Friday 3/30/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 3/30/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie admires the beautiful engagement ring that Ryan had bought for her .She tries it on.  Ryan comes up to the door and knocks.  She tells him to go away then reconsiders and lets him come in.  Emma comes running in and hops up into the bed with Annie.  Annie tells her a story and ends by telling Ryan that she will marry him.  Krystal is on the phone with someone at the hospital and orders him or her not to lay a hand on Adam.  Tad and Krystal argue over Adam and where he is.  Babe comes in and tries to separate them.  J.R. calls a special board meeting and fills the board in on Adam’s condition.  J.R. makes the motion to remove Adam from the Chandler board.  Adam walks in and asks if he gets a vote.  Josh watches “New Beginnings,” on television which is hosted by Erica.  He remembers something that his mother had said to him.  Erica walks into the room on the yacht and sees Jack in bed with Barbara.  Jack begins to wake up and sees Erica watching them.  J.R. excuses the board members so he can have a private conversation with Adam.  Adam and J.R. argue.  Adam grabs him by the shirt and J.R. tells him to go ahead and hit him, because he has done everything else to him.  Erica comes to visit Bianca and Zoe, but finds Josh there instead.  Erica, expecting sarcasm from Josh, is surprised that she gets support and helpful advice.  Ryan, Annie, and Emma let everyone else know their good news about their impending nuptials.  Tad serves Krystal with papers that he is suing her for custody of the baby.  Krystal tears up the papers.  Lily puts all the pictures back as they were.  Lily lets Shawn know that she is moving out of the house.  The board members are called back in.  The vote is taken and it is a tie.  J.R. has the tie-breaking vote and he votes for the removal of his father as CEO of Chandler Industries.  Aidan visits Shawn and Lily.  Shawn tells Aidan that Lily is moving out.  All the board members leave the boardroom.  J.R. tries to get Adam to let Krystal in the house. 

Adam says that he doesn’t talk to the dead.  Krystal can’t believe that she is not getting support from Babe.  Everyone toasts Ryan’s and Annie’s happy news.  They all want to know when the happy day is.  Adam goes to see Josh and wants to play a game of, “What If.”  J.R. arrives home and fills Babe in on what happened at Chandler during the board meeting.  Adam and Josh arrive home.  Everyone is surprised to see Josh with Adam.  Erica dons a waitress outfit and, with a meal tray, goes to visit Jack and Barbara.  Aidan, Di, Amanda, Del, and Jamie enjoy a meal on the veranda.  The police arrive and let Amanda know that her mother has escaped, and they want to search the premises for Janet. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily is not coping well after Craig’s twisted manipulation of her and Lucinda; Faith surprises her by hugging her in support. Faith worries about what she overheard, but Lily reassures her things will be fine. Lucinda worries to Dusty about the type of mother she is after what happened with Lily. Will, Gwen, Casey and Maddie talk about whether they should go home or not; Casey feels they are all safe, but he needs to keep running. They offer to leave their lives behind and keep going with him. Casey doesn’t want them to give up anything; he is adamant he needs to go alone, but Maddie can’t bear being separated again. Lucinda surprises Lily as she is taking more diet pills, and she quickly hides them. Lily and Lucinda talk about the past, which brought them to this point. Lily drops the pills on the floor then races to get on her hands to pick them up. Lucinda realizes what is happening with her daughter when she witnesses this scene with the diet pills. Dusty goads Craig about ultimately losing; Craig thought Lucinda would give up her Company to tell him where Johnny and Lucy were. Gwen suffers the affects from what Adam tried to do to her. Casey decides to go home, as Maddie and he bond. Lucinda is greatly concerned for Lily’s health, as Faith overhears them talking. Lily swears she is fine, but Lucinda wants her to call Holden. Lily agrees to tell him when he gets home. After Lucinda leaves, Lily breaks down as Faith watches. Dusty sees a vision of Jen; he is upset that he lost their child. Gwen and Will decide to take things slowly until she feels healed. Maddie and Casey decide to make love on their final night together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Rick share the Forrester jet. She tells him she feels kind of numb. She is supposed to be marrying Ridge tomorrow and the whole world is invited to their wedding, but she can’t. Not to a man who would do this to her son. When she saw the blood on her hands, every bit of love she had for Ridge drained right out of her. He extols the virtues of Nick and even though he is with Taylor, he is not over Brooke and would take her back in a second. She was happy with him and should go to him now and explain. At least see first hand his reaction to her news. Trust him, this is what Nick is waiting for. Ridge is with Phoebe on another plane and he asks her if she is going to give him the silent treatment all the way back to L.A? She would like him to apologize to Rick. And she re-emphasizes again she and Rick were doing nothing wrong in the honeymoon suite. They have agreed to wait until they are at least engaged. He hoots that is never gonna happen. She sees Brooke's engagement ring and realizes she has given it back to Ridge. He's