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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam goes through the box of things that Amanda had given him when J.R. walks in.  They immediately begin to argue.  Tad visits Krystal and Jenny and he tells her that Alexander Cambias, Sr. could go free.  Krystal knows that there is no way that this can work between her and Tad.  Kendall and Babe are at work at Fusion.  They can’t seem to discuss anything else, but what had happened in the courtroom and that Alexander could spend the rest of his life in a padded room.  Ryan comes in and orders them all to go home.  Everyone else leaves but Annie refuses to leave Kendall.  Zach visits Alexander in jail and begins to make petty remarks about him fooling everyone by his actions in court.  Zach tells him that he is as good as dead.  Zach commends Alexander for his performance in the courtroom and tells Alexander that he had finally won.  Krystal and Tad discuss Adam’s hatred for her and how she had been such a fool not to see it.  Krystal thanks God that Jenny is Tad’s child and not Adam’s.  J.R. and Adam argue over Adam thinks that Krystal did to him.  Adam reminds J.R. of how Tad had treated him since all this started.  Adam tells him that no one understands him like he does.  Adam wants him to be father and son again.  J.R. wonders what Adam could possibly want in return.  Hannah comes into the office and slams her briefcase down on the desk.  Josh suggests to her that they have a game of hoops.  Hannah tells Josh that she doesn’t like people, who play games.  Zach gives Alexander a teddy bear that had once given him comfort.  Zach calls the guard and leaves.  Kendall and Annie continue to talk about their innermost feelings about their lives.  Zach comes back to join them. 

Colby brings Krystal some food from a fast food restaurant.  She admires the baby while she holds it as Krystal eats her food.  Babe comes in to join them.  Krystal asks Babe if she is all right.  They discuss having Colby live with them.  Colby asks Babe if it is all right with her that she lives with them.  Adam wants J.R. and himself to have a common ground to work toward.  Adam demands one thing from J.R.  Kendall wipes her eyes.  She lets Zach know that she is feeling better.  Kendall notices that Zach is also acting differently.  Josh comes back into the office and apologizes to Hannah.  Josh informs Hannah that Alexander should have gotten the death penalty.  Derek and Tad have a drink.  Derek reveals that he felt like snapping Cambias’ neck.  Derek proposes a toast to Jenny.  Colby admits that she hated walking out on Adam.  She tells Krystal that Adam doesn’t claim her as his daughter anymore.  Krystal lets her know in no uncertain terms that she can be a part of their family.  Colby wonders how Babe will feel about her being a part of their family.  Babe welcomes her with open arms.  Adam lets J.R. to know that Colby was planning to move in with Krystal.  Adam tells J.R. that he wants him to talk to Colby into returning home.  Adam owns up that he cannot bear another loss.  Adam also tells him that he wants to the father that J.R. needs.  Adam confides that he wants to be loyal to the family and that Colby is his number one priority.  J.R. wants to know where he fits into this plan.  Adam tells him that he doesn’t.  Colby can’t wait until they all can be together as a family.  She starts to plan all kinds of different activities for them to do.  Hannah walks into the bar and orders a double Scotch.  She relives her last few times with Alexander.  Del takes out a rifle with a scope and cocks it.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily has a plan for Lucinda on how to get her Company back. Holden catches Faith with Laxatives again. Casey realizes the toll that his upcoming sentencing is having on his family and suggests that they move it up. Katie goes to talk with Margo but runs into Jack and their jumbled nervous interaction causes her to leave. Margo asks Jack what is going on with him and Katie? Jack tries to talk himself out of wanting more from Katie. Margo and Katie meet for lunch to talk. Holden and Faith have a heart to heart about why she is doing what she is doing. Lucinda thinks Lily is trying to avoid her problems by obsessing over Craig and she won’t be a part of it. A disappointed Lily buys more diet pills. Maddie and Casey long for a normal life. Casey has to tell her that he asked that his sentencing be moved up. Katie admits that she likes Jack and the kiss, but she is worried she could hurt Jack. Margo suggests talking with Jack about their feelings. Brad convinces Jack that he shouldn’t be getting involved with Katie, and that it would do him well to leave town to go to Chicago for the Forensics Seminar. Faith is about to throw out the Laxatives when Lily sees what she is holding and becomes upset, which upsets Faith who races out. Katie goes to talk with Jack, but Brad tells her that he left town for a bit. She blasts Brad for interfering, but then worries that he ran him off because the kiss meant nothing. Tom and Margo come home with news for Casey that his sentencing is tomorrow. Holden is looking for Faith’s therapist’s number when he finds more diet pills in Lily’s purse.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Today's episode was not shown, it will be continued tomorrow.

