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AMC Recap Written by Mary

While Adam is still unconscious on the ground, Jamie busily goes through his pockets.  Tad comes back, frustrated, that the key will not work in the lock.  Jamie hands him another key and tells him to, “try this,” as he hands up another key to him.  Janet is in the building, painting a picture of a girl, unaware of who is outside.  J.R. can’t get Babe to agree to give him another chance so he pours himself a drink.  Josh listens outside the door to their conversation and is pleased that Babe is not taking J.R. back.  Krystal, upstairs, is frantically trying to get in touch with Adam but with no luck.  Bianca visits Zoe’s mother to try to get her to understand that Zoe is the same person that she had raised as a boy.  Zoe shares a drink with Amanda in a bar.  Hearing a noise outside and voices, Janet quickly hides.  Tad and Jamie bring an unconscious Adam into the room.  They wonder if this is where Adam hid Stewart when he first came to town.  Tad and Jamie leave Adam in the supposedly abandoned room which they lock behind them when they leave.  Janet quickly begins to doctor Adam.  He wakes up with a start and wonders where he is.  He immediately feels for his cell phone, and finds it gone.  Adam gets up and starts banging on the door then realizes that he and Janet are locked in.  Janet reminds him that he had brought Amanda there but he tells her that Amanda had been blindfolded.  Zoe catches the eye of a man at the bar.  J.R agrees to Babe’s terms and agrees to the divorce.  He lets her know that he will tell his lawyer to be expecting a call from her lawyer.  Babe thanks him for not making this difficult. 

Babe visits Krystal in her room and tells her that she is getting a divorce and moving on with her life.  Krystal is happy that she has finally decided to move on with her life, but she isn’t giving up on her marriage to Adam.  Babe encourages her to lie back and rest and says she will bring her some milk and cookies.  Krystal urges Babe to find Adam.  Babe goes downstairs and meets Josh.  She encourages him to leave and he finally admits that she will be fine.  He tells her that he is only ever a phone call away and leaves.  Tad enters Krystal’s room and they talk about the baby and agree that the baby is the most important thing in this situation and that she must take precedence in any discussion.  Bianca and Zoe’s mom arrive at Zoe’s apartment.  Zoe tells her to go home to Elkhart and she turns to leave.  She runs after her mother and tells her that she loves her and needs her and asks her not to leave.  J.R. calls his lawyer and tells him that they have agreed to go ahead with the divorce.  He says to give Babe whatever she wants but to try to stall the proceedings as long as possible.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack suggests to Katie that to smooth things over with Henry, she should be the one to tell him that he and Vienna can get married at the Snyder pond. Brad promises them that there won’t be a wedding. Vienna thinks that Henry is bringing her an engagement ring, but a depressed Henry only has a box of donuts. She realizes he is not over his fight with Katie; she suggests he go talk with her and even ask her to be his best man. Dusty tells Emily that Craig is CEO of Worldwide. Lily worries about what she has done to her family. Holden greets her with a hug and is on her side, but the guilt is killing Lily. An angry Faith overhears Lily and Meg talking with Holden and blurts out that Lily is the one keeping a secret; she is still taking diet pills. Brad plots how to get Vienna away from Henry. Dusty and Emily fight again, as he walks out on her. Susan calls Emily worried about Allison. Katie and Henry make up, and Henry asks her to be his best man. They leave to talk, and Brad shows up to see Vienna. Holden realizes Faith is telling the truth. Holden is devastated, as Lily tries to explain. He needs her to be there to help with Faith and she is not. Katie and Henry shop for engagement rings. Emily tries to calm Susan, who is worried that Allison disappeared. Emily calls Lance pretending that she and Allison’s mother is on her deathbed. Allison calls back quickly and learns Susan is fine, but realizes Emily knows that she and Lance are connected, but that she has not shared with her mother that she is looking for her. Allison pleads with Lance not to let anyone else know that they know each other. Brad tries to coax Vienna back to him, but she is blissfully happy with Henry. He plants a big kiss on her, but she just wants him to go. She falls as he is about to leave and Brad ends up on top of her. Lily is overwrought at what she has done. Faith collapses, and Lily is distraught to learn her daughter hasn’t eaten in days, as Holden rushes Faith off leaving Lily behind. Brad thinks that Vienna really wants him to stay, but she is adamant that the fall was an accident, as she struggles to get up. A happy Henry walks in with his engagement ring, only to find Brad lying on top of Vienna, as his face drops. Emily asks Dusty for his help; she admits the girl in the porn film that she is looking for is Allison, her sister.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor insists that Nick be honest with her about his feelings for Brooke. He replies FEAR – on every level, that the past might repeat itself. He feels good now, Taylor makes him a better man and he’d like to keep it that way. These people do not have the power to turn their lives upside down again and they shouldn't let them. Whatever happens has nothing to do with them. Rick wonders if Phoebe is avoiding him? No, he replies, just busy with tomorrow whether there be a wedding or not. Phoebe philosophizes that maybe what her dad did was wrong, but maybe they were wrong too for being in the honeymoon suite. A down-in-the-dumps Ridge informs a bubbly Felicia that there will be no wedding. Brooke chastises Stephanie for being such a busybody, that she’s meddling with her seeing Nick. Stephanie mocks her for having so many different words for her ‘dropping her panties’. Too bad, she’s blown it with BOTH men. Brooke doesn’t want to discuss it, but Stephanie advises her and Rick both to clear out their offices and be gone by tomorrow. She will want Ridge back, but he will NOT take her back. Brooke tells her she will not take her marching orders from her. Miss Loose Lips, Felicia, blabs that Ridge left his office and is probably on the roof.

