Tuesday 4/24/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/24/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica waits for the start of her show, “New Beginnings.”  Some reporters approach her and question her about the show and her guest, Zoe.  Bianca brings Zoe some coffee and walks her to the entrance to the stage.  The announcer introduces the show, “New Beginnings,” and its host, Erica Kane.  Erica greets the audience and gives Zoe a preliminary introduction before she introduces Zoe to the audience.  Krystal remains upset over her baby, Jenny, being gone from the nursery.  Babe tries to calm her down, but with no luck.  Krystal sees Derek outside the nursery door and knows that Jenny has been taken from the hospital.  Tad attacks Adam and Adam’s goons plus Jamie and J.R. to get Tad off of Adam.  Tad accuses Adam of taking Jenny but Adam only makes jokes at Tad’s concern for his daughter.  Jamie tells Adam that a nurse at the hospital saw him at the hospital the night before.  Krystal becomes completely hysterical when she finds out that Adam may have taken her daughter and that she will never see her again.  Colby walks up and hears that Adam could have taken Jenny.  Krystal then finds out that Adam is a suspect in Jenny’s kidnapping.  Adam denies to Tad, Jamie, and J.R., that he took Jenny.  Tad and J.R. then begin to question Adam if Janet could have taken Jenny.  Zoe puts on a brave face and goes out to join Erica on stage.  Erica and Zoe hug.  Erica begins to question Zoe about her life and her decision to change from being a man to being a woman.  Joe fills Derek in on the kidnapping.  Krystal believes that Adam is behind all of this.  Tad, J.R. and Jamie leave, but they promise that they will be back.  Adam makes a call to Janet to see how things are going.  Janet thanks him for giving her this bundle of joy.  Adam thanks Janet for helping him.  Erica opens the floor for questions for Zoe from the audience.  Bianca takes the microphone and questions her about the woman in her life and how special she is to her.  Another woman gets up and completely slanders both Erica and Zoe on the air.  Bianca goes to Zoe’s side.  After the woman audience member has her say, then Erica makes a speech of her own about Bianca and Zoe.

Stuart finds out that Jenny is missing so he goes to visit Adam and lets him know that Jenny had been taken.  Adam makes a slanderous remark about Krystal and Tad.  Adam asks Stuart to play a game of chess.  Stuart becomes angry and knocks the chessboard off the table.  Stuart demands that Adam give Jenny back.  Adam is on the phone with Janet when Colby walks in.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucinda doesn't want to work with Paul and Meg to get the company back from Craig. Jade tells Cleo that she plans to break up Will and Gwen's marriage with her help. Cleo doesn't want to hurt Gwen at first but Jade persuades her to go along with the plan when she tells her that if she becomes Gwen she will get to sleep with Will. Paul hatches a new plan to bring down Craig and is very happy when Allison is interested in helping him. Will and Gwen plan a good-bye for now party for Casey.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick confesses to Brooke that while he was out on the boat tonight that all those feelings came rushing back. He will always love her, but he can’t have her. R.J. is not his son, but hers with Ridge and that is a connection that is forever. Her life with Forrester will always be intertwined. He can not live his life always wondering when she and Ridge will wind up back together. He won’t risk it, and they will never be together. She offers to have his child and declares she will never go back to Ridge. He states that he has become at peace with himself and with Taylor knowing that she might carry his child, he’s committed to her. So if Brooke really loves him, let him go. Stephanie tries to help Ridge clean up the blood stain, but it is still visible. She vows she is not going to let him go to jail for something he did not do. Ashley interrupts but Stephanie manages to quickly dismiss her. Bridget confirms Taylor’s concerns that she may not be able to get pregnant. She immediately calls Nick who is still at Brooke’s. She’s upset and tells him that her eggs aren’t viable. He blurts it out loud and of course Brooke hears him. He leaves his conversation with Brooke to go be with Taylor and then Brooke also slips out. Brooke approaches Bridget and wants to know Taylor’s fertility status.

Nick refuses to give in to the odds even when Taylor cries and says she won’t hold him to his agreement to marry her without a baby. He states he is in love with her, not her ovaries, and she is stuck with him like it or not. Brooke continues to badger Bridget about Taylor’s condition, her lack of having a baby for Nick. He will be devastated. And she wants to have that same test to see if she can give Nick a child.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami wants to save EJ but Celeste convinces her to put the baby’s welfare first. Kate takes an axe to Lucas’ door when he doesn’t answer her knocking. Kate uses the axe to get a waiter to open the door whereupon she wakes Lucas. Kate tries to convince Lucas that Sami has run off with EJ but Sami, having just returned, pretends to have been in the shower the whole time. Shawn discovers, via a note left by Belle, that Belle has taken Claire and is intent on returning to Salem. Gabby convinces Shawn to let her help find Belle.

