Thursday 3/29/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/29/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie sits up in bed, and she is going crazy, wanting to scratch her itches.  She pulls off one of the gloves on her hand.  Ryan hurries in with her breakfast, and tells her not to scratch.  Emma comes running in and tells them that she has the chicken pox, too.  Zach introduces Hannah to Kendall.  Kendall is relieved that Hannah is all right.  Barbara tries to kiss Jack, but he pulls away from her.  Josh, Bianca, and Zoe are busy at work at Fusion.  Zoe’s mother comes in.  Zoe is surprised to see her.  Zoe’s mother begs Zoe not to do this.  After a short, hurtful conversation with her mother, Zoe runs out.  Bianca grabs her coat and purse and runs after Zoe.  Zach, Kendall, and Hannah discuss Ethan.  Lily comes in and tells Zach that he is needed outside.  Zach goes to handle the situation leaving Kendall and Hannah alone.  Erica lets Jeff know that she will always love Jack and that things are over between them

Bianca has a girl-to-girl talk with Zoe about their mothers.  Hannah and Kendall discuss how Zach had pushed Ethan aside in order to protect him.  Zach asks Hannah again about the position at Cambias Industries, but she tells him that she has something to do first.  Hannah goes to visit Alexander Cambias, Sr. in jail.  Ryan fixes Annie a bath of oatmeal.  After she bathes, he helps her back to bed, and he leaves.  Annie crawls down to the end of the bed, and she takes out the ring box.  She opens the box to reveal the diamond ring that Ryan bought for her.  Jack and Barbara kiss and end up making love.  Erica walks in and sees Jack and Barbara in bed together.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie and Brad finally agree on a contest for Oakdale now and Kim is amused that they are getting along better and insists they have chemistry. Jack is grateful to Katie for cheering up a sad Sage who misses Carly because of mother daughter day at school. Jack asks Katie out to dinner as a thank you but his plans with Katie are postponed when she has to film promotional spots with Brad for the new contest. Lucinda is thrown out of WorldWide by Craig and Lily vows to help her mother make Craig pay for what he has done to them. Casey and Will rescue Maddie and Gwen from a crazy Adam who almost rapes Gwen. Will and Casey make Adam promise to leave and never come back and in exchange they won't tell Margo what he tried to do to Gwen and how he tormented Gwen and Maddie for weeks.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both Brooke and Phoebe kneel around Rick on the floor and glare at Ridge for what he has done. They want to call the doctor, but Rick nixes that. She also won’t let Ridge touch him, even to help. And he re-emphasizes again that he is NOT to put his hands on his daughter again – it’s OVER. Phoebe and Rick rush out with Brooke lamenting that she has her son’s blood on her hands. What kind of man is Ridge? He assaulted her son and she can not forgive that. She cries that she can not marry him. Nick asks if Taylor doesn’t mind skipping the big ‘I Do’s’ and go straight to the honeymoon and she is okay with that. She wants to give him what he wants – a child. Afterwards he thinks that was it, he hit a homerun. He predicts nine months from now, he will have a son…..or a daughter. Then to take no chances, they go at it again.

Brooke returns Ridge’s ring. She won’t let him put the blame for this on her and tells Ridge that she can’t be his wife after this. He pleads his case but to deaf ears.

Rick chases halfway around Sydney trying to catch up with Phoebe. When he does, she wants him to leave her, but he refuses for this to be over. The parents don’t matter. He makes her see that this is just their beginning.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle convinces Shawn that they need to leave the island. Belle, after accusing Gabby privately of being after Shawn, comes up with a plan to trade Philip’s wedding ring for a boat they can sail on to Australia. Gabby eavesdrops on their conversation from outside the room. Chelsea plays on Nick’s desire to reunite to try and get him to “accidentally” lose the hairbrush when it comes to the lab for testing. Nick refuses to go against his morals so Chelsea makes plans to leave town.

