Thursday 4/5/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/5/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Lily is busy at her desk when Hannah comes in, and hands her some files.  Hannah wants the files done immediately, so she bends over Lily to show her something and brushes Lily’s arm.  Lily jumps up, yelling, “don’t touch me.”  Zach comes out of his office to see what the commotion is.  Hannah tries to explain what happened but all Lily can do is sit on the floor and count.  Ava, hungrily, eats the food that Aidan bought her.  He tells her that after she eats, they need to have a little chat.  Aidan starts telling her things about her past.  She gets up and tries to run out of the room, but he catches her.  She wants to know how he knows these things.  Ryan visits Erin’s grave and lays some flowers on her tombstone.  He tells her that he is getting married to Annie.  Annie counts the spots on her face.  Kendall comes to visit her with some flowers and magazines.  Annie tells her that she shouldn’t be here.  Kendall tells her that she has had the chicken pox.  Kendall congratulates her on her engagement to Ryan.  Josh comes home and finds Zoe’s mother there visiting with Bianca and Zoe.  Zoe comes out of the bedroom dressed in jeans and a shirt.  Zoe tells her mother know that she has her son back.  Josh and Bianca leave so that Zoe and her mother can talk.  Bianca tells Josh that Zoe’s mother needs to accept Zoe for what she is.  Zoe and her mother hug.  Zoe mentions that they should return home.  Zoe lets her mother know her innermost feelings and how she wanted to die.  Zoe tells her mother that she can never be her son again, but she can be her daughter.  Marjie finally understands how Zoe feels and she calls her “Zoe” and they embrace.  Kendall and Annie argue and Annie suggests that they start all over.  Kendall takes the flowers and magazines and goes back out of the bedroom and returns a few minutes later.  Annie begins to laugh at Kendall for the way she acts.  Ryan wishes that Erin could be there when he and Annie say their vows.  Ryan lays a comic book on the tombstone and tells Erin that she is his hero.  Aidan shows Ava a picture of Lily and explains to her all about Lily being her half-sister.  Lily sits on the floor, rocking, and talks about the girl in the picture.  Zach takes Lily into his office to talk to her about how much he needs her there.  Zach finally gets Lily settled down and back to work.  Zach and Hannah have a talk about Ethan and Zach’s treatment of him.  Zach lets Hannah know how Ethan had died and how much Ethan hated him when he died. 

Kendall and Annie are having a good time together when Ryan walks in.  He is surprised to see them getting along well.  Kendall lets them know about a party that she is throwing for them.  Bianca realizes that she is falling for Zoe and she doesn’t want to stop. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty comes to Emily's rescue once again as the two of to Vegas and Break into the porno movie producer's office to find out information about Alison.  Gwen is still a bit nervous and can't forget about  when Adam attacked her.  Gwen also is worried that Jade will decide to tell everyone the truth about what almost happened to Adam.  Casey is placed under house arrest and has to wear an ankle bracelet and when he and Maddie are left alone at home the two lovebirds decide to make love.  Henry calls the wedding to Vienna off once he realizes he will never make Vienna happy but he later changes his mind when Katie tells him to take a chance on love.  Jade hatches a new plan to get even with Gwen using someone who will soon look just like Gwen.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric, Stephanie, Felicia and Bridget chew over the newspaper articles about the no-show wedding but how Phoebe is the great beacon of light for Forrester’s. They have put their best face possible on this disaster. Eric grouses that Stephanie’s New Year’s wish came true – Brooke is no longer in the company or the family. She accuses him of still defending her. Stephanie confides to Bridget that Brooke has exhausted all the men in her family and now has moved back to Nick. Stephanie needs her help to keep that from happening, thereby hurting Taylor. Bridget won’t offer any help to Stephanie to talk her mom out of his, but she does hope if it happens that it does before a wedding or a pregnancy. Brooke remembers some of the happier moments in Australia with Ridge and their ‘forever and ever’ vows. Rick interrupts her thoughts and she asks about the launch. He downplays it as being okay, no confrontation with Ridge and Brooke was right in just staying away. He remarks that he’s a big boy and can put up with Stephanie’s mouth. Also he tells Brooke that no one wants to see Taylor hurt, but she should break up that union before there is a family for Nick and Taylor. He convinces her that she and Nick belong together, so go see him and make him believe that.

