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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Hannah is upset that Alexander Cambias, Sr. will not be going to the electric chair, but instead will spend the rest of his days in an insane asylum.  Tad is on the phone trying to find out anything he can on where his child could be.  Krystal becomes impatient as to where her baby is and why the aides won’t bring Jenny to her.  Janet is alone with Little Jenny in her hiding place.  Adam comes in and wants to know how everything is going.  Janet questions him as to what is going on.  Erica reveals to Kendall that Bianca will be living in Paris while Zoe will be living in London.  The sound technician comes in and lets Erica know that they need her and Zoe on stage to check the sound.  Kendall finally sees through Bianca’s plan and now knows that Bianca wanted to go back to Paris because Zoe was going to be in London.  Kendall asks her if she has lost her mind.  Bianca asks for Kendall’s help because she is afraid that Erica will trash Zoe on national television.  Hannah and Zach discuss Kendall and that Alexander almost killed her.  Hannah questions him as to how he cannot want revenge.  Zach admits that he does want Alexander to suffer but tells her that he is happy in his life for the first and is looking forward to the birth of his child.  Zach asks Hannah what she wants him to do.  Hannah wants to know what would have happened if she had gotten to him first and had told him that she was pregnant with his child.  Tad questions an aide if there was anyone in the hospital nursery the night that Jenny disappeared.  Tad asks Stuart if he knows anything that could help them find Jenny and Stuart is surprised to hear that Jenny is missing.  Babe comes up and asks Tad if Jenny is missing.  Adam tries to calm Janet down.  Janet finds out that the baby she holds in her arms is really Krystal’s.  She accuses Adam of not caring about the baby.  Zach tells Hannah that if he had known then, he would have been there when the baby was born.  Tad, Babe, Jaime, and J.R. all think that Janet could be behind Jenny’s disappearance.  Tad asks Joe to ask around the maternity ward about the baby.  Janet can see the love in Adam’s eyes for this baby.  Jaime, J.R., and Tad go to search the secret room for Jenny.  Babe comes back to Krystal’s room.  Krystal wants to know where Jenny is.  Babe makes up excuses to keep Krystal from finding out about Jenny.  Tad, J.R., and Jaime barge into the secret room. 

Bianca and Zoe discuss the interview that Erica will conduct with Zoe on “New Beginnings.”  Babe tries to calm Krystal down.  Kendall comes back to visit Zach.  Hannah leaves.  Kendall calls Zach a “liar.”  She confronts him with the knowledge that he knew the real reason that Bianca wanted to go back to Paris.  Adam gets a call and the man tells him that he has a couple that will take the child.  Hannah tells Josh that her behavior doesn’t concern him.  Krystal confronts the police officer about her baby.  The officer keeps Krystal out of the nursery.  Krystal bursts into the nursery and finds Jenny gone.  She confronts Joe as to where her baby is. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Allison tries to buy drugs from someone she used to know of in High School, but Paul interrupts her. Casey learns that the judge has made a decision. Maddie goes to talk with Will and Gwen because she is upset that Casey is going through with the sentencing without her; Will suggests they just show up at the police station. Jade continues to work with Cleo so she can impersonate Gwen; Luke shows up at the motel wondering what Jade is doing there? She covers and pretends she just wanted to give him space after their fight. Maddie, Will and Gwen show their support for Casey, as he is about to go to court. Paul is affected by some words out of Allison’s mouth. Jade goes to meet Luke to talk about his mom, but she becomes distracted soon when she sees Cleo downtown after having informed her to stay at the motel. Maddie can’t wait for Casey’s call and tells Will and Gwen that she is going to wait at his house… because he has to come home to her. Jade is horrified when Cleo slips away and pretends to be Gwen when she talks with Elwood. She bluffs her way out of a situation when Elwood asks her about a book for school. Elwood buys her as Gwen. Allison sees Will and Gwen, but is short with them when she sees the guy she is trying to buy the drugs from close by. Paul stops her again; he needs her to simply say five words to him. Hearing her say these words has an obvious impact on him. Cleo is thrilled with her success with Elwood, but Jade thinks she just got lucky; someone who really knows Gwen well might have come along and blown her out of the water. Maddie is at Tom and Margo’s when they come home – with Casey in tow. This thrills Maddie until she hears that he didn’t get off; he will be going to jail for six months, and he has to leave in the next day or so. Maddie is devastated. Margo and Tom struggle to come to grips with their son going to jail. Margo wonders if there was something they could have done differently that would have led them to a different outcome. Allison is unsuccessful again in procuring drugs since she has no money on her. Elwood is confused when he sees Gwen with a different book. He thinks they are playing games with him. Will and Gwen are confused by his words. Jade and Cleo almost run smack dab into Will, Gwen and Elwood.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

A worried, concerned Stephanie waits on shore while Ridge is out on The Marlin. Ridge comes back, straightens things in the boat and looks around before he leaves. Stephanie wonders what was in the bag, and why he didn’t bring it back. Bridget shares supper with Brooke and assures her that she is over Nick and it’s time for Brooke to do the same thing. Brooke laments that she thinks she was more in the wrong than Nick. He is almost on the heels of Ridge and notices a few things different on the boat, but charges it to Phoebe - women and boats. He decides to take the boat out for a spin. But the boat has no anchor chain, so he brings it home. He remembers good times with Brooke and her family.

