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AMC Recap Written by Mary

The three-ring circus that began at the police station between Adam, Crystal, Tad, J.R. and Babe continues when they get home. When they all get home, Tad comes through the door that J.R. had kicked in. Crystal and Adam both insist that Tad leave, but Tad insists that he is staying. The arguing continues by Adam telling Tad to get out of his house and to take Crystal with him. Tad insists that as long as Crystal is there, then he will be there, too. Annie is overwhelmed by Ryan arranging her room just like she had described in her book for Emma. Kendall lets Erica that yes, she is expecting Zack’s baby. Erica hugs her, and tells her congratulations, half-heartedly. While hugging Kendall, Erica’s eyes are on Zack. Kendall has to make a long distance call overseas so she leaves Erica and Zack alone. Zack knows that Erica doesn’t want Kendall to be with home, but wants her to go back to Ryan. Zack lets Erica know that he will give his life to protect Kendall, Spike, and the unborn baby. When Kendall comes back, Kendall reminds Erica of the birthday party for Miranda. Kendall and Zack leave. Bianca, Zoe, and Josh are busily preparing the decorations for Miranda’s birthday party. Barbara crashes Miranda’s birthday party. Zoe writes a song for Miranda in honor of her birthday. The arguing continues between Adam, Crystal and Tad. Their arguing is interrupted by Winfred and Colby bringing in a birthday cake, and singing, ”Happy Birthday,” to Little Adam.

Colby confronts Crystal that she had lied to her and that her father had been hurt enough so stop hurting him. Adam tells Tad to meet him in the study that they need to find a way to end this .Adam agrees to help Tad gain sole custody of his child in exchange for him (Tad) helping him (Adam) to get Crystal out of his house. Tad will not agree to Adam’s plan. Babe lets J.R. know that they can never get back together. Crystal sits alone in a chair in the living room. Tad brings her a glass of milk. J.R. finds out that Babe and Little Adam are gone. Crystal screams just as the lights go off.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gwen, Will and Maddie are hiding out in a cabin in the middle of the woods in Michigan; they become nervous when a Sheriff comes knocking at their door. Maddie covers with a story about making a film. Maddie fights her feelings about leaving Casey behind, and is stunned when he kicks in the cabin door. He knew something wasn’t right and did some detective work. Maddie finally confesses to killing Adam after Casey urges her to open up. Will and Gwen find Casey listening to Maddie’s confession. Faced with the truth, Casey storms out. Emily watches Allison in the porn movie, as Dusty catches her. Emily covers claiming she is concerned about the girl. Emily quits on Cheri and decides to go looking for Allison. Paul and Meg talk about their relationship the morning after Meg stays over; she decides she needs to take it one day at a time. Faith brings home made cookies to Paul to thank him for saving Ethan. Faith worries about Lily being angry, but Paul thinks it will change back now that Ethan is ok. Faith thinks it won’t because Lily will blame herself for the babies getting sick. Craig swoops in with papers for Lily to sign claiming he is going to get Worldwide out of trouble; all Lily has to do is trust him and sign the papers. Lily signs Craig’s papers without reading them. Lily is extremely grateful for Craig’s help and sings his praises to Meg. Meg isn’t sure what to believe about Craig’s selfless act and goes to talk to him. Dusty pleads with Lily to get Lucinda involved, but she has already taken care of it. She tells a shocked Dusty that Craig has saved the Company.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke gets a phone call down under from Donna who is shocked when she hears that Nick is engaged to Taylor. Brooke laments that whatever they had is now over. Rick and Ridge set a few ground rules. Rick wants to have fun and he knows his mother wants him here whether Ridge does or not, so stop dogging him the entire time. Phoebe also tells him not to ruin this trip. Brooke comes aboard and is not happy with the tension and wants to lay down the law to Ridge. She does her come-hither thing to distract him from Rick and Phoebe slipping off together. Donna wastes no time in summoning Jackie and telling her that Nick is engaged to Taylor. Bridget happens to overhear their scheme to break up Brooke and Ridge before the marriage of Nick and Taylor. She confronts Donna about this derailment. Phoebe and Rick check into their respective hotel suites and play a little kissy face before they will dine with the old folks. Ridge and Brooke stroll the harbor and she tries to interest him in the local, colorful language. He declares her “his Logan – forever and ever.”