Jackie tries one more time to campaign for Nick to consider getting back with Brooke. He tells her she’s only angry with Ridge now, it’ll change and she will forgive him eventually. He states he’s through with that revolving door. Taylor overhears part of the conversation and barges in and politely puts Jackie in her place….let them take care of their own relationship. Nick hopes Taylor doesn’t think she is trading in one wacky mother-in-law for another. Rick visits Nick and comments if it took a punch to the face from Ridge, at least it is now over this time between Ridge and his mom. He pleads her case; she wants Nick back. And Taylor will be hurt in the long run if Nick denies his feelings for his mom. Taylor drops in on Brooke and wants to make herself crystal clear; she will not put up with any disrespect of her relationship with Nick. Brooke marches right to Nick’s office and announces that she wants him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea visits the police station to talk to Bo but Bo is too busy to see her. She runs into Willow and Willow tries to get a rise out of Chelsea by blaming her for the arson. Nick meets Chelsea at the station and reveals that he did swipe the hairbrush. Chelsea assures him with a kiss that she is willing to date him again. Chelsea dumps the hairbrush into the station’s trashcan but Nick secretly takes it back out when Chelsea steps away. Roman yells at Max for going along with Kayla but Max refuses to back down from the fight against the Dimeras. Max is upset with Roman when he learns that Roman told Maggie about him being with Abby in New York.

EJ calls Sami and demands a meeting now that he knows Sami showed him a fake lab report. Sami lies to Lucas about who called but Lucas can tell from the caller ID that it was EJ. Kate vents to EJ and EJ hints at knowing something that could call off the wedding. Lucas and Kate argue about Sami. Sami recalls Celeste’s advice and tries to convince EJ that she wants this to be his baby even agreeing to his conditions of telling Lucas the truth and calling off the wedding. Sami furthers her efforts by kissing EJ.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

After the shock of seeing Nikolas and Robin locked in a "passionate" embrace, Emily insists on speaking to him alone, then maintains she does not believe that there is a romance, despite Nikolas' credible explanation of how it "came to be." She then kisses him and leaves. Upon her return to the hospital, she and Patrick compare notes. She thinks something is off, but he says she's in denial, then holds her to let her shed a few tears. Robin doubts she and Patrick will have a future, though things might be possible for Nikolas and Emily. Jason keeps Carly from seeing the sonogram and distracts her with his melancholy reflections on how he now understands A.J.'s point of view about what he did with Michael. Michael is full of advice for his dad on how to keep his marriage to Carly intact. Sonny assures the boy that they will divorce, then asks Jason to fix things, but Jason refuses. Diane warns Sonny that he's playing a dangerous game in his manipulations. Sam is bubbly and nervous as she and Amelia go to the sponsor dinner. Things go well, but after Amelia drops her back to home, Amelia's assistant brings her confirmation that Sam has married and swindled at least three men, using various aliases. Dillon and Lulu agree to be just friends, but leave the door open for future romance. Jax hears Carly admit she loves him, they argue over Skye again, she talks out her feelings on the hostage crisis, then agrees to go to dinner in Montreal with him.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Alan awakens from his coma surprising everyone even his doctor. While he and his doctor discuss his treatment Lizzie walks in. The Spaulding family had been told not to expect Alan to make it through the night.  Lizzie is delighted to see her grandfather alert and well. Lizzie and Alan make up for their recent problems and disagreements. Alan asks Lizzie to take him to Company first to see Buzz. At Company Buzz is in shock to see Alan. Alan tells Buzz of the dream where Buzz was his guide. Alan explains he wants to be a changed men and do the right thing but he fears he may stray from time to time so he wants Buzz to be his guide in real life. Lizzie now returns home with the surprise of Alan. Everyone is bickering over everything, the company, the house, who will make the funeral arrangements. Alan smiles widely and says “It’s good to see nothing has changed.” Alan Michael, Beth, Doris, and Ava are in shock but welcome Alan with pleasure once the initial shock wears off. Alan greets Ashley when she arrives home “Ashley, Good, I had hoped you would be here.” Ashley stands speechless and stares at Alan who is smiling warmly at her. Before being visited by Alan Buzz talks with Harley about Daisy. Harley is determined to do something drastic to get control over her rebellious teenager. Buzz arranges for Harley to send Daisy to a boot camp for troubled teens. Gus takes Daisy out for a driving lesson then she scores 100% on her written driving test. While Harley tells Gus about the boot camp Daisy takes little brother Zac for a slushy after realizing she has the car keys in her pocket.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair checks her sound system. Cristian tells her that it is perfect. She tells him that she was talking about the sound and not about her dress. Jessica comes to see Clint before she goes to pick up Antonio. Jessica confronts Clint about what he had done to Viki. Starr gets herself a cup of coffee. Marty comes up behind her and pays her a compliment about he drinking all the coffee and not gaining an ounce. Starr tells her not to do this. Starr also tells her that she and Cole are never going to see each other again. Cole gets knocked down to the floor by his worthy adversary. Todd comes to see Miles. Miles asks him does he want to know what he knows. Miles lets Todd know about the letter from Spencer. Todd wants the letter, but Miles will only give him the part that he wants him to see. Jessica and Clint discuss Viki and her feelings. Jessica lets Clint know that Antonio wants her to adopt Jaime . Antonio sits in his office and looks at the papers for adoption of Jaime. He remembers watching Jessica and Nash having a talk outside. Antonio lets Talia know that he had asked Jessica to adopt Jaime .John has to separate Cole and his adversary. Marty tries to talk to Starr, but Starr will not have anything to do with her. Natalie comes in, orders Starr to sit down and not move. Natalie and Marty argue over Starr and Cole. Natalie lets Starr know that her and John had broken up. Marty meets up with Evangeline and they begin to argue over Todd.

