Friday 4/13/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/13/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall is still more than a bit annoyed at Zach for him not doing as she had asked him and getting Bianca out of Pine Valley before she was hurt by Zoe.  Kendall and Zach both use Spike to talk to each other.  Zoe is at work when Babe comes in.  They hug over the birth of Krystal’s baby, Jenny Colby.  Zoe asks Babe for her help.  Zoe tells Babe that she had told her secret admirer that it was over before it ever started.  Bianca hurries into Josh’s apartment in order to catch Zoe before she leaves for work.  Josh lets Bianca know that Zoe had told him what happened last night.  Bianca asks Josh for his help.  Josh tells Bianca that Zoe is leaving Pine Valley.  Sean and Lily walk into a computer conference that is set up at the Valley Inn.  Aidan is on the telephone.  Jonathan comes into the living room.  Di questions him as to what will happen to Ava in Los Angeles when her money runs out.  Ava is in a hotel room at the Valley Inn.  She admires the make-up job that hides her bruises.  Room service brings her breakfast.  She stands in the doorway when Erica comes by and stops.  Erica thinks that she is Lily, and wonders what she is doing here.  Babe wonders why Zoe is pushing Bianca away and she tells Babe that she doesn’t want to hurt Bianca.  Bianca can’t believe that Zoe is leaving town and wonders if she pushed her into this.  Josh tries to talk some sense into Bianca about Zoe.  Kendall and Zach continue to use Spike as their interpreter.  Jackson and Barbara come into the hotel and he explains to Barbara that Lily won’t live under the same roof with her.  Jackson tells Barbara to have a good day and then leaves.  Lily asks Sean to talk to Aidan to see if he is lying about her half-sister.  Di continues to defend Ava and her actions.  Di believes that Ava has a right to meet her sister.  Aidan tells Jonathan and Di that Ava never left town at all.  Erica asks Lily (supposedly) what she is doing in a hotel room.  It comes to Erica that she knows what is going on here.  Erica concludes that Lily is living here to get away from Barbara.  Erica assures Lily that she will take care of everything.  Erica runs into Barbara in the hallway as she leaves Ava’s room and is thrilled that Jackson had finally put Barbara out of his home.  Erica comes into the hotel dining room and sees Lily sitting at a table with Sean.  Erica tells her that she had just seen her upstairs in a hotel room.  Aidan lets Jackson in on the news that Lily has a half-sister.  Di tells Jackson that Jonathan paid her to leave town.  The hotel manager brings Ava a laptop computer to her room.  Ava looks up on the Internet info about Erica Kane.  Sean promises to check Aidan out to see if he is lying. 

Zach pulls Kendall to him and hugs her and tells her to have faith.  Jackson doesn’t like the idea that Jonathan is still trying to make decisions for Lily.  Erica completely confuses Lily and Sean as to what is going on.  Barbara confronts Sean and Lily.  Barbara wants to know what Sean told Lily about her.  Lily sits alone making notes.  She wants to know who that someone is upstairs in a hotel room.  Sean tells Barbara to call it quits with “Uncle Jack.”  The hotel manager sees Lily and questions her if she had found her credit card.  Lily is confused but realizes that he must have her confused with her half-sister as Erica did.  She gives the manager her credit card and asks for “her” room number.  Zoe admits to Babe that she is afraid.  Zoe picks up her purse and leaves the office.  Zoe comes home and finds Bianca there.  Zoe wonders what she is doing here.  Bianca lets her know that she had talked with Josh and he told her to let Zoe go.  Zoe tells Bianca that she had a talk with Babe and she encouraged Zoe not to let Bianca go.  Erica visits Jack at Wildwind.  She questions him as to why he hadn’t told her that Lily was staying at the Valley Inn.  Ava is still on the laptop computer.  There is a knock on the door.  When Ava opens the door, she comes face to face with Lily.  Jackson doesn’t know what Erica is talking about concerning Lily had taking a room at the Valley Inn.  Jackson gets a call.  Jackson and Zach find out that Alexander might actually get away with murder. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack and Katie search for a missing Henry, all the while disagreeing about how the wedding (or lack of it) was handled. Emma and Brad try to calm down Vienna, and when they can’t, they call in reinforcements. Henry overhears Katie and Jack’s conversation about how he handled things with Vienna. Vienna verbally attacks Katie, as Katie agrees with some of what she has said. Katie worries about her, Jack and Henry’s future after the words sink in; Jack kisses Katie. Brad finds Henry, who is trying to sneak out of town, but Brad refuses to let him go without explaining himself. Emily and Allison disagree on everything, as they are awaiting Susan. Allison is happy when Emily goes looking for her. Allison runs smack dab into Will, who is waiting for Gwen after her job interview. The old friends catch up, as Allison blatantly flirts with him. Gwen overhears, but Will tries to downplay the situation. Susan is thrilled that Allison is home, but after she steps out of the room, Emily demands that Allison get into a treatment program. Jade and Cleo begin her transformation into Gwen. Cleo sneaks out and sits next to Will and Gwen listening to their intimate conversation. Cleo drops her pad as Will and Cleo come face to face.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick gives in. Taylor is nervous and doesn’t want anything to jinx the evening. She’d like to wait for the pregnancy test until after dinner. She admits she doesn’t like the fact that Brooke is circling around like a vulture trying to get him back. Stephanie warns Brooke that she doesn’t want her going over and trying to seduce Nick, especially if Taylor is pregnant. With Abby asleep in the other room, Ashley and Rick conduct their business on the couch in her hotel room. She does encourage him to go to Phoebe if he wants to settle their argument. He tells her to open the bottle of wine; he thinks Phoebe needs some space and there is no where else he needs to be. A clearly distraught Phoebe bolts into the house but promises Nick and Taylor that she will make herself scarce. Nick offers The Marlin as a safe refuge. As she heads out, stalker Shane is leaning against the door. As sincere as he can be, he wants to apologize for walking out on her some time back at Café Russe. He wanted her to take him seriously; he deserves to be taken seriously and she didn’t. He promptly quizzes Phoebe if she is dating Rick? She doesn’t feel comfortable discussing this. Nick ends up physically throwing him out of the house and tells him to get off the property, leave the girl alone and they’ll have no problems.