Rick feels like the worst case scenario has already happened so they are free. No more hiding or pretending. And now he wants the whole world to know, he loves Phoebe and he doesn’t care who knows that. Brooke finds Ridge and can’t deny that she doesn’t love him any more. He feels like that thing with a compass that finds it’s way North and now he has lost that. He would like to understand this, her constantly changing back and forth between him and Nick. They’ve said goodbye before, but he always felt it would never end. Perhaps that is the way a ‘jumper’ feels, you just go. He walks away leaving her pondering that last statement.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea fills Abby in on what she asked of Nick and how she doesn’t think she can ever return home. Jack questions Abby when he spots a man leaving her room but Chelsea covers by claiming it was a maintenance man. Max returns to Salem and visits Nick with the update that Chelsea is in New York. Max advises Nick to win Chelsea back before she decides to stay out of town for good. Nick decides it’s worth risking his career and swipes the hairbrush. Abby and Chelsea deduce that Willow stole Chelsea’s hairbrush the night they were at the restaurant. Abby convinces Chelsea to return home and tell Bo the truth. Willow tries to convince Philip that Chelsea truly set the fire and is trying to frame her but Philip is able to get Willow to admit that E.J. hired her to rob Bo and Hope.

Kayla gives Roman the photos she took of Stefano but Roman is more furious that Kayla risked her life. E.J. corners Kayla and threatens her life should she come near Stefano again. Lucas and Sami meet with “The Knot’s” editor but Sami sneaks away when she spots E.J. watching her. E.J. confronts Sami about not getting the amniocentesis and tells her about Lucas’ visit to her doctor. Sami is angry with Lucas for keeping this information from her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emily is stunned and heart broken to overhear Patrick and Robin fighting and the news that Robin and Nikolas are "together". She tries to tell Patrick it cannot be true. Craig intends to maintain his partnership with Nikolas indefinitely. Amelia keeps Sam from seeing the pictures that she has dug up on Sam's past. Then, she invites/orders her to a party to charm advertisers. Milo, Dillon, and Spinelli plan to blackmail Logan to keep him away from Lulu. Maxie tells Coop he is her only friend, so she won't sleep with him and risk losing that. However, he overcomes her resistance. Jax tries to show Skye that she is being foolishly reckless in trying to run Lorenzo's business. Then, Carly shows up and tells Skye to get lost and is very offended by the comparison between herself and Skye and/or Sonny and Lorenzo. Lulu berates Jason for feeling the baby kick, telling him that he can't keep this up if he's going to keep the secret. Liz worries for Lucky's safety. Elizabeth sends Jason a sonogram shot of the baby. Carly starts to pick it up when she comes over to rant and rave to Jason about the impossibility of her choice between her two men. After Robin tells Nikolas the latest turn of events, he decides to defy Craig, but on hearing this, Craig threatens Emily, who is on the verge of joining them in the study. So, Nikolas agrees to continue the play acting and lets Emily catch him and Robin making out.