Thursday 4/19/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/19/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Del looks through the scope of his rifle.  At ConFusion, Ryan, Annie, and Di enjoy a drink and some small talk.  Del comes up to their table, annoyed that they are having a good time while Alexander Cambias had just gained free pass.  Hannah watches them.  Erica comes to Jack’s to talk to him about Alexander Cambias going free.  Erica follows Jack into the house.  Lily comes out to meet them as they enter saying that she found her half sister and introduces them to Ava.  Julia tells Jeff that unless the board reaches a decision in an hour, the nurses will walk off the job.  She tells him that she wishes that she could have five minutes to talk to the board member.  J.R. walks up and tells Julia that her five minutes start right now.  Colby, Krystal, and Babe enjoy supper together and decide on ice cream for dessert.  Babe and Colby leave to get the ice cream.  Josh comes to visit Krystal while they are gone.  Krystal tells him that he had missed Babe.  Josh tells her that he is there for her.  Adam still threatens Amanda unless she delivers the goods on Jamie and Tad.  Tad and Derek decide to drink to more small miracles.  Jamie visits Jenny Colby in the nursery.  Adam tells Amanda that Jamie had better think of this as a warning.  Amanda swears that she will not mess up again.  Adam orders Amanda out of his face.  Krystal wants to know why Josh is being so nice.  Babe listens to their conversation outside the door.  Josh kisses Krystal on the cheek and wishes her congratulations.  Josh comes out and sees Babe standing there.  She thanks him and he tells her that she is still the prettiest woman that he had ever met.  Di tries to talk to Del about Alexander Cambias and for him not to let Cambias ruin the rest of their lives.  Tad gets up from the bar and tells Derek that he had a date with a hot babe that he had just met.  Derek tells Di, Ryan, Annie, and Del not to take matters into their own hands.  Erica, Jack, and Aidan begin to question Ava.  Lily tells Jack and Erica that if Ava leaves then she is going with her.  Lily goes to make Ava a turkey sandwich while Erica, Jack, and Aidan continue to question her.  Hannah continues to listen to Jonathan, Di, and Derek’s conversation.  Ryan tries to talk some sense into Jonathan about what happened in the courtroom.  Jamie and J.R. discuss Jenny and how, if he had had his way, Jenny would have been raised under Adam’s roof.  J.R. reminds Jamie that his father was partly responsible for Jenny’s existence.  Stuart visits Adam at the mansion.  Adam fills him in on the situation.  Stuart finds out that Colby had walked out on him and begs him not to hurt anyone else.  Tad holds Jenny in his arms and talks to her.  Adam looks at some legal documents in which Tad wants him to sign away parental rights to little Jenny.  Adam fills Stuart in on what Tad is trying to do to him.  Sean arrives at Jack’s house and is introduced to Ava.  Jack agrees to let Ava stay there for a while.  Aidan gives Ava ample warning not to hurt Lily in any way and she has to repay the money that Jonathan had given her.  Jonathan orders a margarita while Ryan and Hannah talk about justice and revenge.  Hannah leaves.  Colby, Babe, and Krystal enjoy their ice cream.  J.R. comes in and tells them that he leased Ryan’s condo for them.  Krystal, Babe, and Colby are thrilled.  Midnight approaches and the nurses walk out.  Stuart tries to talk Adam into forgiving Krystal.  Stuart tells Adam that he needs to go to the hospital to volunteer especially now that the nurses might strike.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Craig falls right into Meg and Paul's plan by doing exactly what Meg predicted he would do. Luke discovers that Jade gave his mother her first diet pills and gets upset with her so upset that he refuses to be her friend anymore. Lucinda continues to fight for her company even though Bob advises her to take care of herself and her family. Holden tries to persuade Lily she has an eating disorder but it takes Faith to help Lily see how much damage she has done to her self and her family. Lily reconciles with Lucinda once Lily apologizes to her mother and tells her family good-bye because she has decided to check into a rehab center to face her addiction.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor is not surprised to see Rick show up at her office. He announces that Ridge is no good for his mother, and it doesn’t have to be that way this time. If Nick were free, they would be back together. They are so in love and he is the only one to keep her mother away from Ridge. Brooke interrupts and asks Rick to leave them alone and let her and Taylor talk this out. Brooke wants Taylor’s help, but Taylor doesn’t think it is her place to make peace between Nick and Rick. Brooke even brings up ancient history of Ridge taking the blame for shooting Grant rather than Rick face the consequences. He blocked it out and still doesn’t remember. She thinks it is time for him to know and maybe he will look at and appreciate Ridge differently. She wants Taylor’s professional advice – does she tell Rick or not? Ashley recalls her night of passion with Rick and is suddenly interrupted by Stephanie, who is happy she is having dinner with Ridge tonight. Shane has a gun pulled on Ridge and laments that Ridge’s life is perfect and he has nothing. Ridge tells him if he thinks of himself as a loser, then that is the way the world will treat him. Ridge picks up the phone and wants to get Shane ‘help’, but he shouts for him to put it down. If he can’t have Phoebe, nothing else matters. He waves the gun around and forces Ridge to hang up.