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn and Belle argue about not wanting to sleep in the same bed. Shawn decides he’d rather sleep on the beach. Steve tries to make a deal with Kayla about cooperating with treatment if Kayla keeps his condition from Stephanie. Kayla refuses to do so because Steve won’t testify that E.J. forced him to kidnap John. Lucas asks Sami to help him at a lunch meeting tomorrow so Kate can sneak into the apartment and set up for the shower. Lucas throws away the blank lab report when Sami lies about accidentally picking it up from the doctor’s office. Sami runs into E.J. while retrieving the lab report from the trash and he questions her about the lab results. Celeste overhears E.J. trying to bribe Nick to get Sami’s results but Nick turns him down. Celeste calls Sami to warn her but Sami doesn’t want to hear it. Willow complains to E.J. that no one will buy Hope’s stolen jewelry and begs him to buy it from her. E.J. gives her the name of a guy who’d be willing to buy it and warns her to stay away from him from now on.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Patrick is unhappy when Robin refuses to continue to live in his apartment. Craig charms Alexis. Ric tells Sonny that he cannot do business in Port Charles. Despite Spinelli's objection, Liz and Lucky marry. Max figures out that Cooper Barrett is one of the gunmen. Maxie won't let Logan talk to Georgie. Alexis and Jax relive good old times. Then, he sees her bald and gives her a hug to comfort her, just as Carly walks in. Sonny has Coop brought to his office and confronts him with the fact that he knows Cooper was one of the gunmen and should die. However, he may have use for him. When Nikolas comes home, Craig has Robin there.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh thinks Billy wants Cassie to take the fall for the shooting. Billy says no. Harley wants a warrant to search. Josh wants to take the stand. Jeffery says no that he's got other strategy. Alan-Michael knows Alan is out of the hospital. Reva gets caught in the Spaulding Mansion. Jeffery tells Josh that the DA has evidence that contradicts Josh's story. Josh wants Cassie off limits to testifying or he finds another lawyer. Harley talks to Lizzie. Lizzie says she started this all. Now she is going to stop it. Harley wants Lizzie's help in finding the gun. Lizzie says no. Harley tries to talk her into helping. Alan-Michael accuses Reva of Alan's kidnapping from the hospital. Trial People vs Josh Lewis begins. Prosecution begins its case. Then Jeffrey states his case for Josh saying his client didn't do it. Harley goes into the Spaulding Mansion to talk to Alan-Michael and Reva about to so call kidnapping of Alan. Reva says she really didn't kidnap Alan. Alan-Michael wants Reva arrested for breading in. Harley asks if anything was stolen. Alan-Michael says no. Lizzie screams. Frank is put on the stand. Frank is asked by the prosecution if the ballistics is relevant to Josh's claim of self-defense. Frank says no. Jeffrey then asks Frank about the confession. Jeffrey says the confession is inadmissible because Frank didn't read Josh his rights. The confession is hereby stricken off the record and the jury is to disregard it. Cassie is looking upbeat saying this could be over today. Billy is also happy. Josh is walking by the Prosecutor and he says they don't have much on him since his confession is inadmissible. Since Josh supposedly