Ashley relays to Rick that it’s good to be working with him again and it feels good to have her opinions being valued again. He finds it hard to concentrate. He asks if she is meeting new people and she quips yeah his sister, and Ridge in the locked closet. She remarks that Ridge is in a lot of pain and can’t Rick conjure up just a little sympathy for him? She has no history with anyone else in the city but Rick and she doesn’t want to spoil that by arguing with him about his mother’s ex-husband. They reminisce about that wild night in Paris, all the wine, the accordion player that Rick sang along with and Ashley remarks that he seemed to sing all night long. He reminds her well not the entire night……..She confesses it was one of the most memorable nights of her life. As they continue their cutesy walk down memory lane, Phoebe interrupts with a phone call. She wants to apologize; their parent’s problems should not affect them. She tells him about The Marlin and asks him to stop by. He nixes that as not a very good idea but will call her first thing tomorrow. The sexual tension is heavy and Rick thinks he should go, almost forgetting why he came over for the marketing report. Since so much is at stake, Brooke challenges Stephanie to call Taylor to find out if she really is pregnant. Shane watches Phoebe call Rick and then she leaves the house. Another kind of nervous tension abounds as Nick and Taylor await the results of the pregnancy test.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick admits to Abby that he stole Chelsea’s hairbrush from the lab. Abby advises Nick to put back the brush back. Abby questions whether Nick thinks Chelsea really set the fire when he hesitates to do the right thing. Dr. Parsons asks Nick about the missing hairbrush. Billie tries to talk Chelsea out of moving in with Bo and into returning home with her. Billie begs for forgiveness but Chelsea feels that she and Billie can never truly be mother and daughter again.

Steve incites a riot among the patients over the hospital food. Steve sneaks onto Dr. Kraft’s unattended laptop and orders pizza for the patients. Foley threatens to put Steve back in his room by force but Steve is saved when the pizzas arrive. Belle and Shawn argue over whether or not to let Gabby join them on the trip to Australia. Belle tells Shawn about finding the baby supplies hidden in Gabby’s closet as proof that Gabby can’t be trusted. Shawn leaves the decision up to Belle and Belle agrees to let Gabby join them only after Shawn promises that Gabby must leave them upon arrival in Australia.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason kills their attacker, but Sonny is shot. Sam gets word of the shooting and that allegedly Jason and Sonny are dead, during a photo shoot. Carly is delighted with the new ring Jax gives her and they promise to always love each other. Maxie is taken hostage at Kelly's, but Coop saves her by shooting the villain. However, Mac reams him out for risking her life. Kelly stops Liz's contractions with medication. Skye realizes that Lorenzo's been faking his condition and he admits it. Skye goes to Ric and says she will do whatever it takes to protect her baby from Alcazar. Logan suffers a minor injury in the shoot-out and asks Cooper to call his father, though he does not identify the man. Spinelli has to be reassured that nothing Sonny might say under anesthesia will be held against him before he will back off so Patrick can operate. Carly and Jax receive the news about the shooting as they arrive back home.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Reva dresses up in a sexy black dress to visit Josh at the prison. Before leaving Harley and Gus show up at the door to get Daisy and send her to the boot camp. Daisy is resistant at first but after Harley gets a call that Jude is sick and learns Gus will be driving her to the camp alone Daisy is on board with going. Harley and Reva exchange insults about their past mothering. Harley leaves to take care of her sick son and Gus and Daisy hit the road. About half way there the fog and Gus’s exhaustion is too much so he and Daisy stop at a motel to get some rest before continuing on. Gus is on the brink of sleep but Daisy rouses him long enough to confess she has fallen in love with him.

