Thursday 4/12/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/12/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Bianca and Zoe share an intimate moment, but when Bianca wants to take their relationship to a whole new level, Zoe backs away.  Di, Ava, and Jonathan hear Lily talking to Aidan about her sister.  Di goes to the door and invites her in.  When they go into the living room, Jonathan and Ava are gone.  Colby calls Shawn and lets him know that she had delivered Krystalís baby.  J.R. visits Jamie and Jamie wants J.R. to cut him loose from where the nurses have him tied to the bed.  J.R. refuses to untie him for he is afraid that Jamie will go after Adam.  Krystal realizes that Adam hates her so much that he turned his back on this little baby.  Tad wants to have a reason to take Adam out.  Tad tells Adam he knows what he did to Krystal and, as a result, Colby delivered Krystalís baby.  Jamie and J.R. argue over the fact that J.R. refuses to untie him.  Tad threatens Adam that if he ever comes near his children again, he will do him bodily harm.  Krystal realizes what a fool that she had been over Adam.  Colby asks Julia how the baby is.  Julia assures her that she did fine.  Julia tells her that she should consider a career in medicine.  Aidan continues to lie to Lily about her sister, but all the time he watches the door.  Lily catches on and realizes that he is hiding something.  Jonathan takes Ava out the back so she wonít run into Lilly.  Jonathan knows that Lily has too many problems to have to deal with the likes of Ava.  Zoe makes up all kinds of excuses to pull away from Bianca and the intimacy that Bianca wants between them.  Zoe tells Bianca that she is the best thing that had ever happened to her.  Zoe also tells Bianca that she may be the worst thing that had ever happened to Bianca.  Zoe and Bianca discuss the physical changes that Zoe will face when she undergoes changes.  Babe encourages Krystal to take a nap.  J.R. tells Jamie that he is through with his father for what he did to Krystal.  Jamie blames Adam for him being all banged up.  He also blames Adam for Janet calling him to meet her.  J.R. promises to take care of Adam himself.  J.R. comes out of Jamieís room.  He meets up with Babe, who asks him for his help.  Tad lets Adam know that he knows that he is the one who ran Jamie and Amanda off the road. 

Ava starts to go to talk to Lilly and Jonathan stops her by asking her what she wants.  When she tells him that she wants to be a star, Jonathan makes Ava an airplane reservation to leave town gives her money to get her to California.  Tad visits Krystal in the hospital.  He finds Krystal asleep, but he holds the baby and talks to her.  Krystal awakens and listens to Tad talking to the baby.  Tad decides to call the baby, Jenny.  Krystal agrees to name her that.  Adam is in his mansion alone.  He hears a noise outside.  He meets up with Winifred and Little A.  Winifred lets him know that she is taking Little Adam.  Adam orders her to put Little A in the nursery.  Babe walks up and tells Adam that she is taking Little Adam.  Adam tells Winifred that she is fired.  Winifred tells him that she quits and Babe informs Adam that Winifred is Little Aís new nanny.  J.R. walks up and tells Adam that he no longer has a grandson as he takes Babe, Winifred, and Little Adam and leaves.  Everyone gathers in Krystalís room to admire the baby.  Krystal decides to call the baby, Jenny Colby.  Colby is thrilled to be honored in this way.  Julia brings Jamie in to see the baby.  Everyone has gathered around Krystalís bedside when Adam walks up outside and watches them. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily and Faith try to rebuild the trust between them as they struggle to get well from their illnesses. Jack and Parker also have a talk about how they miss the way life used to be and Jack assures Parker he will never leave him or his brother and sister. Vienna and Henry's wedding begins but in the end Henry tells Vienna he doesn't love her the way she deserves to be loved. Vienna is heartbroken and sobs in Katie's arms. Will and Gwen refuse Barbara's offer to give them a second trust fund and are determined to make it on their own. Jade lies to Lily in order to borrow money from her to pay Cleo's living expenses so that she can start her plan to get revenge on Gwen.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick confides to Brooke that she is doing exactly what she says she doesn’t want to do and that is to hurt him. She admits she was wrong, but why does it make a difference to him now? How can they resist each other? Hope interrupts and wants to spend time with him. He has to let her down as he is expected at dinner, but makes a date to show her the new boat on Saturday. Brooke tries once more to entice him to even adopt Hope and she vows to change her entire life around for him. Rick and Phoebe differ on the fact that Brooke is leaving Forrester Creations and is pursuing Nick. She wants him to encourage his mother not to. Ridge remarks to Ashley he is a little embarrassed and feels like he should put the brakes on. She realizes just after breaking up with Brooke, the timing for them might not be right. Stephanie interrupts Taylor on what might be the night of celebration – her pregnancy. She resents Stephanie wanting to use her; her love is conditional only when she does what Stephanie wants. Stephanie finally accepts it. If this is what Taylor wants, then no one should stand in her way.

