Wednesday 4/25/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/25/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica, Bianca and Zoe arrive at the Valley Inn. Erica acts as though they are just going to have a quiet dinner before they leave town. Everyone gathers around and yells, “surprise.” Bianca hugs Erica. Ryan and Annie arrive for the celebration. Annie is surprised by one of the, “Dancing With The Stars” stars, who have arrived to give Annie her own private dance lessons. Jaime demands to know from Amanda as to where her Mother is. He demands for her to tell him if she knows where Janet is. Amanda insists that she doesn’t know where Crystal’s baby is. Babe and J.R. arrive and Babe orders Jaime to leave Amanda alone. Tad is on the phone and he tells the person to stay on Adam. Tad looks in on Crystal. Crystal dreams that Adam comes into her room and calls the baby, Charlotte. Adam tells her to get dressed so they can take their baby home. Tad assures Crystal that they will find Jenny. Adam demands to know from Colby as to who had poisoned her mind against him. Colby insists that she loves him. Colby tells him to give the baby back if he will give the baby back. Josh lets Jack know that Erica had kicked Jeff to the curb. Kendall wants to know how she is going to do this here without Bianca. Greenlee arrives at the party unbeknownst to anyone there. She remembers when she had told Kendall that she was her sister. Crystal dreams that Adam tells her that she has no baby and holds her back from going to look for Jenny. Adam tells Colby that if she thinks that he had taken the baby then call the police and report him. Amanda assures Babe that her Mother would never hurt a child. Amanda owns up that she does know something. Tad finds out from Amanda that Adam could have stashed Jenny with a mental patient. Colby refuses to call the police on Adam. She suggests that he give the baby to her and she will take it back to Crystal. Adam refuses to help Colby. Ava arrives on the set of “New Beginnings.” Ava, pretending to be Lilly, asks a sound man where Erica is. Ava helps herself to some of the jewelry. Lilly tells Kendall and Bianca about Ava. Tad continues to question Amanda as to what she remembers before the blindfold. Colby comes in and tells the group that she may know where they are.

Adam calls Amanda and continues to harass and threatens Amanda. Amanda asks wants to talk to her Mother. J.R. listens to Amanda’s conversation on the phone. Crystal looks into the nursery which has been tied off from anyone entering. Joe comes up. Crystal asks Joe does he hate her. Joe tries to comfort Crystal. Zoe and Bianca hurry to the hospital to comfort Babe., Bianca goes into Crystal’s room and finds her crying. Bianca tries to comfort her. Zoe suggests that she and Bianca will stay in Pine Valley until they find her sister. Babe insists that they go. Greenlee watches Ryan and Annie dancing.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Henry tells a stunned Katie that he wanted to apologize to Vienna, but he found Vienna with another guy. Emma offers Vienna words of comfort. Casey doesn’t handle it well when Maddie, Will and Gwen show up with balloons and other party supplies. Cleo lets herself into Will and Gwen’s house. She ends up lying in their bed. Katie suggests Henry talk to Vienna, but Henry thinks she has already moved on with – Brad. Emma thinks Henry is afraid to love Vienna and will come back to her. Casey lets Maddie in on why he is afraid today. Maddie comforts him and Casey becomes himself again, as he enjoys his party, complete with gifts. He learns that his parents got him two additional days before he has to report to jail, but they had to put up $100,000. Margo cuts off his ankle bracelet. Tom and Margo assure Casey as long as he abides by the rules, they will not lose their money. Cleo is trying on Gwen’s clothes when Will and Gwen come home. Will and Gwen prepare their home in a romantic setting for Casey and Maddie, as Cleo hides close by. Henry goes to see Vienna. Vienna thinks he wants her back after he apologizes, but he just wants to give her money back. A thrilled Vienna becomes devastated when she realizes this and kicks Henry out. Katie assaults Brad when she learns of what he supposedly did with Vienna. Brad explains that nothing happened, and Katie ends up believing him. Katie concocts a plan to get Vienna and Brad back together again after Brad calls her on whether she is really sincere about helping Henry. Cleo slips out the bedroom window when Maddie and Casey show up. Maddie and Casey enjoy an intimate night together, but she is upset when he has to go home. Casey reassures her. Katie goes to Henry with a ploy to get him to an Inn upstate. Brad goes to Vienna in order to get her upstate at the same Inn. Cleo stands in front of the mirror with Gwen’s stolen dress on, repeating that she is Gwen Munson. Gwen receives an email from Carly supposedly.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie pours red indelible ink on the blood stained rug and then calls maintenance to see if it can be cleaned. When told no, she asks him to please dispose of it. Ridge has the willies and can’t concentrate or work. She tells him he can not fall apart now; she has taken care of everything else. There’s no evidence Shane was even in the building. She had his car towed away and it will rot in some old parking lot. He had no family so no one will miss him. Ashley drops by and wants to talk to Ridge about last night. Taylor gleefully informs Nick that even thought she might not be able to get pregnant, they can still have children. Not adoption as he surmises, and her eggs aren’t viable, but in vitro fertilization, she can still give birth to his child. He’s still skeptical, he wants a baby that is the best of both of them, but he recommends they seek more information. She is willing to go through anything, all the tests, discomfort to have his baby growing inside of her.