Reva runs into Alan in the hall, he has come to visit her. He invites Reva to have a drink with him downstairs but she declines to go visit Josh in prison. Reva throws a vague threat about his involvement in keeping Josh locked up but Alan is not fazed. Cassie has gone to the prison to visit Josh who asks her to back away from him and their relationship at least for a while. Cassie is crushed and leaves the prison confused and hurt. Reva arrives shortly after Cassie leaves. Josh is calm and comforted by Reva as they talk about Cassie, and the relationship Reva and josh once had. They are becoming closer holding hands.

Before going to the prison to see Josh Cassie overhears Lillian and Beth talking about an OB/GYN appointment Beth had. Lillian puts it together that Beth had lied about the pregnancy before and now the baby is Rick’s but Beth tells Lillian of the night she and Alan shared after coming out of the coma. Alan and Rick exchange claim on Beth’s unborn baby. Neither willing to give her or the baby up.

Cassie goes to Rick after having an unpleasant exchange with Beth outside of Company. Cassie tells Rick that the baby Beth is carrying is his and she had lied about being pregnant during Alan’s coma. Beth meets Alan at Company and proudly presents him with the results of her pregnancy test. At first Alan is concerned but when he sees Beth is happy he is thrilled too.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair and Todd have arrived in Chicago. She is angry and she doesn’t want to be in the same city with him much less in the same hotel room. Adriana and Tate share an intimate dinner before Tate’s first sports broadcast. Rex walks in and wonders what is going on. John brings Marty home. She notices how soaked he is. She insists on seeing his hands. She notices that he had never had a manicure. She takes his coat to hang up to dry, and goes to make some coffee. Natalie comes into Rodi’s Bar. She asks Bill the bartender had he seen John. Bill just tells her that John had left with the person that he had played darts with. Bo meets up with Lindsay in Rodi’s. They share some small talk. Paige is at the airport. Nora comes up. Paige wonders if Nora had followed her. Nora owns up that she had. Antonio demands to know from Christian as to what is going on. Jessica, still hysterical, tells Nash that he was right about everything. She also tells him that she couldn’t go through with the adoption. She also tells him that she can’t lose him, that she cannot stand to be without him. Natalie asks Bo and Lindsay about Jessica. Natalie fills Bo in as to what had happened at the adoption hearing. Natalie then asks about John. When Natalie leaves, Bo mentions calling Antonio, but Lindsay talks him out of it. Lindsay offers Bo help, but he declines. They decide to just keep each other company. Nora talks to Paige about leaving town and then begs her not to leave. Antonio insists on knowing what Christian knows about Jessica and Nash. Jessica tells Nash that her marriage isn’t working and she can’t lose Nash. Rex confronts Adriana and Tate as to what they had been doing .Tate gets up to leave for his sports broadcast begins that very night. Adriana wishes him good luck. Blair insists to Todd that she is only there to help him find his son. Marty and John drink coffee and small talk. She informs that he may have to spend the night.

Marty brings John his coat and he leaves. She thanks him for helping her with Cole. Miles comes to visit Marty. Christian tells Antonio that Nash is leaving town. Antonio becomes upset that he hadn’t been told .Jessica tells Nash that she loves him. They hug and kiss. Lindsay tells Bo that she is glad that they are friends again. Paige comes in. She tells Bo that she had changed her mind and she is not leaving town. Bo takes her back to his place. Miles finds John’s notebook and immediately thinks that something is going on between her and John. Marty denies anything going on between them. Miles comes into Rodi’s and orders take out. He meets up with Natalie. He lets Natalie know that John had been over to Marty’s. Christian lets Antonio know that Nash is in love with Jessica. Jessica and Nash make love. John comes into the bar looking for his notebook. He meets up with Natalie, who has some very insulting remarks about Marty.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Gloria and Kevin decide to try their plan on Jill and Ji Min again. This time, they will make sure that if Jill and Ji Min give into their desires, William will be there to walk in on them. Kevin sets the plan in motion while Gloria goes out for coffee with William. Kevin watches from his laptop at home and when Jill and Ji Min finally give in to their desires, he calls Gloria. She and William go over to the office with the premise of picking up a file that Kevin needs and walk in on Jill and Ji Min half clothed. Neil is at Indigo drinking alone. When Daniel, Lily and Devon come in, he quickly hides the evidence of his drinking. He says he is staying there but they are worried about him being alone. Later, they see Sharon at the coffee house and tell him about their concerns for Neil. She decides to go see him and persuades him to come home with her to talk. They talk about Dru and how much they loved her and what a great friend, wife and Mother she is. Neil asks about what really happened with Brad and Sharon tells him. She says that Dru dies trying to save her and she was her best friend. She will try her best to be as good a friend to Neil. Meanwhile, Lily breaks a doll her mother gave her as a child and has a breakdown. Daniel doesn’t know what to do and after talking to Kevin, gets some sedatives from him to calm her down. While he is gone, Devon suggests Lily look online for a replacement doll. She uses Daniel’s computer and comes across all the adult websites he has been visiting. She doesn’t tell Devon what she sees. Devon tells her he found a flash drive and it must be Daniel’s. He asks her to give it to him. She decides to take a look at it instead.

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