Wednesday 3/21/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/21/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal and Babe are arrested and hauled down to the police station for questioning.  Adam tries to talk Erica into releasing vital information that would cause Krystal and Babe to be sent away for a very long time.  Erica doesnít know really what to say.  J.R. finds out that if Erica hadnít told him that Babe was alive, she would have vanished from Pine Valley for good.  Annie turns Ryan down on his marriage proposal. 

Babe lets J.R. know that she is not staying in Pine Valley for him, but only for her Mama.  Erica and Krystal snipe over the things that Krystal has done.  Zoe asks the women at Fusion for a job.  After careful consideration, Bianca gives Zoe the good news that she has been hired.  A reporter comes in, and announces to Kendall that Babe and Krystal have been arrested.  All rush out except Kendall.  Annie comes in and hands Kendall her resume.  She asks Kendall for a job.  Kendall tells her that she thought she would be planning for a wedding.  Annie lets her know that she had turned down Ryanís marriage proposal.  Kendall hugs her.  Derek questions Erica as to what vital information she has to present against Krystal and Babe.  Before she can answer, Josh, Bianca, and Zoe walk in.  Josh and Erica exchange looks.  Ryan tells Jonathan that Annie turned down his marriage proposal, but he was going to find a way to get her back. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily catches Susan with Dusty and is angry that she is trying to interfere in her life. Faith and Parker worry when they can’t reach anyone to find out about Ethan. Lily pops more pills as she nervously waits by Ethan’s side. Bob wants Lily to make a list of what she has fed Ethan in the last couple of days. Bob admits that Ethan’s kidney’s are failing. Paul is sure the jars of baby food are contaminated, and he and Meg rush to throw them away. Craig thinks they are insane, but Meg takes Paul’s side. Meg asks a nurse to have a jar of baby food tested. Paul and Meg go to talk with Faith and Parker. Bob hears about Meg’s idea to have the jars tested and agrees, but Lily thinks it is crazy. Holden arrives at the hospital frantic after hearing the message about Ethan. An overwrought Lily admits that Ethan’s kidneys are failing. Emily tells Susan that she is working undercover in the sex trade doing a story for the Intruder. Susan is very upset and lashes out at Dusty. Dusty doesn’t share the real story with Susan, which Emily later thanks him for. Dusty doesn’t want anything to do with Emily anymore; she has made her choice and he has made his; they will work different shifts and he will be selling the Intruder. Faith and Parker attempt to hitchhike but don’t get far; Meg and Paul admonish them for this, but then tell them their news on Ethan. Faith is really upset, but Meg and Paul work together to comfort her. More sick babies arrive at the hospital. Bob tells the women and Lily that the jars of baby food tested positive for E. Coli. Lily is stunned and the women blame Lily. Reporters surprise Dusty about the E. Coli news. He calls Lily and strongly suggests that she get to the office to answer the questions. Holden tells Lily that she has to do that because people trusted them and the product and they all needs answers. Craig offers his support to Lily. Parker tries to comfort Faith. Emily has a ‘date’ with a John, who wants to watch a bootlegged video while acting out the scenes. Emily is rocked to her core when she sees the woman’s face in the sex video; it is Allison. Paul admits that he wouldn’t change what he has done in the past, but he intends on embracing these visions because they protect Meg and her loved ones. Dusty shows evidence to Lily that the women who run Valley’s Best Baby food are involved with a Company that has been sited for several health code violations. Lily is distraught. Paul explains that if he and Meg never get back together, it will be enough for him to protect Meg through his visions. Meg is touched by his words and soon they are in each other’s arms kissing.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie shares her doubts to Taylor about Phoebe and Rick. And it spills over into her feelings about Brooke and she wants Taylor to be part of the Forrester family again. Taylor sets her straight, never again, she is in love with Nick. Stephanie advises her that Nick hasn’t put Brooke behind him yet. If Brooke comes back, he will just toss Taylor aside. Jackie listens as Nick reflects about his love of The Marlin yet wonders if he missed out on something in his life. She advises him to take things slowly with Taylor. Brooke could be available and his again. He says another man will have to pick up those pieces, he no longer will be the default guy. Taylor sends a driver to Nick to arrange for a very special evening. Stephanie drops in on Jackie and has something that they both can agree on. Jackie isn’t sure she likes this dynamic – them both wanting the same thing. She shows Jackie a book she found at Taylor’s – having a baby after forty. Both are frightened what this could mean. Taylor guides Nick to her surprise – a brand new Marlin, almost exact replica. He’s ecstatic and shows his gratitude.