Today's episode was an encore presentation of the 5000th episode shown and written here on February 16, 2007.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max has to literally push Chelsea away to get her to stop kissing him. Chelsea admits to Max that she’s only seducing him to get back at Abby and Nick. Max advises Chelsea to start taking control of her own life. Roman accuses Willow of stealing the hairbrush. When Roman refuses to believe in Willow’s innocence, she strips naked to prove she doesn’t have it. Nick stands up for Willow but Roman warns Nick to stay away from Willow. Willow guesses that Chelsea had someone steal the brush for her but is sure that Nick could never be that guy.

Kate uses a Scrabble game with Will to deduce that E.J.’s “Brandy Mathas” is actually Sami. Sami worries that she won’t be able to slip away from Lucas to kill E.J. so Celeste suggests she use the same poison lipstick to momentarily sedate Lucas. Before Sami can kiss Lucas, Kate shows up. Sami eavesdrops as Kate warns Lucas about Sami planning to run off and elope with E.J. Lucas is convinced E.J. is only trying to get back at him for threatening to come clean about the books. Lucas returns to Sami and they kiss. Kate lets E.J. know she’s figured out his anagram. Philip doesn’t want E.J. to leave town without handing over the phone and converter in case Shawn contacts Bo and Hope while E.J.’s gone. Philip is unsure how to work the equipment so E.J. gets Will to help. Will lets it slip that E.J. arrived with Philip so Kate confronts Philip.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Scott suggests a partnership to Tracy so they can bust up Luke & Laura. Luke tries to convince Nikolas to let him be Laura's guardian. Nikolas refuses. After Luke leaves, Craig, who has been listening in, offers to do the prince a favor and shoot Luke. Nikolas says thanks, but no thanks. Therefore, Craig says he will kill Luke unless Nikolas accedes to the request to sign Laura's care over to Luke. Alexis tells Patrick that Robin and Nikolas don't seem to be in love to her. After re-affirming that he loves her, Sonny signs the divorce papers. Jax asks Alexis to be his best person at the wedding. She goes to Sonny to ask him to sign the divorce papers and is pleased that he has. Sonny authorizes Diane to pay Carly more child support and pay Logan's medical bills. Lulu has to advise Carly when she hesitates on signing the divorce papers. Luke is not happy when Tracy suggests he go along with Scott.

GL Recap Written by Dani

"Money" ~ Today is the day. Cyrus makes his move for the money he and Dinah stole from Vanessa and matt. Dinah feels guilty and anxious to get Cyrus out of town so she can have a nice normal life. Marina is persistent still in shadowing Cyrus. Cyrus calls Dinah to complain about the young detectives constant observance. Dinah assures him Marina has been taken care of . Mallet arrives at Main Street and drags Marina to Company where her friends and family have planned a surprise birthday party. Dinah and Cyrus disguise themselves as a couple from Texas and close their account at the bank. With money in hand Cyrus goes to an abandoned storeroom to admire his money and Dinah joins the celebration at Company late. Frank is alerted that a large withdrawal has been made and leaves the party to follow up on this development. What Frank doesn’t know is Marina was already ahead of him and had slipped out undetected. Marina draws her gun on Cyrus who is just about to leave the storeroom with the suitcase of money in hand. Outside the building Frank calls in over a megaphone for Cyrus to come out. In fear Cyrus shoves Marina into a stack of boxes. The impact causes her gun to go off. Cyrus stays with Marina trying to give first aid and comforting her. He tells her about his childhood to try and keep her focused on something. Marina is alive but weak and lethargic.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Todd and Blair sneak into an adoption agency to gain info on who had adopted his son, and where he may be. Rex watches them. Michael is impatient and wants Rex to call. Michael starts to make a call. Marcie comes in and tells Michael that she had finally gotten Tommy down. She notices that he had been dialing a number and she questions him as to who he had been calling. He lies to her and tells her that he was calling a patient. John comes to visit Marty. He tells her that he was driving by and had seen the light on. He questions her if she had found his notebook. Marty invites him in. John gets his notebook and starts to leave, but Cole invites him to stay. Clint, Dorian and Viki go in search of Jessica in the same car of all things. Viki, suddenly, has a thought that she may know where Jessica is. Nash brings Bree into the apartment. Antonio asks Jessica does she want to bear her soul to him right now. She nods her head, “yes.” Antonio tells her him first. Antonio asks her had she been in an accident or was she hurt. Antonio demands to know why she hadn’t called. Jessica asks about Jaime. Antonio and Jessica begin to argue. Antonio tells Jessica that he sure doesn’t know her anymore. Clint questions Viki as to why she thinks that Jessica is with Nash. Clint tells Viki that Nash had fallen in love with Jessica. Dorian asks does Jessica reciprocate his feelings. Dorian suggests calling first. John asks is that soda bread on the table. Marty takes John’s coat and hangs it up. John picks up a piece of the bread and tells Cole that it is as hard as a rock. John recites a poem which was his Dad’s favorite and also Patrick’s. Marcie questions Michael about his patient Todd has difficulty in picking the lock. Michael tells Marcie that she will never have another nightmare. Michael calls Rex. Todd manages to get the door unlocked .Michael finally gets in touch with Rex. Michael demands to know what is going on. Marcie comes out the baby in her arms. She questions Michael as to what is wrong. John relives experiences about his father. Antonio questions Jessica if this was Tess that had caused her behavior. Jessica tells her that she feels that Jaime deserves better. Antonio screams at Jessica that he wants to keep Jaime as far away from her as possible. Todd searches through the files. Todd refuses to go down. Michael begins to talk to the baby instead of answering Marcie’s question. Marcie accuses Michael of lying to her yet again. John thanks Marty for putting up with him. John gets a beep and leaves. Cole questions Marty if she had been on a date with Detective McBain. Nash opens the door and finds Viki, Dorian and Clint. Jessica insists that she loves Jaime.

