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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Aidan comes in to Wildwind where Lily is waiting for him.  Lily immediately wants to know if Aidan has seen and talked to her half-sister.  Lily questions Aidan about her half-sister.  Di discusses her past life’s experiences with Aidan and tries to convince him that Lily has the right to know who her sister is and to meet her. Ava and her date come into a motel room.  Ava wants to know if he is ready to get this party started.  Ava continues to seduce the man in the motel room.  Ava gives the man a condom to use.  He goes into the bathroom.  Ava searches through his pants pockets, but he comes out and beats her unconscious.
As Amanda sits in Jamie’s car, she uses his laptop computer to look at the financial assets of Jamie Martin.  She hears someone coming and quickly closes the lid on the laptop.  Jamie questions her if she was going through his things.  Amanda lies to Jamie and tells him that she is looking for a list that her mother had given her of the patients that had been released.  Amanda questions Jamie as to what had gone down between him and Adam.  Amanda wants to know what Jamie has done to Adam.
Krystal paces the floor.  She gets a text message from Adam on her cell, telling her that he wasn’t coming home until she was gone and that it was over between them.  Tad has the cell phone in his hand.  J.R. comes up behind him and asks him if he hurt his dad.  Adam tries hard to get the door open so he can get out of the hidden room where Tad and Jamie left him.  Janet hugs him and tells him that any woman would want to be trapped with him.  Adam yells through the door that Tad Martin is finished.  Krystal finally realizes that things are over between her and Adam.  Adam orders Janet to get her hands off him.  Adam tears sheets apart for Janet to braid together to make a rope so he can get out of there.  Adam tells Janet that he needs her creative force.  Janet has managed to braid the sheets together.  Adam lowers himself through the window. 
Tad assures J.R. that Adam is safe and sound, but he is going to remain there until his baby is born.  Babe comes out and wonders what they are doing standing in the hall.  Tad tells Babe and J.R. that if he has to use a forklift this would be the last night Krystal stayed in this house Babe tells J.R. that since this is her last night here then she should start packing.  J.R. offers to help her.  Babe looks at a picture of her and J.R. on their wedding day. Tad sneaks into Krystal’s room and when she wakes up, she orders Tad out.  Tad and Krystal argue, as usual, over Adam and the baby.  Adam looks in and sees Tad hugging Krystal.  J.R. decides that they need to tell Little Adam that Babe is leaving the next morning.  Babe asks him if he cares if she takes Little A with her and J.R. can visit anytime he wishes.  J.R. and Babe break the news to Little Adam that she is leaving.  Little Adam asks if he can sleep with him mommy that night and then says that he wants his daddy to sleep in the same bed with them. 
Adam comes back Janet and tells her that he thought Tad had stolen everything from him and was not going to get away with it.  Adam has Janet call Jamie and have him come meet her, but she strictly forbids him to bring anyone with him.  While Amanda and Jamie drive along in search of Janet, a car with bright headlights comes up behind them and rams them from behind.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Margo wants Casey to take his house arrest seriously, as Casey is more interested in getting close to Maddie. Gwen struggles with the aftermath of her attempted rape; Will tries to be supportive, but he struggles to hide his hurt when she wants to spend time alone. Gwen interrupts an intimate moment between Maddie and Casey to ask for advice about her problems getting past her assault. Even though Maddie offers a sympathetic ear, Gwen ends up lecturing her. Maddie becomes upset because she thinks she is allowed to enjoy the time she has left with Casey; Gwen realizes how she came across and apologizes. Margo tells Will that Adam called. Gwen doesn’t handle this well. Margo heads home to tell Casey and Maddie and finds them having sex. Jade gets a response from her ad that she posted for a Gwen-look-alike. Cleo looks nothing like Gwen though. Jade tries to get rid of her, but when Cleo sees Gwen with Will, she wants to say hi. Dusty and Emily go undercover to find Allison. When the porn producer brings Allison along with a few other girls to meet his supposed contact, Allison recognizes Dusty and realizes she has been found out. Emily and Allison argue about her career path, as Allison goads her about not rocking the boat because Susan is a recovering alcoholic and Emily is unstable. Dusty realizes Allison is in a lot more trouble then he originally thought; he takes her purse forcibly from her and finds a vile with a white powdery substance in it.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Phoebe shows Rick the ‘very little clothes on’ pictures on the internet and knows her dad will freak out. He tries to calm her that it is okay, they aren’t trying to keep their relationship a secret anymore. He thinks he can win her mother over. The doors are not closed and Ashley spies the lovebirds kissing. Nick tells Brooke he is in the middle of something and she tells him that whatever ‘it’ is, ‘it’ can wait. Emphatically he tells her he wants to keep this to a place of business. She claims she made mistakes and now she wants to rectify those mistakes. Undaunted by the statement that he hopes Taylor is already pregnant, Brooke goes into full seduction mode, even to the point of answering his intercom and telling his secretary to hold all his calls. She plays the 'Hope' card and even reminds him of the song he wrote for her, “I’m Going Back Again”. In his face, she pressures him to remember and tell her that Taylor can make him as happy as she can. Even though he knows she is busy, Rick hopes Taylor can squeeze him in. She states that while she doesn’t condone what Ridge did to him in Sydney, she agrees with him and is concerned about her daughter. He thinks his experience will work in his favor and not ever hurt Phoebe. She has her doubts about him because his own mother won’t respect her relationship with Nick. Later he tells Phoebe that he made some headway with her mother. He realizes it is not so much Sydney, but what is happening with Taylor and his mom. He springs it on Phoebe that her mother is trying to have Nick’s baby. Phoebe is more adamant than ever that Brooke will have to back off and not interfere with that; it is wrong. Rick, on the other hand, thinks if Brooke still has feelings for Nick, she has to tell him before Taylor makes the biggest mistake of her life.

