Tuesday 4/10/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Bianca is upset that Zoe gave away the crystal that she had given her as a gift from her secret admirer. Bianca insists that she wants Zoe to know that she is the one who is her secret admirer, but she doesn’t know how to go about telling her.  Bianca lets them know that Zoe’s next present is almost ready to be delivered.  Ryan and Zoe are at the doctor’s office and Ryan is reluctant to talk to her.  She says that she knows that this is a bad idea, and she gets up to leave.  Ryan tells her to wait a minute that it is time for an apology.  Ryan apologizes to Zoe for his former remarks.  Jack still has Erica by the arm when they come into the dining room of the yacht club.  Erica insists that she wasn’t the one who shipped Barbara out to sea.  Di looks all around before she tells Ava that the coast is clear.  Ava comes into the living room at Wildwind.  Ava wonders what Di is going to do with her.  Aidan walks in and sees her.  J.R. and Josh barge into Zach’s office against Lily’s wishes.  J.R. asks Zach what he thinks he is doing.  Krystal tells Adam that her water broke and she needs to get to the hospital.  Adam doesn’t believe her.  Krystal tells Adam that that baby was coming whether he wanted it to or not.  Zach asks J.R. what kind of game he is playing now.  J.R. leaves the office after arguing with Zach a little more.  Zach sees Josh sitting over in a corner, and he wonders why he is still there.  Josh tells him that he wants to work for his brother-in-law.  Jack tells Erica that he has a buyer for the yacht.  Krystal encourages Adam to help with the baby.  Adam leaves her his cell phone.  Bianca lets Kendall know that she loves everything about Zoe.  Kendall is extremely against this union between Bianca and Zoe.  Annie offers Bianca encouragement in her quest for Zoe.  Krystal tries to reach the hospital, but is unsuccessful.  Krystal hears a noise outside and thinks that it may be Babe.  She calls out for help.  Colby, with earphones on, passes the door and can’t hear Krystal’s screams for help.  Kendall apologizes to Bianca for her recent outbursts.  J.R. comes to visit Babe and tells her what Zach had done to Chandler Enterprises.  Aidan hurls hurtful remarks toward Ava.  Di tells Ava to go fix herself a sandwich. 

Adam meets with Jack and Erica and signs the papers for the sale of the yacht.  Erica is beside herself when she finds that Adam had just purchased her yacht.  Jack leaves them alone to talk.  Erica manages to get Adam back to the man that he once was that would fight for what he wants.  Bianca finishes wrapping Zoe’s latest gift.  Ryan and Zoe walk in from their doctor’s appointment.  Bianca is all smiles.  When Ryan and Annie leave, Bianca follows them.  Babe gives Zoe his latest “secret admirer” gift.  The note inside tells her to meet her secret admirer at the yacht club and Babe encourages Zoe to go on the date.  Zoe finally agrees.  Colby finally comes to Krystal’s aid.  Krystal offers Colby encouragement that she can deliver the baby. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucinda is hurt when she discovers Craig has changed the name of the company from Worlwide to Montgomery Enterprise. Lucinda tells Craig she will fight to get her company back from him. Lucinda tells Lily that she will no longer be a part of her life. Meg asks for Paul's help in her plan to get Lucinda's company back from Craig because she wants to see justice done for Lily and Lucinda. Paul thinks Meg just wants revenge on Craig but agrees to help Meg by faking a vision to persuade Craig that he knows the whereabouts of Lucy and Johnny. Lily and Faith agree to help each other get better. Holden tells Lily he still loves her he just can't trust her right now. Henry is nervous about his wedding an goes to play poker later he is arrested by Jack for illegal gambling. Jack notices a special bond between Brad and Katie and is jealous.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke has memories of Ridge, but tells Rick now all she can think about is what he did to him. She has made a decision – to resign from Forrester Originals. She can show Nick that he is more important than anyone. Locked inside a supply room closet, Ridge and Ashley bare their souls. And agree that old endings can mean new beginnings. Rick rescues them and then asks Ashley why didn’t she tell him that she contacted Brooke for this job? Phoebe drops in on Nick to discuss Ridge and Brooke’s impasse, and to tell the truth she would like her parents back together. She wants to trust Nick too if he’s the right one for her mother. He assures her they love each other and that is about all she needs to hear.

