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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Sean is frantic with worry as he is trying to get in touch with Lily.  Aidan meets up with a woman, in a tight-fitting skirt in the alleyway.  He calls her “Lily.”  She tells Aidan that she will be whoever he wants her to be.  The police inform Amanda that her mother has escaped from the insane asylum, and this is the first place that they thought that she would go.  Erica serves breakfast to Jack and Barbara while they are in bed.  Colby wants to know what Adam is talking about.  Colby lets him know that Josh is not his son.  J.R. calls Adam “certifiable.”  Adam tells them that since he didn’t have a son anymore, he had to go out and find a new one.  Colby questions Adam’s actions.  Colby begs Adam not to do this.  Adam decides on a quick dissolution of Chandler Enterprises.  Derek questions Amanda as to when she had last seen her Mother.  Erica shows Jack a plate of waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.  Barbara thinks that it is ridiculous as Erica offers her a cup of coffee.  After Barbara goes to take a shower, Jack demands to know what is going on.  The hooker in the alley tries to “come on” to Aidan.  Aidan doesn’t think that this is at all funny.  The woman kisses Aidan, but he pulls away from her.  Aidan demands to know who she is.  Barbara comes out of the bathroom, and tells Erica that the game is over.  Jack gets a call from Sean notifying him that Lily is gone.  Aidan and the “hooker” go to a motel room.  Krystal orders Tad to “back off.”  Babe advises Tad to go away.  Josh and J.R. watch with interest.  Barbara realizes that Erica wants Jack back.  Jack comes into his house, frantically, looking for Lily.  Lily comes in the house much to Sean and Jack’s relief.  Aidan lets the “hooker” know that he is from Pine Valley.  He asks her if she had ever been there.  Amanda is extremely upset over where Janet could be.  Jonathan comforts Amanda and kisses her on the forehead.  Jamie wonders if Adam could have anything to do with this.  Jamie leaves to follow a hunch.  Adam lets J.R. know that he is only a ghost.  Adam calls them all “traitors.”  Babe questions Josh as to why he is still here.  Josh tells Babe that he doesn’t want J.R. to take advantage of her.  He lets her know that his staying.  Krystal is taking a nap when Adam walks in on her.  Krystal opens her eyes, and sees Adam looking at her.  She remarks that he still loves her. 

Adam denies loving Krystal.  Krystal tells him that she has a right to be here.  Adam tells her that there is something inside him that is broken and she can’t fix.  Josh asks Babe if she has filed divorce papers and had J.R. served.  Tad questions Josh as to what he is doing with Adam.  Josh starts out the door just as Jamie comes in.  Jamie wants to know what Josh is doing here.  Jamie lets Tad know that he is here to find out what Adam has been up to lately.  Amanda asks Jonathan not to let anyone hurt Janet.  Barbara lets Erica know that Jack doesn’t want her anymore and that she is not going anywhere.  Lily tells Jack and Sean that if Barbara stays here then she will move out.  Sean tells Jack to ship his mother out.  The hooker denies knowing where Pine Valley is much less ever having been there as she starts to undress him.  The hooker orders him out, but then after taking his money, she leaves herself.  Aidan yells after her.  Erica hurries in to see about Lily.  Lily tells Erica that she is moving out.  Erica lies and tells them that she is there to tell Sean that Barbara is jetting off somewhere.  Tad wants to know what he is sniffing around here about.  Tad orders Jamie out.  Amanda calls out for Janet, but sees Adam instead.  Lily and Sean are on the computer researching Lily's biological dad’s (Denny Benton) family tree.  Aidan fills Erica and Jack in on Ava and that she was just about to turn tricks.  Jack wants to find this girl and get her off the streets.  Jack questions Erica if she pushed Barbara overboard.  Barbara sees the boat is moving and she is locked inside the bedroom.  J.R. comes into the living room and sees Babe.  Babe tells J.R. that they need to talk about the divorce and discuss custody of Little A.  Tad apologizes to Krystal.  Krystal lets Tad know that Adam still loves her and she can fix this.Tad gets a phone call and he tells Krystal that Adam has set his house on fire. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Jack watches, as Katie and Brad seem to be getting closer as they work together. Vienna suggests to a stunned Henry that they get married. Faith orders a large breakfast, but when she sees Meg she has it packed up and lies. Lily struggles with wanting to take a diet pill. Craig goes to see Lily and offers her a job at Worldwide. Faith blows off Meg’s concern and snaps at Parker, which sets off signals. Lily is disgusted with Craig and tells him in no uncertain terms would she ever work with him. Meg sees Faith getting sick and tells her that they have to tell Lily, even though Faith pleads with her not to. Katie asks a thrilled Jack out to coffee. Vienna convinces Henry of her feelings and pleads with him to take a leap of faith. He finally happily agrees to marry her. Henry tells Katie his happy news, which she doesn’t take well at all. Meg tells Lily that Faith was getting sick; Lily freaks out and blurts out about her Bulimia. Meg and Lily talk, as Lily admits to a stunned Meg the depth of Craig’s betrayal. Katie and Henry fight over his relationship with Vienna, as Henry tries to explain how lonely he is and how he is always wrapped up in Katie’s life, so she wouldn’t see anything beyond her own life. He is devastated to find out that he now thinks that Katie isn’t the friend he thought she was all along. Vienna tells a Brad and Jack of her engagement; Brad is a little jealous and hurt, but Jack thinks this might knock him down a few pegs. Jack goes after Katie when he hears from Henry that she is upset. Meg confronts Craig about his betrayal. Brad plants a kiss on Vienna, as Henry walks up. Jack counsels Katie about it not being her place to tell Henry whom he should be with; he thinks they should both focus on the positive so they can be better to the people in their lives. Katie kisses Jack on the cheek to thank him, which he seems smitten about. The pressure gets to Lily, as she takes another pill and Faith sees this. She assures Faith that they will get through this as long as they have no secrets and are honest, as Faith eyes Lily’s purse where the diet pills are. Meg and Craig have a bit of a showdown, which Paul interrupts, as Craig hints that what happened was her fault. Meg promises Paul that she won’t let Craig get away with ruining lives.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke hugs Nick and coos to him that she is back and is his, all his! After slobbering on him, he tells her to stop, he’s engaged. Go home, work it out. He’s moved on with his life. He’s emphatic, he is not doing this again though she keeps arguing that she wants him back. Ridge confides in his mother what he did in Australia to Rick and that according to Brooke the wedding is off. Stephanie can’t pretend that she is not happy about this. She thinks he did the right thing in protecting his daughter. Rick fills Ashley in on the activities as well. She is skeptical how long he can remain chaste with Phoebe and be so cavalier about his mother’s aborted wedding.

Jackie re-emphasizes again that it is time she came around and she accept Taylor 100% as her son’s fiancée. Taylor tells her she needs to go up and check on Nick. Brooke is still pleading her case and trying to worm her way back into Nick’s life and his arms right now. He tries to block all her advances, but she manages to push him onto the bed and straddles him just as Taylor walks in, asking what is she doing?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jack visits with Abby while she’s vacationing in New York. Jack cautions Abby against dating Max and Abby promises to not let Max interfere with her college education. Kayla and Max empathize with each other about feeling alone. Kayla advises Max to surprise Abby at her hotel. Abby is overjoyed to see Max but worries about getting caught with him when Jack returns to the room. Gabby lies to Philip and Kate about knowing Shawn and Belle. Kate finds Claire’s teething ring and Gabby admits that Shawn and Belle were at the hotel once Philip uses physical force. Shawn tells Belle to leave for Australia without him but Belle refuses to be separated. Gabby lies to Philip and Kate about Shawn and Belle checking out and gives Philip back Belle’s ring claiming it was payment for their stay.