Testing perfumes, Phoebe confides in Ashley about how amazing Rick is. She almost puts her foot in her mouth when she refers to Ashley as an ‘older woman’. Holding a photo of the two of them, she and Rick, Ashley reminisces about a romantic evening with Rick in Paris. Bridget sees it too and asks if anything is going on with Ashley and her brother?

Taylor overhears Nick tell Brooke that he is through with that vicious cycle with her and Ridge. He is committed to Taylor. Left alone for a few minutes, Taylor confronts Brooke and tells her she heard her desperate whining, crying and pleading and all the way down the hall. Brooke dares her to think about who Nick most wants to be with, her or Brooke. She’s confidant of the answer. Is Taylor?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate confronts Celeste about plotting with Sami while Celeste is dining out with Abe. Abe insists he isn’t suspicious but takes offense when Kate accuses him of being too naïve because of Lexie. Once Kate leaves, Abe gives Celeste the chance to come clean but Celeste sticks to the story of a truce with Sami that she told Kate. Lucas vents to Billie about EJ but is offended when Billie sticks up for EJ. Lucas discovers that EJ has been cooking Mythic’s books. Billie stops Lucas from bringing charges because it would hurt Kate. EJ pressures Billie into getting Bo to buy her new security system but Billie threatens to take her business elsewhere.

EJ gives Sami only 24 hours to call off the wedding and tell Lucas that the baby is EJ’s. EJ threatens to tell Lucas that he and Sami conspired to kill Lucas that night at the cabin should Sami not do as he asks. Lucas returning home saves Sami from having to sleep with EJ to prove her loyalty.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam notices Jason's pensiveness and tries to comfort him, about Alan she believes, but he is not receptive, so she turns to Spinelli with her worries. He in turn goes to Lulu. Carly lets the boys and Sonny know she is dating Jax. Alexis visits Wyndemere to thank Craig for his rescue, but the two of them clash over the fact that she was reckless enough to need a rescue. Sonny continues to secretly work to fix things at the hotel, baffling Stan with the grand gesture he's making for Carly. After Jason orders Spinelli to forget that Liz's baby is also his, the Jackal makes a heart-rending case for Jason not to give up his baby. Liz and Lucky are unable to find out their child's gender, but she is able to get him to reconsider naming them Luke or Laura. Jax refuses to help Skye challenge Alan's will. Sam tells Amelia she can't be gone from home for long because Jason needs her in his time of mourning. Michael and Morgan fake an accident so that they can call Sonny over to rescue him from the basement, then trap Carly and Sonny down there.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Today is the first day Cassie can go visit Josh in prison. Before she arrives a group of prisoners that have previously worked for the Santos family beat Josh up. Josh has no bruises but his ribs appear to be broken . He hides the injury for his visit with Cassie. As Cassie is leaving Josh doubles over in pain and she rushes back to his side. Josh orders the guards to get her out of the visitation room. Alan arrive to see Josh. Alan talks with Ashley alone in the study she admits everything as he tells her he remembers what happened. Ashley becomes upset but Alan hugs her and tells her from now on she is considered his step-daughter. Alan has a heart to heart and catch up on current events with Alan Michael. Alan is quite disturbed when he learns Josh is in prison for his shooting. Alan insists on going to the prison to see Josh. Alan Michael and Doris don’t feel that is best for him right now but Alan goes anyway. Ashley is alone in Company and is startled by Frank. She passes out. Frank revives her and gets her some milk and cookies and an ice pack. Ashley is shaken but Frank believes it is just from the fall and learning Alan was alive. Frank comforts her saying she is not like the Spauldings she is a good person , she is an honorary Cooper. Doris shows up with a huffy attitude and asks to speak with Ashley alone. Outside on the porch of company Ashley admits to the shooting and tells her mother Alan knows but he is acting weird, kind. Doris promises to take care of it but is concerned that an innocent man is serving time in prison . Daisy took the car to get Zac a slushy. After buying the tyke a slushy she decides to cruise with him. Harley and Gus have discovered the car is missing. Daisy backs into a pole and Harley and Gus arrive to take their children home. Everyone is okay and there is little damage to the bumper. At home Harley packs Daisy’s bags. Daisy becomes happy believing she is going to live with Reva but is surprised when a corrections officer who runs a boot camp for troubled teens arrives to take her for six weeks. Daisy is devastated and Harley hurts but knows she had no other alternative especially after Daisy endangered Zac.

