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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Emma practices being a flower girl for Annie and Ryan’s wedding.  Bianca visits Zoe to see if she is all right after Zoe’s mother’s visit.  Kendall gives Erica back money that Erica had given to her, because she wants to stand on her own.  Barbara comes in and confronts Erica for leaving her on the yacht and letting it sail out into the middle of the ocean.  Krystal dreams that Adam is in bed with her and he tells her that he wants her and Charlotte.  Babe is in bed with J.R. who kisses her.  She responds to the kiss.  J.R. asks Babe to let them try again as he kisses her.  Krystal tells Tad that she has spent her last night in this house.  Babe pulls away from J.R. and tells him that it is too late.  Babe tells J.R. that he is only making it worse for them.  Josh visits Zoe and Bianca and brings Zoe a present.  Zoe reads on the card attached to the present that it is from her “secret admirer.”  Kendall orders Barbara out of the Fusion offices.  Kendall realizes that Erica had indeed had Barbara shanghaied.  Kendall asks her if she did this to save her marriage to Jack.  Ryan and Annie are leaving as they meet Del and Jonathan coming in with some boxes full of Kathy’s things.  Julia comes into the room and asks them had they seen Jamie.  J.R. gets a call from Marie, and he orders her to delay the divorce.  J.R. visits Krystal in her room as she packs to leave the Chandler Mansion.  J.R. wishes that there were more that they could have done.  Babe remembers when she had first come to the mansion and thought that it was heaven.  Tad comes in and comforts her as she cries.  Babe apologizes to him for hurting him.  J.R. tells Krystal that he wants to keep everything between him and Babe civilized.  As J.R. offers his help to Krystal, Charlotte kicks.  Colby comes into Krystal’s room and asks if anyone has heard from her dad.  J.R. gets a call and demands to know if his father is behind this.  Krystal encourages Babe to go on to work.  They hug.  Tad asks Krystal if she is ready to go.  He gets a call that Jamie and Amanda were in an accident.  Bianca wonders what the present is.  Zoe opens it and sees that it is a scented candle of lemongrass.  Zoe puts the candle back down in the box.  Zoe leaves the apartment to go to work.  Josh wants to know when Bianca is going to let Zoe know that she is Zoe’s secret admirer.  Tad checks to see if Adam is still locked up in the secret hiding place.  Adam orders Tad to let him out of there.  Tad assures him that he will not be released until the baby is born.  Annie and Ryan come into work and tell Erica that they are getting married.  Erica accuses Kendall of setting Annie up, and says she will loan her her yacht.  Adam drinks a toast of celebration.  Adam tells Janet that they are celebrating Tad’s stupidity.  Ryan tells Annie that he has to go to the doctor’s office.  He kisses Annie before he leaves.  Bianca and Zoe come in.  Erica asks them if they knew that Ryan and Annie were getting married.  Bianca and Zoe are thrilled by the news.  A messenger arrives with another package.  Kendall signs for it and gives it to Zoe.  Zoe opens it and finds that it is a rock filled with sparkles.  Zoe gives it to Annie, unbeknownst to Zoe that the present is from Bianca.  Adam comes into Krystal’s bedroom.  She looks around and sees him.  He immediately begins to accuse her of stealing things from him while he was gone, and he throws her clothes out of her suitcase to see if she has taken anything.  He picks up the phone to call security.  Krystal walks over and shuts the door, and lets him know that they are going to have this out once and for all.  Krystal tries to talk to him about her feelings, how she hurt him, and how she hopes that he could just say that maybe he would give them a second chance.  Suddenly, her water breaks and she starts to have contractions.  Jack enters the Fusion office, takes Erica by the arm and pulls her out.  Kendall finds out that Simone’s Fusion stock is missing.  Bianca lets the other women in the office know that she is Zoe’s secret admirer. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Henry and Vienna make wedding plans, but when Vienna learns her maid of honor won’t be in town, Henry quickly offers to postpone the wedding. Cleo and Gwen almost come face to face, but Jade cuts them off at the pass. Margo walks in on Maddie and Casey having sex and blows up. Dusty proves Allison is on drugs. Allison and Emily have it out. Allison doesn’t intend on leaving Lance or her line of work, but Emily and Dusty have other plans. Jade thinks Cleo is on a bus home, but she sneaks back and watches her ‘twin’ and husband. Margo asks Maddie to move out. Vienna won’t delay the wedding, much to Henry’s chagrin. Dusty and Emily convince Allison to come home with them after threatening to call the police. Gwen continues to struggle with the aftermath of Adam. Maddie shows up on Henry’s doorstep. Vienna is thrilled for Maddie, who is having sex, but Henry is horrified. Vienna asks Maddie to be her maid of honor. Casey defends his love of Maddie, while Tom and Margo worry about his future. Gwen decides to sing again. Emily has plans for Allison, but she asks Dusty to keep her prostitution under wraps. Allison asks to stop off at her apartment first before heading out. Jade deletes her post about finding a twin for Gwen. Cleo stays in town and eyes a flier from Crash for a night when Gwen is singing.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor is aghast that Brooke would be standing there in her fiancée's office openly challenging her relationship with him. Brooke understands that Taylor is mad at her, but Nick used to be her husband and she realizes it’s her fault that she let him go. Taylor keeps reminding her that Nick has moved on and that Brooke had left Nick to go to Ridge. Even though Brooke keeps saying that relationship is over because he hit her son, Taylor tells her that was an isolated incident, nothing like Ridge’s true personality. Brooke thinks Nick will take her back and feels Taylor must think that too, otherwise she wouldn’t be so defensive. Stephanie trades a few barbs with Storm as she is waiting for Nick in his office. He returns and sarcastically says he’s at the edge of his desk waiting for her news. She informs him that Ridge left Taylor for Brooke; she hopes he won’t make the same mistake. Nick questions that she wants him with Taylor, and she says that won’t happen as long as Brooke is on the prowl. Sticky situation. She doesn’t want Taylor hurt or let down. If so, do it now before there is a baby. He tells her let him put her concerns to rest; he doesn’t plan to let Taylor down. She reminds him that Brooke wasted no time in coming back from Australia and going to his doorstep and dropping her drawers. She’ll cry him a river and be relentless in her seduction. She tells him to be honest with himself, only in his heart does he knows who he wants the most.