Bridget is still annoyed at Brooke for insisting on having the test to see if she can have another baby. Bridget thinks she is setting herself up for a major disappointment. Brooke tells her she should give this lecture to Taylor, not her. She goes and tells Nick that she can give him a child, the way it was always supposed to be. Ashley tells Ridge she doesn’t believe his excuse for last night, but he doesn’t have to lie. She knows what is going on. He’s trying to get over someone and get on with his life. Nick expresses his desire not to discuss this confidential, medical issue with Brooke. He ends up telling her they will try in vitro. She protests that he can’t do this, it isn’t necessary. He insists that she needs to let him go. It’s over, it has got to be over. She's devastated when she leaves.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena appeals to John to return to her. Belle uses a new cell phone to call Marlena. Belle begs Marlena to help her come home and Marlena advises Belle on talking things out with Shawn. Belle tells Marlena about her dream visit from John and Marlena finds the fountain coin in the same hand Belle recalled John holding it in. Belle finds Gabby’s flower arrangement from Charlie and realizes she was wrong about Shawn. When Shawn returns, Belle shuts out Gabby and her prying accusations so she and Shawn can talk alone.

Stephanie is angry with Kayla for wasting her time on Steve. Kayla slaps Stephanie when she speaks ill of Steve. Bo stands up for Kayla but Stephanie storms off. Lucas, Sami, Bo, and Kayla learn that EJ is suspected dead and head up to the cabin but no body can be found.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly is sure that Sonny sent Jason out of town to ruin her wedding. Nikolas objects when Alexis wants to ask "Mr. Brosnan" to be her date to the wedding, but she does not listen. He also tells Emily that he loves Robin now, so she should give up on him. Ric questions Alcazar, informally, about who might have ordered a hit on Sam and Jason. Spinelli stands in for Jason at the rehearsal. Alexis nearly objects to the wedding. Sonny and Amelia clash when he wants to visit Sam. Witnessing Emily's passionate anger towards Robin, Craig suspects that Robin and Patrick may have slipped. Later, Emily sneaks back on the island and confronts Nikolas alone and demands the truth, which he gives her. She promises to stand by him and they kiss. Maxie and Cooper wonder why Logan is so keen to impress Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Dani

