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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amidst complications, Krystal and Colby deliver a healthy baby girl. Kendall comes into Zach's office and wants him to get rid of her sister. Bianca marvels at the beautifully decorated table. Adam has a drink at the bar. Jamie wants to go after Adam, but Tad forbids him to leave the hospital. Adam sees the beautifully decorated table and he sits down at the table. Zoe comes in. She misunderstands and thinks that Adam is her secret admirer. Zoe tells Adam that she prefers champagne as she pours the drink into Adam's face. Tad insists that Adam couldn't have run Jamie off the road because he was still locked up. Jamie gets up and tries to leave. Jonathan and Aidan both verbally attack Ava Benson. Jonathan finds out that Ava is Lily's half sister. Ava starts to leave, but she drops her purse and Di's jewelry falls out. Kendall lets Zach know that Bianca needs a break from everything in Pine Valley. Zach wants to know why she wants Bianca out of town. Kendall fills him in that Bianca is falling for Zoe. Kendall tells Zach that she wants Bianca to be happy. Zoe, angrily, turns the table over on Adam. Bianca stops her from attacking Adam. Bianca lets Zoe know that she is her secret admirer. Bianca apologizes for not being there. Zoe calls her a 'liar.' Bianca proves to Zoe that she is indeed her secret admirer. Tad, impatiently, walks the floor. Julia comes out of Jamie's room and Tad asks her if Jamie is going to be all right. Julia assures him that Jamie will be just fine. Tad questions Amanda if she thinks that Adam might have been driving the car that ran them off the road. Amanda assures him that if Adam wants to hurt all of them then he could find a way. Tad wonders what Adam could have against her. Aidan wants to know exactly how Di's jewelry ended up in the garbage as Ava insists that is where she found it. Di asks him to let it go. Jonathan inquires if Ava worked the streets last night. Ava informs him that she had had a date the night before and had taken the man's wallet even before he could drop his boxers. Ava has bruises on her cheeks. Jonathan remarks that she may look like Lily, but she is nothing like Lily. Jonathan points out Lily's good points. Ava wants to know why Di had brought her there. Ava gets up to leave and just about faints, which alarms them all.

Babe and J.R. arrive back at the mansion and find Krystal with her baby and Colby. They find out that Colby delivered Krystal's baby. Colby lets them know that Adam just left Krystal when her water broke. Krystal holds Colby's hand as she looks at the baby. Bianca and Zoe share an intimate dinner together. When they start to dance, it begins to thunder and lightening. The paramedics bring Krystal and her baby into the emergency room. J.R. informs Tad that he is a new father. Tad finds out that Adam left Krystal alone when her water broke. Tad leaves the hospital. Bianca and Zoe, soaked from the rain, make it to a hotel room. Lily arrives at Wildwind and wonders if Aidan made contact with her family member. Adam stands in front of the window as the lightning flashes. The lights go off. Tad walks in the door, and just looks at Adam.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack and Katie search for a missing Henry, all the while disagreeing about how the wedding (or lack of it) was handled. Emma and Brad try to calm down Vienna, and when they can’t, they call in reinforcements. Henry overhears Katie and Jack’s conversation about how he handled things with Vienna. Vienna verbally attacks Katie, as Katie agrees with some of what she has said. Katie worries about her, Jack and Henry’s future after the words sink in; Jack kisses Katie. Brad finds Henry, who is trying to sneak out of town, but Brad refuses to let him go without explaining himself. Emily and Allison disagree on everything, as they are awaiting Susan. Allison is happy when Emily goes looking for her. Allison runs smack dab into Will, who is waiting for Gwen after her job interview. The old friends catch up, as Allison blatantly flirts with him. Gwen overhears, but Will tries to downplay the situation. Susan is thrilled that Allison is home, but after she steps out of the room, Emily demands that Allison get into a treatment program. Jade and Cleo begin her transformation into Gwen. Cleo sneaks out and sits next to Will and Gwen listening to their intimate conversation. Cleo drops her pad as Will and Cleo come face to face.

