Tuesday 4/17/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/17/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby and Sean stand outside the nursery, admiring little Jenny Colby Carey.  The competency hearing begins for Alexander Cambias, Sr.  Amanda orders the police officer to look for her mother everywhere.  Julia brings a box of Kathy’s things into the living room and sets them on the sofa.  As she goes through the box, she lays aside some files that were on the top of the box.  The top file is a certificate of adoption from 2002 with the attending physician as “Greg Madden.”  Adam visits Krystal in her hospital room, and they argue over the fact that he left her to give birth alone.  Adam threatens to kick her butt all the way to the county line.  Zach is the first witness called in Alexander Cambias, Sr. competency hearing.  He tells the court that Alexander Cambias, Sr. turned over his company to a man that wasn’t even his son.  Kendall becomes apprehensive and asks Babe to hold her hand tightly.  Adam and Krystal argue over the fact that Colby wants to move in with her.  Adam objects to this arrangement and wants Krystal to send Colby back to his home.  Adam threatens Krystal and her baby.  Krystal, in turn, threatens him that if he comes near or even looks at Jenny cross-eyed, it will be his last act on earth.  Krystal orders him out and threatens to call security to make him leave.  He leaves with a smile on his face.  Kendall begins to relive the nightmare of Alexander and how he tried to kill her.  Hannah assures Kendall that after today, Alexander will never harm anyone again.  Julia and Dr. Joe have a chat about the nurses' union and whether or not they will go on strike at midnight.  Joe asks her to try to postpone it for twenty-four hours.  Julia finds Josh in the medicine room.  As he starts to take one of the syringes, Joe comes up and tells Josh to put the drug down.  Joe refuses to let Josh ruin his life.  Joe tells him to find some other way to do this.  Adam orders Colby to stay away from Krystal and Sean to stay away from Colby.  After they both leave, Adam looks at the baby, connivingly.

Alexander Cambias, Sr. takes the stand in his own defense.  Tad, Jamie, and J.R. listen to Jack’s conversation while Alexander refuses to answer questions.  Everyone in the courtroom relives losing one of their loved ones who died at the hands of Alexander Cambias.  Colby visits Krystal.  Krystal asks Colby to become a part of her family.  Adam confronts Amanda at Wildwind over her ultimate betrayal unless she can supply him with something that he can use against Jamie and Tad. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

ATWT did not air today due to special news coverage but today's episode will air tomorrow at its regular time according to the CBS daytime website.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge semi-apologizes to Ashley for his earlier kiss and then proceeds to invite her to dinner that night, if he promises to be on his worst behavior. She agrees just as Brooke walks through the door and realizes what is happening. She seems jealous and worried. It’s okay for Ashley to be Ridge’s ‘friend’ but don’t go getting any romantic ideas, he’s on the rebound. Ridge is on the ‘tub’ and is checking up on Phoebe to make sure she was okay spending the night alone with no bother from Shane. He’s obviously living out of his car, desperate, and could be big trouble. Shane is on the phone begging his bosses to give him one more chance; he will get the account today. He kisses a photo of Phoebe and says this is “for us”. He barges in unannounced and with no appointment at a meeting between Jackie, Storm and Donna. He loses his cool and demands they give him some time, even when Storm tells him they already have a recycling contract….and he was Taylor Hayes attorney and knows all about him, best just to leave. Nick arrives just in time to tell him he doesn’t know what he does have, but what he doesn’t is an invite to his office. Shane goes ballistic and tells them they can all go to hell. Nick grabs him by the collar and shoves his briefcase to his chin and bodily shows him out the door all the way to the elevator. There are witnesses as he shoves him in and bloodies his nose. He tells him to stay away from Phoebe and the house or he’ll put him in cement shoes and throw him in the Santa Monica Bay. Shane threatens back – if he doesn’t get to him first!

Near hysterics Shane calls Phoebe who picks up but only after her dad tells her to put it on the speaker phone so he can hear. Shane begs Phoebe to help him one more time. He NEEDS an account or he will lose his job. It’s for them, for their future. Ridge takes the phone and tells him they have had this conversation before – leave Phoebe alone. She is not in his life anymore. Shane determines that he has to do something. He goes to see Ridge to plead his case but finds Phoebe alone. She threatens to call security despite his desperate begging. Brooke drops in on Nick and tells him how sorry she is that Taylor is not pregnant. But not sorry for them, he can have the family that he wants, it’s standing right there. Feebly, he tells her that he is still going to marry Taylor and for her sake, she should let this go. Shane returns to find Ridge alone this time. He is belligerent and blames all of this on Ridge, for filling Phoebe’s head with bad thoughts, how he’s not good enough for her. Ridge tells him to get in his car, keep driving until he gets to another state. When he turns his back to call security, Shane pulls a gun on him and tells him he will show him just how bad he can be.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Willow has Nick come see her during her hospital stay for premature contractions. Willow tries to guilt Nick into using the hairbrush to clear her name but Nick insists he can’t help. Willow asks for Nick to ensure that no one messes with the evidence. Roman questions Nick about the missing hairbrush. Chelsea flirts with Max to get him to stay. Max complains about Maggie’s interference and Chelsea tries to use it to her advantage. Chelsea and Max kiss.