**BONUS GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy gets behind the wheel of a car with Zach in the back seat. Josh is talking with 2 cellmates. Next thing is they are beating up on him. Alan is out of the hospital and talking with Ashlee. He recalls to her that he remembers her being angry and blowing him away literally. She looks scared. She wants her Mom. Alan says wait, until she told him why. It all has to do with Tammy's accident. She too blamed him for the lost of her best friend. Then to top it off marrying her mom.. He says he is actually going to let her off the hook. He says he'll give her a second chance. She can't believe it. Later she hugs him. She leaves and he says, "That went well." Doris and Alan-Michael are in the Spaulding Mansion and talking about Alan. Someone stops the beating of Josh and Josh thanks him. Harley goes out of the house after talking with Cassie and Gus and notices the car is gone. Alan is sitting in an armchair when Alan-Michael walks into the library. Alan-Michael says he wants to take him up on his offer. Alan says wait. He tells Alan-Michael what Lizzie told him while in the hospital. Alan says Alan-Michael did well running the company in his absence. Alan-Michael doesn't believe his ears. He tells his father that he still must be on those drugs. Cassie is at the jail being searched. The guard finds a coin on her.. She says it is her lucky coin. Gus and Harley start calling around for Daisy and Zach. Harley gets a call from an officer. Daisy looks in the back of the car to ask Zach if he's ok. Zach doesn't answer. Daisy and Zach are home and fine. Daisy got the bumper of the car. That was the only damage. Alan and Alan-Michael talk business. Alan is grateful for Alan-Michael taking care of things at Spaulding Enterprises and the family. Alan-Michael tells him about the paper on the hospital floor with the A on it. Alan doesn't remember it. Alan-Michael tell Alan that Josh is in jail for Alan's shooting. Alan then is about take off. Alan-Michael stops him saying he just got out off the hospital. Frank is talking with Ashlee at Company. Their discussion turns to Josh. They agree he's a great guy. Cassie and Josh are together in the visiting room talking about RJ and other things. Doris and Alan are together. Doris offers Alan a welcome home drink. Doris asks about time. Alan says he used it wisely in the hospital. Now he is going and doing what he should have done in the first place. Cassie composes herself and she and Josh continue to talk. As Cassie leaves Josh bends over in pain. She sees him as she leaves and comes back to help him. Frank and Ashlee are still talking about life, family and the Spaulding Family. Ashlee is becoming nervous and uneasy. Frank is wondering. Ashlee is trying to coverup. Then she starts to tell Frank something and Doris stops her. Harley is angry at Daisy about what happened with the car and Zach. Harley continues to tell Daisy she thought she, Harley, could handle the family, but she is wrong and bringing in a professional. Gus and Daisy are now alone and even Gus is upset. Daisy tries to explain and say she is sorry but he cuts her off. Harley has Daisy's things packed. Then a knock at the door. Daisy thinks its Reva and is excited until she opens the door to find a friend of Harley's who runs a home for kids in trouble. As Daisy goes out the door she tells harley she will be sorry. Doris and Ashlee are talking about Alan. Ashlee says he is acting weird. Ashlee says at the wedding Alan was laughing at them. Then she tells Doris she shot Alan. Doris says she is not going to jail. Cassie is dragged out of the visiting room screaming Josh is hurt. Josh then gets another visitor.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Clint and Dorian are shown to a table in the Palace dining room. They reminisce about the morning delight. Dorian looks past Clint and sees Viki, sitting at a table across from them. Dorian is frustrated, but decides to be cordial with Viki. Clint and Dorian go over to speak a few words with Viki when Viki’s date arrives .Natalie meets up with Vincent and he asks her about her breaking up with John and how is she dealing with that. Natalie refuses to talk about it. Vincent encourages her to have a cup of coffee with him. Natalie, reluctantly, agrees. Vincent orders Shawn to get them a cup of coffee, but Natalie tells Vincent to get them the coffee himself. Antonio comes into the squad room with Nora. Nora apologizes to Antonio and Talia for the way that she had treated them previously. After talking a few minutes, Talia gets a phone call that there had been another fire. Todd comes home, gets on the laptop and finds out some information about his son. He tries to call Blair, but only gets her answering machine. He leaves the apartment to find Blair. Blair doctors Christian’s head when Evangeline walks in. Nash offers to buy Jessica another drink. Rex, angrily, throws darts at a dart board. He pretends that Tate’s face is in the bullseye. Douglas comes up to the table. Viki makes the necessary introductions. Douglas holds onto Dorian’s hand a few minutes more than normal. Dorian calls Douglas a “lynch” to Clint. Nash and Jessica argue over the fact that Jessica loves Nash, but is staying with Antonio. Bo sees Rex in a pair of underwear, and wonders what this is all about .Vincent encourages Natalie to talk about John. Todd comes in, and lets Evangeline and Blair know that he may have a lead on where his son is.