not concerned, this is not how their story ends. Brooke will cool off on the trip back home and they will settle it. Jackie admits to Donna that it was her idea to break up Brooke and Ridge, but that was before she knew Nicky and Taylor were trying to have a baby. And indeed they are still in bed re-charging their batteries and ready to go again that morning. No work projects, nothing is more important than this. Brooke calls and finds out Nick is working at home and instructs her driver to take her there. Jackie slips in and finds Taylor in her robe making phone calls. She's ecstatic about her son's fiancée and impending babyhood. Brooke also slips in and heads straight upstairs. Nick thinks it is Taylor returning and declares his batteries are re-charged. Brooke explains why she is there - it's over with her and Ridge. She is back, she is his!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max and Kayla dress as a priest and nun to sneak into Stefano’s hospital in Italy. A henchman confronts them but Max is able to distract the henchman and steal his gun. Kayla slips into Stefano’s room and takes pictures of the surgery scar along with copies of Stefano’s fingerprints. They lock the henchman in the closet before tossing the keys and gun. EJ warns Steve to lie low while he pursues a lead on Shawn but laughs at Steve when Steve threatens harm. Steve begs Dr. Kraft to call Kayla and warn her but Kayla cannot be reached. Sami uses her laptop to fill out the blank lab report but ignores Celeste’s warnings that it won’t fool EJ. Sami calls EJ over to view the results and acts relieved to see them reading Lucas to be the father.

 Gabby tries to convince Shawn to stay on the island but he instead asks her to use the ring to trade for a boat. Gabby tries to convince Belle to stay but Belle instead accuses Gabby of being interested in Shawn. Shawn eavesdrops as Philip arrives on the island and questions Gabby about them.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lorenzo almost blows his cover when confronting Sonny, but manages not to and lets Skye take him away, but worries later that she is making him look weak. So, he plots to eliminate Sonny and Jason who are all too aware of their vulnerable points. Scott confronts Lulu about "her" blackmail scheme while Maxie, Cooper, and Logan continue to plot. Patrick undergoes massive angst about what Robin's recent moves mean. Yesterday, it looked like the brunette who saw Nikolas and Robin making out was Emily, but it was Alexis arriving to get permission to pick wildflowers with Christina, which she received and then fainted while that outing took place, leaving her daughter to ask Craig for help. Before that happened, Craig warned Robin that she could not hope to analyze the poison, and threatened to not let Nikolas have the antidote unless he cooperates better. Jax arranged a romantic event for Carly.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Gus talking to Harley about taking Daisy somewhere. Daisy looking at a video of herself on her laptop. Ashlee and Coop talking about her Mother's latest event. Josh and the Lewis Clan is getting ready for another hearing. Reva sees cuffs on Josh and says even in a hearing? Doris says he's a convicted felon. Cassie threaten to take Rick and the whole hospital down if they don't wake Alan up. Daisy is alone at a newspaper stand thinking of Gus. Coop is trying to give Ashlee a job of Manager, Ashlee says she isn't qualified. Coop is trying to talk her into it. He tells her he has to go out to get some signatures on a document and he's leaving her in charge. Daisy is with 2 girls that are bothering her until Ashlee comes to the rescue. She threaten to pour a pot of coffee on them. While Reva is testifying Jeffery has a text message on his palm. Jeffery says no question at this time. Reva pleads with the judge telling the judge the gun is in the Spaulding house. She tells Josh she is sorry. Cassie and Doris are in Alan room arguing when a cop comes in to assort Cassie out. Doris then is talking to a comatose Alan. She leaves and Cassie returns. Ashlee and Daisy are having a nice time talking (I see a friendship brewing here.). Ashlee mentions overhearing Daisy having an imaginary boyfriend. Daisy says she had a real one once. Ashlee gives her advice also telling her she once had one too. Gus and Harley are talking about Daisy. Harley wants to take care of Daisy's situation herself. Daisy comes home and another fight starts, this time about privacy. Jeffery is now questioning Billy about Josh's track record at home. Billy says he knows Josh has to go to jail but he can help in decided how long. Cassie is at Alan's bedside with a needle and she starts to give him something and suddenly looks up is shock, it's Reva. Reva asks what's in it. Cassie says its a serum to wake Alan up. Reva tells her if it doesn't work Josh could be going to jail for even longer. Reva puts the needle in her purse. Doris is on the stand acting like the sad wife routine. Harley and Daisy are still arguing. Harley slaps Daisy. Reva tells Cassie that she's been there in good times and in bad. Reva tells Cassie to go. Cassie just happens to arrive at the Courthouse when the Judge makes his ruling of how long Josh has to serve, which is 15 year in Maximum Security. Cassie is shocked. Coop feels he hurt Ashlee's feeling when he asked her to go to the movies. Coop and Ashlee talk and later decide to go. Coop kids when he says he doesn't want to miss the trailers. Harley is crying over the slapping of Dixie incident. Dixie is on the phone with Dylan. Cassie hugs Josh saying she is sorry she wasn't there, but that she was trying to help him and she is sorry it didn't work. Reva is at Alan's beside with the syringe and puts it in the IV port.