EJ has a drink with Lucas and Kate to declare his plans to travel to Las Vegas to get married but won’t give out the name of his bride to be. Lucas complains that EJ is dumping his workload on Lucas while Lucas is busy with his own wedding. Kate presses for a name so EJ gives her the name Brandy Mathas. Sami finds the money EJ paid Will to hook up his video surveillance and makes Will admit where it came from. Lucas and Sami take wedding photos before Lucas reveals his surprise of booking a hotel suite for them tonight. Sami changes her mind against killing EJ figuring she’ll never be able to get away from Lucas but Celeste promises to meet them at the hotel with a reason for Sami to leave.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

As Alexis is visiting at Wyndemere to thank "Mr. Brosnan" (Craig) for taking care of her daughter while she was with the doctor, Scott arrives to inform Nikolas that he's suing the prince for guardianship of Laura. Luke is stunned and hurt that Laura made Nikolas her guardian. Robin and Patrick continue to clash at the hospital. Patrick wants to keep Sonny in the hospital, but Robin thinks he can be released. Patrick also thinks Robin is lying about something. Amelia asks Stan to get Sonny to ease off on her so Sam's show can go forward. Epiphany tells Stan to not even think about taking up with a white woman, but he tells her that just because her story ended badly does not mean his will. Jax asks Sonny to let Carly go so that he and Carly can get on with their lives. Jason agrees with Jax. Nikolas tries to convince Craig to leave, to take the money he's managed to assemble and get on with his new start, freeing Nikolas to deal with the Scott situation. Carly warns Sam to get her P.R. under control or she'll have Carly on her case. Jason is not angry with Spinelli for wrecking the bike. Amelia's stooge lets her know all about Sam's past history; she made a career of romancing and scamming wealthy men across the U.S. until she met up with Monroe, who figured out her con and wound up dead. Sonny does get released from the hospital and comes to see Carly so he can sign the papers.

BONUS*** GH Recap Written by Suzanne

Carly and Jax try to tell Michael they are getting married, but he doesn't want to hear it because he thinks Sonny will now allow the divorce. Carly convinces Jason to talk to Sonny, so he does. Jax does, too, and Sonny finally agrees to sign the divorce papers. Carly confides she does still love him, so he wonders why they are signing the papers. Sam is on the front page of the newspaper, including her comments about shootouts. Sonny yells at Amelia for Sam's comments. Amelia asks Stan to talk to him, but Sonny doesn't care what Stan has to say. Epiphany yells at Stan for flirting with a white girl, but he doesn't want to hear that. Patrick and Robin argue about whether Sonny should stay for more tests, but really they are arguing about their relationship. He knows she is hiding something.  Spinelli is worried that Jason will find out that he took out his motorcycle without permission and dented it, but Jason is not upset about it. Spinelli keeps arguing with Jason about telling Sam the truth about Elizabeth's baby. Jason tells Sam that he is not upset about the newspaper article, but Sonny is very angry about it. Sam has a dream about a man calling her names and throwing her around. A man at the TV station digs up dirt about Sam's con artist past and tells Amelia about it, including that Sam killed a man who got wind of her scam.

Alan and Tracy continue to bicker. Luke is stunned and hurt when he finds out that Laura left her guardianship to Nikolas, not him. Scott wants to sue for the guardianship, so he informs Nikolas and Alexis of it. Tracy tells Scott that he's not allowed to visit Laura. Nikolas tries to get rid of James by bribing him with $60 million, but it doesn't work. Nikolas is surprised to hear that James saved Alexis the other day. Luke almost catches James with Nikolas.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Today's show was preempted due to continued news reporting of the Virginia Tech shootings.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

I’m sorry, OLTL soap fans. OLTL was pre-empted today, because of a special convocation service which was held on the campus of Virginia Tech. This service was for the faculty, students and the families of the victims of Monday’s shooting on the campus of Virginia Tech University. Stay turned tomorrow when the regular schedule resumes.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Today's show was preempted in the US due to news reporting of the Virginia Tech shootings.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Victor meet with Katherine and ask her to invest in Clear Springs. She is surprised that Victor and Jack are now calling themselves friends. Katherine tells them she will think about it. Nikki meets with her new campaign manager, Karen Taylor. When Katherine comes to see her, she is upset to hear that Katherine is thinking about supporting Clear Springs. Nikki talks to Victoria about her plans should she win the election. She confronts Victor about bringing Katherine into Clear Springs. Katherine decides she will invest in the project.

Lily is still angry with Daniel. She tells him she knows about the porn site she has been visiting. He says he got the link from a guy at school. He promises it will never happen again. He tells her that Neil has started drinking again.

Neil, Phyllis and Sharon get phone calls from a tabloid asking for a comment. They are going to publish photos taken of the accident. Nick is able to get an injunction stopping the magazine from publishing the photos. Later, they wind up on the internet anyway. Neil continues to drink. He goes to see Sharon and confronts her, blaming her for the accident.

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