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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan questions Annie as to what he had done that she wanted him out.  Annie just tells him to go.  Ryan leaves.  Zach and Kendall talk about their children.  Someone watches them from the bushes.  Bianca and Zoe start to kiss when Babe and Little Adam visit.  Krystal looks for Tad.  Suddenly she hears someone breathing.  It is Adam.  He tells her that they are all alone and Krystal grabs the flashlight.  Adam tells her that the lights will stay off until she vacates the premise.  He tells her that the next day the water will be turned off and then the cupboards will be bear as long as she stays.  Zoe says, “good-night” to Bianca and Babe.  Outside Bianca’s door, she runs into J.R.  J.R. asks him if Babe is inside.  Zoe confirms that she is.  Kendall and Zack promise to let the new baby know about Ethan and what a good brother he would have been.  Kendall offers Zack encouragement that he is a loving, caring man.  Ryan begs Annie to let him come back inside but she refuses to let him in.  Annie tells Ryan to tell Julia to come up there.  Ryan comes downstairs and tells Julia Annie needs to see her.  Julia wonders what Ryan had done.  Julia visits Annie in her room.  She makes Julia swear that Ryan is not with her.  Annie begs Julia to send Ryan home.  Annie doesn’t want Ryan to know that she is sick.  Julia lets Ryan know that Annie has the chicken pox.  Babe and Bianca reminisce about the night that their babies were born.  Krystal demands to know where Tad is.  Adam wonders why Krystal is so concerned about Tad and where he is.  Tad is tied up and gagged in one of the rooms upstairs.  He struggles to get free.  Kendall and Zack play with Spike.  Zack tells Spike that they will have twins.  Lily visits Wildwind to see Aidan and Jonathan is surprised to see her.  Ryan begs Annie to let him in.  Annie again refuses to let him in.  He opens the door, and walks in.  Annie screams when she sees him.  Babe and Bianca reminisce when there is a knock on the door.  They are surprised to see that it is J.R.  He wishes Miranda a Happy Birthday.”  J.R. offers Babe and Little Adam a ride home.  Krystal finds Tad tied up in one of the rooms.  Tad fills Krystal in on what has been going on.  While they are talking, someone locks the door.  Tad tries the door, but finds that it is locked and that Adam glued the door closed.  Adam stands by listening to Tad yelling. 

J.R., Babe, and Little Adam arrive home and find Adam sitting in a chair in the living room.  J.R. wants to know what is up with the lights.  Babe asks where her Mama is.  Adam lets Babe know that Little Adam’s bed is in his suite where the power is still on.  Krystal and Tad cannot find a way out of the room.  Krystal warns Tad about Adam’s temper.  Tad warns Krystal to make a decision.  Zoe comes back to visit Bianca.  Zoe has brought Miranda a beautiful music box; she sings to Bianca.  Zack joins Kendall in bed and can’t wait until there are two babies.  Annie has her head covered up to keep Ryan from seeing her face which is covered with millions of little dots.  Ryan tells her a story of Narcissus.  He makes her so mad that she uncovers her head.  They kiss.  She looks at him and begins to laugh.  Lily talks to Aidan about devising a plan to blackmail Barbara into leaving town.  Lily asks for Aidan’s help but he refuses.  J.R. wishes that he could have been there when Little Adam was born.  J.R. has a brown envelope and he asks Babe to open it.  In it is the deed to some property overlooking a lake.  He insists on her having her dream home.  J.R. asks her to think about it.  Julia laughs as Jaime nibbles on her ear.  Amanda comes in and brings Jonathan a cold beverage.  Jonathan tells her about seeing Lily in Zach’s office.  Lily arrives home and sees Barbara in the living room.  Lily tells Barbara that she wants her to leave town.  Barbara suggests that they go shopping, but Lily insists that she doesn’t like her.  Adam stands outside the door where Tad and Krystal are confined with tears in his eyes.  Babe looks over the deed.  Zoe and Bianca kiss.  Ryan doctors Annie’s chickenpox.  Zach and Kendall snuggle together.  An unknown woman visits Ethan’s grave. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily defends Craig’s offer to help, as Dusty is sure that there is something underhanded to his offer. Dusty realizes Lily didn’t read the papers that she signed. Meg is proud of Craig’s seemingly selfless act for Lily, but Craig is guilt ridden, as he secretly knows his motives. Maddie doesn’t believe Casey would turn them in, but Will and Gwen think they can’t afford to take the chance and prepare to leave town now. Casey considers telling the local sheriff what is wrong, but then decides to call Margo instead. Maddie wants to take her punishment for what she did to Adam; she convinces Will and Gwen to leave her behind finally, just as they walk into Casey coming back. Paul buys Parker and Faith a Ouija Board and has fun asking it questions. Paul asks the Board whom Meg loves and it spells out his name, as Meg watches smiling. Dusty confronts Craig about his motives with Lily and Worldwide; Craig plays a cat and mouse game with him. Casey explains he called Margo, but he changed his mind. He isn’t going to judge what happened in the woods; he is just trying to accept and deal with it, but he loves Maddie and wants to be with her. Maddie realizes Casey jumped bail to be with her. Casey becomes a fugitive like the other three. Paul wants Meg to come back to him, but she suggests they take it one day at a time; Paul is happy with that and seals it with a kiss, which Craig secretly sees. Casey agrees to give up his life to protect Maddie. Will, Gwen, Maddie and Casey agree to start new lives once they get to Canada and start things off by all burning their licenses. Dusty tells Lily that he thinks Craig is up to something, even though Lily holds steadfast in her belief that Craig wouldn’t betray her. Dusty thinks it is time to call Lucinda and get her involved. Lily worries about what is going to happen once Lucinda finds out.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick and Phoebe’s alone plans are thwarted by a driver to pick them up and go to a special meeting. Brooke and Rick amble around Sydney and seek out Forrester Originals. Jackie wants to hear all the dirty details of her son’s engagement, but urges him to hold off until he is sure that Brooke’s marriage is a go. Brooke introduces Ridge, Phoebe and Rick to the assistants in the new store. It’s not long before Ridge and Rick are going at it again with their snide remarks and Brooke has to put a stop to it. The press got the idea that Phoebe and Rick were a couple and Ridge sets them straight. Rick glares as Ridge says that all the photos were taken out of context. They never were a couple and never will be. Taylor calls Phoebe and reveals her wedding plans; she wants her to be happy for her. Stephanie drops in on Taylor and she shares the good news with her too. Stephanie dangles the carrot of perhaps her getting Ridge back, but Taylor says that ship has sailed. And she wants her to back off and leave Phoebe alone too. Jackie does an about face and gives her support to Nick and Taylor on their engagement. While at the office, Taylor remarks to Nick about that baby - there is no time like the present.