Dr. Granger puts Steve through shock therapy to make him forget his intent to confess. Bo, Kayla, and Stephanie visit Steve to get his statement but Steve denies any intention of confessing. Stephanie unsuccessfully tries to appeal to Steve’s love for her while Kayla and Bo confront Dr. Granger. Dr. Granger denies having shocked Steve but cuts off all of Steve’s visitation rights.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Spinelli begs Lulu to tell Carly about Elizabeth's baby being Jason's after Jason leaves town. He fears that depression could prove fatal for "Stone Cold." Max warns Cooper that if he double crosses Sonny, he will die. Amelia urges Sam to break up with Jason. She refuses. Jax is worried about Jerry and the fact that he will not be in town for the wedding. Emily tries to find out what was up with Patrick and Robin's kiss. Dr. Ford, Monica, and Noah butt heads over economics vs. patient care. Craig insists to Lady Jane that he cannot make it to the wedding. Lulu's romantic troubles make it difficult to decide who to take to the wedding. She winds up discussing that instead of Jason's paternity with Carly and decides to take all three of her guys. Carly is shocked and terrified when she finds out Jason is not in town. Emily goes to Wyndemere, demanding the truth from Nikolas.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Marina is released from the hospital and very anxious to get back to work but Frank will not let her do anything on her own especially return to work. Frank is racked with guilt from the accidental shooting of his daughter. Frank and Buzz check Marina into the Beacon so she will have every comfort she will need but feeling very smothered Marina sends Frank on his way. After having a moment alone to catch her breathe Cyrus appears from the bathroom. He tells her the money is still in the warehouse which is now a crime scene and only the police can get in there. Marina knows what he is asking, Cyrus wants her to go to the warehouse and retrieve his money. Frank becomes concerned when he tries to phone Marina to check on her and there isn’t an answer. Ashley is upset at the thought of the entire town hating her and her mother when she confesses to shooting Alan. Coop promises to be by her every step of the way . Coop prepares a nice dinner of all of Ashley’s favorite foods but their dinner is interrupted by Doris who drags her daughter out of Company. Doris takes Ashley to the jail to show her how her life will be and if Ashley tells anyone that she shot Alan it will ruin Doris’ life also. To ensure Ashley keeps quiet Doris threatens to charge Coop for throwing Alan Michael off the balcony. Back at Company after talking with her mother Coop and Ashley decide to go ahead and go to the police tonight. Mallet discovers Dinah was Cyrus’ accomplice and blows up in anger begging for a logical explanation. Dinah weeping tells him that Cyrus knows about Mallet’s past and threatened to go public if she didn’t help him this one last time. Mallet calms stunned that Dinah knows of his past. They decide to get through the mistakes of their past and present together. Dinah and Mallet in an instant become closer than ever.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex tries, frantically, to get in touch with Adriana after she had been on “The View” with Tate, and Tate had pretended that Adriana was his girlfriend. The secretary from the adoption agency comes to visit Todd and Blair. She lets him know that she remembers the case quite well, and she could supply him with valuable information about his son. She informs him that he has to supply her proof that he is the biological father. Marcie is on the phone with the school board. She argues with them when the board won’t agree to the musical, “Oklahoma.” Marcie walks off from Starr, Cole and the other students. She comes back and informs them that the board will not appropriate the funds for the musical, “Oklahoma.” Jaime is brought into the hospital on a stretcher and a neck brace. They immediately take her into an emergency room. Vikki has a talk with Vincent concerning Natalie. Christian and Nash argue over Jessica. Nash informs Christian that he is going to say good-bye to Jessica and nothing is going to stop him. Jessica and Antonio share an intimate moment unbeknownst that Nash watches them. Vincent lets Vikki know that when Natalie makes up her mind what she wants to do, then the sky is the limit. Antonio and Jessica sit down by Jaime’s bedside. Antonio holds Jaime’s hand while Jessica places her hand on top of Antonio’s . Rex finally manages to get through to Tate and Adriana. He blackmails Tate into leaving Adriana alone or he will be sorry. Adriana gets back on the phone with Rex and tells him that she loves him and he tells her that he loves her. After they hang up, Adriana confronts Tate about what he had done on stage to her in pretending that she was his special someone.

Adriana signs a release order for her appearance on “The View.” Blair tries to hand Todd the picture of his baby that is in an envelope, but Todd refuses to take it. Blair tries to help him know that he is a good father to his other children. He pays her a compliment that the children wouldn’t have turned out as good if it weren’t for her. She thanks him for the compliment. She hands him the envelope and then leaves the hotel room. He opens the envelope and looks at his baby.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Sheridan goes and sees Chris. She says that she wants James and Chris says no. She says she's a Crane and Chris replies that's the reason not to let you have him. Sheridan says that if she looses Luis than she will be all alone. She decides to see Luis. Ethan is with Teresa as usual. The blackmailer is again spying on them. Ethan starts to knock down the wall because he knows the blackmailer is watching them. Ivy goes and sees Fancy to comfort her about Luis. Fancy wants to know who is framing Luis. Ivy says there isn't anything that she can do. After the talk, Fancy goes to see Luis. Luis and Miguel are at the prison. They are being checked into the system and is harassed by the inmates. Miguel talks with another inmate about being setup. Miguel also wants to know the gossip that the inmates have heard. When Luis talks with Sheridan he says stay away and he is still mad about destroying Fancy on the stand at his trial. Kay goes and sees Fox at the hospital. She tells him about how she loves Miguel and that she cheated on him. Fox is pretending to be a sleep so he doesn't acknowledge that he heard what she said. She tries to wake him up.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Colleen and Adrian decide that they will move to Paris together. She tells her father who isn’t impressed. Victoria wishes them the best. Jack is angry with Sharon and thinks that there is more to Brad and Sharon’s relationship. He leaves and when he comes to see her later, he tells her he wants an annulment. Nick confronts Brad about the affair. Later, Phyllis admits to Nick that she knew about the affair and that she was blackmailing Brad. She also tells him that they were arguing over the affair when the accident happened. He is upset and tells her that he thought she had changed, but he was wrong. Brad asks Phyllis if she was the one who told Victoria about the affair. She swears it wasn’t her. Victoria confronts Sharon. She sees Brad and tells him that she has decided to stay with him for the sake of the baby. Jack tells Phyllis that he is tired of being second choice.

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