Tuesday 3/27/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/27/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach visits Jack in order to discuss Lily and her previous actions.  Jack realizes that he has been over protective of Lily.  J.R. and Babe find Krystal and when J.R. tries to open the door, he finds out that something has been done to the keyhole.  Tad lies on the bed (pretending to be asleep) and smiles to himself.  Board members come into the boardroom and find Adam (naked) with his head on the table, asleep.  A board member asks Adam what is wrong with him.  Adam looks down and notices that he has no shirt or pants on.  Adam mumbles to himself that, “Martin is dead.”  Krystal lets Babe and J.R. know that the lock just didn’t sprout glue.  J.R. asks if Tad is in there with her.  Krystal lets J.R. know that Tad is with her.  Colby doesn’t believe that Adam would do this as Krystal threatens to kill Adam.  Adam pulls a flag off the pole and wraps it around his shoulders.  A security guard comes in and lets Adam know that he just can’t sleep in the office like this.  Aidan and Jaime have come to collect Adam.  Adam orders them all out of his boardroom.  A guard brings Adam a fur coat to put on before he can leave.  Colby urges Tad to find her dad.  Tad remarks that he wants Adam as far away from his baby as possible.  Kendall, Bianca, and Erica discuss Fusion’s foreign sales.  Erica offers Kendall and Bianca her help.  Sean arrives to talk to Erica.  Bianca wants to know why Kendall is so against Erica helping them.  Sean urges Erica not to divorce Jack.  Zach asks Jack if it is okay that Lily is working for him.  Jack thanks Zach for helping protect Kendall and Spike.  Lily comes hurrying downstairs, and looks out the door.  She yells, “Hello.  Hello” Jack and Zach wonder who Lily is looking for.  Lily lets them know that she was wondering if the woman, who was peeping in the window wanted to come inside.  Bianca commends Erica for being a good Mom.  Kendall doesn’t want everyone to think that Erica Kane is their mother and that is why the company is doing so well.  Sean informs Erica that Barbara is after Jack and urges her not to divorce Jack.  Sean warns Erica about Barbara and her motives.  Colby is upset that there is no sign of Adam.  Tad encourages everyone to relax.  Adam comes home, wearing a fur coat.  Colby hurries to hug him.  Krystal warns Tad that doing what he did to Adam will only make him angrier.  Aidan and Jaime arrive along with some men in white coats.  Adam tries to explain the situation to everyone.  The two men in white coats hold on to Adam’s arms.  Krystal lets Tad know that she will not let him get away with this.  Sean insists to Erica that she and Jack love each other.  Sean begs Erica to help him and Lily keep their family together.  Erica insists that it is too late for her and Jack.  Erica promises that he can always count on her.  Lily describes the woman to Jack and Zach that she saw outside her window.  Sean comes barging into Kendall’s office and lets her know that it is up to her to save their family.  Bianca and Kendall realize that Erica is focusing on Fusion so she won’t have to think about her divorce from Jack or her broken heart.  Erica comes back into the room.  Bianca and Kendall just look at her, and then they both hug her.  Erica is totally confused.  Krystal insists to the two men that Adam is upset, but he is not mentally unstable.  J.R. defends Krystal. 

