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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan, Annie, and Emma practice for their wedding. Annie leaves the room for a few minutes when Emma gets out the fairy tale book for Ryan to look through. Erica and one of the employees watches a program on television about transgender. The man suggests that Erica persuade Zoe into going on her talk show. There is a knock on the door. It is Zoe. Erica tells Zoe that it is good to see her. Erica tells the man to give her and Zoe a few minutes. After the man leaves, Erica tells Zoe that it is good for her to come. Zoe comments that Erica is worried over Bianca. Bianca is at work when Zach brings Kendall to work. Kendall tries to persuade Zach to talk to Bianca about going back to Paris. Kendall leaves Zach to talk to Bianca. Bianca asks Zach to arrange it so she can go back to Paris. Crystal’s baby is gone out of her bassinet in the hospital nursery. A nurse comes in and asks where is the Carey baby. The other nurse tells her that she must be with the family. There is massive confusion in the hospital since the nurses have gone on strike. Babe goes into Crystal’s room to see if she is ready to take her baby home. Babe has bought the cutest outfit for the baby to wear home. Crystal thanks them all for standing by her. Stewart gets off the elevator with an armful of surgical gowns. Stewart confides to his wife that he is extremely worried about Adam. The camera shows an empty bassinet in the nursery where Crystal’s baby used to be. Adam is alone at the mansion. Adam imagines Crystal coming in with the baby and asking him for another chance. Tad comes up and tells Adam that he is the father. Adam mumbles to himself not for long. Annie comes back and finds Ryan and Emma looking at the fairytale book that she was preparing for his wedding present. Zach agrees to send Bianca back to Paris. He later finds out that Zoe will be in London working on a new CD. Bianca becomes worried about Kendall and how she will feel. In talking to Zoe, Erica realizes how much he cares for her. Erica confides to Erica that he will keep Bianca safe. Erica asks Zoe to sing a song on her show. J.R., has stocked the condo with everything that they will need. Crystal orders Colby to go to school. Colby gives Crystal a hug and then leaves. Opal comes in and wants to see her new granddaughter. Jaime comes to visit Adam and questions him as to where she is. J.R. and Joe argue over the nurses going on strike. Jeff walks up and join in. Opal suggests them being a little more family and Opal gives her a silver rattle with the name, “Jenny” engraved on one end of the rattle. Jaime demands to know where Janet Dillon is. Adam acts as though he knows nothing about Janet. Jaime warns him not to mess with him nor his family. Adam orders him out. Jaime tells Adam that Jenny looks just like Tad. Annie tells Ryan that she wants him to adopt Emma. Zach tells Bianca that the Paris office is in a mess and they need Bianca there desperately. Kendall overhears Zach talking to Bianca. Kendall tells Bianca that although she will miss her, the Paris office needs her. Kendall and Bianca hug. Bianca leaves. Zach and Kendall hug. Zoe agrees to sing on Erica’s show. Tad and J.R. argue over the nurses’ going on strike. Tad looks into the nursery and finds Jenny gone. Adam remembers a conversation that he had had with Crystal in which he had asked her to get rid of the baby.

Tad and J.R., tell Joe that Jenny is gone from the nursery. Joe begins to try to make excuses to Tad for Jenny being gone. Bianca comes into Erica’s office and finds out that Zoe is going to be on her television show. Kendall asks Zach as to what had changed his mind. Derek comes into Zach and Kendall’s office. He tells them that he has news about his father. J.R. fills Jaime in that Jenny is gone. Tad demands to know from Joe as to what is going on. Derek tells Zach that his father is being moved to the psychiatric hospital and he will let him know when . A mysterious woman looks at an article on the internet about ”The Satin Slayer” going free. She looks at a green butterfly pin and remembers when Ryan had given it to her. She picks up the phone and makes a reservation for a one-way plane ticket to Pine Valley. She tells the person that she is going home. When the camera reveals the caller, it is none other than Greenlee. Zach is thrilled that Bianca will be living in Paris, “The City of Lights.” Zach and Bianca begin to make plans once she is in Paris. Kendall walks in and sees Zoe and Bianca together. Crystal and Opal look at photos of the new baby. Opal and Crystal hug. Joe tells Tad that Jenny is nowhere in the hospital. Adam gets on the phone and arranges for an adoption for Jenny no questions asked.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily and Allison disagree about how she should be living her life now that she is back home. Emily leaves so Susan and Allison can go shopping; she meets with Dusty, who surprises and touches her when he tells her that he traded his Worldwide stock to buy out the Intruder for her. Allison wonders if she is worthy of a man’s love, while Susan tries to pump up her self-confidence. Allison is nervous when she is almost recognized from one of her movies. When Susan goes back to work, Allison takes off; Emily finds out and calls Dusty to help her find her. Meg and Paul awaken together, but soon she reminds him that they need to stay away from one another so as not to arouse suspicion. Paul is worried about Meg’s safety because their plan to ruin Craig will bring her in close proximity to him. Faith doesn’t want to eat, as Luke tries to gently coax her into it. Lucinda arrives and takes a firm no-nonsense approach. Faith finally responds and then doesn’t even give Luke an argument when he has to take her to her therapy appointment. Lucinda responds acrimoniously to Paul when he tries to find common ground with her regarding Craig. Meg approaches Craig under the guise of apologizing. At first, Craig doesn’t rise to the bait, but soon he loses his cool. He wants her to prove her sincerity; he asks her if she wants to go to her place of his?

