Wednesday 3/28/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/28/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Bianca lets Zoe know how much Miranda enjoys the music box and the song that she had made for her.  Erica arrives at Jackís for the meeting with both of their lawyers.  Jack lets Erica know that Lily is working for Zach at Cambias Industries.  Erica canít believe her ears.  Jeff and Tad lay Krystal down on the sofa.  Jeff begins to examine her.  Jeff asks her if her water has broken.  Krystal, sarcastically, asks if it looks like her water has broken.  Babe encourages Krystal to calm down.  Janet spots Adam at the sanitarium, and wonders what he is doing there.  Amanda comes in to visit her mother and sees Adam.  She wonders what is going on.  Jamie walks in and tells them that Adam is getting exactly what he deserves.  Kendall tries to call Zach, but Lily will not allow her to talk to him.  Zach doesnít recognize the woman, standing in his office, until she says something that makes him realize that this is Hannah, Ethanís mom.  Zach tells Hannah that he had looked for her for a long time.  Hannah lets Zach know that he wasnít the only one that could disappear.  Hannah also tells him that she had seen her sonís grave.  Josh visits Bianca and Kendall and Bianca encourages him to cut Erica some slack.  Erica notices that some pictures have been removed.  Jack blames that on Barbara and tells her that Lily will put them back .Both Jackís and Ericaís lawyers arrive for the meeting.  They have a very civilized meeting.  Colby insists to the nurse that her father is not crazy.  The nurse tells her there is nothing that she can do. 

Adam tells Amanda to get her Mother out of his sight.  After they leave, Jamie orders Adam to leave Tad alone.  Adam just makes sarcastic remarks.  Jamie also lets him know that Krystalís baby is his sister and to leave them alone.  Jeff determines that Krystal has indigestion.  Zach and Hannah discuss Ethan and how he had looked for her for a long time.  Zach questions Hannah as to why she is here.  Hannah lets him know that he had invited her.  Krystal tells J.R. that she needs Adam.  Adam asks Amanda for her help in finding out everything she can about Jamie Martin.  Amanda refuses to help him.  Hannah mentions the Executive Officer position.  Zach lets her know that it is hers if she wants it.  Hannah tells him that she has something to do first.  Kendall barges into the office, and sees Hannah with Zach.  Zach introduces Hannah to Kendall and tells Kendall that she is Ethanís Mom.  Adam apologizes to Janet for his previous actions and then asks for her help. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Tom tells Margo that Casey didn’t come home, but Margo explains that Casey left a message saying that he was staying at the dorms. Iris and Barbara cross paths, and Iris’ subtle comments about Will, Gwen and Maddie having left town and not looking like they are coming back soon leaves Barbara concerned. Margo and Tom run into Elwood who explains that he hasn’t seen Casey in a long time; a worried Margo and Tom realize Casey is missing. Will and Casey go to town to procure fake passports, as Gwen and Maddie stay behind. Maddie is knocked unconscious while collecting firewood. Gwen comes face to face with the shock of her life, an enraged Adam. Casey and Will have to come up with a plan when more money is needed for the passports. They head out for a mill, which they hear is looking for work. Adam unleashes his fury on Gwen. Gwen tricks him and is able to run off. She tries to tend to a bleeding and unconscious Maddie, but Adam catches up with her. A crazed Adam recounts how he woke up buried alive and realization that the woman he loves helped do this to him. Then he coldly relays his subsequent plans afterwards to make sure they all pay. Will and Casey are confused when the mill where the jobs are supposed to be isn’t even open. Jade locks them in the store. Margo and Tom learn Casey isn’t gambling at least, but Barbara tells them about Iris’ suggestion that they all left town. Margo learns Maddie’s story is a lie; they worry Casey left town to protect her. Margo considers putting out an APB for Casey, but Tom talks her out of it. Will and Casey try to get out of the locked store. Adam tries to force himself on Gwen, as she fights him off. Jade interrupts and tries to help Gwen. Adam punches Jade rendering her unconscious. Maddie awakens tied up in the snow and frantically yells for help. Adam violently attacks Gwen trying to force himself on her again, as Gwen tries to fight him off.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick welcomes Ashley to their meeting. He hopes he won’t disappoint when she says she wanted to meet the man to take on the Forrester’s. Surprise, he wants to double the Forrester’s offer, but she declines. Jackie tells Donna their plan won’t work to get Brooke back with Nick; he’s in love with Taylor. Phoebe and Rick give one last kiss and brace themselves for the reception at Sydney’s Forrester’s. The looks between them do not go unnoticed by Ridge. Rick lets Phoebe talk him into slipping out early and going back to the hotel. Donna makes phone calls to make sure that Ridge gets the bill for the honeymoon suite and will know about Rick and Phoebe and he will go off on Rick again…..and the engagement between Brooke and Ridge will finally be over. Ridge and Brooke realize the kids are missing and not there. He gets the call about the honeymoon suite and bells go off in his head. He confirms that Mr. Forrester just checked into the suite.