Adam still shakes and chokes Jaime .All the others gather around to get Adam off of Jaime.  Jeff comes in, and wonders what is going on.  Krystal blames Tad for all this.  Tad declares that Krystal is a witness to what Adam did to him.  Kendall and Bianca advise Erica to take some time and focus on her own life and marriage.  Kendall tells her that she needs to prove herself.  Barbara serves Jack breakfast in the living room.  Sean watches his mother’s every action.  Sean comes in and interrupts the tender moment.  Sean tells Barbara that he is ready to go back home to Seattle because he misses his friends.  Zach and Lily arrive back at the office.  Lily advises a new name for the company and tells him that she has come up with several suggestions but has only gotten through “J” in the alphabet.  Lily sees tracks on the floor.  She tells Zach that the same woman that was outside the window has been in his office.  Zach looks questioningly at Lily.  Tad tells Adam that he doesn’t blame him for Krystal’s lie.  Adam orders Tad to take Krystal, Babe, and J.R. home with him.  The men take Adam away.  Krystal tells Tad that she will never forgive him for this.  Erica visits Jack.  They just exchange looks when he opens the door.  Lily questions Zach about the cleaning woman that cleans his office.  A mysterious woman enters the office.  Lily recognizes her as the woman standing outside her bedroom window.  Zach asks the woman, who she is.  Zach doesn’t quite make the connection.  The woman asks him if she changed that much.  Krystal begins to have labor pains.  Adam sits restrained in a straight jacket.  He promises to make all them pay. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Brad and Jack both console Katie when she is saddened by memories of Simon. Henry and Vienna have their first fight because Vienna thinks Henry is still in love with Katie.  The two lovebirds kiss and make up when Henry tells Vienna he cares for Katie but doesn't love her anymore.  Lily feels shocked and betrayed by Craig when she discovers  that she signed papers to sell Craig Worldwide.  Lucinda feels appalled that her own daughter sold her company to Craig.  Craig is hurt when Meg decides to pursue a relationship with Paul. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Phoebe and Rick cling to each other and steal kisses, trying to say goodnight. He doesn’t want to feel ashamed of their feelings and she doesn’t want her dad to break them up. Ridge speaks with Stephanie by phone and tells her he has enough on his hands with his daughter not to worry about Taylor and Nick too. Offhandedly she recommends that he just belt Rick and that will get his attention. Of course, Brooke overhears him and resents this. She doesn’t like the way he is handling this. And he resents the fact that she is comparing him to his mother. This is fodder for breakfast with Stephanie, Eric, Ann and Pammie. Stephanie and her mother exchange some heated barbs about their relationship and the past abuse she put up with. Eric puts his foot down and won’t hear any conflict. But Stephanie gets into it with him as well. He barks she does not solve the problem; it becomes the problem. She’s outraged that he would compare her to her father. And saying Ridge is the enforcer and he got it from her.

Phoebe calls Donna, the only one she doesn’t hate at this point. Donna suggests that she help register the bridal suit for them, it will be awesome. Phoebe tells Rick she will set a surprise up for tomorrow. Brooke has a fit of nightmares focusing on Ridge threatening her son and Stephanie harassing, humiliating and threatening to kill her. She wonders if Ridge can keep his promises about not putting his hands on her son. He says he had rather cut off his arm rather than do something she wouldn’t like, but he only wants to protect his daughter. He predicts it will only get better and he promises he will only love her more and more. Hang in, they are almost there.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn has Belle take Claire shopping for new clothes and Gabby helps them take new family pictures. A local drunk hits on Gabby and then insults Shawn so he attacks the guy. Hope searches Willow’s apartment and finds her jewelry but Willow runs off. Bo comes by to search Chelsea’s room. Chelsea denies owning the hairbrush found at the house. Bo apologizes when he hears from Hope about finding the jewelry and the cops arrest Willow when she returns home. Bo wants to test the hairbrush for DNA to further prove Willow’s guilt.

EJ questions Celeste and Sami about their murder plot but thanks to a quick text message from Celeste to Sami, they are each able to give EJ the same lie. Kate questions Celeste about the plot but Celeste denies everything. Philip tries to apologize to Lucas but Lucas won’t hear it. Kate convinces Lucas to try reconciling with Philip.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Patrick was upset with Robin for her plan to move into Wyndemere.

At Metro Court, Sam was getting a lot of publicity for her part in saving the hostages.

Mr. Craig is slowly poisoning Nikolas. Robin comes in and finds him near death.

