr. had the needle taped to her throat. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry is jealous of Brad because Vienna agreed to meet him at a country in but later Henry figures out that Katie set up a romantic night to get him back together with Vienna. Vienna doesn't go to the inn even though Henry wants to go with her. Vienna tells Henry she won't settle for less then his love. Vienna gets Maddie's mind off Casey by giving her a facial and having a nice long girl talk. Henry realizes what a special woman Vienna is when he fids out what she did for Maddie. Margo urges Jack to start a relationship with Katie . Jack feels jealous when Brad calls and tells him he is going to spend the night at the inn and then Jack hears Katie's voice over the phone talking to Brad. Parker tells Faith he likes her and they decide it is good not to face their problems alone. Jade decides to put an end to the plan when Gwen and Will discover she sent a fake e-mail from Carly. Cleo disobeys Jade and is determined to find some way to make the plan work.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor shares with Phoebe the in vitro plan and Phoebe jokes that she will be all ready to be the babysitter. Taylor tells Nick the sooner they find the donor, the sooner they can have a baby. She pulls up some profiles to show him to pick a surrogate mommy. Bridget argues with Rick over this issue; she needs some backing in talking sense into her mother. She gives the good news to Brooke that she can carry Nick’s baby. Brooke laments it is too late, he doesn’t want to have a baby with her. He has truly moved on and she will have to accept this. Ashley tells Ridge not to apologize – he can kiss her as much as he wants. He doesn’t have to hide his feelings or pretend he’s not getting over someone else. She knows he is going through something and she’d like to be his friend and help. He thinks of Shane’s shooting and the cover-up. Rick apologizes to Phoebe; that she was right and he was wrong. Nick is in love with her mother and his mother will bow out. Brooke pops in on Taylor. She wants to admit to her that it is over with her and Nick. With the in vitro, she sees how devoted he is to Taylor and she will never be an issue again.

Lt. Baker walks in unexpectedly on Ridge and Ashley and tells him he is there to talk to him about Shane McGrath. He’s surprised that his ex-wife hasn’t discussed any restraining order about Phoebe with him. He repeats what Mr. Marone said about taking care of the problem. He wants to assure Ridge if there is one, to please let the police handle it. Then a suddenly unexpected phone goes off and Ridge retrieves it from the floor. It’s Shane's cell with his photo ID on it. Baker remarks that Ridge looks like he has seen a ghost.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena tells Hope about Belle’s call once Hope ushers Marlena out onto the porch in hopes they won’t be overheard. Hope and Marlena don’t realize that Philip has a camera and microphone hidden on the porch as well and overhears the mention of Shawn and Belle being in Tinda Lau. Hope mistakes an FBI expert sweeping the house for listening devices as an intruder.

Belle apologizes to Shawn for not trusting him. Belle decides that it’s time she and Shawn make love. Kayla fears EJ is headed for Steve and wants to get herself committed so she can break Steve out from the inside. Bo tries to talk her out of it. Sami gets a mysterious phone call where no one speaks. Lucas playfully challenges Sami to an underwear race down the hall but Sami tricks Lucas and locks him out of the room. Sami finds her charred suitcase hidden under the covers and sees it as a sign from EJ.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason arrives back in town in time for Carly's wedding. Lulu helps Carly prepare for her role as bride. Max wishes Carly all the best and provides the missing blue element for the old, new, borrowed, and blue good luck rhyme. The boys intend to avoid the wedding and keep their dad company, but Sonny urges them to go ahead and attend. Mr. Craig politely, but firmly, refuses to escort Alexis to the wedding and listens to Jax's voice messages without responding. Luke asks Sonny not to let Skye be harmed when he kills Lorenzo, which Luke, wrongly, assumes will be on the wedding day. Ned offers be Alexis' date for the wedding. She accepts. Everyone worries when Carly is late to the wedding, but she arrives. Craig peeks through the window at the Jax family. Sonny shows up just as the Wedding March begins.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Dinah struggles with guilt over her part in the stolen money while Vanessa and matt argue in their suite. Vanessa kicks Matt out after learning that he used Maureen's trust fund as collateral . Matt blames Dinah and demands to know where to find Cyrus. Vanessa shows up with Matt's suitcases in hand telling him she cannot live with him right now. Cyrus stays by Marina's side but does call 911. When medics arrive he slips behind a stack of boxes after slipping the money out of the suitcase Marina has handcuffed to her. At the hospital Frank is devastated when he learns it was a bullet from his gun that hit Marina. Marina is upset to discover the stolen money was still in Cyrus´ hands but believes she wouldn't be alive if it had not been for him. Cassie vents to Reva about the troubles she is having dealing with Josh and his situation. Reva goes to the prison for another conjugal visit. Josh is glad to see her but then doesn't feel it is a good idea. Reva ignores him when he asks her to leave and produces a bottle of whiskey that she slipped past the guards in her purse. Josh gives in and they laugh together and chug from the bottle. Cassie goes to Chicago to spy on Alan after learning from Lizzie that Alan and Beth are going to make an honest go of their relationship.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie tells Bo that she quits her job at the police station. Bo sees through it and knows that she is doing it because of John. John meets up with Marty in the Palace Hotel dining room. They first drink at the bar and then they take a table. They talk about Cole and how that John had never been able to be a teenager after his father had died. John believes anymore that there is no going forward. Layla and Christian have a chat in Angel Square. Miles date (prostitute) arrives.

After talking with Vincent, Natalie knows exactly what she is going to do with the rest of her life. The prostitute guides Miles in the fine points of lovemaking. When the prostitute leaves Miles’ room, she is confronted by Renee, who orders her not to come back to her hotel again. Natalie comes to visit Asa, and tells him that she wants to come to work for him at Buchanan Enterprises. Christian has a talk with Evangeline in the park, and he sees that the bag she holds, indeed holds a pregnancy test.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Luis gets into a fight with an inmate. Fancy has a feeling that Luis is in danger. She also quits the police force. Sheridan reminisces about Luis and calls someone to do a job. Teresa is with the blackmailer and they see Ethan trapped in a room and the walls are closing in. Teresa antagonizes the blackmailer. The blackmailer breaks down. Ethan tries to stop the walls by propping the wall. The blackmailer gets very angry. Than Ethan's plan doesn't work. Kay takes Maria to see Miguel and Miguel wants Kay and Maria to be with Fox.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Colleen tells Brad that the move to Paris is off. Adrian tries to find out why the job offer was rescinded. He is surprised to find out that no one else has been offered the job. David is shocked to hear that Jack and Sharon got married. He suggests they keep it a secret until after the election. Nick is uneasy about his wedding. Lauren and Michael host Phyllis’ bridal shower. All does not go well. Nick tells Victoria about Phyllis knowing about the affair and blackmailing Brad. She goes to Lauren’s and confronts Phyllis. Nikki and Victoria leave. When they go back to the office, Nikki tells Victor what is going on. He punches Brad in the mouth and tells him he has messed with the wrong family. Phyllis asks Lauren and Michael to stand up for her at her wedding since Nikki and Victoria no longer want to. Nikki and Victoria decide to hide the fact that Phyllis blackmailed Brad from Victor until they need to use the information. Nikki thinks of leaking Jack’s marriage to Sharon to the media. Noah doesn’t want to go to the rehearsal, he wants to go to a friend’s birthday party. Nick and Jack talk to him and they reach a compromise. When Phyllis, Lauren and Michael get to the chapel, no one else is there and Phyllis is worried. Everyone eventually shows up but there is a lot of hostility in the room.

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