Taylor advises against telling Rick, this will come at a cost of him hating himself. He was a child then and did not know the consequences of his actions. Stephanie wants to invite Ashley and her daughter over for supper some night, she’s glad her son is moving on with his life. Pathetic and crying, Shane feels like he has nothing, no family, no one to care if he lives or dies. Ridge obviously thinks Shane is going to use the gun on himself and he lunges for it and tells him no. They grapple over the gun for a bit and hidden in both of their stomachs, the gun goes off.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Willow calls Chelsea and Nick to her hospital room to confront them about stealing the hairbrush. They both deny it and Chelsea calls Willow’s bluff. Chelsea declares to Nick that they are through. Nick turns to Willow for comfort. Kate gets Philip to admit his plan with EJ but has him promise not to tell EJ when he finds out about Shawn. Lucas is knocked out by Sami’s poison lipstick and Sami calls Celeste over to help move Lucas into the bed. Kate and Philip rush to the hotel when Lucas won’t answer the phone. Sami arrives to the cabin just in time but EJ evades her attempts at a kiss. EJ accuses Sami of trying to trick him. Gabby complains to Shawn about Duck not liking the idea of her leaving and gets Shawn to talk to Duck. Belle warns Gabby that she and Shawn are a couple. Duck makes Shawn realize that Gabby never intends to leave them and return to the island.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Tracy tells Luke that she agreed to support Scott's claim as part of a scam. She will find a way to blackmail Scott and get him out of their lives. She then asks Mayor Floyd, or Mayor Flub, as Big Alice dubs him, to fire Scott as Special Prosecutor. Her request is denied. Luke tells Tracy their marriage ends if he loses Laura. Nikolas snaps when Craig insults Laura again. They agree that Laura is off limits from Craig's barbs. Jax asks Carly if she really wants to marry him as she hesitates over signing the divorce papers. His affirmation of love moves her to sign. Patrick uses the tunnels to spy at Wyndemere and overhears the truth about Robin and Nikolas' romance; this incites him to attack Craig outside the manor. Craig is more than a match for Patrick and gives him a good beating in return and tells him that if Patrick kills or has him arrested, Nikolas will die and Robin will be tortured by guilt. Sam unloads her grief over her barren state to Amelia. As Sam tapes a show, Amelia tells her assistant all about how Sam as Angela killed Bill Munroe, her father. Then, Amelia warns Sam when a set accident threatens to hurt her. Jason gives Liz and Cameron a ride home and enjoys some time playing with the little boy. Lulu and Spinelli clash then bond when she sees that he is hacking the system to monitor Liz's baby's progress. After some thought, Luke tells Tracy that he has decided to trust her, but she informs him that she will not stand for his tantrums. She is sick of waiting for him to realize Laura is never coming back. Jax and Carly decide to marry the day after her divorce is final, in one week.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Dinah struggles with guilt over her part in the stolen money while Vanessa and matt argue in their suite. Vanessa kicks Matt out after learning that he used Maureen’s trust fund as collateral . Matt blames Dinah and demands to know where to find Cyrus. Vanessa shows up with Matt’s suitcases in hand telling him she cannot live with him right now. Cyrus stays by Marina’s side but does call 911. When medics arrive he slips behind a stack of boxes after slipping the money out of the suitcase Marina has handcuffed to her. At the hospital Frank is devastated when he learns it was a bullet from his gun that hit Marina. Marina is upset to discover the stolen money was still in Cyrus’ hands but believes she wouldn’t be alive if it had not been for him.