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

When the gun goes off sandwiched between their bodies, Ridge and Shane fall to their knees with Shane then arising and staring hard into each other’s eyes. Shane falls backwards and Ridge determines he is dead. Ashley and Stephanie hear the shot, but dismiss it as the freight elevator. Stephanie says goodnight to Ashley and wishes her well with her dinner with Ridge. His first reaction is to call the police and tell them exactly how it happened that Shane was going to kill himself. But he soon nixes that idea when he recalls a much earlier court proceedings when he was charged with Grant Chamber’s death. He was exonerated but only with the stipulation there would be no more firearms reports on his files, otherwise he would spend his life behind bars. He bundles up the body and gun and makes sure the coast is clear and hauls him out in a garment bag. Stephanie happens to see him in the parking garage and is curious and follows him.

Lt. Baker stops by Nick and Taylor’s table and she asks if he can do anything about Shane McGrath who is harassing her daughter. It’s futile since he’s done nothing illegal. Nick assures him that he ‘will take care of Shane’ himself, he most definitely will not bother Phoebe again. Ashley worries why Ridge is late and not responding to her calls and she goes to his office to find him. She calls Stephanie who basically gives Ridge a cover when she says he had company business that couldn’t wait. There is a blood spot on the carpet, but she doesn’t see it. Ridge replays conversations in his head and ends up going to The Marlin, taking the body aboard and taking it out to the bay and dumps the bag and gun overboard. Witness to all of this - a curious, suspicious Stephanie.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Duck admits to Shawn that Gabby was once pregnant. Gabby calls Belle on her insecurities about Shawn. Belle questions Gabby about the baby items in her closet and Gabby admits that she once lost a child. Stephanie returns to Salem and meets with Kayla about Steve’s condition. Stephanie dishes with Abby about her new bad boy love and advises Abby to use a fake boyfriend to parade around in front of Maggie while secretly seeing Max. Dr. Kraft asks Kayla for an explanation as to why she was removed from Steve’s case.

Kate tries several ways to get into Lucas’ locked room but has no success. Kate hopes to track down Roman to get inside. EJ checks Sami for a wire and empties out her purse. Kate calls EJ to see if Sami is with him but Sami tackles EJ and kisses him before he can answer Kate’s questions. Celeste comes running at the sound of the crash and Kate overhears Celeste call Sami’s name. Celeste douses EJ and the cabin in gasoline and Sami lights a match.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