Antonio demands that Jessica start talking. Jessica begins to try to explain about her feelings. Jessica tells him that something changed. Jessica remembers making love to Nash. Clint wonders if Nash knew what had happened at the adoption agency., Nash beats around the bush and doesn’t really give them any straight answers. Marty tells Cole that she is not trying to replace his father. Marty apologizes about Starr. Cole advises her to date John. Marcie orders Michael to tell her the truth. Michael tells Marcie that everything that he has done he has done for her. There is a knock on the door. It is John. Michael becomes angry and walks out after he finds out that Marcie had called John to help out in this situation. Todd and Blair search through the files trying to find some piece of info that will help Todd find his son. Suddenly, Blair hears a noise outside. She hurries to turns the lights off. Marcie urges John to tell her what is going on with Michael if he knows. John assures her that Michael hasn’t said anything to him. Rex waits outside the door. Todd looks out the door and doesn’t see anyone. Todd finds some valuable information. Rex calls the police and reports a burglary in process. Clint asks does he know where Jessica is. Nash assures them that Jessica will turn up. Jessica tells Antonio that nothing that happened today was planned. Jessica continues to cry as Antonio continues to scream at her. Jessica tells Antonio that she doesn’t know how she feels, but he has to hear it right now. The police come in and arrest Todd and Blair. Antonio tells Jessica that he had found her car at the quarry and he holds up a bracelet that he had given her. Nash calls Jessica. She cries as she looks toward the door.

Passions Recap Written by Jessica

Tabitha sees that Endora is sad and wonders if she wants to go to the preschool. She remembers all of her times with Timmy. She asks for his guidance and eventually tells Endora that she can go to the school. Valerie rushes off to confront Vincent and Chad goes to stop her. He gets to the apartment and hears the two arguing and Vincent hurting Valerie. Chad tries to get in to stop him.  Paloma and Noah kiss in the rain and become soaked. They go in and get out of their wet clothes and begin kissing. Sheridan can't believe Chris is leaving. She and James say goodbye and they leave. Sheridan is heartbroken. Ethan tries to stop the judge but he has written approval to go on with the sentencing. He sentences Miguel to life in prison without parole and Luis to death by lethal injection.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

The fallout continues from the pictures of the accident being posted on the internet. Neil confronts Sharon and blames her for the accident. She tells him she’d take it back if she could. After he leaves Brad tries to comfort her. Later she sees Nick and Phyllis and tells Phyllis she thinks that Phyllis is happy that she is miserable now. Adrian tells Colleen about a job offer he has received to work in France. She has another argument with her father and goes to Adrian and tells him that he should take the job and she will go with him. Lily is angry with Daniel for not telling her about her father’s drinking sooner. Later when Neil comes to see her, she asks him about it. He promises her he will stop. She admits she is afraid of losing him too. She is also scared about losing her husband. Jack is angry to find out that Brad has been buying up property in Clear Springs. He asks Brad what it will cost to get the properties. Brad says they aren’t for sale. Jack, Phyllis and Nick decide they may have to go the legal route with Brad. Nick tries to appeal to Victoria but she doesn’t want to help him. Phyllis offers to talk to Brad. She tells him she has ways to get him to do what she wants. He says she promised not to blackmail them again. She says she doesn’t have to. He tells her if she wants to tell Victoria about him and Sharon to go ahead. Phyllis tells him he just did. He turns to see Victoria standing in the doorway. Daniel talks to Amber about his fight with Lily. She advises him on how to be forgiven by Lily. Meanwhile, Lily talks to Colleen about what happened. She realizes that even though Daniel said he isn’t a member of the site, he might be lying. When she goes home she checks their credit card statement and sees a charge for the site.

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