Ridge tries to clean up the blood spot, but Stephanie knocks on the door and interrupts. He lies and says he fell asleep at his desk. When forced, he admits the altercation with Shane earlier. Stephanie is aghast that Shane is dead and Ridge dumped his body in the bay. This isn’t good. When Ridge finally wants to tell the police, she reminds him that only murderers dump bodies in Santa Monica Bay. Nick stops by at Brooke’s and says he must talk to her. She ends up spilling her feelings for him and he admits his aren’t going away either. He doesn’t know how not to love her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn demands that Belle decide whether they get to move forward together or not. John visits Belle in a dream and advises her on trusting Shawn. Gabby wakes Shawn in the middle of the night pretending to need help. Gabby tries to convince Shawn to cheat on Belle with her but Shawn rethinks letting Gabby travel with them after all. Belle finds Shawn in Gabby’s room with Gabby’s lipstick on his cheek. Belle kicks Shawn out of their room but Shawn turns down Gabby’s offer to spend the night in her room. Belle decides to go after Shawn but mistakes the sounds of romance coming from Gabby’s room to mean that Shawn is in there with her. Kayla brings Stephanie to visit Steve but they find him beaten and bruised. Steve refuses to say who hurt him. Stephanie wants to move back home but Steve refuses to let her. Steve promises to tell the police the truth about EJ and Kayla and Stephanie rush right to Roman and Abe with the news. Steve tells his new doctor, Dr. Granger, that he plans to tell the truth about EJ. Dr. Granger stops Steve by holding up the devil tarot card.

Kate interrupts Roman’s dinner with Abe to beg him to stop Sami. Roman chooses to believe that Kate has lost her mind. Abe agrees to call Celeste believing that it will prove Kate wrong and Celeste lies to Abe about Sami being with Lucas. Kate turns on the tears and convinces Roman to help her get in to see Lucas. Kate’s call makes Lucas start to wake. Roman backs out of his agreement with Kate to deal with Steve so Kate decides to handle things herself. Sami can’t bring herself to kill EJ. Sami and Celeste try to leave before EJ wakes up but he starts to call her name. Sami kisses EJ to knock him out again. Sami rushes back inside for her suitcase and has to fend off a drowsy EJ in order to get out. Sami and Celeste are running away from the cabin when it bursts into flames.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Craig considers killing Patrick, but allows Robin and Nikolas to convince him otherwise, but warns Patrick that should any secrets be revealed, he will die. Nikolas asks Craig to just leave, to move into one of Nikolas' other homes, but he refuses. Back at the hospital, Patrick gets copies of the tox reports Robin has run on Nikolas to try and help her. Noah is worried about his son backsliding into a hotshot, heartless surgeon and about the hospital's new admissions policies that are cost effective, but uncaring. Jason saves Sam from being shot on the set as a result of mob violence. Amelia advises Jason to avoid Sam in public or break up with her, unless he wants to kill her career. Elizabeth confesses to Emily how much the idea of Jason being her baby's godfather worries her, but she has no way to avoid it. The, they discuss how awful what has happened between Emily and Nikolas is. Carly visits Sonny on his birthday. One of the boys' gifts to their dad is a photo of them as a family. Sonny renews his plea for Carly to not break up the family. Lady Jane arrives for the wedding. Jax catches her up on all the latest news and tells her that he never actually managed to see Jerry while in Siberia.

Sonny wishes Carly happiness and later tells Jason that they cannot move against Alcazar until after her wedding. Amelia uses the power of PR and spin to keep Sam from being arrested for shooting one of the thugs. Emily sees Robin and Patrick kiss. Craig and Nikolas discuss Craig's new identity and he lets slip while discussing plastic surgery that his present face is new. In the wake of the violence at the studio, Lucky decides Jason would not be a good godfather. Jax gets a call from Jerry saying he cannot come to the wedding, but it's Mr. Craig who is on the other end of the line.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Reva and Josh make love! Josh appreciates Reva “taking him away from this place” even if it is just for a few moments. Reva is glowing with love that she feels for her ex-husband. Josh is brought back to reality and feels guilt when he is reminded of Cassie. Josh becomes upset but Reva settles him down. Cassie is driving herself in sane thinking the worse of Reva’s secret visit with Josh after she promised she wouldn’t get close to Josh.