Over family dinner, Ridge is shocked to hear that Taylor is going to marry Nick, and Brooke knew and didn’t tell him. Phoebe lashes out at him that he’s marrying who he wants; they should have the same right. She cries that he is suffocating her and she and Rick storm off. He still maintains he will never accept Phoebe and Rick as a couple, not ever! Rick doesn’t care what Ridge does. He vows he loves Phoebe and they will make this work. While shuffling between connecting doors/rooms, Ridge spies the lovebirds sneaking hugs and quick kisses.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Gabby takes advantage of Belle and Shawn’s fight to cozy up to Shawn. Duck is angry with Shawn for leaving his family alone at night but Belle stands up to him. Duck eavesdrops as Gabby compares Duck’s fatherly love to Shawn and it inspires Shawn to work things out with Belle. Philip makes a deal with EJ to keep each other informed about the search for Shawn.

Chelsea and Kate set up Sami’s apartment for the wedding shower while Lucas and Sami are at their lunch meeting. Kate advises Chelsea to get over being hurt by Nick and Billie. The wedding planner convinces Sami and Lucas to have a green wedding. EJ crashes the party and Kate decides to let him stay. EJ overhears Celeste declaring to Sami that EJ must die. Chelsea convinces Hope that she is innocent of arson and Hope rushes off to test out a way to prove it.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Craig threatens Emily, Elizabeth, and Patrick, just for starters, if Nikolas and Robin fail to cooperate. Alexis and Jax play up their "relationship" to annoy and provoke Carly. Sonny tells Cooper that he will join the PCPD and be a model cop, then report to Sonny, or die. Liz and Lucky begin to settle into married life. Jason talks to Lulu about Michael and about the baby Liz is carrying. Patrick asks Georgie to make home life miserable for Robin so she'll move back in with him, unaware that Craig has ordered Robin to move into Wyndermere. Jason visits A.J.'s grave and tells him he finally understands what his brother went through. Sonny reaches out to Mike, all too aware that he could lose his father suddenly. Alexis tells Jax that Carly must love him if she can be jealous of Alexis, looking like she does. Robin lets it slip to Patrick that she has "no choice" about moving in with Nikolas. Carly goes to Sonny and lays a kiss on him after asking if he really wants their marriage to work.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffery questions Reva about being angry. Then the Prosecution does the same. Then asks her if she thinks Josh shot Alan Spaulding. She says no. Alan-Michael and Beth join forces. Olivia runs into Ava and accuses her of following her. Lizzie visits her grandfather just talking away. Coop walks in. Reva has a daydream of a conversation she had with Josh. Then the Prosecutor asks her again that question. She says yes she believes he could have shot Alan. Josh looks shocked. Doris and Ashlee talk. Ashlee says if the Spaulding's took a vow of poverty that Doris would leave quick. Ashlee says Coop is her one best friend. Coop says to Lizzie he once really loved her. She says she knows. Beth is questioned about being involved with the Spaulding men by Jeffery. Jeffrey says Beth was angry. Beth says yes. But that someone beat her to it. She saw someone, Alan-Michael. Jeffrey can't believe it. Beth says that is what she saw and knows Alan-Michael could walk. Josh and Reva are shocked. Josh and Cassie share a small conversation quietly. Buzz comforts Olivia after telling him of another round with Ava. Jeffrey calls Olivia to help save Ava because of what Beth said about Alan-Michael on the stand. He thinks Ava knows what happened. Lizzie plays up Coops bald head. And jokes with him. Doris and Ashlee run into Lizzie and Coop. Lizzie and Ashlee leave