Max, on the flight to Italy, swipes a priest’s outfit from a fellow passenger suggesting that Kayla pose as a nun once they reach Stefano’s hospital. Steve continues to taunt Orderly Foley and calls his bluff when Foley threatens Steve with a stun gun. Foley uses the gun on Steve but he ends up getting reprimanded by Dr. Kraft who witnessed the entire scene.

GH Recap Written by

Maxie stages a fight with Logan so that Lulu will trust him and he can find out where she will be when the blackmail drop is schedules to take place. Rodriguez refuses to be Ric's mole in Sonny's organization. Carly bans Skye and Lorenzo from her hotel. Sonny helps her get them out, then goes home and tells Jason that he does not think Skye is cut out to run the business. Spinelli consults Jason on how to romance Lulu. Sam is terrified of starting her hosting duties. Patrick is hurt by Robin's insistence on staying with Nikolas. Craig is quite pleased with her performance. Amelia finds one more false identity belonging to Sam. Lorenzo tells Sonny to leave Skye alone, just as she is asking Jason to help her for Alan's sake. Patrick starts asking out other women. Craig arranges for Emily to catch Robin and Nikolas making out.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie reads the headlines of a newspaper remembering her last kiss to Josh. Beth thinks she is pregnant and gets a checkup. Results negative. She inquires about Alan. Beth runs into Rick to ask him about Alan. Harley sees what Daisy is wearing for school and doesn't like it. Harley orders Daisy to change. Frank stops by Harley to give her no so good news, Alan may not make it. Gus asks Frank what may have lead to this. Frank says Reva's little joyride didn't help much. Harley says only if she could go to the Spaulding Mansion to find the gun. Cassie visits Josh. Josh tells Cassie that he talked to Jeffrey and he wants to call off the engagement. Cassie looked stunned. He continues to say that he doesn't want her to wait 25 years for him. Cassie says if she has to she'll break in to the Spaulding Mansion and get the gun herself. Gus is trying to help Daisy with her homework. Daisy sees Gus is kind of down and asks if he wants to talk about it. Billy visits Josh. Billy tells Josh he's got a way to get him out of prison. Fake a heart attack, then get EMTs to take him to Cedars from there Billy would whisk him on to a jet for places unknown. Josh doesn't want Billy to get caught. Josh doesn't like the idea. Harley tells Cassie about a drug that wakes people up from comas. Cassie then sees Rick and takes him for a walk to talk about this drug and the use of it. Rick says it's risky. Cassie plays dirty reminding Rick who's heart he has in his chest, Richards. Her last husband's. Gus reminds Daisy to finish her homework. Daisy talks about Alan. And reminds him they have a lot in common being raised by adopted parents. Gus reminds Daisy that her mother, Harley loves her too. Gus makes a deal with Daisy to get along with Harley. Meanwhile Harley is talking to Beth and not getting anywhere. Josh asks Billy to watch out for his family, from Marah down to RJ. And to tells Cassie it's ok to move on. Cassie is still the hospital and is overhearing (she is down the hall) a discussion between Rick and Beth about Alan. Cassie then goes to Rick and calls him a liar and tells him she is going into his room and wake him up.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Antonio, Jessica and Jaime are at the Angel Square Diner. Jaime is at a different table from Antonio and Jessica. Antonio and Jessica are discussing how that Jaime wants to start calling her Mommy. Jessica has reservations about Jaime calling her Mommy. After talking to Antonio, Jessica finally gives in and agrees to let Jaime call her Mommy. John tells Natalie that he wasn’t planning on asking her to marry him. Cole and Starr are at the docks. Starr gets anxious waiting for Langston to arrive. They kiss. Langston finally arrives with everyone that they need to leave. Starr and Langston share an emotional good-bye. Talia calls Vincent into the station to show him a picture of the medallion and asks him if it means anything to him. Vincent denies knowing anything although Talia really pressures him for information. After talking to John a few minutes, Natalie asks him if he had taken her to the Palace Hotel dining room to break up with her. Before he can answer, Marty barges in and tells John that she needs his help. John takes Natalie out in the hall, and tells her that they will talk about this later. John goes back to re-join Marty. Marty reads him the note that Cole had left her. John gets right on it to help find her son.

