Tuesday 4/3/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/3/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

When Kendall takes Spike to visit Ryan, he tells her that Annie accepted his marriage proposal.  Kendall offers him congratulations, but doesnít really mean it.  As Kendall is leaving, Hannah comes to visit.  Zach is on the phone as Lily and Aidan come in.  Lily asks for an advance on her salary so she can get Aidan to go to Philadelphia to find Ava since she looks so much like her.  Ava is in an alley in Philadelphia when a man approaches her.  She asks him if he is looking for a date.  He confirms that he is.  Krystal looks at a picture of herself and Adam.  Josh knocks on the door and comes in to check on her.  J.R. blames Josh for Babe wanting a divorce and he asks her if she wants this divorce so she can get Josh.  The fireman search through the rubble for clues as to what started the fire at Tadís house.  Jamie and Tad asks the fireman how the fire started.  Tad calls it arson and Jamie blames Adam.  Adam tries to talk Amanda into helping him but Amanda demands to know where her Mother is.  Adam threatens Amanda by telling her that if Janet is found, she will be dragged back to a real prison cell and charged with attempted murder.  Kendall tries to make Ryan think that she is happy for him.  Zach advises Lily to wait and see what Aidan can find out about Ava before they talk about raises.  Zach feels that it could be a mistake to get Lily involved in the search for Ava. 

Krystal blames Josh for pursuing Babe for months.  Babe insists that she wants this divorce for a lot of reasons and Josh isnít one of them.  Babe insists that their marriage is over.  Tad searches through the rubble and finds Kateís baby cap.  Adam concocts a plan to frame Janet for his attempted murder unless Amanda agrees to help him.  Derek arrives and wonders what Adam is doing at Wildwind.  Amanda lies and tells Derek that Adam is worried for the safety of his family.  J.R. asks Babe for another chance, but Babe lets him know that she cannot make that mistake again.  Aidan fills Zach in on Lilyís biological father.  Ava comes on to the man in the alley just to steal his wallet.  The man misses his wallet and catches up with Ava.  He shakes her demanding to know where his wallet is.  Jamie and Tad go to the Chandlerís and demand to know where Adam is. Adam takes Amanda to see Janet.  Adam has hidden Janet away in an unused section of his home.  He tells Amanda that he will send Janet to an island where she will have medical support as long as Amanda helps to bring Jamie and Tad down.  Hannah visits Zach and Kendall.  Zach questions Hannah if she is going to take the job.  Hannah tells him to show her some figures.  As Adam leaves Janetís hiding place, Jamie and Tad knock him unconscious.  Ryan gets a phone call, but when he answers, no one will say anything.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Susan turns to Dusty because she is worried that Emily is missing and in trouble. Emily approaches a producer in Las Vegas, who shot the movie she saw Allison in. Margo learns Casey was seen at a tollbooth in Northern Michigan. Tom thinks she should finally put out an APB, just as Casey walks into the station. Maddie worries about Casey handling this alone and races off to the police station. Casey tries to cover why he left town by coming up with a logical explanation for his furious parents. Dusty finally agrees to help find out where Emily is. Tom and Margo tell Casey he is in a lot of trouble, but they are also concerned that Maddie is in trouble and that is really why he left. Lance claims the girl in the pictures name is Jodi Miller from South Carolina, but Emily doesn’t believe him. Cheri tells Dusty that Emily quit and was eagerly looking for someone. When Casey’s explanation doesn’t mesh with his parents, Maddie bursts in to his defense. Will and Gwen struggle with the after effect of Adam, but deal with more trouble when they come face to face with a furious Barbara, who has found out Iris has all of Will’s trust fund. They try to blow her off, but she won’t be deterred. Will admits the truth finally, as Barbara shows her unconditional support. Maddie claims it is her fault that Casey left town since he came after her knowing her excuse was fake. She also was the reason he stayed away overnight. Tom and Margo worry that Casey’s bail will be revoked that night. Lance subtly threatens Emily to mind her own business; Emily relents and asks him to tell her sister that she loves her and just wants to know that she is ok. Allison comes out after Emily leaves and thanks him for covering for her; she just can’t face her now. Dusty doesn’t know what to tell Susan; she becomes angry when she doesn’t think he is doing enough. Dusty leaves a message for Emily to call him immediately because he is worried. Barbara angrily confronts Jade and threatens her. Maddie and Casey say goodbye before Casey heads off to see the judge, who will be determining his fate.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor asks the question of Brooke what is she doing here in the bedroom, on top of Nick? Nick stammers that it is not what she thinks. Brooke says the wedding is off, she and Ridge are through. Taylor accuses her of ‘molesting’ Nick and that she can’t do this - drop Ridge and come running back and pick back up with Nick. As a matter of fact she and Nick are going to get married and are already trying to have a baby. She thanks Brooke for the vivid insanity that they both are leaving behind. Ridge confides in Ashley that he does not regret hitting Rick. He was protecting his little girl. If he loses Brooke though, he doesn’t know what he will do. Stephanie comes in and tells him eventually there is life after Brooke. Cut his losses, focus on the positive things in life. He’s not giving up though, he and Brooke ‘belong’ together and maybe the wedding won’t happen tomorrow, but it will. Stephanie thinks she had better call Taylor and warn her that Brooke is on the loose. She’s appalled when Taylor fills her in on the facts that she walked in on Brooke straddling Nick. Stephanie tells Ridge he doesn’t want to hear all the gory details.