Nikolas pretends to need the antidote early, gets the drop on Craig, and grabs the antidote. However, Craig gets free and tells him he can take the drug now, but he'll need it again and Craig will not be there to provide it, so he will die and Craig will kill Robin. Lulu and Maxie get into a spat over which girl is the worst lying tramp following Maxie's seeing of Lulu daring to talk with Cooper. After Lulu leaves, Maxie is irate that Coop is applying to be a cop. Patrick cannot understand why Robin would move in at Spoon Island. Sam continues to resist Amelia's appeals to do the show. Carly leaves Sonny's, stating that she's not being fair to anyone and says ask Jason why. The why that he gives is that she slept with Jax. At the hotel, Carly gets on tangents about Sam's publicity hurting the hotel's image, making it appear unsafe, and about Jax and Alexis being "together." She takes time out from ranting when Lulu approaches her for advice on how to handle her three would-be beaux. Max refuses to spy on Carly or take any side in the Sonny/Jax dilemma. Jason defends keeping the baby secret to Spinelli. Sam decides to take the TV job after all. She is not aware that Amelia is still investigating "Angela." Patrick turns to Mac for a clue about Robin and why she would move in with Nikolas to avoid moving in with him. Mac does not really have an answer. Lulu tells the trio of hopeful suitors that she will date all of them or none of them. Sonny asks Carly to have faith in them.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina was talking with Cyrus. Alan-Michael stands strong about his family. Ava and Olivia argue about court. Buz is in the middle. Olivia says Jeffrey was the one who called her to do what she did in court to protect Ava. Ava says enough people making decisions for her. Alan-Michael has his secretary dig up dirt on Buz, Olivia and others. Marina wants to see Cyrus behind bars. Mallet gets a call while he is with Dinah. Good news, he's been added to the Crime Commission. He is excited. Dinah is happy for him. She says things are going so well for them. Mallet wants to know where the bracelet he gave her is. She lies by saying it is at the jewelers being fixed, a clasp broke. Marina wants Buzz to spy on Cyrus, but he went out the window. Marina just loves that. Mallet tells Marina his good news. She hugs him. Alan-Michael and Olivia are together. He starts to undress. Alan-Michael says he's a Spaulding. That he will protect Ava. Dinah wants Cyrus to leave town. But Marina has other ideas for Cyrus. And it has to do with a broom. Mallet startles Dinah who is at the station retrieving a box. Mallet wants to know what Dinah is doing there. Olivia is pouring her heart out to Buzz about Ava. Olivia says she may have to get tough so will Buzz stick with her. He says whatcha think? She hugs him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr rushes to the door and finds out that it is Todd standing there. Todd asks her if she were expecting Cole. Star lets Todd know that Marty is putting Cole in military school. Marty insists on sending Cole away so she won’t lose him like they lost his father .Adriana looks over some of Tate’s pictures. Tate comes in and join her. Adriana points out that she is going to lay down some ground rules or she will not be able to work with him anymore. Jessica bas brought Bree to spend some time with Nash .Nash thanks Jessica for bringing Bree by. Rex pokes his head into Bo’s office. Bo asks him to come in. Bo shows him a Ziploc bag with cash. Rex is impressed by the money. Bo tells him to take it .Evangeline is in the squad room with Nora. Antonio comes in, and tells Nora that he thinks that they have a lead in the arsonist case. Talia shows Nora some pictures. Evangeline asks Antonio how Christian is. Nora knows the medallion belongs to the arsonist. Bo explains that this money is the money that was taken in the robbery at Roxie’s. Bo questions him as to what has been going on with him. Rex fills him in as to what had happened. Bo is impressed that Rex has a new career as a model for men’s lingerie. Rex resents Tate coming on to Adriana. Tate reaches over and takes Adriana’s hand. Cole and Marty argue over his going away to military school. Starr fills Todd in on the military school that Cole is going to. Starr blames Todd for ruining her life. Starr insists that she only wants Cole. Starr tells Todd that she doesn’t love him. Nash encourages Jessica to stay. Evangeline drops off some papers for Marty to appear in court. Todd doesn’t want to make Starr unhappy. Starr tells Todd that he is making a big mistake. Starr’s cell phone rings, and Starr thinks that it is Cole. Bo and Rex discuss Tate and his attraction to Adriana .Nora becomes frustrated that the police has nothing to go on to find the arsonist. Two of Tate’s big fans join him at his table .Adriana rejoin them. Tate tells the two girls that Adriana is his girlfriend. Rex join Roxie at the Angel Square Diner. Roxie tells Rex to fork over the money. Roxie begins to count the money. Rex tells Roxie that he had had a fight with Adriana over another man. Nash tells Jessica that he is not impressed that she loves her husband as much as she says she does. Bo brings Nora into his office to hash out their problems in the arsonist investigation. Bo fills her in as to what had happened to Talia. Evangeline tells Marty that she is a bad judge of character. Todd redials the number and finds out that the call was from Cole.