said he threw the gun in the lake. What is it doing in a desk at the Spaulding Mansion? Reva goes to the Courthouse with her news of finding the gun at the Spaulding Mansion. Jeffery asks about the warrant to look there. Cassie tells Reva their good news of the confession being thrown out. When everyone other than Reva and Josh leave the Court's Hallway he asks her what she was doing at the Spaulding Mansion. She just looks at him. Josh says they have a video of Cassie holding a gun that night. If he is acquitted the prosecutor could go after Cassie. Lizzie is stopped in the hallway of the Spaulding house by Alan-Michael. Reva and Josh talk about a time they were handcuffed together. Then the subject of their talk goes back to Cassie. Reva says she pushed Cassie toward him because she thought she was dying. Court reconvenes. The Judge wants the lawyers to be at the bench. Jeffrey requests the charges be dropped. Lizzie and Alan-Michael talk about who did it and the gun. Alan-Michael wants Lizzie to forget what she saw. Judge denies Jeffrey's request. The trial continues. First up Reva. She is sworn in.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Talia gets knocked out when she investigates Nora’s basement. Antonio keeps yelling for her to answer. Marcie comes to the hospital to check on Michael. They discuss Tommy and what would happen to him if something happened to them before they told him that he was adopted. Marcie has written a letter for Tommy. Michael demands that she tear up the letter. Christian and Evangeline realize that they have no one. Todd walks up and wants to know what is going on. Christian orders Evangeline to tell Todd the truth. John and one of the robbers struggle over a gun. The gun goes off and hits Blair. Dorian races to her side as Blair faints. Antonio still tries to talk to Talia. Talia gets the advantage over the robber, and holds a gun on him. Marcie and Tommy argue over Tommy and his birth parents. Marcie demands to know why Michael freaks out every time that she mentions Tommy’s adoption. John yells to Dorian as to how Blair is. Dorian begs Blair to open her eyes. Marty cleans the cut on Miles’ head. Miles wants Marty to help Blair, but Marty refuses. Natalie is anxious for the ambulance. Dorian orders Viki to stay out of this. Blair comes to, and finds out that she has been shot .Viki tells Dorian that the ambulance is on its way. Dorian requests some sterile gauze, etc. Todd wants to know what had happened at the ski lodge. Christian lets Todd know that he hadn’t slept with Layla. The robbers are arrested. Dorian follows Blair to the hospital. John asks Marty how she is doing .Natalie watches them. Natalie checks on John. Natalie lets John know that she doesn’t want to put their lives on hold anymore. Todd and Christian argue. Talia orders the arsonist to turn around. The arsonist throws dust into Talia’s eyes and gets away. Talia goes after the arsonist. Antonio leaves the apartment to search for Talia. John confronts Miles about the little stunt that he had pulled concerning the robbery. Marty gives Miles encouragement. John re-join Natalie. Natalie defends Miles’ actions. Natalie calls John, “sexy” when he was taking out the bad guys. Natalie commends him for his actions. Antonio join Talia in the basement. Talia wants to know what Antonio is doing there. Talia fills him in as to what had happened. Blair is brought into the emergency room. Blair asks for Todd.