Brooke pleads more – Nick is holding onto everything that went wrong; nothing that went so right. He tells her that Taylor is waiting, he must go. Dramatically, he clears his desk and asks if she wants to have sex right there, will that fix everything? He shouts that she broke his heart and he is NOT going through that again. Rick tries to explain about his mother, but Phoebe isn’t listening. She doesn’t want to go to dinner now. She doesn’t even feel she knows him. Ashley walks in to witness the unhappy, exiting Phoebe. Rick explains this is their first fight….and young is getting younger. Conveniently she left some papers Rick needs so Ashley invites him back to her hotel to retrieve them. Stephanie drops by and gloats to Brooke that the stork might be visiting someone close to her….if not, they sure are doing a lot of practicing. Nick is on needles and pins and wants to hurry and bypass dinner and have the results of the pregnancy test.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ lets Kayla know he left the flowers but denies Kayla and Hope’s barrage of accusations. Hope becomes spooked when EJ asks about Shawn. Bo questions Steve about last night but Steve will only admit to using the lye soap to get to the hospital. Hope alerts Bo to EJ’s questioning and Bo realizes that the electricians were EJ bugging their house. They don’t realize that, thanks to Will’s technology lesson, EJ is watching and listening to them check their house for bugs. Kayla yells at Steve for leaving the psych ward and declares their deal to be broken. Kayla calls Stephanie to tell her about Steve’s condition.

The local sheriff warns Shawn and Belle that Philip has put out flyers about a bounty on their heads. The sheriff gives Shawn and Belle back their fake passports so they can leave the island as soon as possible. Belle wants to get a job so they can raise money faster but Shawn is against the idea. Gabby offers her savings that would be enough to leave now in exchange for joining them on the trip.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Cooper passes the police academy exam. Amelia gets Carly and Jax to agree to let her shoot some scenes at the hotel before they wing off to Montreal. The press continues to mob Sam, causing her to consider a restraining order, but Amelia won't allow that. Lorenzo's plans to ambush Sonny go forward. Lulu interferes when Maxie asks Jason to hire Logan. Elizabeth has a contraction. After the press hounds Sonny in front of the kids, he and Jason meet at the Cellar to discuss the situation. While there, Alcazar's men begin shooting. Jax gives Carly a new engagement ring.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Olivia happily bounces into Company and asks Buzz if they can call the Coopers together for a celebratory dinner. Buzz confused about what they are celebrating agrees before learning the purpose . Olivia announces she wants to set a wedding date if he still wants to marry her. Very much in love and ready to get married Buzz calls everyone for a family dinner at Company. When Marina gets the call she is staking out Cyrus who has jumped into the passenger seat of her car to antagonize her. Marina handcuffs him to her and takes him to dinner with her. He agrees to behave himself if she will kiss him at the end of the night. She refuses to kiss him when dinner is over but he kisses her.