Natalie tracks Todd down and lets him know that Starr is planning on leaving town with Cole. Bo lets Paige know that he doesn’t want to lose her .Jessica gets a call from Miles which sounds urgent. Jessica goes to meet with him. Jaime tells Antonio that she hopes her Mommy doesn’t leave like the last one did. Cole and Starr make it to the bus station and Cole buys a ticket to Cleveland. They await for their bus to be called. When their bus is finally ready to be boarded, they get up to leave when they run into Todd.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Today Teresa and Jared open up all the mysterious gifts. Julian, Eve, Sam, Chad, and Whitney are with them. One gift is a frog another is a picture of Teresa, Little Ethan and Julian with Julian crossed out. Luis is in his jail cell with Fancy. He wakes up finding Fancy gone and the cell door open. Luis leaves to find her. Ethan finds out where the blackmailer lives and bribes someone to let him in. He walks in finding pictures of everyone in the town. The blackmailer drugs him. Jessica is in Tabitha's attic. She learns about the past and future. Spike in locked in Tabitha's basement. He is being attacked by the forces. Simone goes to see Dylan (a friend) but he doesn't answer. The blackmailer was in the room before and drugged him. Ivy blackmails Eve to let Jared marry Teresa. Eve tells Jared and Teresa that Jared is recovering fine and they can marry.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Adrian comes to see Colleen at Jack's place. They are alone in the living room and he kisses her. That is when Sharon comes down the stairs and sees them embrace. She is embarrassed and they are embarrassed at having been caught like that. Colleen talks to Sharon and gets her to agree not to tell anyone about what she saw. Adrian and Colleen head to the coffeehouse and JT suddenly shows up talking about his new Forensics class up the hall from Adrian's office at the university. Adrian takes out his phone and takes a picture of JT. He tells Colleen later that he is going to start keeping track of every time that they bump into JT wherever they go. Lauren shows up for a meeting with Jack. When Phyllis realizes that Lauren is a part of the meeting, she tries to bow out, but Jack won't allow that. He knows that the two have a rift of some sort, but he wants the two to work that out. Phyllis comes to Lauren later and is sarcastic at every turn. Lauren can see that if the two are ever going to be friends the effort will have to come from Phyllis's side. Cane is in deep doo-doo. EXTREME CATWALK filmed Jill telling Ji Min that she is Cane's mother and now Cane is in jeopardy of being kicked out of the country. Just because he is married to Amber, things are still perilous for him. Katherine and Jill start trying to figure out how to keep Cane in the country where he belongs. Amber gives Daniel a way to get advanced access to the more 'interesting' parts of the STRANGERS BY NIGHT website. You can only get in there if you know someone already in. Amber uses her cellphone to take a picture of both she and Daniel together so that she can send it to the website and give her good friend access. Daniel will have to put up a profile, with a picture of himself. Daniel doesn't want that, but Amber tells him that he is being a chicken. He describes himself as buff, and tells that he is in management training, and enjoys girls in lingerie. Amber loves it! Lily arrives home and is surprised that Daniel is on the computer again. She asks the two if they have heard the news. It is all over the Internet and TV. Jill is Cane's son! Lily takes the computer from Daniel and shows the video stream from EXTREME CATWALK. Katherine and Jill tell Cane that he should come and work at Jabot. Kay doesn't think that is a good idea. Cane wants to make his own decisions. He will not take handouts from Jill and he will not cozy up to the woman who gave him away. Reporters are bugging Cane. They have been calling him constantly ever since the news broke that Cane is Jill's son.

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