Stephanie warns Jackie not to stand by and let Nick marry Taylor when he’s still in love with Brooke. Nick tells Taylor that when The Marlin went down, so did a lot of memories. Now tonight he’d like to show her the love and compassion he has for her. Timing is everything and down on one knee he asks her to spend the rest of her life with him, he wants her as his wife.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Duck nags Shawn until Shawn admits the real reason they are running. Gabby helps Belle move beds around and offers to let her call home. Shawn walks in on Belle trying to sneak a call home to Salem. EJ confronts Celeste at the Penthouse Grill but Celeste denies any involvement with Sami. Marlena maces Steve and has Billie help tie him up. Billie steps outside for air. Marlena leaves Kayla alone with Steve while she checks on Billie. Steve pretends that he wants to run away with Kayla to get her to untie him but after a kiss Kayla can tell he is lying. Marlena admits that she called Roman while they were at the gas station. Steve gets his feet free and tries to run out the back door but Marlena maces him again long enough to drug him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Preparations for the wedding continue. Scott tries to convince Bobbi to get Lulu to back off. Meanwhile, the girl goes to visit Laura and confesses all the hidden truths she is keeping to herself. Jax and Carly share a tense breakfast with the boys. Ric continues to bait his brother and Jason. Lorenzo pretends to be frustrated with his weakened mental state. Sam continues to try and find out who sent "Angela" a package. She then encounters a little girl who wants her autograph. Jason tells Carly to make up her mind. Later, he has a nightmare about telling Lucky the truth about the baby. Amelia pressures Jason to "let" Sam host a show. Jason tells Sam not to let him get in her way. Lulu and Spinelli bond about secret keeping. Sonny warns Skye not to interfere in his business. Scott visits Laura at the hospital and confesses everything. Bobbi tells Luke that Scott is looking for a reason to tell Lulu about the rape.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh has a dream of an alarm clock that wakes him up in jail. Fr. Ruthledge appears to Josh. Fr. Ruthledge asks if he can do anything for Josh. Later Josh and Doris are talking in the interrogation room. Cassie is home doing some stuff gets a knock at the door and its Josh out on a special furlough. He hugs Cassie and RJ. Josh cooks dinner for them. Sends out a cup of coffee to a cop. As the clock ticks away. Josh tries to explain it to RJ. The 3 of them sped a night together. Josh and RJ have a man to man talk about taking care of Cassie while Josh is in jail. RJ plans on staying up all night with them, but falls asleep. The clock is ticking as Josh and Cassie go to bed together. Josh meets the Jeffrey. And gets into a talk with Bill. Then Reva hands him her phone for a call. Its Shayne and the call doesn't go well. Reva argues with Josh. Telling him he is giving up his life for a crime he didn't commit. She grabs him my the shirt to then hug him. Billy asks Reva if she talked him out of this. She tells him no.

Josh talks to RJ one last time before the plea bargain hearing starts. Then as they are about to proceed the male prosecutor tells the judge he's not ready. Seems ballistics shows Josh could have done it unless he was several feet away. Doris says a cold blooded assassin did this. Now the deal is 10 years. Josh doesn't except the deal. That an argument that got out of hand isn't worth 10. All the Lewis' cheer. The Lewis clan is at home talking about the ballistics report. Jeffrey and Reva know the self defense plea isn't going to hold up. Reva wants to testify. Jeffrey doesn't think its a good idea. Jeffery says he'll talk to Mel. Meanwhile there is someone lurking outside Josh and Cassie's door.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash comes to visit Antonio and Jessica. Jessica doesn’t think that this is such a good time, but Nash insists that this is between him and Antonio. Viki doesn’t like the idea too much about her fighting Dorian for Clint’s attention. Nora tells Viki that she knows that she likes sticking it to Dorian .Nora encourages Viki to go after Clint .Marcie, Dorian and Roxie goes over mug shots at the police station. Natalie resists Talia’s questioning of Vincent Jones about the fire at Capricorn. John questions Michael if he thinks that he is bad for Natalie .Michael tells John that he needs to make up his mind about Natalie .John confesses to Mike that the night of the accident that he had been thinking about proposing to Natalie .John confesses that he is crazy over Natalie .Marcie recognizes one of the men in the mug shots. Dorian and Roxie argue over the mug shot of one of the thieves. Dorian leaves to go out to dinner with Clint .Viki still resists Nora’s advice that she fight for Clint .Nash tells Jessica and Antonio that he is quitting at Capricorn. Clint and Dorian have dinner at the Palace Hotel dining room. Vincent thanks Natalie for defending him against Officer Talia.