the room and Coop gives Doris hell about not loving Ashlee enough. Ashlee tells Lizzie that Coop is her friend. Ava and Alan-Michael share a romantic kiss. When someone at the door disrupts them. Its Jeffrey. He wants Alan-Michael to testify. That something came up at the trial. Josh and Cassie are in the hallway of the Courtroom, Reva enters and Cassie tells Josh he needs to talk to her, Cassie leaves. Lizzie wants to know why Ashlee wants to be a Spaulding. Lizzie is sorry about Ashlee's B-Day party. Ashlee wants Lizzie to leave Coop alone. Coop is still giving Doris hell for not loving or trusting her daughter. Jeffrey asks Alan-Michael if he was paralyzed or not the night Alan was shot or was Beth lying. Alan-Michael continues to tell the judge he was in a hospital bed. That Beth has been trying to seduce him. Beth says that's a lye. Ava interrupts and says she has evidence he was in the hospital the day Alan was shot. Looks go from being stunned or discouraged. Josh and Reva can't believe what they just heard from Ava. Neither can Jeffrey. Cop shows a tape of Alan-Michael at the scene. Alan-Michael admits he could walk that night and went to visit his father to talk him out of Marring Doris. Josh and Cassie and Reva have another talk Josh says that still doesn't mean Alan-Michael did it. Lizzie interrupts Coops' talk with Doris. Then Doris leaves and Ashlee appears and Coop leaves with her. Alan-Michael leaves the courtroom and Olivia goes after him angry. Ava then slaps Alan-Michael. Jeffrey says Alan didn't get along with Josh, yes but that Alan had many that he didn't get along with along with his son. Josh didn't do this. Josh has been good the community and deserves to go free. The jury goes into deliberation. Jury comes back. Ava and Alan-Michael fight over what just happened in the courtroom. The jury reaches a verdict. It is guilty. Cassie reaches for Josh yelling. Josh kisses Cassie before he's lead away. Reva comforts Cassie as Doris looms behind them then walks away smiling........

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Clint stands outside of the kitchen door, enjoying the night air when Dorian comes into the kitchen. She carries a tray of drinks. Clint wonders what all of this is. Clint laughs as Dorian explains to him about Tequila. Viki invites Nora in. Nora wants to know what happened between her and Clint .Viki explains to Nora that Clint had gone home with Dorian. Miles invites Marty for a drink. Todd finds out that Christian had slept with Blair. Todd grabs Christian and pushes him into Blair’s room. Natalie lets John know that he is full of surprises. John grabs Natalie’s hands and tells her that he has something to say to her. He needs her to shut up and listen .Clint tells Dorian that he understands everything completely. Clint wants to know what had upset Dorian. Marty just wants to get home. Marty agrees to a drink. She comes into his hotel room. After a long conversation, Marty gets up to leave. Miles grabs her by the arm, and kisses her. She jerks away and slaps his face .Todd and Christian fight. Christian re-join Evangeline. Michael has to separate them .Blair questions Todd as to why he has to act like this every time .Viki is upset over the events of the evening. Dorian makes Clint make a choice between her and Vikki. Clint gives her a serious look and then decides to leave. Dorian, alone in the kitchen, beats herself up for putting Clint on the spot and making him make a choice. John tries to talk to Natalie about his feelings, but she runs out, excitedly. Todd and Christian continue to argue over his sleeping with Blair. Evangeline decides to leave. Todd leaves. Blair and Christian are alone in the corridor. Natalie comes in excitedly to Llanfair. Nora leaves them alone to talk. Natalie lets Viki know that all dreams are coming true that she is becoming engaged to John.