Brooke apologizes to Nick for hurting him, for making the biggest mistake of her life and begs him to go someplace so they can be alone and talk. Somewhat shaken, he nixes that. Ridge is devastated to learn what Brooke is up to – she has her sights set on Marone now. Taylor laments to Nick that Brooke wants him now. What does he want? She knows he cared very deeply for Brooke at one time, that just doesn’t disappear. She needs to hear about these feelings from him. Stephanie confronts Brooke about her most recent actions.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max hides in the bathroom while Jack badmouths him to Abby. Chelsea shows up and the three share the room for the night. Abby hides Max out of sight but allows Jack to see that Chelsea is there. Steve is angry with Kayla for going to Italy. Steve refuses to testify against EJ. Nick warns Sami about EJ hacking into her medical records. Nick makes Sami tell him the truth. EJ pretends to run into Lucas at the hospital and gets to be present when Sami’s doctor tells Lucas that Sami never had an amniocentesis done.

Shawn wants to leave but Belle refuses. Kate finds Shawn and Belle’s room number in the registry but Belle and Shawn hide out in Gabby’s room when Philip comes to check out their room. Philip tries to get into Gabby’s room but Duck forcefully stops him and backs up Gabby’s claim that Shawn and Belle checked out. Gabby offers Shawn and Belle the use of her boat to get to Australia and returns the ring to them so Belle agrees that this is the safest place for them to stay.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny tries to use a strike at the hotel to get closer to Carly, but she won't bend. Sam is intimidated by publicity, but allows herself to be talked into continuing. Amelia finds more fake pasts in Sam's history. A meeting is called at the Quartermaines to inform Tracy that Monica, Edward, and Skye want to challenge the will. Alan continues to haunt and to make his sister look nuts. Seeing a cop brought into the E.R. makes Maxie confront her issues with Jessie's death. Jason feels Liz's baby kick.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan-Michael is visiting when Dr Belford visits. Ava, Olivia, Jeffrey are talking about the trying to bond. Jeffrey now sees it as a bad idea. Dinah is still hiding the knowledge of Cyrus from Mallet. Marina, Frank and Buzz are having their poker night. Alan-Michael and Lizzie have a talk. Alan-Michael says he tried to protect her because he thought she was guilty of shooting Alan. Cyrus visits the Cooper clan. Marina acts sarcastic toward him. Dinah and Vanessa talk about Mallet and marriage. Mallet later joins Vanessa and Dinah for lunch. Jeffrey warns Ava about Doris and to watch it. Ava tells Olivia she is completely over Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael and Lizzie meet in Alan's room. Alan-Michael springs a surprise. Lizzie says she came to support him. After Mallet leaves Dinah she calls Arnold. Frank and Buzz talk about Marina dating. Frank doesn't want Marina to date another "Nightmare Guy". Ava thanks Olivia for her support. Olivia then tells her if she does another blunder she's had it. Lizzie says the way Alan is now is not living. Alan-Michael doesn't want to give him the shot that will wake him up. Lizzie wants it. Dr Belford administers it.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Bo, Antonio and Talia fill Nora in on the evidence that they had found about the white supremacist group who burned their home and business. Layla admires a picture of Tate without his clothes on. Layla realizes that Rex has a problem with Tate. Rex has a major problem with Tate being so close to Adriana. Todd visits Viki and offers her a ride into town. Viki lets him know that Clint had chosen Dorian. Clint visits Dorian and lets her know that he has not yet made a decision. John wakes up to find Natalie coming out of the bathroom. She tells him that this was a mistake. Natalie tells him that they still should end things. Viki lets Todd know what had happened at the Palace Hotel dining room. Bo makes this arsonist case top priority. Natalie moves out from John’s. Natalie is just leaving when she meets up with Roxie in the hall. Roxie thinks that Natalie and John are going away together. Adriana warns Tate not to ever think about kissing her again. Antonio and Talia fill Nora in on the white supremacist group. Evangeline tries to talk some sense into Nora. Viki wonders why Todd is in such a good mood. Todd fills her in that Starr had broken up with Cole. Dorian and Clint decide to go upstairs. Clint lets Dorian know that he had told Viki know that he doesn’t have a future with her. Clint lets Dorian know that he wants her. Natalie lets Roxie know that she is moving out from John’s. Roxie punches John in the stomach.