The robbers plan on robbing the Palace Hotel dining room. Clint and Dorian have dinner in the dining room. Roxie makes a positive identification of the two men who robbed her beauty salon. John invites Natalie out to dinner at the Palace Hotel. Viki comes to the Palace Hotel dining room to confront Clint and to let him know that she wants to be the one to date him explicitly. She also makes it clear that she doesn’t want him seeing other women. Clint and Dorian exchange looks. Natalie and John are seated at a table near the window in the Palace Hotel dining room. Natalie confronts John as to what he has to say. The robbers check his gun as they proceed. Jessica confronts Nash about his quitting his job at Capricorn.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Ethan and Theresa are kissing. He has been on her about the blackmailer and she has been very good not to tell him anything. All she told Ethan was that the 'Mysterious Figure' wants to have him all to his…or herself. These two are at it like rabbits and they fall to the bed to really get happy. Ethan wants Theresa to come clean and so he tries again to get her to talk to him after lovemaking. She pouts. Reality is setting in again and she can't avoid it. Ethan won't let her. That is the only way that he can stop her from marrying Jared and so he presses for her to talk so he can do something. Theresa won't say anything. He can't believe that they just shared the most intimate of moments and now they have secrets between them again. She is in danger, as well as her brothers and that is why she can't say what her problem is. She can't even risk it. Whitney doesn't get it. They were making love just now and he just suddenly stopped. She would like to know why he looked at her as if surprised that she were there with him. He denies that was the case just now. He says that he was just struck by being with someone so amazing as she is. "You seem really different tonight honey." She found him amazing but when he was loving her, it was intense. He knows that he is always intense. "I'm the same man Whitney. The same man you love. And I love you." He wants to get back to business but she suddenly understands. "It's about Vincent, isn't it?" Noah and Paloma sit watching the movie, "Out of Africa". Paloma is impressed when she realizes that Noah knows the movie well. It was also one of his favorite books. He was really different and there was even a point where he was a con artist. He has had his heart broken a couple of times as well…Fancy and Maya. Paloma wonders if that is why Noah is so reluctant to get involved again. he cares for Paloma but he doesn't want to rush things this time. He doesn't want to get in too deep. She loves that he is so deep but he worries too much. They kiss. Ivy nearly falls into the room when Ethan opens the door. He tells her that Theresa didn't do anything to hurt him when he is asked. Theresa begs for Ethan not to go. Noah and Paloma are on the couch heavily petting…Jessica has come home by herself and she sees the two on the couch. She knows that she will never have a love like that. Ethan tries again but it is clear that Theresa isn't going to tell him what he wants to know. he walks off. Ivy is on her in a flash. "I don't think that you're ever going to get your hooks into my son now…" She walks off smirking.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Amber is giving Cane the bad news that she can't go to Australia and that she has been dishonest. The phone rings, but Cane won't answer. It is Katherine and Jill trying to get him the good news. He wants to hear how Amber has been dishonest instead. She starts to explain, but now Cane's cellphone starts ringing. He doesn't answer. Soon the door is pounding. Katherine and Jill burst in and tell Cane that the DNA tests were wrong. They show him the picture of Violet and the ring that she is wearing. It is the ring that Kay gave Violet for payment to take the baby away and raise him. They will still have a test done, but for now they are satisfied that Cane and Jill are related. Cane decides to cancel his trip home and will stay in Genoa City to get acquainted with his mother. The board is voting. Nikki votes for Nikki…Victoria votes for Nikki…Brad is about to vote, but first he thinks about the threats that Phyllis has been making and he decides to vote for Neil. Victoria and Nikki look as if they could be knocked over with a feather. All eyes turn to Nick next. "Neil Winters. That is 2 votes for Nikki, and 2 votes for Neil. It is Victor's turn to vote…Sharon goes to Dru and tells her of the proposal that she got from Jack. Dru is thrilled. Sharon hasn't answered yet. She is still thinking about it. She also tells of the blackmail trick that Phyllis is playing on she and Brad. Dru is flabbergasted and for once, at a loss for words. Sharon says that if it were only she who would get hurt, she would let the news about the affair get out, but the reality is that Brad's marriage will completely fall apart if this gets out and she can't let that happen. David talks to Jack about Sharon and tells him that he absolutely can't marry the woman. He guarantees Jack a slim chance at winning if he goes through with this. Jack will not retract his proposal like David tells him to. The man can tell him how to run his campaign but not his personal life. He warns David that if he wants to keep working on this campaign he will learn this rule hard and fast… Victor votes for Neil and Victoria and Nikki are stunned at the family betrayal they have suffered from the three men in their family. Neil and Drucilla are told immediately. They are thrilled. Nikki and Victoria are good sports and wish Neil all the best. Nick tells Neil that he and Brad voted for him and that is how all this happened. Neil tells Brad that he is thankful for what he has done. Brad looks like he is about to puke and he quickly leaves the room under the watchful eyes of Victoria and Nikki.

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