Gwen worries about getting back on the stage; what if Adam decides to exact revenge in a public place like Crash? Will promises to be by her side the whole time. Jade realizes Luke took her to Crash on a night Gwen is performing, which aggravates her. Jade sees Cleo there and confronts her. Katie learns Henry got arrested. Brad makes plans for Henry’s bachelor party, even though he is not invited. Vienna begs Jack to drop the charges against Henry, as Jack finally relents, much to Henry’s chagrin, who doesn’t seem too anxious to get married. Cleo promises to only stay for one song, as Jade growls that they pretend they don’t know each other. Vienna asks Katie to write her vows. Henry seems to be struggling as Vienna is thrilled they can still get married. Henry struggles to write his vows. Vienna asks Maddie for help picking out a wedding gift. Jack and Katie share a warm, close moment as she writes Vienna’s vows. Gwen gets onstage and sings again; there is an awkward moment when Gwen isn’t able to continue singing under Jade’s glare. Cleo tricks Jade into thinking she is Gwen… until she smiles. Jade agrees to give this ‘double’ a try. Henry is intoxicated before his bachelor party even starts. Brad invites a stripper, which thrills a drunken Henry. Katie is furious and finally kicks her out. Gwen struggles to move on past what happened to her with Adam, which is affecting her marriage even though Will is being patient. Maddie tries to explain to Vienna that Henry might be overwhelmed, but Vienna is too excited to notice. Maddie thinks it is strange that Katie wrote Vienna’s vows to Henry. Katie and Henry argue as to whether he is happy or he is settling. She thinks he should call off the wedding, but when she suggests this, Henry is more convinced that he is going to go through with it. Katie puts a semi-conscious Henry to bed with kiss on the cheek, promising to stand by him no matter what he chooses, as Jack watches.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Before a meeting, Ashley and Ridge discuss what Brooke might do about resigning…..and Ridge knows he’s lost her. Brooke tells Bridget that she is doing what has to be done; she wants Nick. Taylor realizes that Brooke is severing all her ties so she can find her way back to Nick. Whatever Brooke wants, Brooke thinks she deserves it. Taylor invites Nick to supper where all he has to do is wait while she takes a home pregnancy test. Brooke tells the Forrester family that they will be a success, but they will do it without her. Ridge urges her to put their personal feelings aside and just concentrate on the business. Eric asks her to stay. She gives him special recognition as the heart and soul of the business, a gentle man, and she will leave her son there in good hands. Ashley wants to talk to Rick about what happened last night – the kiss. He remarks that he doesn’t want to feel like he’s cheating on Phoebe. As much as he’d like to kiss her, it can’t happen again. She says Phoebe has no idea what a lucky person she is.

While Brooke is packing her things up, Ridge quips about one last ’Unforgettable’ dance, or a roll on the couch. Don’t walk out of his life! Stephanie too has some choice last words for Brooke. If she’s really through with the family, then just stay away from them. Ashley and Ridge joke about their being locked in a closet together, and she should have taken advantage of that. They share a first kiss. Brooke drops in on Nick and informs him that she has resigned at Forrester Originals; her way of showing him how much she loves him. She won’t listen when he tells her she can’t just come there and do this. She proclaims that she knows he still loves her and kisses him to prove it. He succumbs for a moment, but breaks away and tells her to stop torturing him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo calls Chelsea over to ask that she move in with him and Hope to help take care of the baby. Chelsea is ecstatic but Nick privately cautions her against thinking they are in the clear. EJ brings a vase of flowers to Kayla while she is sleeping. Sami runs into EJ at the hospital and has to ease his concerns over her hesitancy to kiss him in public. EJ stops by to ask Will about the video technology and Lucas uses the opportunity to confront EJ about the budget. Lucas blackmails EJ about staying away from Sami by threatening to go to the stockholders with the cooked books. Sami is furious when Lucas tells her what he did.

Steve is admitted to the hospital and assigned a guard. Steve drugs the guard and uses the guard’s body to stand in for him while he visits Kayla. Sami tries to stop Kayla from calling Bo about Steve’s visit but Kayla calls once Sami leaves. Steve corners EJ and roughs him up. Bo visits EJ and finds him nursing a sore jaw but EJ denies having seen Steve. Steve makes it back into bed before the guard wakes up.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly goes a little bonkers when reporters descend on her demanding to know how she feels about Sonny's former mistress, Sam, being bankrolled by the mob boss, causing Jax to worry that she will always be jealous of any woman in Sonny's life. Maxie uses a pan of brownies to gain entry to the PCPD squad room so she can filch the police academy test. Spinelli and Milo work on spying on Dillon and Lulu's computer communications. Dillon continues to romance her. Sam is shocked to see the TV set resembles somewhere she once lived. When she dozes off and has a nightmare, Amelia calls her Angela as she awakes, allegedly because Sam called out the name. She claims that Angela is someone she once knew. Spinelli asks Jason for advice on wooing Lulu. Then, he "borrows" Jason's motorcycle and crashes Lulu's date with Dillon, as well as the bike. After Lulu takes Spinelli back to Jason's, Dillon rants to Milo about Spinelli's stunt.