“First Love”:  The Coopers prepare for Gus being released from the hospital. Planning a party at Gus and Harley’s house everyone gathers and the mood is happy and light-hearted. Until Dylan arrives. Billy thinks Dylan is jumping to conclusions and his worry for daisy is unnecessary. Dylan shows Billy the web cast of Daisy confessing her feelings for Gus and the kiss they shared. Before Buzz and Frank arrive to take Gus home Gus has a talk with Daisy making it clear he is married to Harley and loves Harley and she is his daughter. Daisy seems to understand. At Gus’ welcome home party Dylan slaps a drink out of Gus’ hand after getting a call from the lab at Cedar’s. Dylan is informed there were drugs in his system at the time of the fire. Harley steps outside with Dylan who tells her everything he knows about the web cast , the drugs, and his suspicions about why Gus and Daisy would have candles in their motel room. Dylan hands over the laptop and excuses himself. After the party Harley confronts Gus with the information she just learned. Gus begins to put all the pieces together and explains it to Harley who believes him. Daisy looks in a yearbook for the name Natalia after learning that Gus knew a Natalia in high school. Daisy calls Natalia and asks if she knew a Gus/Nick. Yes, Natalia tells her he was the love of her life.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex, angrily, goes into Bo’s office. Rex tells Bo that when he gets his hands on Tate Harmon that he is going to kill him. Adriana waits in the limousine. Tate gets in with her and tells Boris, the driver to go to Llanview. Adriana tells Boris to drop her at the first train station. Adriana tries to get out, but Boris locks the door. Natalie cleans out her locker and sees a picture of her and John. Clint sees Viki at the Palace dining room bar. Viki lets Dorian know that she si having dinner with Nora and Marty. R.J. questions Nash about the accident. Nash tells R.J. not to do this and make Antonio lose Jaime, too., Nash watches Jessica and Antonio, together, at Jaime’s bedside. Miles has a drink at the bar as a blonde woman watches him. She gets on her cell phone and when she hangs up, she leaves the bar. Miles comes up to Viki’s, Nora’s and Marty’s table. Miles compliments Marty on how beautiful that she is tonight .Natalie is embarrassed to see John without his pants on in the locker room. Jessica wants to call her parents to let them know what had happened to Jaime. Rex fills Bo in on everything that had happened between Tate and Adriana. Tate insists that Boris unlock the doors. Antonio tells Jessica that he knows about Nash. Paige comes in and tells Antonio and Jessica that she has the results of Jaime’s latest tests. Natalie tells John that she has to concentrate on herself and her future. She takes down a pic of her and John off her locker. Paige lets them all know that Jaime will be just fine, but she will not be able to remember the last few hours of what had happened. Nash listens to what Paige tells Antonio, Jessica and Nash. Nash comes up and tells Antonio that that is good news. Antonio tells Nash not to do this right now that he knows what he is doing behind his back and he wants it to stop.

Antonio blames Nash for all that has happened. Jessica tries to defend Nash. Jessica can’t believe what she is hearing. Jessica asks Nash to leave. Antonio tells Jessica that he is going to see a lawyer so that Nash will never bother her again. Tate tells Adriana that she had used him like a slab of meat modeling her underwear. Tate gets a call. Tate has managed to get Adriana a cover story in a leading magazine. Rex butts his head into the wall. Bo advises Rex to let this all blow over. Bo tells Rex to fight fire with fire. John tells Natalie that is she wants to talk, he will listen. Natalie comes into Bo’s office and tells him that she quits. John looks at a picture of Natalie. Miles listens to Marty’s conversation with Nora and Vikki. Nash catches up with Jessica, grabs her and kisses her. Vikki tells Clint as to what had happened with Jaime. Miles asks the bartender for a possible fixed up date. Jessica tells Nash that she cannot do this here. John meets Marty in the Palace Hotel dining room and tells her that he is glad that he ran into her . Jessica re-join Antonio and Jaime. Nash watches through the glass. Jessica tells Nash to remember that she loves him.

Passions Recap Written by

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Sharon tells Jack she doesn’t want an annulment. After he leaves, Brad comes by and tells her he thinks that she should get an annulment. She gets angry and tells him if he really cared about her he’d want her to be happy, not alone while he raises a family with Victoria. Nick is angry with Phyllis. After talking to Jack he eventually forgives her. She worries that he doesn’t trust her now. Brad calls a contact in Paris and causes Adrian to lose the job offer in Paris. By the time he finds out he has already given his resignation at GCU. Lily, Daniel, Devon and Neil pack up Dru’s things. They are all upset but realize it is time. Neil takes a break and sees Sharon. They talk and he invites her back to help. Neil gives each of them a keepsake of Dru’s to remember her by. Most of her other things they decide to give to charity. Gloria is desperate to find out what William knows about the tainted cream case. She asks him out to dinner and drugs his drink so she can seduce him. She tricks him into telling her what he knows. He tells her there is DNA evidence that will help them find out who is guilty. When Sharon gets home, Jack is there. They decide to stay married.

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