Thursday 3/22/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/22/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall is so overjoyed that Annie refused Ryan’s marriage proposal that she hugs her, but the happiness is short-lived when Annie finds out the real reason for Kendall’s happiness.  Annie and Kendall verbally spar for a while and in the end, Kendall gives Annie a job at Fusion.  After a brief conversation with Di, Annie rushes out to go see Ryan.  There is massive confusion at the police department when Krystal and Babe are arrested for insurance fraud.  Derek and Adam pressure Erica into making a statement.  In order to get Erica off her Mama’s back, Babe pretends to faint.  After talking to Bianca, Erica decides to lie for the sake of Josh and her family.  Krystal thanks Erica for her help.  Krystal finds out from Tad that when the baby is born that he is suing for custody.  This makes Krystal go totally berserk.  Lilly visits Zack and asks him for a job at Cambias, Enterprises.  After a short conversation, Zack decides to make her his assistant.  Ryan reads a fairy tale to Emma.

When Adam comes home, he orders that all the windows and doors be nailed up to keep J.R., Krystal, and Babe from gaining entrance.  J.R., Krystal, and Babe arrive home and find that the doors are nailed shut.  J.R. goes around to the back of the house, and knocks down the back door.  Adam yells at him to get out of his house.  J.R. goes to the front door, and pulls the 2x4 off the front door so that Krystal and Babe can gain entrance.  Walking back into the living room, they find Tad sitting in a chair with his feet up on the table.  Ryan surprises Annie with a fairy tale room just like she described in her book. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Susan tells Emily that the last time she heard from Alison was when she got a postcard from Hollywood telling her she was trying to get work as a movie extra until she got her real estate license. Later Emily calls Alison's cell phone and discovers Alison has disconnected the number. Ethan is going to be fine thanks to Paul's vision but Lily worries about the other sick babies. Lily is informed by Worldwide's lawyer that several parents of the children intend to sue the company. Meg and Paul make love at his cabin leaving Meg feeling guilty after the fact. Casey discovers that Will ,Maddie and Gwen went to Michigan after he hacks into Will's laptop. Casey decides to jump bail and go after them because he is afraid Maddie is in trouble because Jade gave him a hint that Maddie got away with murder. Craig gets control of Rosanna's money and plans to use it to pay the parents of the sick children a fact which make's Lily very grateful to him. Lily doesn't know what to do to repay Craig for saving Worldwide but he tells her he will think of something she can do for him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke strolls down the Sydney harbor that overlooks the Opera House and remarks that Ridge will love this. She calls to tell him about it, then tells him they need to bring their family together. Do this for her – bring Phoebe and Rick with him. He informs Rick, be at the airport in an hour or not, but Phoebe is not staying in L.A. Rick quickly tells Phoebe and she pretends she doesn’t know when Ridge tells her. The lovebirds are ecstatic for this new venture. Nick quips that his knees are starting to hurt, but Taylor's ring is the perfect fit; he loves her. And he would like her to have his child. She considers it an honor and her pleasure to have his child.

Fourteen hours with the three of them on the same plane – whoopee! Rick doesn’t want her father breathing down his neck the entire trip, but Phoebe swears he wouldn’t dare, he would risk losing Brooke, so she gets more friendly. Brooke calls Nick at an inopportune time and with Nick in the shower after lovemaking, she is shaken when Taylor spills the beans about the new Marlin and them being engaged. She tells Nick this was unexpected though he says she has moved on, doesn’t she think it’s time he did too? They both have their private bittersweet memories.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn stops Belle from calling Marlena and yells at Belle to get used to never hearing from their family and friends ever again. Belle demands that they get in touch with Marlena somehow and they decide to send Roman a letter. They ask Gabby to mail the letter but instead she throws it in the trash.

Roman has been ordered to arrest Steve tonight. Kayla chooses to have Steve taken to the State Hospital so she can confer with Dr. Kraft. Steve overhears Kayla making a heartfelt plea to Dr. Kraft. Dr. Kraft gives in and lets Steve come back. Billie returns home after being diagnosed with a mild concussion. Billie plays up her injury when she sees how concerned Chelsea becomes. Billie sneaks a peek at Chelsea’s diary. Billie begs Chelsea to give her a second chance but she refuses. Roman questions Chelsea about the fire and Billie ends up throwing him out when he accuses her of also stealing Hope’s jewelry.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Lucky and Elizabeth prepare for their wedding. Lulu fears she might not be able to hold her tongue during the ceremony. Jason refuses to attend the wedding with Carly but changes his mind after Spinelli warns him about Lulu being a loose cannon. Maxie figures out that Lulu has a problem with Elizabeth and later arrives to spy on the nuptials. Mr. Craig forces Nikolas to attend the wedding. Lucky is pleased his brother decided to attend the wedding after all but doesn't know what's really going on. Alexis comes across Mr. Craig at Wyndemere.