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash brings Bree home. He apologizes for being late. Nash inquires as to where Jessica is. Miles is having a drink when there is a knock on the door. He yells for them to come in, but Jessica tells him that the door is locked. When Miles lets her in, he hugs her. Talia is on the computer. Evangeline visits and asks her if there is any news on the arsonist investigation. Natalie walks on the docks. She encounters Vincent, who notices that she has been crying. John and Marty are on their way to find Cole and Starr. Todd chokes Cole while Starr screams for him to stop. Natalie thanks Vincent for coming. Natalie lets him know that she is beginning to trust him. She questions him about being the arsonist. Evangeline lets Talia know that Todd had called her to tell her that Cole and Starr had run away. Jessica wants to know what had happened in Miles’ apartment. She wonders if he has done something bad. Jessica wants to know why he had trashed his own room. Starr continues to scream. John and Marty arrive. John gets Todd down on the floor, and handcuffs him. John orders Starr away from Cole. Talia fills Evangeline in as to what had happened in Nora’s basement. Miles fills Jessica in as to what had happened with Marty and the slap. John calls for a patrol car to come down to the bus station. Marty lets Cole know that she had found the letter he had written. Star tells him that she had told him that the letter was a bad idea. Jessica agrees to tell Miles what had happened to Marty in the past. Talia shows Evangeline a picture of the medallion. Evangeline exclaims, “oh, my God.” Evangeline tells her that she knows what that is. Natalie tells Vincent that it is over between her and John.

Antonio lets Nash know he had asked Jessica to adopt Jaime. Evangeline lets Talia know that this symbol is of a white supremacist group. Jessica lets Miles know that Marty had been gang-raped. Jessica lets Miles know that Todd had been the one that had raped Marty. Natalie fills Vincent in on what John had done .Vincent comforts Natalie when she begins to cry. Miles receives a letter sent by special messenger. He looks at the name on the envelope and sees that it is from Spencer Truman. Talia visits Antonio and shows him the evidence that she has just come up with. John brings Todd into the station. John finds out that Natalie had told Todd about Cole and Starr running away. Natalie tells Vincent that she just wants to be alone. Antonio realizes that all these fires were “hate crimes.” Miles begins to read Spencer’s letter. Natalie cries to herself. She looks around and sees John. Starr promises that if Todd will leave Cole alone, she will never see him again.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen is trying to get in on the committee at Newman. Victoria is suspicious of Colleen wanting to be a part of the committee right now. Colleen denies that this has anything to do with Adrian. Victoria will let her be a par to the committee for now. Sharon is cornered by Brad who wants to know what is up with his daughter and Adrian. He knows that Sharon has been spending time at Jack's place and asks if she has seen anything going on. Sharon tells that she has seen Adrian and Colleen kissing in the house. Sharon hustles to Colleen and tells her that Brad knows that she has been seeing Adrian. Victor gets angry with David for not knowing that Nikki had called a press conference to announce her running for the senate seat. He doesn't care that Nikki just announced her plans. He wants David to stay on top of things and control the race whatever it takes, without throwing his wife under the bus in the process. JT shows up at Athletic Club and Adrian looks up, suddenly seeing him. He grabs a piece of paper and walks over to the PI, and hands the paper to him. It is a schedule of Adrian's activities for the next foreseeable while. JT looks at it and sees that it matches the information that he has. Colleen calls Adrian and tells him that her father knows about them. Adrian is worried now. If Brad knows about his daughter's tryst, then it is only a matter of time before JT finds out too. Phyllis follows Brad to the elevator and jabs at him with shots about how he is in a tight place because of his affair with Sharon. "Shut up Phyllis!" Sharon says walking up. She hates that Phyllis was able to override her decision to go to Monaco for the company and take the trip herself. Phyllis just feels that she is better trained to take care of business than a supermodel. Brad wishes that Nick could see Phyllis now. He knows that the man would take another look at the man that he is about to marry. Brad hasn't got time for this and he gets on the elevator. Sharon turns to Phyllis and tells her that she had better stop. She is going too far. "Or what?" Phyllis asks her. Sharon realizes that she has no snappy comeback and is silent. "That's what I thought," Phyllis snaps as she walks off. Brad gives up. Colleen has been trying to get him to see that she is an adult and can handle the relationship with Adrian, and he has decided that he is going to stop fighting with her about it. She is pleased but he has more to say. He isn't going to turn her into the dean, but he wants her to know that he is cutting her off financially. She has to be self-supporting.

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