Jessica lets Nash know that she hadn’t signed the adoption papers. Christian comes up and interrupts their conversation. He orders Nash out of the club. After supplying Viki with champagne, Douglas bends over and kisses her. Dorian notices the kiss, and mentions it to Clint. Clint looks around, horrified, and a little jealous.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

The blackmailer is spying on Ethan and Theresa. They are together in the mansion. The discuss her brothers' cases. After that they sleep together and the blackmailer tells her that she made the wrong decision. Whitney and Chad are at home and Chad has gotten a buzz cut. She says its nice and tells him about Vincent. She apologized about thinking it was him. Chad responds by saying its okay. She says no it's not. She admits that she called Valerie and Chad says don't do it again. Right in front of him she calls again and of course voice-mail picks up. Tabitha is downstairs trying to conjure a spell, but it doesn't work. She than spies on Kay who is upstairs. Kay has a dream that she is with Miguel and when she wakes up she is in bed with Fox. She is surprised. She asks Fox why he isn't at the hospital. He responds by saying that he hates it there so he decided to come home. Miguel is outside of her room and is listening to the conversation. Fox leaves and Miguel comes in. Fox goes to see Judge Reilly to discuss how Miguel's case can be pushed up. Riley says that it can't because of a full docket and Theresa. Judge Reilly receives a message from the blackmailer. Fox and the judge both listen to it. The blackmailer is now blackmailing Judge Reilly. Now will Judge Reilly give in is the question.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lily uses Daniel's phone and she sees a woman's naked breasts. Daniel denies all knowledge of it. He blames it on someone at school. Lily is disturbed about it but she lets it go. Later at their apartment, she happens to be nearby when Daniel is logging onto his computer. "What is--what is this? 'Studguy101?'" Daniel freezes and doesn’t answer. Lily has him cornered this time. First she finds porn all over his computer, he has naked breasts on his cellphone and now his username is Studguy101! Neil goes to see the place where Sharon and Dru fell off the cliff. He remembers the first time that he saw Dru's face and how he loved her right from the start. He turns and Phyllis is behind him with flowers. Neil asks for the details of what happened and how the women fell. Phyllis says that it was an accident. She was about to call Jack to settle a disagreement they were having and Sharon grabbed the cellphone and they started struggling with it. Then Dru came up and the two went over the side of the cliff. Neil wants more details, like where they were standing, but Phyllis doesn't think that will make him feel better. She leaves and Neil goes to see Sharon. She is glad to see him and when she hears Phyllis's version of what happened, she tells Neil that there is more to this. She tells of the one night affair with Brad and how Phyllis heard of it and used it to blackmail the pair. Neil understands now. Neil soon realizes that the board seat that he won was part of this blackmail deal. Neil hopes that Sharon doesn't expect him to keep her dirty little secret and be a part of it. That isn't what Sharon hopes at all. She is tired of the lies and secrecy surrounding this. She wants to let it go. It isn't worth the trouble. At that moment, Phyllis walks in the door behind Neil. Sharon and Neil stop talking and Neil slowly walks out. Phyllis can tell right away that something terrible has happened here. Phyllis smiles, but Sharon isn't in the mood. Phyllis says that she isn't going to tell about what went on between Sharon and Brad. "You aren't?" Sharon asks sarcastically. Neil is outside Sharon's room when Phyllis comes out. "Don't you say anything to me. I know all about your blackmail Phyllis." Jack walks up now and hears Neil shouting to Phyllis that Dru's blood is going to be on her hands. Brad comes to see Sharon again and he is glad to see that she is doing well. She has some bad news and she knows that he is going to hate it. She tells him how she told Neil about their secret, and now it is out. Brad hugs her, and that is when Jack walks in.

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