Sami stands up to EJ when he claims not having a baby together is a loss for both of them. EJ agrees to pretend like their night together never happened. Celeste warns Sami not to trust that EJ is out of their lives now but Sami throws Celeste out. Kayla calls EJ to gloat about having proof of the kidney theft. Nick, after seeking advice from Maggie, decides to get rid of the hairbrush for Chelsea. Once he enters the lab however, he discovers EJ has broken in. EJ threatens harm to keep Nick from calling security. EJ pretends to be a doctor and leaves a message for Lucas to come back to the hospital for there is a problem with the amniocentesis test.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam's fifteen minutes of fame infringes on the privacy of Sonny's office. Mr. Corinthos is not happy to have reporters hanging around, asking questions and taking pictures, but Amelia won't cooperate with his wishes, except to affirm to the press that Sam was not chosen for any mob related reason, but for heroism. Carly tells Jax that his manipulative surprise puts him on Sonny's level; he apologizes, and they proceed to dinner. She tells him that she and Sonny will never be a couple again and he lets her know he's found her some marble. Then, they discuss their relationship and admit that they love each other. After Patrick snaps at Epiphany, Lainey offers him some counseling. Craig is charming and helpful as he rescues Alexis after her collapse. Robin wants to bring Patrick and Emily in on the secret, but Nikolas refuses to endanger them or risk what Patrick's temper might do. When Craig brings Alexis in, she asks if she and Christina can stay at Wyndemere, but her nephew refuses, saying she needs a hospital. Alexis recovers and Craig offers to take her home, to Nikolas' dismay. Logan rescues Lulu from Scott, but the older man has said enough so that she has figured out Logan was at least part of a blackmail scheme that capitalized on her grief and blasts him. Her wrath then turns to Maxie, who is unrepentant.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ava thinks she's alone in the Spaulding library packing her purse when Alan-Michael comes in to persuade her to stay. In the courthouse, Cassie is there and Doris comes in to leave a document. Cassie wants to know what it is. Doris tells her its a document that will lock Josh up for good. Cassie can't believe her ears. Reva visits Alan and yells at him to wake up, telling him to give up this self righteous crap. Cassie and Doris start an argument over Josh and Alan. Cassie says Doris would be in jail if it weren't for the deal Alan made with her to marry him. Cassie also says it wouldn't put pass Doris to even try and kill Alan. Remy and Marina are talking about being a cop. Marina says Remy would still be one if he didn't go behind her Dad's back. Dinah and Mallet are talking about their honeymoon or lack there of, since they are both going back to work. Mallet offers to give her a ride to work. She turns him down. Cassie is listening and watching a taped report about her and Josh and what happened in court that day. She can't believe what the reporter says about them. Alan wakes up to a sound of a shot. He writes an A on a piece of paper. Drops it on the floor next to him. When going to pick it up he look up and sees someone, we see a shadow on his upper body and face.... Ava runs into Doris at a restaurant and they talk about Alan and Alan-Michael. Dinah is having breakfast and Cyrus shows up. Mallet tries to comfort Cassie about Josh's stay in prison. He tells her Josh is strong, he'll pull through. It is Rick that is the one that in Alan's room when he wakes. Alan is still a little out of it and tries to tell Rick something. Rick reaches down and finds the paper with the A on it and throws it on the floor before leaving the room. Reva comes back into Alan's room and yells at him, "Did those drugs have no effect at all?" Ava wants insurance to deal with Doris. Ava hands Doris a folder. It's Alan's will. Rick comes back to catch Reva trying to wake Alan. Reva tries to explain. Before she leaves Rick shows her what he has in his hand, a needle. Both Reva and Rick leave after words about Josh. Leaving that piece of paper with the A on the floor. Mallet tells Cassie he and Dinah are married. Cassie tries to seem happy for him. Cyrus wants more from Dinah. And Dinah says she paid him back and that is all he's getting. Alan-Michael and Ava have lunch and she kiddingly tells him to get out. He leaves. Marina doesn't like the company Remy is keeping, Cyrus. Dinah comes by where Mallet and Cassie are. She tells her she is sorry about Josh. That she is there if she needs her. Then Cassie runs into Reva. Reva says she just got to the Courthouse as Josh was lead away. She asks what happened. Reva gets angry at Cassie blaming her for where Josh is going. That she could have stopped it. Reva says they've lost him. Cassie says Josh told her he shot Alan. She doesn't remember that night. Cassie says she would take his place if she could. Cassie blames Reva for the escapade she pull when taking Alan out for a "Joy Ride". Cassie wonders what Josh is doing now. They both say family. Dinah calls Cyrus to say she'll do it.. But for the record she hates his guts. Marina gets a little wary about Cyrus. Alan-Michael visits Alan and sees the paper with the A and picks it up. Doris visits Rick and gives him orders about who sees Alan.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash exclaims to Jessica that they just cannot keep on meeting this way. Talia and Antonio discuss the evidence that she had just brought him about the medallion. Miles reads the letter from Spencer Truman. Antonio mentions that the arsonist may be someone she already knows. Spencer warns Miles about Todd Manning. Starr agrees to never see or talk to Cole again if they will only leave him alone .Natalie wipes her eyes and asks John if he had found Cole. John confronts Natalie about her telling Todd about Cole and Starr. John blames Natalie for this confrontation. An argument arises. John tells her that this was all a misunderstanding. Natalie questions him if there is a chance for this relationship or is it dead in the water. John questions Natalie if she thinks that they should break-up.