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie and Alan-Michael are still talking about Alan. Alan has a coma dream with Buzz as his guide. Alan-Michael takes charge over Alan making Doris angry. Buzz blame Alan for Jonathan's so called accident. Alan drams of what happened on his wedding day. Lizzie is in the dream blaming him of the accident. In this dream Alan and Lizzie are talking about Jonathan and her life. She says you know what I owe you and then we hear gun shots. Seems Alan is in a dream with another dream or flashbacks. In this flashback he enters the elevator to see Alexandra. Alexandra goes into her purse. Alan thinks she is getting a gun. She pulls out a pair of glasses. She tells Alan she wants to see better what's coming to him. Doris is arguing with Alexandra. She tells her when is Alexandra going to get it, she is the wife. Alan continue his dream within a dream. This time Alan-Michael has a gun to him. They talk about emotions. Alan-Michael says nothing personal. Alan says everything is personal. The then another gunshot. Alan goes into cardiac arrest. Still in his dream he tells Buzz he's been shot. Alan-Michael looks at the paper with than A written on it again. Beth than gets angry at Alan-Michael about giving him the drug. They discuss who got walked on. Alan-Michael says who better than a bitter ex-wife. Alan is still in his dream within a dream. Next up, Beth. She is seen having a drink with Alan. Alan tells Beth the only way to stay out of prison is to marry Doris. She laughs. Alan asks her, "You don't want me dead, do you?" Beth leaves the dream and Alan is bleeding. Now Alan is back with Buzz. Buzz tells Alan he is trying to prevent Alan from going to his grave. Alan mentions Ava to Buzz. He says she left a perfect guy for her to get involved with Alan-Michael. Next everyone in the hospital room is looking at Alan. Seems Alan went deeper into his coma. Dr. Belford says it is questionable about Alan's state. Alan is back the day he got married. He sees a black glove on the floor. Then a woman in black. He goes after her to find it's Ava. They talk about Alan-Michael and Spaulding Enterprises. Ava tells Alan she wants him out of her life. Alan says it won't be that easy. Next thing you hear is gunshot. Alan wakes up briefly and sits up, then lays back down. The family starts to leave the hospital when Doris changes her mind and wants to go back to be with Alan. Alexandra says leave him alone and let him rest. Dr Belford is examining him and sees Alan's eyes twitch. Alan is back in his dream of that night and talking to someone we don't see. Then we see the person. It's Ashlee. Alan wakes again and looks as the family leaves the hall. He mumbles remember everything. We see Ashlee yelling at Alan and holding a gun. The gun goes off. Ashlee is crying. Back with Buzz he tells him it was Ashlee. Next Alan wakes again to talk to Dr Belford.......

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr apologizes to Langston for ruining her life. They argue. Starr turns around and sees Cole. Evangeline tells Todd that she is in the mood to just stay in. Todd tells her that he will cook for her. Adriana denies being jealous of Layla and Tate. Miles brings Marty flowers. Marty apologizes to Miles. John is at the gym, hitting a punching bag really hard. Michael questions John as to why he is hitting that bag so hard. Natalie cries as she hugs Viki, and tells her that it is over between her and John. John and Natalie discuss Natalie .John tells Michael that Natalie is better off dumping in. John tells Michael that as much as they have been through together, he doubts if they can be friends. Natalie wipes the tears from her eyes. Natalie tells Viki that she had broken up with John. Viki tells Natalie that her and Clint aren’t getting back together. Adriana denies having feelings for Tate. Adriana assures Rex that she is in love with him. They kiss. Todd tells Evangeline to name the menu. Evangeline tells him for him to choose the menu. Marty invites Miles into her office. Miles lets her know that he knows what had happened to her in college and that Jessica had told him. Starr insists to Cole that it is over. Langston comforts Starr as she cries over Cole and her love for him. Michael remembers him finding out from Rex that Todd Manning is Tommy’s father. John picks up on it and wants to know what the secret is about Tommy.