Viki is excited over the news. Natalie explains to her what is going on when Clint walks in. Natalie hugs Viki and leaves. Clint and Viki discuss the happenings of the evening. Clint doesn’t believe that Viki really loves him and wants him back so he decides to go back to Dorian. After he leaves, Viki just mumbles to herself. John goes to the hospital to visit Michael, and to let him know about the happenings of the evening between him and Natalie .

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Sheridan remembers the things that Fancy did and how it affected Pretty. She shudders at the thought of that. She can't believe that Ethan would think that she would be the monster that Fancy is making her out to be. She has been his favorite aunt his whole life, even though they now know he really isn't a Crane. Ethan has to think about this for a minute and weigh the information that he has been given by both Fancy and Sheridan. Ethan doesn't want to talk about this anymore. He and Sheridan can't seem to agree on whether she is doing things that could ruin her marriage or not. He has talk to the DA and find out what this death penalty really means in the man's head first. This is the important issue right now. Fancy can't do it. Luis had asked her to let him escape by just letting him walk out the jail door, but she can't do it. She quickly comes out of the cell and locks the door when she hears someone coming up the corridor to where they are. It is Officer Harney, back for more abuse on Luis's head. He hates that Luis has made all the other cops look bad. He is all smiles now. He heard some juicy news about Luis and he wants to be the first to deliver it to him. Fancy tries to look calm and asks Officer Harney what it is that he has heard about Luis. Paloma goes to Simone and tells her that she will be there if the girl needs anything. Paloma asks Jessica if she would like to go for coffee…just the two of them alone, but Jessica says that she has to get home…"I mean…I am going home!" She stomps off…Dylan has forgotten the information that he had for Simone. He is a bartender who has information that Simone gave him and he wants to give that information to Simone. He gives Simone his address and tells her to stop by. Dylan starts walking out and someone follows him. Tabitha sees everything. "Looks like the Blue Note is going to need a new bartender real soon". Eve is thrilled that her son has been found. Julian is happy to see that she is doing much better and is happy. TC warns Julian quietly to stay away from Eve. Theresa has to figure things out. she gets a text message from the blackmailer. 'Marry Jared', it says. Jared comes over. He has a great idea. He thinks that Father O'Hara should marry them at the church, after the funeral. Ethan worries that Luis is going to get beat up by either the real person behind this, or the police he has been working with. Sheridan realizes that if the attacker struck again, then Luis would look innocent as he would be in jail while another Peeping Tom Rapist goes down. Sheridan smiles at that idea.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jabot goes live for the day when EXTREME CATWALK brings in their cameras to film Gloria and Jill at work to promote the upcoming reality show. Gloria loves the attention and Ji Min is stunned to find, not only the cameras in the office, but that Gloria hasn't gone to Holland as he has instructed her to. Gloria says that she called the management in Holland and they had no problem with her arriving for the job assignment Ji Min had given her, at a later date. Ji Min isn't happy but keeps a smile on her face for the cameras. Jill sees Ji Min later on and starts telling him about her son but then she realizes that a camera is in her face and she clams up immediately. She starts playing 'bad cop' and screaming at everyone within earshot to show what kind of judge she is going to be. She even makes fun of Ji Min's tie for the camera. Amber gets a call from Emily Stewart who has just arrived in town. She is looking for her daughter Ali. Cane can hear what the mother is saying to Amber, and doesn't understand why Amber says that she hasn't seen Ali anywhere. She tells Emily that they should meet up and talk about Ali. Amber suggests that maybe she can come up with some ideas as to where Ali is in town. Victoria has made some decisions about work. She is warmer to Brad but not much. She wants to change her working relationship with him. She has decided that instead of working with Brad over the Granville Global project, she will be working with Neil instead. Phyllis comes to Victoria all warm and fuzzy to chat in the lunchroom. Victoria is cold to her. She hasn't liked the way that Phyllis has been lording over things now that she has gotten her way with Clear Springs. Nikki offered to help Jack will his workload for NVP so that he can work on his campaign, but Phyllis says that isn't necessary as she will be doing that. Jack prefers to have Phyllis helping him out as he knows that Nikki really isn't in his corner right now. Phyllis suggests that Victoria take time to enjoy her pregnancy and relax. Victoria doesn't think that Phyllis really cares about her, and she leaves the lunchroom suddenly realizing that she really isn't hungry after all. Jack isn't happy when he realizes that Gloria and Kevin are using EXTREME CATWALK's cameras in the office to make him look stupid. Gloria tells how the company used to be run by her stepson but then he almost ruined the company. Jack hates all of it. He orders Ji Min to shut the EXTREME CATWALK thing down now and to get the cameras out of the office. Ji Min might not be able to do that. He could get sued.

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