Gus is still in the hospital and groggy suffering from breathing seizures. Daisy visits with her step-father and dotes on him like he is her husband. Dylan becomes suspicious of Daisy and Gus’ relationship. Dylan accuses Gus of using drugs again. Cassie tracks Harley down at the hospital where Harley admits she saw Reva kiss Josh at the prison. Daisy over hears the conversation and covers for Reva telling Cassie that Reva told her she was only visiting Josh to try and help Cassie cope with losing him. Cassie feels horrible and goes to see Reva to see how the visit went with Josh. Reva lies and tells Cassie the only thing that brought a smile to Josh’s face was the mention of Cassie’s name.

Ashley evades Coop’s question when he asks her if she shot Alan. Ashley becomes upset and runs away. Coop tries and tries to find Ashley but after looking all over town for her he waits in his room to hear from her. Ashley knocks at the door and tells Coop she would rather tell him the truth and risk him never being her friend again than to have a friendship based on a lie. Coop is glad to hear this and listens with care as Ashley tells him how hard it was growing up and how hateful Alan was towards her and her mother. Coop promises to be her friend and stand by her but she must do the right thing and tell the police, she must come forward with the truth for Josh. Ashley comes forward to Frank asking, Detective Cooper can I talk to you…..?

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Adriana and Tate wait backstage of “The View.” A technician comes up and tells Tate that he is on next. Tate kisses Adriana for luck. Rex calls Adriana and gives her an update on Todd and Blair. Todd insists to Blair that he is not leaving here without knowing where his son is. Evangeline tells Layla that she is late and she thinks she may be pregnant. Christian asks Nash what he is doing here in Angel Square. Nash tells him that if he leaves he won’t be leaving alone. Antonio questions Jaime as to who Jessica had apologized for kissing. Cole worries that he and Starr may land the lead part in “Oklahoma.” Starr confronts Langston about putting her name on the audition list so that it would get her and Cole back together. Layla demands to know which one is the father of her baby. Todd calls Evangeline about his progress in Chicago. Todd tells her that he wants to talk to her when he comes home. Layla comes to the conclusion that the baby may be Christian’s. Christian owns up to Nash that he had told Antonio that Nash had the hots for Jessica. Jessica assures Jaime that you can love more than one person at a time. Antonio gets a call from Bo. Jaime asks Jessica does she love Nash more than she loves Antonio. Adriana pulls away from Tate. Tate goes on “The View.” Blair blames Spencer for all this. Todd comes to the conclusion that Blair doesn’t want him to find his son. Jessica explains to Antonio that Jaime had already lost one Mother and she couldn’t adopt Jaime only to leave her later. Todd comes downstairs and finds Rex. He wants to know what Rex is doing here. Tate tells the “View” ladies that there is someone special in his life. Blair and Todd both think that something is awfully suspicious about Rex being here. Evangeline is really worried about being pregnant. Layla advises Evangeline to tell Christian about the baby. Nash assures him that he and Jessica will not be sneaking around anymore. Jaime listens as Antonio and Jessica talk.

Jaime leaves out of the apartment. Jessica tells Antonio to calm down so she can tell him what she needs to tell him. Tate embarrasses Adriana by bringing Adriana out on stage of “The View.” Rex sees Adriana on stage of “The View. Tate tells everyone that Adriana is his special someone. Rex can’t believe his eyes. A woman from the adoption agency comes to Todd’s room and tells him that she may have evidence about the baby. Christian asks Nash if he is in love with Jessica. Jaime overhears and runs out into the street. Jessica begins to explain about the necklace but a siren outside catches her attention. Nash comes hurrying in and tells Antonio that Jaime had been hit by a car.

Passions Recap Written by Suzanne

Sheridan tries to get James and Chris to stay, to no avail. She visits Luis in jail but they argue about Fancy.  Fancy then visits, interrupting Sheridan's visit.  Ivy tries to get Fancy to forget about Luis, but she won't.  The warden of the prison acts in a threatening way to Luis and Miguel.  A con named Steve tells Miguel that they all know that he and Luis were set up.  The blackmailer watches Ethan and Theresa in bed and threatens to kill Theresa. The clues seem to point to Gwen being the blackmailer, from the way she talks about Ethan.  Ethan figures out that the blackmailer is watching them and rips out the camera. Kay tells Fox that he changed her life, but she loves Miguel. He pretends to be asleep, so she thinks he didn't hear her.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Amber isn’t happy with Cane’s small apartment. They meet with Katherine and she offers him a job supervising the Clear Springs project. He turns her down. Sharon and Jack tell Nikki and Victor about their marriage. Victor and Nikki argue again about her running for Senate. Later, they agree to disagree during the campaign. Jack worries that Victor’s support of him is hurting Nikki and Victor’s marriage. He repays Victor his loan, plus interest. Victoria tells Nick and Nikki about the affair. She doesn’t want Victor to know. She says she doesn’t know if she can forgive Brad. She is still so angry with him. She goes to see JT and they end up kissing. While at the office, Sharon finds out from Brad that Victoria knows about their affair. They think it must have been Phyllis who told. Later, Nick confronts Sharon about the affair. He also confronts Brad. Sharon admits to Jack that she slept with Brad.

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