Todd gets a call from Dorian that Blair has had an accident. Todd tells Evangeline where he is going .Evangeline follows. Christian tells Mark to cover for him. Michael tells Blair that she can go home tomorrow. Blair feels badly about ruining Dorian’s date with Clint. Clint owns up to Viki that he had gotten so mad when the robbers treated Dorian that they did. Viki and Clint discuss her sudden impulse. Viki tells Clint that she would like to see him exclusively. Viki wants to know how he feels .John watches Marty. Natalie watches John and gives him a smile. Todd, Evangeline and Christian arrive at te the hospital. Todd, immediately wants to know how Blair is. Michael comes out of Blair’s room, and gives the group the info on Blair’s condition. Todd, immediately wants to see her, but Michael urges him to wait until the next day. Todd insists on seeing Blair, but Christian will not let him into Blair’s room. Todd wonders what is up with them. Blair hears the commotion, and steps outside the door. Blair informs Todd to leave Christian alone that it wasn’t his fault that they had slept together. Todd grabs Christian by the shirt, and pushes him into Blair’s room. Natalie questions John if he had been going to ask her to marry him.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Luis explains to Sheridan how Fancy thinks that they made love. Sheridan says that it sounds like Fancy is heading for a breakdown. Luis finds everything in his life to be dismal. The future is so unclear. What if the DA goes for the death penalty. Sheridan offers to get Ethan for him so they can get working on his case. Luis hopes that Sheridan will tell Fancy, if she sees her that nothing went on at the log cabin. Sheridan says that she will be sure to do that for him. Fox is ready to go to the funeral. He was ready to make love with Kay that morning and that surprised her. He says that Eve approved a pill for him to take. Now she understands. When alone, Fox calls his father's voicemail and asks him to figure out how he could be losing his hair, but be able to make love to Kay. When he, Miguel and Kay get ready to go to Rae's funeral, Fox says that he is fine, but he drops to the floor as soon as he is standing up for a few seconds. Fancy leaves the station and Sheridan comes to Ethan to tell him that Luis really needs to talk to him. Sam comes over and hands Ethan an envelope that came for him. Sam then leaves the station. Ethan reads the papers that he has received. "Oh no…The DA is going for the death penalty in the case of Luis and Rae Thomas." Sheridan panics. Luis, meanwhile lays alone in his cell, staring at the ceiling…Theresa doesn't really feel that things are as bleak as Whitney makes them out to be. So Chad was a little intense in his lovemaking. She still would rather have Whitney's problems than her own. She has two men in love with her and she can't marry the one that she wants. She feels that this is just a female insecurity thing on Whitney's part, even though Chad jumped up that morning and ran out of the house without telling her where he was going. The door opens and Chad and Jared enter the room. "We're going to get married today. I called Judge Riley and he's on his way right now. What do you think of that, my beautiful bride-to-be?" Jared asks.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen is angry that Daniel blurts out that she has a thing for Korbel when Devon is there. Devon had no idea that Colleen and the professor were knocking boots. She tells Daniel that her relationship with Adrian was supposed to be a secret. She also says that she isn't seeing the man anymore, so it doesn't matter. Jack and Sharon are at the mansion alone and he starts thinking how lucky he is to have Sharon and a great future to look forward to. John suddenly appears over Sharon's shoulder, asking Jack if he is sure that the is going to have a great life. Brad walks in on JT and Victoria and he has a huge bouquet of flowers. He finds Victoria in JT's arms and says nothing. He turns on his heel and leaves the room at the club where Victoria has decided she is staying for at least the night. Brad goes downstairs and finds a text message from Sharon. 9-1-1. She is about to head upstairs with Jack when her phone beeps. She sees that Brad is calling. 9-1-1, he phone shows. Sharon tells Jack that she has to make a quick call before heading up to bed with him. He leaves the room to give her some privacy. She calls Brad right away. Gloria is looking forward to her trip to do the EXTREME CATWALK show. she and Kevin will be practicing all night for the show, while watching baby Fen for Michael and Lauren. Michael will be going on a trip for Newman. Jack wants money from Victor for development and so Victor has asked Michael to oversee the deal and make sure that it goes okay. Ji Min calls and tells Gloria that she will have to give up her trip as he needs her to go to Holland and supervise some 'Glo by Jabot' activity that will be happening there. She tells Ji Min that she will do it, but she instantly tries to figure out a way to get out of the Holland business trip. Gloria is sure that something is up. She wants Kevin to find a way to keep her in the country by using his hacking skills. She convinces him to get on the computer and figure things out. Lily is looking over Daniel's shoulder as he checks his email, and she sees all this email, from personal sites, and porn sites. Daniel says that it is just spam and anyone could have signed him up for these sites. Michael and Lauren are out at the club having dinner. Michael is really worried, he knows that his mother is like a dog looking for a bone right now, and he worries what she will do to get out of the Holland trip. John has concerns. He hopes that his son Jack is marrying Sharon for the right reasons. Brad is downstairs in the club still and he sees when JT comes down and leaves the club…

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