Tracy finds Luke drinking his sorrows away at the Haunted Star and convinces him to attend his son's wedding as that is what Laura would have wanted. Jason and Spinelli brace for the worst when Lulu steps forward during the ceremony.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan is asleep when someone is putting meds in his IV. Lizzie visits him. Harley and Gus are talking when interrupted by Daisy/Susan. Harley takes a picture of Gus and Daisy/Susan. Beth catches Alan-Michael with a gun in his hands in the Spaulding Library Lizzie looks into the library to see her mother make moves on Alan-Michael and has a shocked look on her face. She then interrupts them without them knowing she saw what she saw. Harley and Daisy/Susan have a good talk about mistakes made in the past. Later Daisy spends time with Billy and Buzz bowling. Out walking Lizzie remembers the night of the shooting(flashback). She remembers blood on her hands. She later is talking with Reva. Lizzie tells Reva about a gun she saw Alan-Michael with. Ava and Alan-Michael are talking about his progress and Beth comes back pretending she lost an erring. She wants to speak to Ava. She and Ava leave the Library. The discussion is about Alan-Michael and his walking. Ava thinks Beth is threatened by her. Lizzie and Reva talk about Josh and Jonathan. Lizzie tells Reva something that makes Reva ask her if she knows something that can help Josh. Reva say neither Lizzie nor Josh shot Alan and she can prove it now. Billy calls Harley and asks her if it is ok that Daisy/Susan has a car. Harley says no. Billy says he'll pay for it. Harley still says no because she wants Daisy/Susan to be accountable for her actions. Reva goes to Harley with what she found out. Beth wants to know what is going on with her. Lizzie says she wants the truth. She feels awful. She misses Jonathan, Sarah. Beth says she will protect her. Lizzie is confused. Does Beth know something? Reva wants Harley to help her get into Spaulding Mansion to take a look at it. Harley says she can't. But she will call Frank. After Ava leaves Alan-Michael he gets up from a chair and just stands. Daisy is in town and sees through a window Gus hugging Harley. Alan-Michael is setting up a romantic evening when someone comes up behind him. We see an arm on his. He says your early, then a face appears. It's Beth! Reva goes to see Alan. Daisy meets up with Gus and Harley. Ava can't concentrate. Lizzie and Ava are together and words are spoken. Alan-Michael says there is never going to be anything between them and she leaves in a snit. Alan-Michael turns on the security camera monitor to see that his father is outside in a wheelchair. Reva is there too but cannot be seen. She has walked over behind some bushes. She mumbles something.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Talia insists on going inside Nora’s burnt out basement to find valuable info as to who could have set the fire. Antonio wants to go with her, but she insists that he needs to be there with his children while Jessica is away. Jessica and Nash argue over her feelings for him and how she had picked to spend the rest of her life with Antonio. After arguing, Nash becomes so upset that he bangs his head into the wall. He makes a hole in the wall from his constant banging. He orders Jessica out and that he never wanted to see her again. Through tears in her eyes, Jessica leaves. Viki interrupts Clint and Dorian’s dinner. Clint and Dorian can’t seem to understand why Viki is doing this now of all times. A waiter passes by, and Viki asks him to bring her a chair that she would be sitting with Clint and Viki a while. Natalie is confused as to why John has invited her out to dinner. After talking to him a few minutes, she asks point blank if he has invited her here to break up with her. Marty comes into the Palace Hotel dining room. One of the robbers hurries by her, and bumps into her. Marty join Miles at his table . Evangeline comes into Capricorn, and finds Layla checking out the knot on Christian’s head. An argument arises between them which leads to Christian telling Evangeline that he had slept with Blair. Evangeline is beside herself. Evangeline and Christian argue. Todd comes in, and wants to know what is up. Evangeline asks Christian should she tell him (Todd) or would he (Christian).