Cassie vents to Reva about the troubles she is having dealing with Josh and his situation. Reva goes to the prison for another conjugal visit. Josh is glad to see her but then doesn’t feel it is a good idea. Reva ignores him when he asks her to leave and produces a bottle of whiskey that she slipped past the guards in her purse. Josh gives in and they laugh together and chug from the bottle. Cassie goes to Chicago to spy on Alan after learning from Lizzie that Alan and Beth are going to make an honest go of their relationship.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Adriana is on the phone with a manufacturer. She angrily hangs up. Adriana gets a call from Rex. He fills her in on what Blair and Todd had done. Blair and Todd come into the officers office in handcuffs. Todd asks him isn’t he going to ask him why he had broken into the adoption agency. Some of the male students at school reads the audition list for the production, “Oklahoma.” Starr hurries up and wants to know what those jerks had said to him. Cole wonders what does she care. Antonio and Carlotta have breakfast with Jaime. Jessica dreams of when her and Nash had made love. She picks up a pic of their family. She gets a call from Nash, but will not answer it. He leaves a message for him to call her. Adriana asks Rex if Todd and Blair could go to jail for this. Tate visits Adriana. Rex stands in the doorway to keep a man from going in. The officer tells Todd and Blair about their rap sheets. Antonio owns up to Jaime that he had lied to her.

The audition list is filling up for the production, “Oklahoma.” Starr asks Marcie to remove her name from the list. Nash goes to visit Jessica. Nash wonders what Antonio had said when she told him. Nash finds out that Jessica hadn’t told Antonio. Jessica uses Jaime as an excuse for not telling Antonio that she loves him. Jessica tells Nash that she loves him so much. Tate fills Adriana in that he is going on the, “View” to promote being a model for their male line. He asks her to accompany him on the show. Starr tries to talk to Cole about what the boys had said to him. Rex fills out a report on what Todd and Blair had taken from the adoption agency.

Passions Recap Written by

Chad manages to break down the door and save Valerie. She thanks him and begins to call the police on Vincent. Ethan promises that he will try hard to appeal and they all say goodbye. Sheridan rushes over and tells Luis that Chris left her. Luis tells her that he no longer loves her. Miguel and Maria have a heartfelt goodbye and Fox becomes jealous over Kay and Miguel. Paloma and Noah share a romantic evening only to be devestated by the news.


Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Amber thinks she can help Daniel. She has a plan. Later she convinces Cane to help with the plan. Meanwhile, Lily tells Neil what is going on with Daniel. He tries to make her feel better. Lily goes out and Daniel comes home. Neil has a talk with him and sets him straight. When Lily gets home they have another argument. She just doesn’t trust him. They all end up at Indigo. Cane tells Lily that he is the friend who sent the link to the site to Daniel. He is the one who wanted to join the site and Daniel paid for it for him. Lily seems to buy their story.

Brad manages to convince Victoria that Phyllis was talking about Sharon campaigning on behalf of Jack to support the Clear Springs project. She doesn’t really buy it though, because later she asks Phyllis if she knows anything. Phyllis tells her to ask Brad.

Jack threatens to sue Brad and Victoria if they don’t sell the property to him. Later, Victoria and Brad make up. She gets a message from JT telling her he has info on Brad. When she meets him, he tells her that Brad and Sharon had an affair.

Sharon and Nick are concerned with Noah’s recent behavior. He has been angry and worried about everything. He has a nightmare about Abby falling over the cliff. He wants to see Jack. Sharon calls him and Jack manages to make him feel better. After Noah falls asleep, Jack tells Sharon that he wants to marry her right away. He suggests they elope!

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