Nick introduces Ashley to Taylor. She tells Nick today is the day to make babies so he spirits her out to a place he wants to take her. They wind up at a church. He wants to do this right and marry her here and now. In their robes, Rick and Phoebe are settled on the bed, giggling, tickling, playing kissy-face. The cell phone is accumulating messages. Ridge slips in and heads to the bedroom and grabs ‘the bastard’ by the neck and jerks him out of bed and clobbers him in the face. Rick falls and when Brooke bends to fawn over him, her hand is filled with blood. She looks at contempt to Ridge who is stoic as a rock.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The drunken patron sends the sheriff to call on Shawn. Belle is shocked to learn that Shawn was fighting to defend her. Duck sneaks into Shawn and Belle’s room and discovers their fake passports. Shawn and Belle tell the sheriff the vague truth about why they came to this island and Gabby helps them get out of having fake passports by pointing out that Duck searched without a warrant. The sheriff confiscates the passports and insists that they stay put even though Duck ordered them to leave.

Kayla invites Max to go with her to Italy to take on Stefano. Max reluctantly agrees only on the condition that they stop off in New York on the way home to surprise Abby. Steve is back to refusing his medication. Dr. Kraft offers to let him use the common room if he starts taking his pills. Steve pretends to take the pills and acts drugged up when he’s around Dr. Kraft. Steve stands up to an orderly when the orderly is too harsh on another patient.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Craig orders Nikolas and Robin to pretend to be in love. After talking to Patrick, Alexis goes to visit Nikolas and see what's going on. He tells her that he and Emily are taking a step back. Sam tells Amelia to make sure Jason is not televised. Spinelli deletes all records of Jason's paternity for Liz's baby, at Jason's request. The doctors at the hospital are upset at recent policy changes that refuse to admit patients who do not have insurance. Monica vows to change that if she is chief surgeon. Lulu continues to stress about the Jason/Liz/Lucky/baby situation. Even Spinelli's rambling fails to cheer her. Lulu has the guys draw lots to see who will date her first. Maxie offers to get a copy of the police academy test for Cooper. Patrick storms out to visit Nikolas and find out why Robin has moved in.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet and Dinah share a tender moment then Dinah has a gun and is thinking iof Cyrus. She exclaims that the guy wont get the better of her. Mallet is in dress uniform and he sees Cyrus and goes to talk to him. Cyrus makes fun of the uniform. Mallet doesn't take it to kindly and asks Cyrus to leave Dinah alone and leave town. Mallet even threatens Cyrus. Cyrus meets up with Dinah and tells her she double crossed him. She doesn't know what he is talking about. Cyrus mentions some holdings she says belongs to her family. The Cyrus threatens information that could destroy both Dinah and Mallet. Frank swears in Mallet as a detective. And before all he says he loves Dinah.Dinah blushes. Even Vanessa, who is also there is blushing. He asks her to marry him. She says yes!! Dinah is alone after the Detective Ceremony and she is singing to herself, she's getting married, when Vanessa walks in. They share a nice moment. Vanessa even shows her a wedding dress. Dinah is pleased and happy. So is Vanessa. Cyrus visits Dinah while in her wedding dress and she tells him he does anything she will go to him with both barrels loaded. Dinah continues to say that if he hurts her, he could also be hurting himself. She begs him to lay off. Before leaving Cyrus calls Dinah an old pro. The wedding of Dinah and Mallet starts. Frank is Mallet's best man. Vanessa is matron of honor. They both say yes and their vows. Cyrus comes to the wedding. Marina sees him in the doorway. Goes to him and quietly says if he disturbs this wedding remember who her Dad is. Cyrus smiles at Marina and says always a daddy's girl. Dinah and Mallet enjoy a romantic night at their place. The next morning Dinah wakes before Mallet and gets up and opens the door to get something and Cyrus is in the hallway. She changes her mind and goes back in the room and to bed.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Talia agrees to be hypnotized to help her remember things about the medallion and who could have taken it from her. Jessica looks at a piece of paper where she had written Nash’s name. Natalie comes into the diner and tells her of her almost engagement. After Natalie leaves, Jessica burns the paper with Nash’s name on it. Antonio brings Jaime to the diner to see Jessica.