Felicia won’t let Ridge mope anymore and kicks him out of his office. Bridget manages to get a bit of information out of Ashley about she and her brother’s intimacy in Paris. Neither had any expectations. She’s ambivalent now, but he’s with Phoebe anyway. Bridget’s words echo in Ashley’s ears – how does she feel about her brother now? Fondly, she remembers their night in Paris. This is immediately followed by accidentally getting locked in a closet with Ridge. They briefly touch upon him being dumped and innocently she says he’s had a run of bad luck lately and she says the best way to get over that is to find another. He wonders if she is offering? Brooke continues but Taylor thinks maybe she is just obsessed with her and her life. She wants everything that is hers, her husbands, her mother-in-law, her life. She wants her to stay the hell out of her life! Brooke asks what is she going to do about it – run her over with her car? Brooke argues she is not trying to steal her prom date, she and Nick have a history together. Taylor accuses her of playing the ‘grass is always greener’ card. She calls her a cat in heat. Nick comes back and asks Brooke to leave. She says they will have this conversation another time. Taylor is shaken and says she can not live like this, especially if they are trying to have a child together. He comforts her and tells her it will be okay; they are going to have a future and a child together.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve tricks the staff and lies to Kayla about taking his medication. Kayla brings Steve a laptop so he can reply to Stephanie’s email about her love life. Steve and Kayla offer Stephanie conflicting advice. Lucas shows Kate the mismatched budget figures to give her advance warning. Kate orders Lucas to forget he ever saw the mismatched numbers. When Lucas objects, Kate accuses him of being angrier with Sami.