Natalie fills Roxie in on the situation between her and John. While Evangeline and Nora talk, Todd walks up behind Evangeline .Nora leaves as to not have a conversation with Todd. Todd invites Evangeline out to lunch. Layla and Adriana have a photo signing day for Tate. Layla kisses Tate. Adriana reprimands her kissing him that it was not good for business. Rex comes up and wonders what that was all about. Rex questions her as to who is jealous now. Natalie comes home. She begins to cry and tells Viki that it is all over between her and John. John sits down at the table and looks at the store list that Natalie had written. He opens the desk drawer and looks at the engagement ring. He gets his coat and leaves the room. Douglas Kline is appointed as the head of the hospital board.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Daniel comes home and finds Lily staring at the computer. Daniel blames it on a friend sending him an email with an attachment. He runs off to work, but Lily continues to look at the computer. Daniel knows that he has royally screwed up and is telling Summer that in the office when Phyllis overhears him. She asks and finds out that Daniel is failing his classes. She is really surprised to find this out. He is usually such a good student. Daniel says that he will get things under control. Jack has made a decision and goes to ask Victor about it. He wants Victor to be his 'Best Man'. Victor tells that he would love to be standing with Jack at the moment when his life is going to change forever. Victor finds out from Victoria that Nikki is out of town. She is in Madison working on her campaign. Victor had no idea and isn't happy that Nikki left town for several days without telling him. Victoria says that she would have done the same thing if he had treated her the way that he treated her mother. He won't take marriage advice from Victoria. She is married to Brad after all. She says that she knows that Brad wouldn't ever insult her, or treat her badly. Victor reminds her that until recently she knew nothing at all about her husband. Drucilla and Sharon talk about the shoot that day. Phyllis is still causing trouble and Sharon can't take it anymore. Drucilla and Phyllis will be in charge, but it is clear they won't be agreeing. Drucilla knows what they have to do. They have to get something on Phyllis so that she will back off from the attitude and the blackmail to get Sharon and Brad to do whatever she wants. Daniel is scrambling around. He needs to catch up on his studies, juggle his money better and hide that he has been spending. He calls the computer company and tries to cancel the lease on his computer equipment. The deal is airtight and Daniel can't get out of it. Lily arrives. They have to get going. They are meeting her parents that night for dinner. Daniel gets up and takes the computer equipment with him. Lily is puzzled by that. Daniel says that it hasn't been working well and he really doesn't need it anymore. Drucilla and Sharon arrive at the shoot on a remote spot on a cliff. Phyllis is already there and has made some changes. Sharon insists on wearing the red dress but Phyllis orders her to put on the red one and walks off. Drucilla can't believe that 'heifer'! Lily and Daniel drop by but then leave when Phyllis decides they have to stay longer. Phyllis snoops and hears that the ladies have been working against her on purpose.

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