GL Recap Written by Dani

Cassie waits in Alan’s room with a baby gift for him. Alan lashes out at her asking her to leave not wanting to rehash old issues. Cassie is insistent that Alan listen trying to get him to take the gift from her hand. She asks for a fresh start and maybe if Josh were out of prison she could have another baby and their children could grow up and play together like Lizzie and Tammy had. Alan softens a bit though he is still confused but becomes defensive again when Cassie all of a sudden starts having a conversation with someone who apparently in the room. Seeing that Cassie is more unstable than he thought he takes her by the arm and forces her to leave.
Reva and Josh joke, remember the past and continue to drink when the it is announced on the PA that the prison is on lock down. Reva gives Josh the letter from Cassie and gives him a moment to read it in private. Josh becomes sad and asks Reva to leave and never come back to the prison. Reva refuses and they discuss how Josh is feeling but Reva insists on being there for him in his hour of need. Getting emotional by Reva’s words and remembering the letter from Cassie Josh slams Reva against the wall kissing her wildly and they start to have sex.
Coop is concerned about something’s Ashley has said recently and the way she has been reacting to Alan’s shooting and the Spauldings. Coop asks Lizzie if he can write a story about her life and begins to get some information from her about the recent tragedies that have been her life. Piecing things together the more she talks he decides it’s time to go to Ashley. Grilling her Coop figures everything out and asks Ashley as she cries if she was the one who shot Alan.
Cassie returns to Billy’s suite looking for Reva and is angry to find out Reva went to the prison after she said she wasn’t going to go anymore. Billy talks to the upset Cassie and tries to calm her but she seems to becoming unraveled with every passing minute. While time passes and there is no word from Reva, Cassie becomes anxious trying her cell phone. The cell phone vibrates on silent next to the bodies of Josh and Reva.
Lizzie joins Alan in Chicago and they share a nice time though Lizzie believes he wants something from her. “No, not really.” he answers but goes on to ask for her support if Rick tries to cause any problems regarding the baby. Alan feels that a united front will discourage Rick from pressing further.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr sings a song for her audition in the school production of, “Oklahoma.” Britney watches Cole’s reaction to Starr’s singing. Starr tells them that she can’t do this and walks away from the microphone. Tate finds out that Adriana doesn’t trust him too much. Layla leaves Adriana a message that she thinks that they can work with the new manufacturing company. She also tells her to take notes while she is on the, “View.” Evangeline, exercising, listens to Layla’s message to Adriana. Evangeline questions Layla as to who is going to be on the “View.” Christian walks into the gym and watches Layla and Evangeline. Bo tells Nora that their latest lead didn’t pan out. Nora urges Bo to get these people. Bo suggest a new approach. Talia and Antonio come into the squad room. They discuss the case. Talia asks how Jaime is. Talia tells Antonio that Vincent is headed in with Shawn. Talia notices that something is wrong. Jessica decides that she needs to tell Antonio the truth. Jessica and Nash kiss. Jessica turns around and Jaime watches her., Marcie decides to give Starr another chance. Marcie then calls for Cole to audition. Starr tells Marcie that if Cole is in the play then she can’t. Adriana asks Tate to use his cell phone, but he tells her that it is dead and he didn’t bring the charger. Jessica speaks to Jaime and asks how she had gotten there. Jaime looks at Nash. Carlotta walks up and sees Nash with Jessica. Vincent and Shawn arrive. They are shown into Bo’s office. Nora is cordial with them. Bo asks about Shawn’s wife. Shawn tells them that he has had a previous experience with this white supremacist group. Carlotta sends Jaime into another room. Carlotta demands that Nash leave. Jessica tells Carlotta that they are discussing Bree’s visitation schedule. Nash starts to call Antonio to see what he thinks. Bo suggests holding a press conference to rally support from the public against this white supremacist group. Evangeline finds out from Christian that Blair had gone with Todd to Chicago. Starr find out that Cole had been blackmailed by Marcie into being in the school play. Starr finds out from Langston that she was the one, who had signed Starr’s name to the audition list, knowing that Cole’s name was already on it. Everyone walks out of the audition when they find out that Cole was walking out on it, too. Nash starts to leave, and Jessica walks out with him. Jessica confides to him that she is worried about Jaime. Jaime tells Carlotta that she had seen Jessica and Nash kissing. Jessica walks back in just as Jaime tells Carlotta about the kiss.

Jessica tells Carlotta that she needs some time alone with Jaime to explain to her. Matthew appears up at the press conference and he wants to stand up on stage with all the rest because he is part Jewish, too.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Theresa, Ethan, Pilar, and Paloma are dealing with the fact that Luis and Miguel have been sentenced. Ethan says that an appeal won't probably work for them. Pilar is devastated and doesn't know what to do. Ethan and Theresa kiss at the end of the show. Whitney is recovering from the accident and is home with her son. Chad comforts Valerie and says not to call the police. Chad leaves and she calls him back because she thinks Vincent is outside. Tabitha puts a spell on two women who run the preschool that Endora wants to go to. They forget about their first visit. They drink the martimmys and eat strawberries and pass out.

BONUS! Passions Recap Written by Suzanne

Chad talks Valerie out of calling the police on Vincent.  Whitney gets spooked while reading a scary story to her son, and Valerie also gets spooked when someone rattles her door, so she phones Chad to come back over.  Tabitha uses magic to get the preschool ladies back over to her house. She makes them forget their previous visit, acts like a perfect hostess, and gets the ladies drunk on Martimmies. The Lopez-Fitzgerald family is devastated by the verdict.  Ethan and Theresa vow to find out who the blackmailer is.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Victoria confronts Brad about his affair with Sharon. He eventually confesses everything. She is really angry with him and tells him she is having this baby without him. Nick and Phyllis have differing opinions on how to handle Noah. He gives her a book on parenting a child about to enter puberty. She later agrees to read it. They both agree they need to be there for Noah and have to be consistent in their parenting. Sharon and Jack decide to elope, but keep it quiet until after the election. After trying to settle on a date and finding they both are busy for the next few weeks, they decide to get married tonight. Sharon goes to get Noah and Jack arranges everything else. Noah serves as best man. They exchange vows they wrote themselves and are married!

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