Philip confronts EJ about hiring Willow to rob Bo and Hope. EJ admits his plan to use Billie’s security system to spy on Bo and Hope but Philip insists EJ adhere to certain conditions before suggesting that they simply walk in to Bo’s house and install the system themselves while Bo and Hope are staying at the Pub. Once Sami decides that EJ must die, Celeste instructs Sami to lie to EJ about telling Lucas the whole truth. Celeste gives Sami a tube of poisonous lipstick to wear when she kisses EJ that will make him fall asleep. While he sleeps, they will burn down the cabin with him inside.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu makes a case for Jason to continue keeping the secret about Liz's baby, and he agrees. Michael informs his parents they are in time out until they reconsider the divorce. Carly tells Sonny he has to let her go because their patterns are too destructive to each other. He asks for another chance. Ric and Alexis fight again. Amelia learns that Sam cannot have children. Thinking he was stood up, Jax wanders until he runs into Amelia, who consoles him, then intercepts a call Carly places to Jax's cell. Lulu and Spinelli talk and Jason and the baby and their differences on the subject, and resolve to disagree, but keep the secret. As they hug to seal the deal, Dillon and Milo interrupt them. Sam and Lucky are stuck in an elevator and she is on the verge of accidentally telling him the truth about what went on between their significant others last summer. Alexis gets worse and asks Craig to drive her to the hospital.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Cassie is angry with guards who will not let her speak to the warden concerning Josh being beat up. A bellowing voice tells the guard “Let her stay.” It’s Alan, Cassie is pleased to see him and runs to greet him with a hug. Alan still denies he remembers who shot him. Cassie becomes angry again and yells at his that he is a selfish, evil, bastard. Cassie slaps him. Alan thanks Cassie for doing that . Alan kindness has come to an end. Alan leaves the prison before clearing Josh’s name or speaking with him. Mallet has arrived to question Alan who does not help the detective’s investigation. Rick is angry and hurt by Beth who has decided to fight for Alan and not spend the rest of life with Rick raising the child he thinks she is carrying. Beth agrees to meet Rick in “their room” later. Beth returns to the mansion to see Alan is back to his old self in full force. Beth confesses she is not pregnant she just claimed to be so she could stay in the house to be near Alan. Alan has admiration for Beth’s new found back bone. Alan tells her he loved her for her beauty and big heart but now he is excited and loves her more than ever. Beth is surprised Alan is not angry over the false pregnancy, he admits disappointed yes, angry no. Beth has a solution they can try again to have a baby. Alan is thrilled by the idea. They go upstairs to Alan’s room but only after Beth tells Alan that Alan Michael isn’t the trusting son Alan believes him to be. Beth tells how he took over everything in the house and business and in Beth’s bed. Alan vows to take care of Alan Michael then Doris. Rick waits in the hotel room for Beth who never shows.

Daisy is hiding in the back seat of Reva’s car. She has escaped from the corrections officer. Daisy accompanies Reva to Company. Reva is frantically trying to find out any information she can about Josh now that Alan is awake. Only half listening to Daisy she does finally hang up and listen to her granddaughter’s problem. Reva tells her Harley knows what best and she cannot interfere until the officer Peyton tracks Daisy down and tries to strong arm her into going with him. Reva stands up to the officer and agrees to keep and care for Daisy who feels she has been abandoned once again by Harley.