Todd tells Cole that if he calls Starr again that he will get a restraining order against him. Todd decides to keep Starr’s cell phone. Marty and Evangeline discuss Todd and his role in Evangeline’s life. Evangeline knows that she is not over Christian. Nora is angry over what had happened to her and Matthew. Nora only wants answers. Rex lets Roxie know that Adriana isn’t two-timing him. Jessica refuses to talk about Antonio to Nash. She gets up and leaves. Roxie decides to take Rex to the Palace for a big lunch. Tate insists that he will back off. Nora thanks Talia for her help. Rex and Roxie comes in and sees Adruaba and Tate together.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Fancy and Valerie teem up to decide how to prove that Luis is innocent. Valerie suggested that Fancy lie and say that she saw someone else too. She won't do it because it will hurt Luis more than help him. Noah and Paloma decide to sleep together. Their attraction is very strong. They can't keep their hands off of each other. Ethan is with Luis in his jail cell discussing the case and Teresa's blackmailer. Luis remembers that all calls to the CEOs are monitored through the Crane computers. Ethan tries to access the records but the system is down. Jared is back at the hospital with Teresa, Whitney, and Chad. Jared has Teresa's wedding dress brought to her. It is the dress that she was going to marry Ethan in. Fancy comes to tell Ethan that Judge Riley was sent to the hospital to marry Teresa and Jared. Ethan leaves to stop them. Ethan arrives at the hospital and tells Teresa that she can't marry Jared because he loves her. What will she say?

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen didn't bring her sweater as Lily expected her to. She didn't see the email. Lily knows that she saw that it had been opened. They don't have Daniel's password to open the computer and use it to check Colleen's service. Colleen finds it strange that Lily doesn't have her husband's password. Daniel arrives and types in his password for Colleen and she sees that the email that was sent to her was indeed opened, but not by her. Amber's party is almost ready to start. Lauren is having it for her at the Athletic Club. Amber shows up early and is so excited. She tells Lauren to make sure that she and Cane are seated with Katherine and Jill. Jill arrives and tells that Kay will not be coming to the party for the newlyweds. Jill thinks that if Cane is to have a good time, Kay can't be there. Cane is at the coffeehouse getting coffee when he sees JT there. JT congratulates the guy on his wedding. Cane takes the opportunity to invite JT to the party. JT will be there. Brad disagrees that Nikki can beat Jack in the political arena. Victoria has faith in her mother on this one and will be supporting her mother on this like she did for the board vote. Brad can't say the same. He isn't going to get involved in this battle. He is going to be like Switzerland this time and stay out of it! Amber scoots over to see Kay and try to convince her to come to the party. Amber knows that at some point, Cane will be happy that she has come. Kay won't risk it. She will be staying away from that party. The party goes off without a hitch and Cane gets to meet some people that he hadn't met before. Jack overhears Nikki talking and learns that way that she is running for office against him. He wonders where she is going to get the money to run since he knows that Victor will not provide the money, as he is backing Jack. Nikki tells Jack not to worry about where she is going to get the money for her campaign and she leaves the room. Daniel and Amber catch up and he finds out that Cane is a Chancellor after all. He is still suspicious of Amber's motives, but keeps her secret. Nick laughs when he hears that his mother is running for senate. "Dad's gonna lose it!" Nikki runs for the elevator where Jack and Victor are standing but the door closes and she doesn't get on. Jack takes that opportunity to tell the moustache that his wife is running for senate. Victor had no idea. Jack tells Victor that he will have to do something to stop her running against him. "I will take care of it!" Victor says. The results of the DNA tests are delivered to Jill at the party.

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