Cole packs and plans to leave Llanview with Starr. He thinks that Starr is having second thoughts about leaving, but Star tells him that they have to do. They agree to call their parents later and let them know what they have done. Star calls Langston to cover for them. Blair apologizes to Cristian for ruining his chances with Evangeline. Evangeline spends some time alone with Todd in his office . John lets Natalie know that he was not planning on proposing to her.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Daniel almost gets busted again when Lily suddenly comes home and finds him on the computer again. He scurries and shuts it down quick. She wonders why he isn't logged in if he is working on it. He says that he was just about to log in. She asks him for his password, so that she too can use the computer. Hers is in the shop. Daniel isn't happy to give the information but he does. Later when she is out of the apartment, Daniel calls the computer shop and asks the attendant how he can allow others to use his computer and not see his files. The guy has a great idea and Daniel runs right out to buy the doo-dad to download on his computer. His information will still be stored on the computer but somewhere else. He watches the status bar on his computer as it indicates that it is currently transferring his files, and he smiles. Colleen serves JT who sits at the Athletic Club a ways off from Adrian who is also in the room at another table. Colleen finds this all very weird but she does her job serving JT with a smile anyway. Colleen tries to keep it casual, but then JT tries to bring forward a memory of them having had a date there at the Athletic Club once. Colleen cuts off his talking and leaves the area. Adrian eyes JT strangely. Adrian heads over to see Victoria and Nikki who have asked him to come and see them at Newman to help them bring forward the importance of the land in Clear Springs. Adrian is an expert and having his expertise attached to Nikki's campaign will help them tremendously. Adrian agrees to help whenever he can. He leaves the office and JT is walking past him. That would be the second time today that they have bumped into each other. Adrian meets with Colleen at the school in his class and he kisses her cheek. When she turns to face him, she sees that JT is behind them walking by the doorway. Colleen tells Adrian and he goes into the hallway and calls to JT who is walking away. He asks JT what he is doing there. JT says that he is taking a class a few doors down from Korbel's office and that is why he is there. David is stunned that someone like Nikki would go up against Jack. She has only been to high school, while Jack has been to two Ivy League schools. Nikki is feeling a little uncomfortable knowing that the public will be talking about her having been a stripper in the past. She doesn't think that she can win, but Victoria is sure that she has a chance. Jack is surprised that Victor is going to side with him…and against his own wife! Jack thinks about the times when he was being devious and taking advantage of Victor.

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