GL Recap Written by Dani

“Just Pretend”:  Cassie learns it could be a month or more before she can marry and get a conjugal visit with Josh and fears for his safety during that time. Cassie convinces Reva to pretend to be his wife and request a conjugal visit. At the prison questions and searches Reva. The warden is confused because she thought Reva and Josh were divorced. Reva explains about having cancer and they were going to divorce but changed their minds after learning she was going to live. The warden understands the situation and feels sorry for the recovering cancer patient and allows the visit today. Josh is knocked down by a fellow inmate but saved before more harm can be bestowed upon him. Josh is put in a private room where Reva waited. Stunned, Josh listened as Reva explained her and cassia’s concern for his safety. Josh fought it at first claiming he just fell down but Reva doesn’t believe him. Josh admits an inmate is after him but will not say who. They share a kiss when Reva tries to comfort the bruises.

While Reva is at the prison Cassie runs into Harley who has been concerned for her best friend. Cassie tells Harley what Reva is doing as they speak. Harley is against it asking Cassie if she is crazy. Harley won’t let it go about what a bad idea it is to let Reva have any time alone with Josh. Cassie takes note that Harley is especially down on Reva. Harley goes to the prison to speak to the corrections officer who took Daisy to boot camp. Harley learns Reva took custody of Daisy. Harley is fuming over Reva interference once again. Harley sees Reva kiss Josh as they lead Josh back to his cell. Harley confronts Reva in the parking lot. The two scream insults at one another. Reva is upset and doesn’t want to talk to Cassie about her visit with Josh. Reva lies about giving Josh Cassie’s note. When Reva tries to remove her wedding rings they are stuck. Reva takes that as a sign.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John assures Marty to give Cole a few hours to cool off. Cole is surprised that Marcie wants him to be in the musical, “Oklahoma.” Jessica comes into the diner. Antonio wants to know what had kept her. Christian sits at the bar and watches the expression on Jessica’s face. Rex comes into Rodi’s. He sees Nash sitting next to him. Nash tells him that he is getting as far away from here as he can get. R.J. finds out that Jessica is going to adopt Jaime. Dorian assures him that everything had turned around for her and the Buchanans. Dorian informs R.J. that Jessica is in therapy now. R.J. tells Dorian that she has her claws into Clint. Natalie encourages Viki to go and lie down and she will cover for her at the hearing. Viki insists that she is not going to miss the day that Jaime becomes a part of her family. Natalie admits that she dreads seeing John at work. John tries to offer Marty assurances that it’s not as bad as it looks. Rex asks Nash is he really leaving for good. Jessica gives Jaime a present with her Mommy’s and Daddy’s name on the back. Antonio gives Jessica a present of Jessica and Jaime. Christian asks Jessica if she is happy. Clint walks in and overhears Natalie’s conversation with Jessica about him. Marty asks John if Cole is on steroids again. John denies that he is . Cole refuses to be in the musical. Marcie refuses to write the letter of recommendation for Cole.

Passions Recap Written by Jessica

Tabitha wants to homeschool Endora, but they end up blowing up a cauldron. Things get even worse when Julian shows up and demands that Endora go to prep pre-school. Chad manages to save Whitney from the marble and they both make it out alive. Chad knows it was Vincent and goes to find him. Vincent shows up at the apartment with a knife wanting to kill Whitney. At court, things don’t go well for Luis and Miguel. Grace Nancier returns, and the judge won’t listen. Everything looks doomed.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Victor persuades Jack to go to Jill and Ji Min and have Jabot and NVP join forces again. Jack meets with them. Jill is against the idea but Jack dismisses her concerns. When he is alone with Ji Min, Jack tells him to make this happen. Kevin and Gloria are watching the meetings on Kevin’s computer. They record the conversation with Jack and Ji Min. Michael says that he can’t be involved with the video, but they could release it anonymously on the internet. Michael meets with Katherine, Jill, Cane and Amber after a disastrous interview with Amber comes out in the paper. He tells them to not talk to the press and wants to know all their secrets so he can be prepared to spin them. Amber confesses about her life in LA and begs Michael not to tell. He warns her that the press is relentless and the truth will come out. It would be better if Cane heard about her past from her. Amber goes to see Daniel so she can delete her online profile before anyone in the press happens to see it. Daniel, Devon and Lily prepare for the memorial service. Olivia arrives and confronts Neil after she sees that he has begun drinking again. He claims it is no big deal.

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