Mallet leaves Dinah to go interview Alan. Cyrus shows up wanting his money. Dinah has a meeting in another hotel suite with the banker. Dinah dresses like Vanessa and dons a salt & pepper wig. Dinah signs the appropriate paperwork and it looks like she has pulled of the scheme to steal Matt and Vanessa’s money from their investors until Mallet comes to visit Vanessa. Dinah takes the wig off and claims she was just trying on some of her mom’s clothes to find something to wear to the Governor’s party. Mallet tells her he got a call from the bank and there has been a substantial transfer of funds to Springfield. Dinah is confused as to why mallet would have been informed of such a matter. Mallet said he was looking out for Matt and Vanessa since Cyrus was back in town, he figured Cyrus would try something.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex pretends to see the words, “I Love You” in his cereal. When Adriana looks into the bowl, Rex tells her that he just did that in order to get to kiss her. There is a knock on the door and it is Tate, who has brought breakfast. Clint is on the phone, leaving Dorian a message that he had enjoyed their date the night before. Nash comes in and wants to talk to him about Jessica. Antonio and Jessica let Carlotta know that she is adopting Jaime later on that day. Starr comes into the kitchen where Blair is fixing breakfast. Starr lets her know that she doesn’t want any breakfast. They begin to talk about Todd and his trying to kill Cole. Starr tells her that she only broke up with Cole so that Todd wouldn’t kill him. Evangeline pulls her suitcase out into the hall, when there is a knock on the door. It is Layla. Evangeline lets her know that she is going to Chicago. Evangeline tells Layla that she is going to Chicago with Todd. Todd walks up and shocks her by telling her that he doesn’t want her coming to Chicago with him. Carlotta can’t believe that the adoption is going through so fast. Jessica tells Antonio that she doesn’t want to lose what they have. Nash lets Clint know that Jessica is about to make a big mistake in adopting Jaime. Tate fills Adriana in on his lifelong dream. She congratulates him on his news. They hug. Rex comes in and wants to know what he is doing .Todd informs Evangeline that she cannot come with him to Chicago. Evangeline tries to talk Todd into letting her go with him. Layla interrupts their conversation. Blair tells Starr how proud that she is of her. Starr insists that she loves Cole. Blair tells Starr (not knowing that Jack listens) that Todd had gotten a tip that his son with Margaret may be alive. Evangeline tells Todd that he is not going anywhere without her. Marcie tells Michael that she has been picked to help in the production of “Oklahoma” at their school. Carlotta wants to come to the adoption hearing, but Jessica tries to talk her out of it. Clint doesn’t believe that Jessica is only adopting Jaime in order to cover up her feelings for him. Adriana tries to soothe Rex’s ruffled feathers. Rex orders Tate to stay away from Adriana. A few smart words from Tate leads to a fight between the two men. Adriana has to separate them. Layla visits Adriana and Rex, and lets them know that Todd had a tip that his son may be alive. Rex and Layla talk secretly about Todd and his leaving town to search for his son. Nash tells Clint that things have happened between him and Jessica recently. Jessica comes in and sees Nash talking to Clint. She asks him what is he doing . Rex comes to visit Todd at Evangeline’s.

Jessica asks Clint and Viki to come to the adoption hearing. Jessica demands to know what her father had said to him. Todd tells Rex that he had gotten the clue about his son from the man himself, Spencer Truman. Rex offers to go to Chicago for him, but Todd refuses.

Passions Recap Written by

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Lily questions Daniel again about the email address. She gets very angry with him and leaves with Colleen to go and see what is going on with Dru’s recovery mission. Amber shows up as she is leaving. Amber tries to tell him it is no big deal but he is upset with himself for lying to Lily. Neil shows up at Indigo and has a few drinks. Sharon arrives home and is taken care of by Jack and Noah. Brad calls to check on her and Jack brings up that he didn’t realize she and Brad were so close. Sharon convinces Noah to go on a school field trip that he had been looking forward to and tells Jack he can go back to work. Noah overhears them discussing when they should tell him that they are getting married. He asks them if it’s true and isn’t too enthusiastic about it. Sharon assures Jack that he will come around. Brad has to track Neil down to sign some papers that have to go out today. Neil signs the papers and confronts Brad about his role in the accident. He accuses him of taking advantage of Sharon at a vulnerable time. He tells him that he will keep his secret not for his sake, but for Sharon’s. Brad warns him that he doesn’t want him as an enemy. Brad calls Sharon after Jack leaves. He tells her about what happened with Neil and wants to come over to talk to her. Daniel wants to find Lily. He talks to Cane who tells him that Neil is there having a few drinks. Daniel goes to check on Neil. Meanwhile, Amber goes to the coffee house and tries her best to make Lily believe that Daniel didn’t do anything wrong. Phyllis goes to see Lauren and Michael. When Lauren goes to check on Fen, Phyllis confesses how she was blackmailing Sharon and Brad. She makes him promise not to tell anyone, even Lauren. Later when Phyllis leaves and he and Lauren are talking, he doesn’t mention the blackmail. Daniel calls Lily and she meets them at Indigo. Before she arrives Neil tells Daniel not to mention that he was drinking to Lily. Daniel and Lily make up. They all decide they want to hold a prayer service for Dru. Neil still thinks they will find her alive. Jack sees Phyllis at the coffee house. He asks her about Noah’s reaction to her marriage to Nick. He brings up Sharon’s friendship with Brad and wonders if there is more to it. Brad goes to see Sharon. They reminisce about their night together in New York. Sharon tells Brad she thought about him, not Jack when she thought she might die. She says she doesn’t think she loves Jack, she loves him and she shouldn’t be marrying Jack. Brad tells her he loves her too and they kiss.

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