Phoebe accidentally bumps into Brooke and apologizes to her for any part she played in her and her dad breaking up. Ashley confesses she missed what she shared with Rick in Paris, and it was only later that she found out about Phoebe. She didn’t mean their relationship to be serious, but somewhere along the way it changed. She wonders if what he has with Phoebe compares at all to what they had….and could have again. She initiates a kiss which he returns.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena visits Steve and suggests he undergo deprogramming. Steve is resistant to the idea. Kayla appeals to Bo’s history of bending the law but Bo refuses to take a risk. EJ calls for Kayla to be run off the road but she only suffers a concussion. Marlena tells Steve about Kayla’s accident and he bribes an orderly to get him lye soap. Steve uses the lye soap to make himself sick so the staff will take him to the hospital.

Philip and EJ pose as electricians to get into Bo’s house but a contractor gets suspicious and calls Bo. They are almost caught by Bo but Bo gets called away when he learns of Kayla’s accident. Philip and EJ successfully get the house wired for surveillance and watch the police search Bo’s house on video once dining at Chez Rouge.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Alan promises to haunt Tracy until she confesses, prompting her to go into a diatribe about what was she supposed to do, hire a court reporter to take down her detailed statement? At that point, Alice and Edward jump out with a tape recorder that has gotten her confession. She negotiates a compromise, to the ghost's dismay. Jax is not angry with Amelia's game, since it was designed to help him by making Carly jealous. Sonny and Carly find Michael to be hard-headed as they try to discipline him. Lulu gets completely disgusted with her suitors and announces she will not date any of them. They refuse to accept this and make her agree to continue with the trial runs. Jason assures Liz he will not change his mind. Sam tells Lucky that she just meant that all the gossip of last summer would be why he might need to forgive Liz. Alexis is checked into the hospital for tests and discovers she is suffering dehydration. Meanwhile, Craig minds Kristina and teaches her baccarat. He also meets Patrick, face to face. He avoids recognition by disguising his voice, but then Robin sees him and orders him to leave before someone who knows his face comes along. Jax tells Carly that he's willing to keep their relationship, if she is. Jason tells Sonny that he is sure beyond all doubt that Lorenzo is faking brain damage. They plot to force him to drop the act as Lorenzo plans to ambush Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Mallet investigates the large withdrawals, believing Cyrus Foley is behind the account problems. Mallet and Vanessa look at financial records on the computer and Matt confesses to Dinah that he is the one that has been messing with the account behind Vanessa’s back. Dinah is forced to tell Mallet later when they go to meet the banker and Mallet just won’t let it go. Dinah tells how Matt told her in confidence and he can’t look any further because it will hurt Vanessa. Mallet agrees unless to stay he uncovers proof otherwise linking Cyrus to Matt and Vanessa’s financial problems. While Mallet tries to chase down the culprit Cyrus is bunking down at the boarding house after opening a checking account and deciding to stay in Springfield. Marina continues to shadow Cyrus not allowing him to access the money. Ava, Olivia, and Jeffery argue at Company over Ava’s involvement with Alan-Michael and Spaulding Enterprises. Alan-Michael arrives and picks a fight with Olivia first then Jeffery intercedes to protect Olivia’s honor after Alan-Michael calls her a whore. Jeffery punches Alan-Michael, Ava rushes to Alan-Michael’s side and takes him to the boarding house to clean up the wound. Alan Michael asks Ava what she wants from him. He has already lost everything including her. They kiss but Ava pulls away when Alan-Michael reads more into it than there really was. Alan-Michael comes unhinged loosing complete control. Earlier Alan kicked Alan Michael out of his life completely for his betrayal while Alan was in his coma. Alan disowns Alan-Michael as a son and tells him the board has already met and will be replacing Alan-Michael as CEO of Spaulding. Alan gets one last jab in, Alan has had Alan-Michael’s belongings packed up and sent to the Beacon. After dealing with Alan-Michael just as he promised Beth, he comes home to tell Doris that she and Ashley had better leave the house today to prevent Alan from going to the authorities about Ashley being the shooter. Alan assures Doris if it goes that far, she will go down with Ashley because “a lot of things come out in court.”