Cole and Starr talk and she makes him realize that this is the best thing for them to breakup. They hug and kiss. Todd pulls Starr away from Cole and Marty pulls Cole away from Starr. Natalie goes back to John’s apartment to pack her things. Before she leaves, they kiss which leads to them making love.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

The firemen are pulling someone out of the burning building. Someone else was at the apartment where Luis was shot. It is Dylan. That is the man who had information that was supposed to be given to Simone. The information was something that Rae wanted her to have. Simone is there and realizes immediately that her hopes of getting this information has been dashed. She'll never get it now. When she learns that Luis is in the building as well and is unconscious, she feels that she has figured it all out. Luis was there to kill Dylan, just like he killed Rae. Sam and Fancy don't believe that but Simone is sure that is what was going on here. She is sure now, more than ever that Luis was the one that killed the woman that she loves. Chad arrives at the Safari Motel and smashes the glass of booze that Vincent hands him from the bed. He has told Vincent over and over that they are not to have contact again. Vincent doesn't care what Chad wants. He knows that Chad will not stop coming back to him for their special kind of lovemaking. "Let me give it to you," Vincent begs reaching for Chad. Chad punches Vincent in the face, knocking him to the bed, but that doesn't phase Vincent one bit. Vincent knows that the punch means nothing. "That need is gnawing at you. It's always in the back of your mind, until it's all you can think about. It haunts you. It drives you crazy. Until the only thing that you can do about it is give in to that need." Vincent has his hands on Chad now. Chad gives in. Both men fall to the bed. Eve looks at the x-rays of Luis's injury and is confused. She hasn't any idea on how to deal with this one. Is really frustrating. She can see the bullet but she just can't reach it to get it out of Luis's body. Whitney goes into the room at the Safari Motel. The bed is empty. She goes to the bathroom. "Chad! Open the door!"…In the bathroom, Chad and Vincent run the shower and stay very quiet but Whitney knows that her husband is in there. she pounds on the door. Theresa has gotten out of her gown and she and Ethan head to the building where the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' lives. Ethan tells of the pictures all over the wall and what a freak show he lived through. Ethan will fill Theresa in more when he gets in the apartment and shows her the room that he was in. "Once you see what's inside here, you're going to realize that this whole thing is over, that you and I can be together, okay?" She looks at him with hope and she truly believes that this is the end of her being blackmailed and forced to marry the man that she doesn't love most of all.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Will has been talking to associates about Katherine. He will be pursuing the case. He has a year to pursue the case and prosecute Katherine. Jill thinks that jail is exactly where Kay belongs and welcomes her getting prosecuted, even though Kay can't believe that she really wants to see her mother in prison, especially at her age. Kay hires Michael and he goes to Cane to ask him to lighten up. Cane thinks that Kay deserves something but won't go against his mother's wishes if she really wants to see Kay in prison. Daniel is at home and he gets carried away with the computer. He is on one of his risqué websites exploring. Kevin calls him and that is when Daniel realizes that he is running late. He rushes out and accidentally leaves the laptop on. Lily comes home but somehow manages not to see the home page of the dirty site. She got straight 'A's and rushes out to tell her mother. Devon has straight 'A's as well. Daniel is at the coffeehouse and he logs on to a computer and sees his marks that are now posted from the university. He got an 'F' and the other marks are not that better. He knows that Lily will be very disappointed in him when she hears the news. Meanwhile, Neil and Drucilla have heard that their two kids are doing very well in school and plan an evening out for the whole family. Cane thinks about his talk with Michael and calls his mother at the office. She thinks that he is calling to take her up on her offer to come and work with her, but the truth is that he is only calling to ask her to drop this thing with his grandmother and let it go. He knows that pursuing Kay getting prosecuted won't bring them any closer. Colleen is told that she has to give up her car. It is in Brad's name. She hands him the keys and even gives him some money for gas. Colleen realizes that she has to take care of herself now and even likes the idea since that means that she can now date Adrian openly. Jack is not happy when he hears the news and tells Colleen that she can stay with him and he will give her a loan to continue going to school. She will pay him back as soon as she can. Daniel heads home and tells Lily the news. She is stunned. She can't understand how Daniel is failing all his classes. He spends days and nights at the computer. There is no way that this could be happening. Daniel says that all he can do is try to go better in future. Cane meets Will in the restaurant. He tells the man that he would rather forgive Katherine than move on. Jill arrives and doesn't mean to intrude. She is glad that Cane can forgive, but she can't.

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