Antonio and Talia devise a plan that he can watch her as she is inside the basement. Once inside the basement, she begins to nose around, At first, she cannot seem to find any clues at all, but then she sees some water dripping from some overhead pipes. She kneels down to pick up a coin on the floor. As she looks at it, someone knocks her in the head, and takes the coin. John owns up to Natalie that he doesn’t want to break up with her, and he doesn’t want to lose her. Natalie confesses the same thing. Suddenly, a table breaks behind them, and the robbers tell everyone that they are there to rob them of their jewelry and money. The robbers goes around to each table gathering up the personal items. Natalie gives them her items. The robber tells John to hand over his items. John reaches into his pocket, and pulls out his Mother’s diamond engagement ring. He lays it on the table in front of them. Natalie realizes what John had been about to do. When the robbers approach Miles’ table, Miles gets up, and pulls off his watch. Miles pretends to drop the watch in the floor. The robber orders him to pick it up. When Miles stoops down to pick up the watch, Miles grabs the robber by his feet, and pulls him down to the floor. This gives John the chance to gain control over the other robber. John and the robber struggle over the gun, and it accidentally goes off. Dorian looks across the room, and sees Blair, who had just come in. Dorian yells, “Blair”. Blair says, “I’m o.k.” as she slides down the wall. Blair had been shot in the shoulder.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Sheridan has made a meal for her family. She gets the oven mitts on and takes the pan out of the oven. Chris comes into the room and Sheridan is perky as ever…acting as if nothing has gone on. "Are you ready for breakfast?" she chimes like Mrs. Cleaver. Chris wants an explanation. He knows that Sheridan went to be with Luis at his location and then she ran off with him. He asks if she wants to get back with Luis. "Is our marriage over?" Theresa is in the kitchen with her kids preparing breakfast for them all. Little Ethan asks when his mother and Uncle Ethan are going to get married. He has been looking forward to that. He wants to know when Ethan is going to stop being his uncle and start being his dad. Theresa hasn't any idea how to answer this. "I'd like to know the answer to that question, too!" Theresa and the kids turn to see Ethan standing in the doorway, waiting for an answer. Fancy makes a noise so that Luis will wake up…He is glad to see her but she is mad now. He thanks her for the meal that she has brought to him. "Huevos rancheros? Now, that didn’t come from the diner around the corner." Fancy tells that Pilar brought it for him. Fancy leaves the cell and locks the door behind her. She now stares at him through the bars. He worries that she worries about him. She says that she doesn't worry about him anymore and she doesn't feel guilty about arresting him. Chris says that Ivy thinks that same as Fancy now. Sheridan says that Ivy is a liar. She can't understand why Chris is asking her these stupid things. He can't understand what kind of a wife and mother would do these things and desert her family. Chris was mad with worry and he had no idea if Sheridan was hurt or dead. Sheridan says that she is sorry. She acted and reacted…that is all. She said that she loved Luis but more importantly, he is her friend and Chris should understand that. Chris finds Sheridan unfair to he and their son. Sheridan has risked their marriage for this! "Do you want to leave me and James?" James has come into the room and hears that his parents might be splitting up. Theresa tells Little Ethan to get ready for school as soon as he is done eating. She takes Ethan to the side and tells him that they shouldn't talk about this in front of the children. Ethan doesn't care if the boy hears what they are talking about. Theresa feels that Ethan doesn't understand and he admits that he doesn't. He demands to know now what it is that the blackmailer has on Theresa. He wants to know what this person has on her that is so big it is able to keep them apart.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor and Brad talk. Brad doesn't feel like going to Indigo to celebrate Neil getting on the board. He just wants to go home. He knows that he is in the doghouse that night. Just then, Nikki and Victoria come by and they don't stop. They get on the elevator, and when Brad tries to talk to Victoria, she tells him to stop. The door closes and Nikki and Victoria leave to go somewhere else besides Indigo. Victoria decides to stay at the club until further notice and she tries to get her mother to do the same. At Indigo, Nick and Phyllis arrive in time to hear the big announcement of Jack and Sharon getting married. They are not happy to hear this. Nick asks Sharon not to make her wedding the same date as his. "You better be good to him," Phyllis warns Sharon. "Don't worry," she beams. "I will". David again takes Jack aside and voices his displeasure at this engagement to Sharon. Jack doesn't care what he thinks. Victoria sees now that her mother should have just kept the company between she and Phyllis and not let people in. Now there is all this office politics to deal with and they are being slighted. Victoria is glad that her mother is with her at a suite in the club, but she panics when it looks like Nikki is about to change her mind about staying and go home. Downstairs in the dining area of the Athletic Club, JT sits with Paul who tries to make JT realize that he can't go around beating people up whenever he wants. JT just doesn't care anymore what happens to him. While they are talking, JT overhears Gina talking to her wait staff about Victoria having a suite upstairs in the club. Nick and Phyllis decide to take a room upstairs at the club and head over there to spend their first night without Summer…together. Neil can't understand why Brad supported him and so Brad tells him that he respects the man and that is why he did what he did. He shakes Neil's hand and walks off to a corner. Neil and Drucilla don't buy it. They don't believe that Brad really wanted Neil on the board. Neil tells his wife that after today, he will never trust Brad again. Nikki can't do it. She wants to go home and face the music with Victor. She leaves and at that moment, the phone is ringing. Victoria looks at it and then decides not to answer. Someone knocks. "Room service!" It is JT. Adrian and Colleen are at the coffeehouse working since going to his place gets them in trouble all the time. They will keep seeing each other but will be keeping their relationship a secret. Colleen really wants to tell her friend Lily but Korbel strongly advises against that.

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