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie meets up with Marty at the gym and lets it slip that she and John have broken up. Cole comes into John’s office and asks him to write him a letter of recommendation in order for him to play sports. John assures him that he was. John tells him that he needs him to do something for him. Starr goes ballistic over her breakup with Cole. Rex tells Marcie about his fight that he had with Adriana. Michael knows that someone has linked Tommy with Todd Manning. Todd is on the airplane, waiting to take off. The guy in the seat next to him gets up and leaves, and Blair replaces him in the seat. Todd wants to know what she is doing here. Blair tells him that she is going with him to find his son. Nash and Jessica argue over the fact that she had chosen Nash over Antonio. Nash tells her to admit that she had made a mistake. Nash talks to her about what their life would be like if she only faced up to her feelings and let them be known. Marty lets Natalie know that John had not told her about their breakup. Miles questions Marty as to why she had not told him what Todd had done to Cole. Todd makes it known that he doesn’t want her with him. Todd orders her off the plane. Michael questions Rex as to what he knows. Marcie tells Rex not to worry about his fight with Adriana. Michael tells Rex to tell him everything. Rex lets him that Miles had gotten a letter from Spencer and Miles had delivered it to Todd. Starr and Langston argue with Bernie. Marcie walks up and breaks up the fight .Bernie sets her sights on Cole and is going to get him. Michael wants to know what Todd will find out in Chicago about Tommy. Michael becomes worried about the adoption records. Blair encourages Todd to hold her hand during take-off. Miles lets Marty about the letter and that Todd’s child may still be alive. Natalie questions Miles as to how it is going with Marty. Cole wonders how he can get Starr out of his mind and to move on. Jessica tells Nash that she cannot leave Antonio.

Nash tells Jessica that he is leaving Llanview for good. Marcie encourages sign-ups for her musical, “Oklahoma”. John walks Cole out of his office, and sees Marty. Marty and Cole have a confrontation over why he is there. Cole shows her the letter of recommendation. Marty apologizes for jumping to conclusions. Jessica orders Nash to leave. He walks toward her and gives her a kiss.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Theresa, Ethan, Fox, Miguel, Kay, Fancy, and Luis are all in Judge Reilly's chamber. They want separate cases for Luis and Miguel but the judge decides that they will be tried together. The blackmailer has gotten his/her way. Theresa calls Whitney to be with her. Whitney is with Chad on the docks eating. She leaves but forgets her purse. Vincent goes to Chad to talk about Whitney telling Valerie about him cheating. He threatens by saying Whitney can be told about Chad's relationship with him. Whitney comes back to get her purse and asks Chad why he looks upset. He answers by saying not to tell Valerie. Whitney leaves and goes to Theresa. On her way something happens. A piece of decorative stone falls on her. Jessica goes home to live. Sam is delighted that she has returned without Spike. Sam gets her box of baby clothes out. Jessica says she has to tell him something, but she doesn't after Sam says something about having a real marriage and starting a family. What she wanted to tell him was that she is pregnant.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Sharon and Brad discuss their relationship. They are in love with each other but are not in a situation to be together right now. Sharon tells him it is too hard to pretend every day and they just have to stay away from each other. It is completely over between them. Phyllis assures Jack that nothing is going on between Sharon and Brad, but if he is really so worried, he should ask Sharon directly. Gloria intercepts flowers from William that were meant for Jill and throws out the card. She drugs Jill and Ji Min’s coffee with libido enhancing drugs in an effort to get them together so she can have William all to herself. Gloria and Kevin admit to Lauren and Michael that they hacked into Ji Min’s email. When Michael hears about it, he is curious about what Jack is really up to so they decide that Kevin will keep an eye on Ji Min’s email account. He also hacks into the security cameras and they watch Ji Min and Jill together. Unfortunately for Gloria, her plan doesn’t work. Jill and Ji Min are able to resist temptation. Jill calls William after she finds the card in the trash. Phyllis calls Sharon to warn her that Jack has been asking about her relationship with Brad. When Jack comes over, he finally asks Sharon is anything is going on with her and Brad. She assures him there isn’t.

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