A man in Capricorn comes on to Blair. Blair refuses to have anything to do with him. He grabs Blair by the arm. Christian notices the disturbance and tries to intervene. Blair picks up a glass and accidentally hits Christian in the head with it. Christian falls to the floor. Antonio and Talia meet with two men who can tell them more about the white supremacist group. Jessica comes to pick him up, but he isn’t ready to leave yet. Antonio asks Jessica to sign the adoption papers, but Jessica refuses.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Paloma and Noah are together again. They decide to go to the carnival and they go into the house of mirrors. Paloma gets a really bad feeling and than she sees a demon. Whitney tells Vincent that she will tell Valerie that he has been cheating on her. He tells her not to but she doesn't listen. She calls her but has to leave a message. Chad is still hiding in the bathroom. After Whitney leaves he comes out and yells at Vincent. He ends up having a drink and remembering how Vincent and him met in a gay bar. Luis is at the hospital recovering from the gun shot. Fancy, Sam, Eve and Sheridan are there. Sheridan tells Luis that Fancy was the one who shot him. Fancy apologized but Luis isn't bad at her. Luis is suppose to be transferred to the state prison but Sheridan stops it. Sam puts a guard outside of Luis' room. No one is allowed to go in. Sheridan puts on a disguise and is allowed in. Fancy later comes in and finds her there. Tabitha is at the carnival with Endora. Whitney sees them and asks her about Vincent and Valerie. Of course Tabby doesn't really care so she is no help. Spike and Jessica are discussing what happened at Tabitha's house. Jess tells him about how she should go home. Spike tells about the demons in the basement which of course Jess doesn't believe him. She tells him that she is going home and he tells her no. She decides to go home anyway. Theresa and Ethan of course are together. They are at the hospital and Ethan wants to know what Theresa plans on doing about their love triangle. She says its not his business about her and Jared. Ethan says he doesn't want to give up on them and their family.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

The woman that was rescued was Sharon. Drucilla is missing but the authorities are searching for her out there. Lily is mad. She knows that if her family's last names were 'Newman' they would be getting better treatment. Daniel wants her to calm down and be hopeful instead of angry. Daniel and Lily tell Maggie Sullivan the story of what they saw out there, but it is clear that Lily has a feeling that Phyllis is really the cause of all this. Daniel says that shouldn't be said, because they couldn’t hear what the women were talking about. At the hospital, Phyllis arrives and Brad is there. he wants to know what happened. Brad isn't happy to hear that Phyllis was arguing with Sharon and Drucilla and that this is the reason for this tragedy. She says that she and Sharon couldn’t agree on how the shoot should go, and so she took her cellphone out to call Jack and that was when Sharon made a jumps for the phone. Sullivan arrives and wants to talk to Phyllis. Nick comes to her defense immediately but Phyllis insists on talking to the detective. She tells her story, trying to show that she really didn't mean anyone any harm. Maggie will get more information when Sharon wakes and can be interviewed. Sharon is awake and pretty beaten up. She has hypothermia and is still in danger of dying. The hospital will keep her overnight. Nick calls Noah and has him talk to his mother. Brad sneaks in and talks to Sharon alone. He wants to know more about what caused this to happen. Sharon says they were fighting over the phone. Brad asks her if the fight started over Phyllis trying to call Jack about the shoot. Sharon crinkles her brow. She says that the fight over the cellphone was because Phyllis was threatening to call Jack or Nick and tell about the one-nighter she had with Brad out of town. Phyllis and Nick go over to Michael and Lauren's house and sit for a while with the kids. Michael has a tender moment with Phyllis. She can barely look at him. He wants to help her…comfort her, but she tells him that she doesn't need that. Soon she is crying and she confesses that she really does need him to make her feel better. At the shoot location, Detective Sullivan comes to the Winters' family and tells them that something was found. It is Drucilla's jacket. The whole family recognizes it. It was found downstream…after the falls. Maggie is sorry to report that the rescue mission is now a recovery mission. Tears immediately come to Neil's eyes. Victor goes to the hospital and tells Jack of the update on Drucilla. Victor goes to Sharon's room and finds Brad there.

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