Reva drops Daisy off at Billyís giving her the opportunity to fill Billy in on her visit with Josh and the problems he is having with other inmates. Billy feels for his brother but thinks it is a bad idea for Reva to pretend to be his wife because Billy knows she is still in love with him. Cassie talks to Rev. Rutledge and continues to plan a jailhouse wedding as quickly as possible. She goes to visit Josh at the prison but is angry when she learns Josh put her on a list of people he will not allow to visit. Cassie rushes to call Reva and convinces her the only thing left to do is for Reva to go back to the prison for a conjugal visit. Billy and daisy have a nice talk about Dylan and his divorce and how hard it must be for him to be alone now. Billy admits he and Reva would love to have Dylan around more.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica is crying, hysterically, in the courtroom. Antonio tries to get her to tell him what is wrong, but she just tells him that she cannot adopt Jaime. Antonio doesn’t understand her actions. Jessica runs out of the courtroom, still crying hysterically. Everyone is concerned about her actions, and wonders what is up with her. Jessica apologizes to Jaime for her outbursts and tells her that she loves her. Dorian tries to talk to Jessica, but Jessica pushes her away and runs out of the courthouse. Outside in the car, she cries hysterically. John and Marty are at Rodi’s, enjoying a beer, and small talk. They discuss playing pool and also playing darts. Marty challenges him to a game of darts. John throws the darts first, then he goes to get them and hands them to Marty. Marty steps way over the line for her first throw. John realizes what she is doing, and tells her to get back behind the line. Her first throw, she misses the board completely, and off to one side. The next throw is just about as bad. Her third throw, she hit’s the bartender in the backside. The dart sticks in his pants. Marty is so embarrassed. Bo is in his office when Paige comes to visit. Paige lets him know that she had been on a conference call, and she had decided to take the job abroad. Bo is disappointed that Paige is leaving. Nora and Matthew come into the police station. She tries to talk to him, but he just clams up. Nora gets a call that she has to take, but she assures him that they are going to talk to Bo about the fire. Matthew goes into Bo’s office just in time to find out that Paige is leaving town. Matthew is more than a little upset that Paige is leaving on top of everything else that had happened. Nora comes into Bo’s office and finds out that Paige is leaving town. Matthew runs out of the office. Paige asks Nora to let her talk to him. Paige tries her best to talk to him, but with no luck. He is still upset with her. Nash is in his car and he is driving out of town. The rain is really coming down heavy and the lightning flashes. He looks at the pic of Bree on the dashboard. He talks to the picture. In the courtroom, Antonio tries to talk to the judge that is handling the adoption. Antonio assures her that they will get this straightened out. The judge tells him that if they don’t get this straightened out then she will have to recommend that Jessica get additional therapy. The judge leaves the room. Antonio begins to question Christian what he knows about Jessica and Nash. Christian doesn’t want to tell Antonio anything, so he beats around the bush,. Antonio tells Carlotta to take care of the girls while he and Jessica get things worked out . Jessica is in her car, driving out of town. She is still crying and remembering the times that she had spent with Nash.

Marty and John makes her apologies to the bartender. The bartender tells them that the drinks are on him, but if he has to have a tetanus shot then he will send her his hospital bill. John and Marty take the back way out of the bar. Natalie comes in, and asks the bartender if he had seen Jessica. The bartender tells her that he hasn’t seen Jessica, but John had just been there with a woman. He also tells Natalie that they had gone out the back way. Jessica is at the rock quarry. She is down on her hands and knees and she is screaming. Nash finds her abandoned vehicle, and begins to look for her. He finds her at the rock quarry. He just looks at her without saying a word. She looks up and sees him through her tears.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Luis' trial has begun. Fancy was on the stand and the DA twisted her testimony. She started to cry. Luis said it was okay. Ethan had to question her again. Theresa says that he should destroy Fancy's credibility. After Fancy was done Sheridan was called. She wasn't supposed to testify but the DA is blackmailing Judge Reilly. She starts to ask about Pretty (Fancy's sister) reason for leaving town. Everyone is shocked and Ethan objects. Whitney overheard Chad and Vincent talking. She knows that Chad knows who Vincent has been cheating with. She wants to know.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Neil assures Olivia that he won’t drink once the service is over. Nikki comes back into town for the service. Phyllis decides she won’t go. Jill thinks Katherine shouldn’t go in case the press is there looking for her. Once they arrive at Indigo, Daniel realizes Neil has been drinking. Olivia tells him that Neil has promised to stop. Katherine also worries that the stress might drive Neil to drink and tries to offer him advice. Olivia, Sharon, Lily, Devon and Neil speak at the service. They share their thoughts and memories of Dru. Neil reminds them that Dru may still be alive and asks everyone not to give up hope. Colleen and Daniel wonder how much longer Lily will be able to hold it together. Nikki and Victor return to the office. She confronts him about not supporting her. He claims it is because it will cause embarrassment for the family. She thinks it is just about him. He warns her that the press will bring up her past. She says she is hurt that he doesn’t think of her as an equal. Nick brings Phyllis to the accident site so she can say goodbye to Dru. She tries to say something nice but ends up saying that she knows Dru must love that she is in big trouble now and Dru got the last laugh. Lily, Devon and Daniel take Olivia to the airport. When they leave, Neil starts to drink again.

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