Michael denies that there is a secret. Michael lies and tells John that he lives with the fear that Tommy’s real parents will come back and take him away from them. John fills Michael in that Todd had almost killed Cole. Viki tells Natalie that she can stay as long as she likes. Todd comes barging in, spouting out orders for pots and pans, cookbooks, etc. Evangeline visits Layla, Tate, Adriana and Rex at the photo signing. Miles tells Marty that Spencer had written him a letter. Natalie agrees to help Todd cook a special, elaborate dinner for Evangeline. Todd gets a call from Miles informing him that he has a message for him.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Eve knows that Luis is innocent. Sheridan comes running up. She has pulled strings so that Luis doesn't have to go to the state prison. She tells Eve that if she doesn't give Luis the best care possible, there will be hell to pay. Eve/ is taken back by Sheridan's behavior. Sheridan turns to go and be with Luis but Sam stops her. Ethan tells Miguel that he should know that his sister has married Jared. Miguel knows that is wrong. She loves Ethan. Kay wants to hear about this. Ethan tells that Theresa is being blackmailed. She was forced to marry Jared. Ethan tells that Luis was shot. He has survived. Luis escaped from jail. There was a bartender from the Blue Note and Luis wanted to see him. Luis went to see Dylan, and then Sam and Fancy showed up and ended up shooting Luis by accident. Whatever was in the envelope from is long gone in the fire now. Now Luis is charged with an additional murder. All the forensic evidence points to Luis doing the murder, and his fingerprints are all over. Kay hopes that Theresa's money is going to fix all of this. Ethan isn't sure that money will even fix this. Chad is holding his breath as he listens though the bathroom door…Vincent says that he is cheating on Valerie and didn't want to admit it at first…Chad could kill himself right now…Whitney apologizes and starts heading to the door again. Vincent knows that Whitney thought that her husband and was cheating but he says that Chad is too high-classed for that. Whitney tells Vincent that he could learn a thing or two from Chad who is the most honest man that she knows. Tabitha opens the door and lets the 'Swarm of Happiness' in the house where it belongs. Since the damn thing has been out and about in Harmony, people have been getting along and being good. She hates that. She! Herself! Even tap-danced at the sight of them. This has to stop! She gets her jar and scoops up 'Swarm of Happiness' bit by bit as it floats through the air. Endora claps with glee at the sight of it all. Tabitha has all but one of the varmints, but she manages to scoop that up too. "Now happiness will never reign in Harmony!" Sheridan will not leave Luis's side. Fancy will get Sam then and have her aunt arrested. She leaves. "Fancy?" Luis asks groggily. Sheridan tells him that it is she and that Fancy doesn't believe in him and thinks that he is guilty as charged. Luis stares up into Sheridan's face as if wounded by her words. Sheridan smiles down on him, determined not to ever, EVER leave his side. She doesn't care that Sam is coming. She will deal with him when he gets there.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Drucilla is gone. Sharon now tries to cling to the edge of the cliff, but her body weight is pulling her down. Phyllis has fallen on land and she looks back at Sharon's face staring at her over the edge of the cliff. She rushes over. Lily has been screaming the whole time and Daniel is with her. He starts moving to help but Phyllis shouts at the kids to stay back. She crawls over to where Sharon is and leans over the cliff towards Sharon while laying on her stomach. She extends her arms to grab Sharon's arms, but Sharon is too scared to let go and trust Phyllis…partly because she would be risking falling straight down, and then there is the bitterness between the two. Sharon takes a chance and moves one hand to Phyllis's. That works, but now Sharon has to take her other hand and pass it over to Phyllis as well. Phyllis start slipping over the edge as well, and Sharon screams when she realizes that they both are going to fall. Daniel and Lily run to Phyllis and each grab her by her legs. She isn't going anywhere. Phyllis updates Sharon on her position and urges the woman to move her other hand into hers. Sharon takes a chance, but it doesn't work. She doesn’t get a chance to get her hand to Phyllis's. She dangles precariously by the one arm, as Phyllis desperately tries to hold on to her and keep her from swinging too much. It doesn’t work. The hands become disengaged and Phyllis and Sharon lock eyes as they space between them gets larger and larger. Sharon has fallen and the last thing that she sees is Phyllis's face. Daniel and Lily pull Phyllis to safety and call for help. Neil and Jack are together when the news comes in, and Brad wants to go rushing to help, but Victoria tells him that he has no place there. Lauren has Noah who hasn't heard the news yet. She will be watching the child and his baby sister Summer. Neil is furious when he learns that this all started over a stupid argument, and he holds Phyllis responsible. Phyllis tries to tell the story, but Lily says that Phyllis might have pushed her. Nick and Phyllis are near Detective Sullivan when she gets a call that one female victim has been found. Brad and Victoria watch the news and hear that one of the women has been moved from the river. She will be taken to the hospital. No one knows the identity of the woman, or if she is alive. A chopper is ordered and it holds one female victim. Maggie asks what the victim is wearing so that they can tell who has been found. Suddenly, all can hear the noise of the chopper as it gets loud and then goes quiet as it flies to the hospital.

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